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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Wishes for Our Heroes

Merry Christmas
(click the holly above for a musical Christmas wish)

Holidays, especially Christmas, seem to mean so much more to me in recent years - and I seem to value them for the right reasons. It isn't the day off of work, presents, or food. It is the chance to be with friends and family. The chance to celebrate as I choose, in freedom. I always seem to be greeting each holiday with an appreciation for those who are passing the day far away from tents, or on patrol, or taking a well-deserved rest. And I think of those in future holidays will be represented in an empty chair, an unused plate, a silent moment, a falling tear. Holidays, now, come with a much keener understanding of who it is that ensures that I can celebrate them.

Since becoming a Soldiers' Angel, I have often been humnbled by the thanks given to me by the troops I am fortunate to have come in contact with - the letters and packages I send seem, to me, to be very small gifts. There is no amount that I could send that would equal the gift that our Heroes give, every day. Some pay a price that I wish none would have to.

The time I have spent shopping, making packages, writing, blogging, reading "free mail," and anything else I do to support our troops has made me a better person. It is almost unfair - I've gotten far more out of this than I think I can ever put in. I am honored, and humbled, to have had the chance to come to know Heroes.

To all of my adoptees - to Christian, Henry, Mike, Clif, Phil, Marcos, and Todd, all safely home, to Steven, Omar, and Janette, still in harm's way, I thank you for the gift of having been able to make your acquaintance, and for all that you do, every single day. To all of our troops, and their families, I am in awe of all that you do for all of us.

To those deployed, I wish you a peaceful Christmas Day, filled with laughter and celebration, free of all that many of you see far too much of already. I wish you time to enjoy gifts and mail from home. I hope that you all know how close you are in the thoughts and prayers of both your families, and those whom you may never know, but who think of you often.

To all who have served, thank you. Whether anyone has said it or not, whether you believe it yourself or not, you are a Hero.

To all who support our Heroes - thank you, too, for all that you do. To Patti, to Sara, Eileen, Elaine, Joanna, Dave, and all the Soldiers' Angels, to bloggers who tirelessly do what they can - you all are an inspiration.

Be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, some other holiday, or just a nice day, I wish you the best.

-- Pam

Below you will find some messages from some other folks for this day:

To my dear Lucas,
Have a safe and happy Christmas and the silver lining is seeing your little one when you get home.

My best wishes for your safe return home early next year (only weeks away). Its been a pleasure being your angel.

To my new adopted, Edward and James. I do hope I can make your time away from home easier to deal with. Welcome to Soldiers Angels!

Angel Janice

The Cavadias Family wishes our troops a joyful Christmas and a peaceful New Year. We know it must be difficult to be away from friends, family, and your home. Because of your courage and dedication, you are bringing about positive changes to some places that really need it. We pray for your safe return and may God bless you as you put yourself in harm’s way to protect the freedom we enjoy at home.

Marian Cavadias
Independent Rep

Stuff A Friend

To all United States Armed Forces:

We have you in our hearts and prayers this holiday season. Thank you
for all that you do for us, our country and the citizens of the world. You are
simply the best!

Your friend,

Leo T. Flynn
Charlotte, NC


Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!
May God bless you all and keep you warm and safe this holiday.

Sincerely from a VietNam vet's wife in Florida,
Carmen Dearing

Merry Christmas Dear Soldiers!!!

Hi, my name is Debbie and this is my daughter Jessica and we and my husband Steve, want to wish you a very Merry Christmas

May you come to know the fullness of joy that is only found through Christ Jesus, the reason for the season. If you look to Jesus, your season will be bright!

Thank you dear soldiers for all you are sacrificing to do on behalf of this great country and for the people of this nation!

My heart swells with pride when I see our men and women in uniform!

Love to you all,
Matthew’s Soldier Angel - Debbie

I would like to wish all of our service people, both deployed and stateside, a safe and Happy Holiday. Thank you all so much for being dedicated to the greatest cause on earth. Freedom! Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. Without you, all is lost. God Bless Our Troops.

