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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all of our Heroes, near and far, and to their families...

You are all in our hearts today, and every day.

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U.S. Air Force Airmen 1st Class Kathleen Sullivan and Lindsay Judkins are surprised to receive Valentine's Day cards from Texas elementary school students, Feb. 13, 2008, at a Southwest Asia air base. Both airmen are assigned to the 379th Expeditionary Security Forces. U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Domonique Simmons

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In Today's News - Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quote of the Day
"Love of country is like love of woman -
he loves her best who seeks to bestow on her
the highest good."

-- Felix Adler

News of Note
Valentine's Day
Mom Finds Blade in Valentine's Day Heart Lollipop
Siblings Celebrate 391 Years of Wedded Bliss
Marrying Couples Ditch White Chapel for White Castle
Valentine Voyeur: 'What the ----! This Ain't Normal!
Love in the air from Bondi to Bangkok to Beijing - Video
Soldiers report largest cache finds since beginning of year

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Adwaniyah Residents Look to Brighter Future, Normalcy
Iraqi Detainees Housed, Rehabilitated with Dignity and Respect
Soldiers See Need, Donate Wheelchair to Disabled Iraqi Boy
Coalition targets al-Qaeda in Iraq networks; seven terrorists killed, 16 detained
Barriers save lives after explosion in Sadr City
UPDATE: Barriers save lives after explosion in Sadr City
General: Terrorists Won’t Return to Anbar Province

Homeland Security / War on Terror / Hamas-Hezbollah Happenings
Hezbollah Chief Declares War on Israel After Militant Commander's Death
White House appeals to top court on detainee data
West Bank woman denied ambulance dies: Palestinians
Bush criticizes Congress on terror bill

Troops on Trial
Cops: Fort Hood Soldier Kidnapped Girl, 15, at Hotel

Fallen Heroes
DoD Identifies Army Casualty (Diyala Province)
DoD Identifies Army Casualty (Camp Buehring)

Supporting Our Heroes
Military Gets Mail Break

Other Military News
Pentagon Plans to Shoot Down Failing Satellite

Worldwide Wackos
Iran shuts 5 Web sites
US intel links Iran with nuke bomb bid

Homegrown Moonbats
'Today' Show Apologizes for Jane Fonda's Use of C-Word

Politics / Government
Man Seeks DNA Test to Prove He's JFK's Love Child
New Orleans Mayor Takes Heat for Playing With Gun
Major school and university shootings
Romney endorses McCain as Clinton raps Obama - Video
Africa bright spot in Bush foreign policy legacy - Video
Clinton leading Obama in Ohio, Pennsylvania: poll - Video
Black lawmakers rethink Clinton support
Clinton challenges special interests
House holds Bush confidants in contempt
Congress eyes bond insurers amid housing crisis
Lawmaker asks Treasury for student loan help
Putin will be long-serving, powerful premier - Video

Illegal Immigration / Border Control
San Diego Border Patrol Discovers Wire Possibly Strung to Decapitate Agents (Now why wouldn't we want that kind of person here...?)

In the Courts / Crime and Punishment / Law and Order
Former Student Guns Down 5 in Attack at Northern Illinois University; Kills Self - PHOTOS (Fox News) - Interactive Timeline (Reuters)
Cops Investigate California Child Abduction; Parents Blamed
Federal Appeals Court Overturns Texas Sex-Toy Ban
Best Buy Sued for $54M Over Lost Laptop
Peeping Tom Arrested After Hiding Under North Carolina Man's Bed
Report: Man Questioned in Brutal Murder of New York City Psychologist Released
Man Charged With Leaving Child in Car After Crash
Hate Crimes Charges Filed in Calif. School Shooting
NJ boy, 9, found guilty in daycare death
Diocese: Priest accused of abuse has HIV
Campus stunned by N. Illinois shooting
Paper: Boy's claims prompted mistrial
McNamee's lawyer predicts Clemens pardon

Media in the Media / Bloggers in the News / Watching the Web
From zero to hero, online dating pros offer tips

Science / Medicine and Health / Technology
Handshake Saves Man's Life: Doctor Diagnoses Man's Brain Tumor Through 'Spongy' Handshake
CDC Warns of 82 Youth Deaths From 'Choking Game'
22,000 died amid delayed Bayer drug recall: doctor
Genes that conquered cold blamed for fat
British researchers link obesity to more cancers
Pepper may help disfiguring skin condition: study
Scientists and amateurs find new solar system
Scientists urge global help on manned Mars mission
Mobile industry sees new security risks - Video

