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Monday, April 10, 2006

"Frontline Forum" - Michael Yon


Today we open a new frontier. My site gets much traffic and exposure, making this an excellent venue for our people in harm's way to tell their stories. Please click here for our first story from a soldier in Iraq. The story is well written and complete with photos.

If you know someone at war who would like to submit a story to FLF, many people are waiting to read it. Photographs are encouraged.

Please spread the word about the Frontline Forum--there are graphic links and related resources in the Press Room off the FLF main page.


Michael Yon

Iraqi Liberation Week at Families United

Dear friend: I'm sure that you heard recent news reports about a car bomb in Baghdad or a kidnapping in Fallujah, but did you know that our American soldiers volunteer to help disabled Iraqi orphans?

I'm not surprised if you haven’t heard this story, but I know it's true and I'm enclosing a few pictures so that you can see it with your own eyes.

These pictures come from my son-in-law, Ryan Pursel, who is an Army Captain in Iraq.
With this volunteer work and thousands of other quiet humanitarian efforts, Ryan and all of our servicemen and women are making a real difference in the lives of the Iraqi people.

But you would never know it from watching CBS or reading The New York Times.

Sadly, our men and women see the constant drumbeat of negative news from the national media and it has an impact on them. It upsets them because they see their accomplishments first hand - yet America does not.

So I'm asking you to send a message to the media and join me in asking the national media to recognize Iraqi Liberation Week – the week that Saddam's statute fell!

Please go here, sign the letter, and forward it to your friends.
If we join together, we can force the national media to recognize Iraqi Liberation Week is April 9th through the 15th. Don't Let Them Ignore this Milestone!

Sheila SmithBlue Star Mother Kettering, Ohio

PS. – Learn more about Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission at or read a Washington Times article about our effort to highlight Iraqi Liberation Day.

My Hero...

I pray each day for all the soldiers around the world who so bravely defend freedom. I wish my brother wasn't in Iraq for selfish reasons but I couldn't be more proud of him.

Major Cloyd S---- I miss you and I pray for you and the men fighting along side you each day.

I love you
your sister Debbie

Debbie, thanks for sending along this great picture!

Major, thank you to you and to your men for all you do. Keep your helmets on - Take care, and stay safe.

OPERATION HASTINGS — U.S. Marines from 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment's engineer platoon combined with Iraqi Army soldiers of 1st Battalion, 4th Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Divison dug up more than 15,000 rounds during a three-day operation in the area surrounding Gharmah, Iraq, April 6, 2006. The combined forces walked for three days and found numerous weapons and munitions. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. William Skelton

In Today's News - Monday, April 10, 2006

Quote of the Day
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me.
-- Pam

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Mubarak: Iraq Civil War Near
More pilgrims killed in Iraq
Iraq's Shi'ites face decision on PM Jaafari - Video
Iraqi Leaders Fail to Resolve Deadlock
Few parts of Iraq are stable, report finds
Filing: Iraq's nuclear plans were disproved before leak
Tell us about yourselves, Iraqis asked
Powell: U.S. made 'serious mistakes' in Iraq

Homeland Security / War on Terror
White House Fence Jumper Arrested
Turkish forces kill 7 Kurdish rebels, arrest suspect in '05 resort bombing
Freed from Guantanamo, a poet pleads for lost verses
Other Military News
Former Liberian leader may cite U.S. links during war-crimes trial
Navy honors star who made 'simple' decision

Dallas Immigration Rally Draws Over 350,000
Immigration reform in doubt as thousands march
Mass protests in US cities highlight immigrant clout
13 years later, American dream still eludes them
Poll: Immigration a rising public concern
Bush: Dem senator should end 'blocking tactics' on immigration

Hamas Rising
Israel exerts pressure on Hamas
8 militants die in Israeli air strikes

Worldwide Wackos
Chavez Threatens to 'Throw Out' U.S. Ambassador
White House: Iran Article Short on Facts
Video: Bush: Diplomacy Is Our Strategy
Iran accuses US of "psychological war"
Nukes a possibility if U.S. decides to attack Iranian sites, report says
Bank clampdown deals blow to N. Korea

Senior Republican to Bush: say "exactly what happened"
Squabbles, short days: That's Congress
Source: Bush OKd leak but left logistics up to Cheney