Soldiers Angels

Merry Christmas, Jonathan

I know it's killing you looking at your presents under your little Charlie Brown Christmas tree there but hang in there!! You haven't torn into any more boxes have you?? You said that you wouldn't...please stay safe. Christmas here won't be the same without you.....Your Angel, B.

Dear Heroes,

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!! I know it's hard being away from your families and friends, and I applaud you for doing such a great job!!!

You're awesome!!!!

Thanks for your Service, I sure do appreciate it as well as many others here :)

Cindie from KS

Thank you troops! I am currently a teacher in California. I provide my class an avenue to writte letters to the troops through Soldier Angel. Our fourth grade class now knows about the war and the importance of the job you are doing in protecting our country. The students now say the pledge of alligence with a solemn pride, knowing that they are respecting America and our soldiers. God bless you all , and Merry Christmas!

Barry McPhee,
Newport Beach, CA

Thank you for your service and sacrifice, particularly this time of year. Although you may be away from your loved ones, please know that there are lots of us thinking of you and appreciating all that you do each day. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, the Christmas story is a reminder to me of what you’re doing there. Christmas is a story of a father who gave the ultimate gift; a story of a man born into a life of sacrifice; and a story of joy brought to the world over by one man. Similarly each one of you is giving on behalf of our nation, the nation(s) in which you serve(d), and whether or not it’s recognized or appreciated at this moment in history, nations around the world, the greatest gift one could give – your service and sacrifice on behalf of others’ hope and freedom. Each of you as an individual, one man, one woman, is contributing to something on behalf of total strangers there and back home. To call it noble would be a gross understatement. While you may envy us home, know that some of us here wish we were half the man and woman each of you are, and covet the opportunity you’ve had to be a part of something so important, meaningful, and honorable. My words cannot bring you the taste of eggnog nor the touch of loved ones missed; but I hope that they at least remind you that millions of us stand silent and invisibly beside you each day; our thoughts of you surround you on your missions and lift you up from those down times; and most of all, that these words express our eternal thanks and praise.

Happy holidays and thank you from one who sits in your shadow and thinks in awe of how amazing each of you are for all that you! We’ll be thinking of, and thankful to, you now and forever.


May you find a moment's peace knowing there are Angels back home watching over and praying for you... Thank you for being our Heroes! We love you!!!


Jackie Mason
Soldiers' Angels
LWT Team Leader
Proud Marine Mom to Joel
Angel to Hero Trenton
Princess to Hero Jeffery
Epal to many Heroes

God Love our Soldiers... I am here because they were there.

Keeping all who serve, and their families, in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season. Thank you for all you do to defend the gift of freedom so far from home.

Warmest Wishes

Soldier Angel Robin

To our deployed men and women: I'm sorry that you have to be far from families and friends over the holiday season but hope that you know how very many people back home are grateful for your service and sacrifices. Sending you best wishes for safe and peaceful holidays and a speedy return home. Thank you for being our heroes.

Sara, Proud Army Mom of Dan in Iraq and Soldiers Angel

I would like to say Happy Holidays to all the soldiers and THANK YOU for all that you do. Stay safe and come home soon.

Jean Leaman
Soldiers' Angel

Dearest Soldiers,
I want you to know how much we all are thinking of you. Knowing that you are away from your families and missing them and how much they are also missing you. Please know how grateful we are for all that you do. Each andevery one of you, no matter what you are doing over there, are all important to the mission. You are in our hearts and we send you so many blessings and thanks!

Therese Lott
Virginia Beach VA

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our service members stationed around the world. I thank you all so much for your courage and patriotism. I am proud that we have such dedicated men and women serving our country.

May God bless you always.

Tracie H.
A member of Soldiers’ Angels

My thanks and prayers go out to EVERY member of the Coalition forces, and their families. My thoughts and love are with you all as you spend this holiday season away from your families and loved ones.