Mother Nature
Gorillas Caught Making Love, Human Style
Study says people impact all oceans

How deep is your love? Passion phones know
Regulators now spooked by ghost stories
Woman applying for new ID says she's 120
Children. You're giving me a headache

Other News of Note
Female Referee Removed From Officiating Boys' Basketball Game by Religious School

Fox News
Report: Bonds Tested Positive for Steroids in 2000
Fed Chief Bernanke Warns U.S. Economy Worsening
O.J. Simpson's Girlfriend Hospitalized With 'Severe Head Injury'
Billy Ray Cyrus Says He, Miley Just Forgot to Buckle Up

Risky chemical found in hurricane trailers - Video
Kostunica tells Serbia Kosovo can't be held - Video
Australia PM arrives in East Timor for crisis talks - Video
Kenya rivals to rewrite constitution: govt - Video
Westwood show mixes politics and rock
Court filing seeks to move Britney Spears case - Video
Organizers say stars will shine on Oscar night
Credit crunch looms large for small business
Cerberus says GMAC may face difficulty: report
Wal-Mart could break out of slump this year
Microsoft shakes up online team ahead of Yahoo
IFRS may lead to new U.S. accounting divide
Japan stocks slip on high-techs as U.S. economy worries - Video
Valentine's Day gives little TLC to "love" stocks
Platinum drops below historic highs as gold firms
Dollar on back foot as Fed outlook stings
Lampert slashes stake in Citigroup as shares fall
Market falls sharply on credit market worry
Oil falls towards $95 on easing supply worries - Video
Priceline profit jumps on bookings; shares jump
Bernanke sees weak growth; trade gap narrows
The next victim
Going platinum
Global inflation to change

AP World News
Junior, Hamlin win Daytona qualifiers
Bai Ling arrested for shoplifting
Beyonce's dad weighs in on 'queen' flap
'24' fans must wait until Jan. 2009
Doctor: Graham's brain looks 'fine'

CENTCOM: News Releases
Coalition forces disrupt Special Groups criminal networks, detain two suspects
Coalition targets al-Qaeda in Iraq networks; two terrorists killed, two detained

Joint Knowledge Online extends cultural awareness training for U.S. Forces Korea - podcast
Newsmaker Profile: Director of Joint Training Army Maj. Gen. Jason Kamiya - podcast
Joint fires team, Army training center leaps forward with joint integrated training
Learn more about the Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team

Multi-National Force-Iraq
Students Receive School Supplies Donated by N.Y. Girl Scouts
Coalition forces sign memorandum of understanding with Iraqi Ministry of Education

Training Critical to Defeat IEDs

Mission, Mystique Attracts Marines

Coalition Disrupts Taliban Networks

Key Bills Move Iraq Toward Self-governance
New Iraqi Police Stations, Recruits Ready to Serve
Combined Forces, Volunteers Rebuild Iraqi Region
Coalition Forces Kill Seven Terrorists, Detain 16

Mom Fulfills Army Dream

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Ansbach Aschaffenburg Berlin Berlin-Tempelhof Berlin/Schonefeld Bremerhaven
Darmstadt Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main Freiburg/Breisgau Garmisch
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Geilenkirchen Gelnhausen Giessen Kitzingen
Hanau Am Main Heidelberg Mainz Mannheim Nurnberg Stuttgart Trier
Wiesbaden Wurzburg


Agana Agana Heights Agat Andersen AFB Asan Barrigada

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Kadena Air Base Okinawa Tokyo Yokohama

Baler Radar Site Catanduanes Radar Site Manila

South Korea
Cheju Upper/Radar Chonju Chunchon Inch'on Kunsan Masan Mokp'o
Osan Pusan Seoul Suwon Taegu Taejon Tonghae Radar Site Ulsan Yosu

