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Thursday, August 03, 2006

SOS: KIDS Needs Your Support

U.S. Army 2nd Lt. James Malwitz, from the 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion, walks with Iraqi children during a humanitarian mission near Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq, July 23, 2006.U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Russell Lee Klika

The 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion is just one of the units that Soldiers' Angels SOS: KIDS program is helping to support. The program exists to help Heroes who are seeking supplies for local kids in their Areas of Operations.

School supplies, clothing, toys, and candy are all among the items requested.

Requests continue to come in almost daily, and support for the program is very much in need.

Right now, there is a dire need for over-the-counter medicines, for a unit running medical clinics, and supplies for a unit working with an orphanage requiring items for the more than 500 children they care for.

Among the other requesters are a school supported by U.S. and Korean troops, which lost its stores when a warehouse was destroyed in an enemy attack.

What is needed? Donations of items, and donations of funds to assist with purchasing materials, and postage to get these much-needed supplies to where they need to go.

Since Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-run organization, 100% of donations go directly to support our Heroes' efforts to improve the lives of those around them.

SOS: KIDS is particularly near and dear to my heart, since I'm one of the Co-Leaders, and I first got involved through my adopted Hero's efforts through Wings of Hope (now rolled into the SOS: KIDS program).

To learn more about the program, and how you can help, visit the SOS: KIDS webpage or the SOS: KIDS blog, or email me.

CAP cadets soar on incentive flight
An F-16 Fighting Falcon flies alongside a KC-135 Stratotanker during an incentive flight for students in the Civil Air Patrol and Aviation Careers Education Camp in Phoenix on Aug. 1. The camp was held in conjunction with the Tuskeegee Airmen Convention. The aircraft are with the Arizona Air National Guard. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Joe Zuccaro)

Hezbollah Hates Condi, Too

So the allegation that radical Islam is a racist, intolerant entity, breeding hate and violence is misguided, eh? how do you explain this?

Found at OpinionBug

Israel's been dealing with Anti-Semitic Palestinian cartoons for years. Cartoons depicting Jews as murdering thieves are more or less daily fare in Palestinian papers.

And now the focus is Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Published in the U.S., I would hope that this cartoon would draw fire from all directions. Published by the poor, misunderstood Palestinians, however...well, they're just frustrated.

Nevermind that their "It's about our land" argument falls apart when you find out that they say that if Israel would just convert to Islam, their conflict would end.

Nevermind that their argument that if Israel would just pull out of Gaza, things would be fine quickly fell apart when Israel called their bluff.

No, none of those things matter. After all, Hezbollah isn't even a terrorist organization, in the oh-so-learned opinion of the U.N.'s number 2, Mark Malloch Brown.

Where are the civil rights groups? Where is the Left? What would the reaction be at a U.S. cartoon depicting Kofi Annan with the same level of racist malevolence?

At what point are we as a world going to realize just how virulent Islamofascism really is, and stop making excuses for it?

I don't think I'll hold my breath while I wait.
SMALL TALK — U.S. Army Pfc. James Nunley, Alpha Company, 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 10th Mountain Division, shakes the hands of Afghan children in the village of Gardiz, Afghanistan, July 27, 2006. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Tim Sander

In Today's News - Thursday, August 3, 2006

Quote of the Day
"You cannot exaggerate about the Marines.
They are convinced to the point of arrogance,
that they are the most ferocious fighters on earth-
and the amusing thing about it is that they are."

-- Father Kevin Keaney
1st Marine Division Chaplain, Korean War

News of Note
Israel at War
War on All Fronts
U.N. delays peace force meeting
Jordan's King Criticizes U.S., Israel
Israeli Jets Strike Beirut Suburbs
Israeli Airstrikes Kill 5 Palestinians; Tanks and Troops Re-Enter Gaza
Video: Rice Addresses Mideast Fighting
Video: Rocket Hits West Bank
Video: Searching for Shelter
Israeli jets pound Lebanon - Video
Rights group slams Israel for bombing civilians
U.S. Slams U.N.'s Malloch Brown for Hezbollah Remarks
Special Report: Middle East crisis (Reuters)
Muslim nations demand ceasefire - Video
Israeli forces kill 8 Palestinians in Gaza - Video
UN may vote on truce next week: Olmert
Muslim role needed in peacekeeping: OIC
Israelis renew air strikes in Lebanon
Insurgent Attacks Up in Iraq
Israeli Troops Raid South Gaza, 7 Killed

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iraq Soccer Field Blasts Kill 14
Leaked UK document sees "civil war" in Iraq
Rumsfeld, in reversal, to attend public hearing
Shiites go to Baghdad to support Hezbollah (But there's no Iraq--War on Terror connection...)
Presence of U.S. Troops Adds Calm

Operation Enduring Freedom
Roadside bomb kills NATO soldier in Afghanistan - Video
Kashmiri women lift the veil in silent awakening

Troops on Trial
Nearly Complete Haditha Probe Supports Accusations
White House Asks Congress to Define War Crimes

Other Military News
In Ohio, Marines' deaths still felt
Brazilian military to aid stray penguins
Tapes Disclose Confusion Within the Military

Worldwide Wackos
Cubans Focus on Fidel
Illness 'Surprised' White House
No sign of Castro brothers - Video
Miami's "real" Castro celebration yet to come
U.S. prepares for showdown in Cuba
Raul Castro remains in Fidel's shadow
Iran working with N.Korea on missiles: Institute

Homegrown Moonbats
Marine to Sue Rep. Murtha (UUUH-RAH!)