Thank you and God bless ^j^


Happy Holidays to all the Heroes of the Armed Forces. I saw a quote the other day and it really stuck with me. "The only two defining forces that have ever offered to die for you are Jesus Christ and the American G.I." You people rock!!!!!

Have as Merry of a Christmas as you can have and know that America appreciates the sacrifice of you and your families. God Bless you.

Mike Smith

Evoice Team Leader
Soldiers' Angels

San Diego (Dec. 24, 2006) - A proud father and Sailor from the destroyer USS Halsey (DDG 97) holds his child for the first time following his return from deployment. USS Halsey with attached Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Light 45 (HSL-45), Detachment 47, returned to Naval Base San Diego on Dec. 24. During the ship's maiden deployment, Halsey conducted sustained Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) in the Sulu and Celebes Seas in support of the Global War on Terrorism. U.S. Navy photo by Cdr. Jane Campbell

To Our Sheepdogs...

To Our Sheepdogs
by Russ Vaughn

It’s so easy to forget them there,
As we warm beside the fire,
Those spread so far out everywhere,
Those sent to man the wire.

Patrolling on the front line,
As peacefully here we bask,
Protecting what is yours and mine,
That’s their hard, dreary task.

Like sheep we are protected,
From the far off wolves of war,
And our Sheepdogs as expected,
Never waver from their chore.

In peace we sheep ignore their kind,
Wary of their violent trends;
But when the wolves attack we find,
These Sheepdogs are our friends.

Forever this has been the way,
Since time for us began,
Sheep fearing that the Sheepdogs may
Disrupt our placid plan.

Yet time again Dogs surely prove,
When comes a wolfine danger,
The Sheepdogs will most swiftly move
To guard the lambs, the manger.

So here’s to Sheepdogs everywhere
At this Christmas time of year;
Just know the flock is with you there,
And we wish you Christmas cheer.

We wish we could advance the clock,
Cause truth is, Dogs, we miss you,
To the day that you’ll rejoin the flock,
When we’ll sheepishly then kiss you.

Note: To more fully understand the “Sheepdogs” reference, the reader should also read On Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves and A Paratrooper Responds to Sheepdogs.

This poem also posted at:
American Thinker
Mudville Gazette
Old War Dogs

TEAM LEADER — U.S. Army Sgt. Krista Ihde talks to an Iraqi girl during a visit to the provincial Iraqi police headquarters in Diwaniyah, Iraq, Dec. 20, 2006. Ihde is a team leader with 3rd Platoon, 984th Military Police Company, Police Transition Team, Camp Echo, Iraq. U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Dawn M. Price