Today in History
0842 - Charles II & Louis the German sign treaty
1014 - Pope Benedict VIII crowns Henry II, Roman German emperor
1076 - Pope Gregory VII excommunicates Henry IV
1130 - Jewish Cardinal Pietro Pierleone elected as anti-pope Anacletus II
1349 - 2,000 Jews burned at the stake in Strasbourg, France
1540 - Emperor Charles V enters Ghent without resistance, executes rebels
1556 - Archbishop Thomas Cranmer declared a heretic
1610 - Polish king Sigismund III, Forges Dimitri #2 & Romanov family sign covenant against czar Vasili Shushki
1630 - Dutch fleet of 69 ships reaches Pernambuco, Brazil
1670 - Roman Catholic emperor Leopold I chases Jews out of Vienna
1689 - English parliament places Mary Stuart/Prince Willem III on the throne
1746 - Henry Pelham appointed English premier
1766 - Dutch governor Falck signs Treaty of Batticaloa with rebels
1778 - Stars & Stripes arrives in foreign port for 1st time (France)
1794 - 1st US textile machinery patent granted, to James Davenport, Philadelphia PA
1803 - Apple parer patented by Moses Coats, Downington PA
1848 - James K. Polk becomes the 1st President photographed in office (Matthew Brady)
1859 - Oregon admitted as 33rd state
1862 - Galena, 1st US iron-clad warship for service at sea, launched, Connecticut
1867 - Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company issues 1st policy
1876 - A.G. Bell & Elisha Gray apply seperately for telephone patents; Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor
1879 - Chilean troops occupy Antofagasta
1883 - 1st state labor union legislation; New Jersey legalizes unions
1889 - 1st trainload of fruit (oranges) leaves Los Angeles for the east
1894 - Venus is both a morning star & evening star
1899 - US Congress begins using voting machines
1903 - US Dept of Commerce & Labor established
1912 - 1st US submarines with diesel engines commissioned, Groton, CT; Arizona becomes 48th state
1914 - High Council of Labor forms in Hague, Netherlands
1919 - United Parcel Service forms
1920 - League of Women Voters forms in Chicago
1921 - Little Review faces obscenity charges for publishing "Ulysses," New York; Canadian 5¢ nickel coin is authorized
1924 - IBM Corporation founded by Thomas Watson
1925 - State of emergency crisis in Bayern ends, NSDAP re-allowed
1929 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago IL, 7 gangsters killed
1931 - Spanish government of General Damasco Berenguer falls
1936 - National Negro Congress organizes in Chicago
1940 - British merchant vessel fleet is armed
1941 - 1,000,000th vehicle traverses the New York Midtown Tunnel; German Africa Corps lands in Tripoli, Libya
1942 - Japanese parachutists land near oil center in Palembang, Sumatra
1943 - German offensive through de Faid-pass, Tunisia; Soviets recapture Rostov
1944 - Anti-Japanese revolt on Java
1945 - Perú, Paraguay, Chile & Ecuador join the United Nations; 8th Air Force bombs Dresden
1949 - 1st session of Knesset opens in Jerusalem
1950 - USSR & China sign peace treaty
1952 - 6th Winter Olympics games opens in Oslo, Norway
1954 - Senator John Kennedy appears on "Meet the Press"
1956 - Khrushchev denounces Stalin at USSR Communist Party Conference; Indonesia withdraws from Netherlands Indonesian Union
1957 - Georgia Senate unanimously approves Senator Leon Butts' bill barring blacks from playing baseball with whites
1958 - Arab Federation of Iraq & Jordan forms
1959 - $3.6 million heroin seizure in New York, NY
1960 - Marshal Ayub Khan elected President of Pakistan
1961 - Element 103, Lawrencium, 1st produced in Berkeley, CA
1962 - First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducts White House tour on TV
1963 - US launches communications satellite Syncom 1
1966 - Australia introduces 1st decimal currency postage stamps
1967 - Latin American nuclear free zone proposal drawn up
1971 - Movie "Ben Hur" 1st shown on television; Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House
1972 - Luna 20 (Russia) launched to orbit & soft landing on Moon
1975 - Bomb explodes at annex of Amsterdam metro station
1978 - 1st "micro on a chip" patented by Texas Instruments
1980 - 13th Winter Olympics games open in Lake Placid, NY; US launches Solar Maximum Mission Observatory to study solar flares
1985 - Hostage CNN reporter Jeremy Levin is released in Beirut
1988 - Alfredo Stroessner re-elected President of Paraguay
1989 - Union Carbide agrees to pay $470 million damages for Bhopol disaster; African National Congress (ANC) opens office in Amsterdam; Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini offers $1 million-$3 million bounty on Salman Rushdie's death due to his novel, "Satanic Verses"; World's 1st satellite Skyphone opens
1990 - Perrier recalls 160 million bottles of sparkling water after traces of benzene, a carcinogen, are found in some; Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system
1991 - Air raid shelter at Baghdad bombed, killing 300
1992 - Cease fire in Somalia begins
1993 - Fire in Linxi department store in Tangshan China, kills 79