U.N. News
Australian Minister Denies Oil-for-Food Involvement

New Orleans R & B star begins posthumous mayoral bid
Woman accused of hiding heroin in crib
'Psycho' farm in Wisc. going for $250K on eBay

Other News of Note
China spotlights Japanese atrocities

Fox News
Tennessee Tornados Kill 12
Survey: Gasoline Up 17 Cents
Lawyer: Photos Show Dancer Was Hurt Before Duke Party
'Ice Age' Still Hot at Box Office
Stocks to Watch: Cablevision
Hugh Hefner Turns 80
Ex-Enron CEO to Take Stand
Pakistan Stampede Kills 29- Video: Tragic Outcome
Xbox Slayings Trial to Begin
Phil Mickelson Wins Second Masters
Visit for full Masters coverage

Reuters: Top News
Dozens killed in Pakistan's stampede - Play Video
Peruvians head to the polls
Brazil, Russia-US space station crew back to Earth
Activists flock to Kenya for migratory bird day
Cablevision plan chewed over by network lawyers
TV Guide unveils mobile content
LSE, Euronext in merger talks: paper
Rates to hamper stocks as earnings roll
Dell sees growth in printers, eyes India, China
JP Morgan, Bank of New York near asset swap -report
Apple shares falls after B of A price target cut
Time Inc. cuts 250 jobs in latest staff reduction
Rates to hamper stocks as earnings roll
Apple shares falls after price target cut - Video
CombinatoRx shares fall after drug data
IntercontinentalExchange says still competitive
Internet Security Systems cuts Q1 rev view, shares fall

AP World News
Ex-Biker: 8 Slain in Canada Part of Gang
Comcast, Sony to Debut New Horror Channel
Medicare Drug Plan Helping Some Seniors
New Photos of Mars Show Craters, Gullies
Nepal Opposition, Rebels Vow More Action
Worshippers Gather After Deadly Storms

The Seattle Times
Student, 1 of 4,411 assigned wrong SAT score, files suit
Scandal hits powerful gossip franchise
Questions arise in deaths of patrollers
Fujimori's daughter poised to win in Peru
Obituary - Extreme skier Doug Coombs
50 homes in peril from Texas wildfires

Chicago Sun-Times
The welfare-fraud link
Newborn found alive -- teen left him outside
Boeing agrees to $15 mil. fine over jet sales
10 hurt in Paris as car plows down demonstrators
Japan's '05 population drop is first on record

Boston Globe: World
A personal lifeline to Somalia
Cash transfers bypass banks
Belarus leader sworn in for 3d term
Internet exposes plagiarism in China
Pressures mount to get N. Ireland peace on track

CENTCOM: News Releases

Department of Defense
Khalilzad Emphasizes Progress in Iraq - Story
Leaders Urge Close International Cooperation - Story
Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill Taliban Commander
Iraqi, Coalition Forces Kill, Capture Terrorists - Story
Rumsfeld Urges Caution Pressuring Iraq - Story
Troops Note Progress on Iraqi Freedom Day - Story - Iraqi Freedom Day Special
'Iraqi Freedom Day' More than Falling Statue
Defense Backs Down in Teen's 'Gitmo' Case - Story
Commission Argues Representation Issue
Gitmo Proceedings Begin Despite Boycott

Afghan, Coalition Forces Train Together - Story
Deployed Servicemembers Become Citizens - Story
Bayji Council Coordinates Security Efforts - Story
Cleaner Water Available for Basra Residents - Story

Governor, Khost Residents Celebrate Project
Firefighters Stand Ready to Protect Soldiers
Father Keeps Memory Alive Through Museum
Iraqis, U.S. Soldiers Conduct Medical Clinic
U.S. Troops Secure Baghdad’s Route Redwing

Forward Deployed B-52 Pilot Surpasses 5,000 Hours
U.S. Airmen Destroy 1,100-Pound Russian Bomb
Ground Breaks For New Shibar Police Station
U.S. Navy Corpsman’s Good Works Live On

Team Donates to Iraqi Children - Story
Volunteers Make Clinic a Success

Suicide Bombers Kill 75 Iraqis
Soldiers Find Weapons Caches
3 Servicemembers Killed
Bush Defends Iraq War for Peace
Manhunt Leads to Capture
Pace Talks Positive, Negative News
Tikrit Courthouse Renovated
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq (PDF)
Multinational Force Iraq
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (PDF)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Iraq Reconstruction