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Today in History
0001 - 1st Christmas, according to calendar-maker Dionysus Exiguus
0337 - Earliest possible date that Christmas was celebrated on Dec 25th
0352 - 1st definite date Christmas was celebrated on Dec 25th
0390 - Roman emperor Theodosius admits debt on mass murder in Thessalonica
0498 - French king Clovis baptises himself
0597 - England adopts Julian calendar
0604 - Battle at Etampes (Stampae); Burgundy beat Neustriers
0795 - Adrian I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
0800 - Pope Leo III crowns Charles the Great (Charlemagne), Roman emperor
0875 - Charles, the Bare, crowned emperor of Rome
0967 - John XIII, crowned Otto II the Red German compassionate emperor
0969 - Johannes I Tzimisces, crowned emperor of Byzantium
0979 - Rotardus appointed as bishop of the kingdom
0999 - Heribertus becomes bishop of Cologne
1000 - Monarch István crowned king of Hungary
1046 - Pope Clemens VI crowns Henry III Roman Catholic-German emperor
1048 - Parliament of Worms: Emperor Henry III names his cousin count Bruno van Egisheim/Dagsburg as Pope Leo IX
1066 - William the Conqueror, crowned king of England
1100 - Boudouin I of Boulogne crowned king of Jerusalem
1101 - Henry I of Limburg becomes duke of Netherlands-Lutherans
1130 - Anti-pope Anacletus II crowns Roger II the Norman, king of Sicily
1223 - St. Francis of Assisi assembles 1st Nativity scene (Greccio, Italy)
1492 - Columbus' ship Santa Maria docks at Dominican Republic
1522 - Turkish troops occupy Rhodos
1582 - Zealand/Brabant adopts Gregorian calendar, yesterday was Dec 14th
1613 - Johan Sigismund of Brandenburg becomes protestant
1621 - Governor William Bradford of Plymouth forbids game playing on Christmas day
1651 - Massachusetts General Court ordered a fine (five shillings) for "observing any such day as Christmas"
1683 - English Whig-leader duke of Monmouth flees to Holland
1688 - English king James II lands in Ambleteuse, France; Lord Delamere sides with King James II
1717 - Floods ravage Dutch coast provinces, 1000s killed
1741 - Astronomer Anders Celcius introduces Centigrade temperature scale
1745 - Prussia/Austria signs Treaty of Dresden; gives much of Silesia to the Prussians
1758 - Halley's comet 1st sighted by Johann Georg Palitzsch during return
1776 - Washington crosses Delaware & surprises & defeats 1,400 Hessians
1818 - 1st US performance of Händel's Messiah, Boston; 1st known Christmas carol ("Silent Night, Holy Night" by Franz Joseph Gruber & Joseph Mohr) sung (Austria)
1831 - Louisiana & Arkansas are 1st states to observe Christmas as holiday
1832 - Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in St Martin at Cape Receiver
1833 - Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in Port Desire, Patagonia
1834 - Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas on Beagle at Tres Montes, Chile
1835 - Charles Darwin company celebrates Christmas in Pahia, New Zealand
1837 - Battle of Okeechobee-US forces defeat Seminole Indians
1848 - New Haven Railroad opens
1862 - 40,000 watch the Union army men play baseball at Hilton Head SC
1868 - Despite bitter opposition, President Andrew Johnson grants unconditional pardon to all persons involved in the Southern rebellion (the Civil War)
west coast, University of Chicago defeats Stanford 24-4 at Palo Alto CA
1896 - "Stars & Stripes Forever" written by John Philip Sousa
1901 - Battle at Tweefontein Orange-Free state: Boers surprise attack British
1922 - Lenin dictates his "Political testament"
1926 - Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan (1926-1989)
1932 - During King George V Christmas dinner speech, his chair collapes
1936 - Belgian bishops condemn fascism & communism
1939 - Montgomery Ward introduces Rudolph the 9th reindeer
1941 - Japan announces surrender of British-Canadian garrison at Hong Kong; Japanese aircraft carriers Akagi/Kagu back in Kure, Japan
1942 - Admiral Dalans, murderer of Bosinier de la Chapelle, sentenced to death; British Colonel S W Bailey reaches Mihailovics headquarters; Russian artillery/tank battle on German armies at Stalingrad
1946 - Constitution accepted in Taiwan
1947 - Taiwan passes Human Rights laws (Day of Earth Law)
1950 - Coronation Stone, taken from Scone in Scotland by Edward I in 1296, stolen from Westminster Abbey & smuggled back to Scotland
1953 - Avalanche of lava kills 150 (Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand)
1959 - A synagogue in Cologne, Germany desecrated with swastikas
1962 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1969 - 5 Israeli gunboats escape from Cherbourg harbor
1971 - Longest NFL game (82 minutes 40 seconds) as Dolphins beat Chiefs 27-24; Worst hotel fire in history kills 163 at Taeyokale Hotel in Seoul
1974 - Cyclone Tracy virtually destroys Darwin, Australia
1976 - Egyptian SS Patria sinks in Red Sea, about 100 killed; Takeo Fukuda becomes Japanese premier
1977 - Israeli PM Menachem Begin meets in Egypt with Egyptian President Sadat
1979 - USSR airlifts invasionary army to Afghánistán
1987 - Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who escaped 2 days earlier, recaptured
1989 - Japanese scientist achieves -271.8ºC, coldest temp ever recorded