1462 - Edzard I Cirksena the Great, earl of East-Friesia (1494-1528)
1483 - Zahir al-Din Mohammed Babur Shah prince/founder Mogols-dynasty
1806 - Lajos Count Batthyány, revolutionary premier of Hungary (1848-49)
1813 - John McNeil, Union Brevet Major General
1817 - Frederick Douglass, African-American abolitionist/lecturer/editor
1819 - James Green Martin, Confederate Brigadier General
1824 - Winfield Scott Hancock, Union Major General
1829 - Alfred Iverson, Jr., Confederate Brigadier General
1847 - Anna Howard Shaw, US suffragette
1898 - Fritz Zwicky, Swiss astronomer (super nova)
1909 - A. Moses Klein, poet (Hath Not a Jew...)
1913 - Jimmy Hoffa Teamsters leader who disappeared in 1975; Mel Allen, sportscaster (voice of the New York Yankees)
1917 - Herbert A. Hauptman, x-ray crystallographer (Nobel 1985)
1921 - Hugh Downs, TV journalist (20/20, Concentration)
1924 - Countess Mountbatten of Burma
1927 - Lois Maxwell, actress (Miss Moneypenny)
1928 - Ben Garrido Blaz (Representative-Guam)
1929 - Matthew G. Martinez (Representative-CA)
1935 - David Wilson, British Governor (Hong Kong)
1937 - John MacGregor, British MP
1940 - 1st Porpoise born in captivity in US (Marineland, Florida)
1941 - Paul Tsongas (Senator-MA); John Butterfill, MP
1944 - Carl Bernstein, Washington Post investigative reporter (Watergate)
1945 - Hans Adam, Prince of Liechtenstein
1945 - William Hill Boner (Representative-TN)
1947 - Judd Gregg (Representative-NH); Pham Tuan, Vietnam, cosmonaut (Soyuz 37/36)
1948 - Raymond Joseph Teller, magician (Penn & Teller)
1949 - Richard E. Neal (Representative-MA)

0869 - Cyrillus Greek, apostle of Slaves
1400 - Richard II, British King (1377-99), murdered at 33 at Pontefract Castle
1405 - Timur/Tamerlan "Lenk" [Crippled], Mongols monarch, dies at about 68
1528 - Edzard I, the Great count of Austria-E Frisia (1494-1528), dies at 66
1779 - James Cook, British explorer, murdered by natives in fracas with Hawaiians
1831 - Vincente Guerrero, Mexican revolutionary hero
1846 - Cornelis F. van Maanen, Dutch supreme court justice, dies at 76
1891 - William Tecumseh Sherman, Union Civil War General (captured Atlanta), dies at 71
1943 - Frieda Reiss, French 11-month-old baby, murdered in Auschwitz
1950 - Karl G. Jansky, Czechoslovakian discoverer of cosmic radio sources, dies at 44
1969 - Vito Genovese, US mafia chief, dies at 71
1975 - Julian S. Huxley, English scholar/director-general (UNESCO), dies at 87
1979 - Adolph Dubs, US ambassador to Afghanistan, murdered
1991 - John A. McCone, Head of CIA (1961-65)
1995 - U Nu, PM of Burma (1948-56, 57-58, 60-62)
1996 - Eva Hart, Titanic survivor, dies at 90

Reported Missing in Action
Hills, John R., USAF (IN); A1E crashed, KIA, body not recovered

Marvin, Robert C., USN (MI); A1H shot down

Dunn, Joseph P., USN (MA); A1H shot down

Elliot, Robert M., USAF (MA); F105D shot down, remains returned December, 1999

McMahan, Robert C., USN (IL); F8E shot down, remains returned September, 1990 - ID'd November, 1990

Clark, Stanley S., USAF (CA); F4D shot down

Stevens, Larry J., USN (CA); A4C shot down

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