Supplemental Funds Security
Defense Chiefs: Time to Stand Firm
Teen Terror Suspect Case Hits Snags
D.C. Exercise Tests Guard Response
Official Thanks Lawmakers
Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

England Named Deputy Secretary
Enlisted Advisor Talks to Grads
IED Survivors Apply Experiences
Cyber Network Will Save Lives
World Affairs Council Honors Troops
First Team Dedicates OIF Memorial
Wounded Troops Conquer Obstacles
National Guard, Reserve Update

Defense Officials Identify Casualties - Story

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar


Today in History
0837 - Comet 1P/837 F1 (Halley) approaches within 0.0334 astronomical units (AUs) of Earth
0847 - St. Leo IV begins his reign as Catholic Pope
0879 - Louis III, crowned King of France
1500 - France captures Duke Ludovico Sforza of Milan
1516 - 1st ghetto, Jews are compelled to live in specific area of Venice
1552 - Henri II of France occupies Metz
1589 - Spanish troops conquer Geertruidenberg
1656 - Dutch fleet occupiers Colombo, Ceylon
1694 - Duke Victor Amadeus of Savoye attacks Casale
1741 - Prussians defeat Austrians at Mollwitz
1790 - US Patent system is established; Robert Gray is 1st American to circumnavigate the Earth
1815 - Austria declares war on realm of Naples
1825 - 1st hotel in Hawaii opens
1835 - Charles Darwin returns to Santiago, Chile
1841 - New York "Tribune" begins publishing under editor Horace Greeley
1845 - More than 1,000 buildings damaged by fire in Pittsburgh, PA
1849 - Safety pin patented by Walter Hunt (New York NY); sold rights for $100
1863 - Rebel General Earl Van Dorn attacks at Franklin, TN
1864 - Austrian Archduke Maximilian becomes emperor of México
1865 - At Appomattox, General Lee issues General Order #9, his last
1866 - American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) forms
1868 - British defeat King of Abyssinia at Magdala
1869 - Congress increases number of Supreme Court judges from 7 to 9
1872 - Arbor day 1st celebrated in Nebraska, later changed to April 22
1877 - Federal troops withdrawn from Columbia, SC; 1st human cannonball act performed in London
1884 - US Senate accepts Belgian administration of Congo
1887 - President Abraham Lincoln is re-buried with his wife in Springfield, IL
1912 - RMS Titanic sets sail for its 1st & last voyage
1917 - Munition factory explosion at Eddystone, PA kills 133 workers
1923 - Hitler demands "hatred & more hatred" in Berlin
1924 - Tubular steel golf club shafts approved for championship play
1925 - F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes "The Great Gatsby"
1930 - Synthetic rubber 1st produced
1932 - Paul von Hindenburg re-elected President of Germany
1938 - Austria becomes a state of Germany; 2nd government of Blum replaced by Daladier government in France; New York makes syphilis test mandatory in order to get a marriage license
1939 - Colijn's Dutch government opens camp Westerbork for German Jews; Grens mobilization due to Italian invasion in Albania
1940 - Vidkun Quisling forms Norwegian "national government"
1941 - German troops conquer Libyan county Cyrenaica
1942 - Cigarettes & candy rationed in Holland
1943 - 12 Jewish patients of Herren Loo-Lozenoord escape Nazis; General Montgomery occupies Sfax Tunisia
1944 - Soviet forces liberate Odessa from Nazi's
1945 - Canadian troops conquer Deventer; General Blaskowitz becomes Nazi leader of "Fort Holland"
1945 - German troops attack Ijsselbrug; US troops land on Tsugen Shima, Okinawa
1947 - Jackie Robinson becomes the 1st Black in modern major league baseball (Dodgers); King Frederik IX of Denmark crowned
1948 - Jewish Hagana repels an Arab attack on Mishmar HaEmek
1955 - Dr Jonas Salk successfully tests Polio vaccine
1957 - Jordanian government of Naboelsi resigns; Suez canal reopens for all traffic
1958 - Northern strip of Spanish Sahara ceded to Morocco
1960 - Senate passes landmark Civil Rights Bill
1961 - Adolf Eichmann tried as a war criminal in Israel
1961 - Dutch foreign minister Luns talks to President John F. Kennedy about New Guinea
1963 - Thresher, US atomic-powered submarine, sinks 220 miles east of Boston
1964 - Iranian motor launch catches fire & sinks killing 113 (Persian Gulf)
1972 - 7.0 earthquake kills 1/5 of population of Iranian province of Fars
1973 - BEA Vanguard Turboprop flight to Basel Switzerland, crashes into wooded hillside during landing, killing 107 of 143
1973 - Pakistan suspends constitution
1974 - Yitzhak Rabin replaces resigning Israeli PM Golda Meir; Magicians Penn & Teller 1st meet
1979 - Soyuz 33 launched with a Russian & a Bulgarian
1981 - Computer glitch keeps Space Shuttle Columbia grounded; Imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands elected to British Parliament
1983 - Jordan's King Hussein ceases negotiations with PLO
1984 - Damaged Solar Max satellite snared by Challenger shuttle; US Senate condemns CIA mining of Nicaraguan harbors
1986 - Benazir Bhutto returns to Pakistan
1989 - Intel corp announces shipment of the 80486 chip
1991 - Boat rams a tanker in Livorno Italy fog, killing about 138
1992 - 25 die in a bus bombing in Sri Lanka
1995 - NYC bans smoking in all restaurants that seat 35 or more