Politics / Government
Ex-aide says Harris hid subpoena

In the Courts
Fast ruling sought in redistricting case

Mother Nature
Tropical Storm Strengthens
Tropical storm Chris may not become hurricane
Eastern Heat Wave Expected to Break Late Thursday (Thank goodness. The heat index has been near 120)
Heat wave to bake US Northeast - Video
Small Earthquake Shakes San Francisco Area
Typhoon Heads Toward China

Apparently "forever" has been over-rated
Theme park calls off "Muslim Fun Day"
Man says sex with kids a sacred ritual

Other News of Note
Myanmar May Release Pro-Democracy Leader Suu Kyi
Mexico leftist threatens more protests

Fox News
Ill. House Explosion Kills 2
Mel Gibson Charged With DUI
Stocks to Watch: GM
Methadone Pioneer Dies at 93

Reuters: Top News
Ukraine's Yanukovich makes comeback as PM - Video
Sri Lanka fighting rages - Video
Space shuttle rolled out to Florida launch pad
Gout forced Charles V abdication: study
Couple-surfing to enhance cyber-love
Google, Real, Mozilla in pact
Belgium relives Dutroux horror but much has changed
Lifestyle key predictors for dementia -study
Breast-feeding reduces anxiety into childhood-researchers
Eagles inching toward first new album since 1979
Mel Gibson charged with drunk driving
Stock futures fall as services ISM eyed
Starbucks July sales lag forecasts
Medtronic shares fall on Inet rises, Las Vegas Sands falls
Prudential falls, American Eagle rises
Getting Sirius
EA’s game surprise
Summer savings that add up, by Linda Stern
Tyco quarterly earnings fall
Sprint revenue rises
Costco July same-store sales up
Google, Real, Mozilla in cross-promotion pact
Merck wins Vioxx case in Los Angeles
Private equity firms buy Kabelcom

AP World News
Spokeswoman: Marie Osmond was hospitalized
Ford's quarterly loss balloons to $254M
Backup doping test begins in Landis case
Top two teams in NL Central lose again
Gatlin masseur denies using testosterone
Freddy Fender has incurable cancer
New test may spot futile CPR cases
Cyclist's attorney 'troubled' by leaks
Dow closes up 74, Nasdaq finishes up 17
Obituaries in the news
Heavy people may collapse more in heat
Judge dismisses lawsuit by Ga. student
Aid Convoys Slowed by Road, Aerial Hazards
U.N. Talks Focus on Terms of Cease-Fire
Steel Nerves Needed for Night Ride

CENTCOM: News Releases







Department of Defense
Forces Kill Terrorists in Iraq - Story
Coalition Troops Detain Suspects - Story
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Marines, Iraqi Soldiers Work for Security - Story
U.S., French Marines Train in Desert - Story
Task Force Helps Locals Help Themselves - Story
Representatives Discuss Maritime Security - Story

Iraqi, Cavalry Troops Patrol Jihad 'Hood'
Iraqi Cadre to Begin Training Enlisted

Munitions, Weapons Airmen Secure Bombs
Air Force Specialists Keep Planes in Flight
Airmen Work to Ensure Planes Meet Mission

Volunteers Help Task Force with Health Visit

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Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul


Today in History
1492 - Columbus sets sail from Spain for the "Indies."
1863 - Governor Seymour asks President Lincoln to suspend the draft in NY; Saratoga Racetrack (NY) opens
1882 - Congress passes the first law restricting immigration.
1914 - Germany invades Belgium and declares war on France.
1940 - Lithuania is accepted into the U.S.S.R.
1954 - The first VTOL (Vertical Take-off & Landing) is flown.
1958 - USS Nautilus begins the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean under the icecap.
1963 - Allan Sherman releases "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda."
1977 - Radio Shack introduces the TRS-80 computer.
1981 - Air Traffic Controllers (PATCO) begin their strike.
1990 - Radio Kuwait goes off air due to the Iraqi invasion; the U.S. announces commitment of Naval forces to the Persian Gulf region.

1811 - Elisha Graves Otis, inventor (safe elevator)
1867 - Stanley Earl Baldwin, British PM
1872 - Haakon VII, King of Norway
1887 - Rupert Brooke, British WW I poet (1914)
1900 - Ernie Pyle, WWII correspondent; John T. Scopes, teacher convicted for teaching evolution
1901 - John Stennis (Sen-MS)
1923 - Anne Klein, fashion designer (Anne Klein II)
1935 - Georgi S. Shonin cosmonaut (Soyuz 6); Richard D. Lamm (Gov-CO)
1940 - John W. Carlin (Gov-KS)

1966 - Lenny Bruce, comedian, morphine overdose
1983 - Carolyn Jones, actress (Morticia-"Addams Family"), of cancer

Reported Missing in Action
Bower, Joseph E., USAF (NV); F105D shot down, KIA, body not recovered

Gopp, Thomas Alan, USMC (OH); CH46A shot down, KIA, body not recovered

McGrath, James P., USN (IL); CH46A shot down, KIA, body not recovered

Newcomb, Wallace G, USAF (NY); F105D shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - retired from NYANG as a Lt. Colonel - alive as of 1998

Nahan, John B. III, USMC (MI); CH46A shot down, KIA, body not recovered

Wolpe, Jack, USMC (NY); CH46A shot down, KIA, body not recovered

Anson, Robert, civilian; released August, 1970