Jesus of Nazareth, religious leader/philosopher (estimated date)
1642 - [Sir] Isaac Newton, physicist/mathematician/astronomer (Laws of Motion and Gravity)
1717 - Pius VI [Giovanni A Braschi] Italy, Pope (1775-99)
1808 - Stephen Cleeg Rowan, Commander (Union Navy)
1821 - Clara Harlowe Barton, nurse (founder-American Red Cross)
1823 - Preston Smith, Brigadier-General (Confederate Army)
1832 - Thomas Alfred Smyth, Major General (Union volunteers)
1865 - Evangeline Cory Booth Salvation Army general (1904-34)
1876 - Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founded Pakistan (1947)/Governor (1947-58)
1887 - Conrad Hilton, hotel mogul (Hilton Hotels)
1891 - Kenneth A. N. Anderson, British general (Dunkerk, North Africa)
1899 - Humphrey Bogart, actor (Casablanca)
1901 - Alice C. English, Duchess of Gloucester/aunt of Elizabeth II
1904 - Gerhard Herzberg, physicist (molecular structure-Nobel 1971)
1906 - Clark M. Clifford, US Secretary of Defense (1968-69)
1906 - William McChesney Martin, Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank (1951-70)
1918 - Anwar el-Sadat, Egyptian President (1970-81, Nobel 1978)
1934 - Bob Martinez (Governor-FL)
1936 - Alexandra, English princess/daughter of Sir Angus Ogilvy
1943 - Ravish Malhotra, India cosmonaut (Soyuz T-11 backup)
1959 - Michael P. Anderson, Major, USAF / astronaut (STS 89)
1969 - Bernhard, Jr., Prince of Netherlands

0795 - Adrian I Italian Pope (772-95)
0820 - Leo V the Armenian, Byzantine general/Emperor (813-20), murdered
1530 - Babur emperor of Delhi
1683 - Kara Mustapha Turkish grand-vizier (1676-83), executed
1761 - Elisabeth Petrovna, Tsarina of Russia (1741-62), at about 51
1926 - Yoshihito, 123rd Emperor of Japan (1912-26), at 47
1927 - Sergei D. Sazonov, Russian Foreign minister (1910-16), at 66
1951 - Harry T. Moore, NAACP official, killed by bomb
1957 - Frederick Law Olmsted, US architect (Central Park), at 87
1961 - Dr. Rheinhold Rudenberg, inventor of the electron microscope
1973 - Ismet Inönü [Mustapha Ismet Pasha], Turkish PM (1923..65), at 89
1989 - Billy Martin, New York Yankee manager, killed in a car accident at 61; Nicolae Ceausescu, Romanian dictator (1945-89), and Elena Ceausescu, his wife, executed
1992 - Garrison H. Davidson, US Lieutenant-General commandant (West Point); Ted Croker, RAF-pilot/secretary English soccer team (sponsoring)
1994 - Zail Singh, President of India (1982-87), at 78
1996 - Jon Benet Ramsey, Colorado child beauty queen, murdered at 6; Rupert John, Governor-General of Grenadines (1970-76)

Reported Missing in Action
Bailon, Ruben, Civilian - Merchant Marine; disappeared from Qui Nhon (with Laughlin)

Laughlin, Stephen M., Civilian - Merchant Marine (AL); disappeared from Qui Nhon (with Bailon) - remains recovered June, 1973

Burns, Frederick J., USMC (NY); DIC January, 1969 - remains returned 1994 / ID'd April, 1995

Koonce, Terry T., USAF (TX); T28 shot down

King, Charles D., USAF (IA); lost when rescue line broke, while attempting to rescue downed pilot

Mehrer, Gustav A., US Army (NE); released by PRG March, 1973 - alive as of 1998

Rickman, Dwight G., USMC (MO); O1 shot down - KIA, buried at crash site with Viet observer