0401 - Theodosius II the Younger, Eastern Roman emperor
1512 - James I, King of Scotland (1513-42)
1583 - Hugo Grotius, jurist, father of international law
1783 - Hortense E. de Beauharnais, French queen of Netherlands (1806-10)
1794 - Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, opened Japan
1806 - Leonidas Polk, Confederate Lieutenant General
1823 - Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb, Confederate Brigadier General
1827 - Lewis Wallace Major General (Union volunteers)/lawyer/diplomat/author (Ben Hur)
1829 - William Booth, founder (Salvation Army)
1833 - David McMurtrie Gregg, Union Brevet Major General; James Edward Rains, Confederate Brigadier General
1887 - Bernardo A. Houssay, Argentine physiologist (Nobel 1947)
1900 - Jean Duvieusart, premier (Belgium 1950)
1903 - Clare Boothe Luce former US ambassador to Vatican
1905 - Jan H van Roijen, diplomat/Netherlands foreign minister
1910 - David Gilroy Bevan, politician
1911 - Maurice Schumann, French statesman/writer (La Voix du couvre-feu)
1917 - Robert Burns Woodward, organic chemist (Nobel 1965)
1930 - Lord Morton of Shauna, Senator (College of Justice, Scotland)
1934 - David Halberstam, New York Times international correspondent (New York Times/Pulitzer 1964)
1948 - Thomas Spencer, Member of European Parliament (Conservative)
196? - Your friendly neighborhood blogger
1975 - Floris, Prince of Netherlands

0879 - Louis II the stutterer, King of France (877-79)
0947 - Hugo van Arles, count of Arles/king of Italy
1362 - Machteld, countess of Holland
1533 - Frederik I, King of Denmark/Norway (1523-33), dies at 61
1585 - Gregory XIII [Ugo Buoncampagni] Italian Pope (1572-85)
1640 - Charlotte Flandrina van Nassau daughter of Willem I, dies at 60
1760 - Gerard George Clifford head of East-Indian Company, dies at 75
1807 - Anna Amalia van Brumswijk-Wolfenbüttel duchess of Saxon-Weimar, dies
1848 - Godert A.G.P. baron van Capellen, Governor-General of Dutch-Indies, dies at 69
1862 - William Harvey Lamb Wallace, US lawyer/Brigadier-General, dies at 40
1919 - Emiliano Zapata Mexican leader, murdered at 39
1929 - Edmond Thieffry Belgium, WWI pilot, dies at 36
1954 - Auguste Lumière, French photograph/movie pioneer, dies at 81
1966 - Christian J. Modeste, Dutch king of gypsies, dies at 71
1983 - Issam Sartawi, PLO ambassador to Portugal, murdered
1993 - Chris Hani, Secretary-General South Africian Communist Party, assassinated at 50
1994 - Victor Afanasiev Russia, editor-in-chief of Pravda (1976-89), dies at 71
1995 - Chen Yun Vice-Premier of China (1949-75, 79-80); Gunter Guillaume, German politican; Morarji Desai, PM of India (1977-79)

Reported Missing in Action
O'Grady, John F., USAF (NY); F105D shot down

Carver, Harry F., US Army (IN); Killed, BNR

Padgett, Samuel J., US Army SF (OK); CH34 crashed, Killed, BNR