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Wednesday, November 17, 2004 | 11/17/2004 | Two men from region killed in Iraq

Marine Lance Cpl. Jeramy Ailes, 22, of Gilroy was killed Monday in Al-Fallujah by small arms fire.

``They had finished mopping up in Fallujah and they went back to double-check on some insurgents. From what we gathered, somebody playing possum jumped up and shot him,'' said his father, Joel Ailes, who learned of his death Monday evening. ``It's extremely hard.''

In Live Oak, outside Santa Cruz, just hours after Hipolito and Yolanda Perez returned from a visit to Camp Pendleton, where Marine Cpl. Andres Perez and his 19-year-old sister, Elvira, were based, they learned their son was dead.

The 21-year-old Santa Cruz native had been killed Sunday by an enemy bomb in Al-Fallujah as his infantry unit retook the city from insurgents in preparation for January's Iraqi elections.

``Jeramy was the type of person who wanted to help other people. He didn't want to go in to kill people,'' said Joel Ailes.

His first time in Iraq, Jeramy Ailes gave $10 to each child he came across because he knew it would feed their families for 30 days. This time, he asked his family to mail as many soccer balls as they could. His family sent 300 balls, and Jeramy Ailes' platoon handed them out to children.

``He was a very caring person, everything about him was about the kids and helping people, he thought he could make a difference,'' his father said.

Joel Ailes warmly remembered the last conversation he had with his son last month, in which Jeramy Ailes recounted how he had come across a large man walking with a 12-year-old girl carrying a huge bale of straw on her back.

His son, who spoke and read Arabic, exchanged words with the man. And, for the next seven miles, his son carried the girl on his back and the man carried the bales of straw. ``That was my son,'' Joel Ailes said. | 11/17/2004 | Two men from region killed in Iraq - U.S. & World - Violence Across Iraq Kills 27

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A homicide car bomber blasted an American convoy north of Baghdad and U.S. troops battled insurgents west of the capital Wednesday as a wave of violence across Iraq's Sunni Muslim heartland killed at least 27 people.

American forces pursued their search-and-destroy mission against the remaining holdouts in the former insurgent bastion of Fallujah (search), and to the north, American forces pressed an offensive to reclaim part of the city of Mosul from militants.

November became one of Iraq's bloodiest months as the U.S. death toll in the war in Iraq reached 1,214, according to figures released by the Defense Department.

On Wednesday, a homicide attacker drove his bomb-laden car into a U.S. convoy during fierce fighting in the town of Beiji, 155 miles north of the Baghdad, killing 10 people and wounding 12, including three American soldiers. Another attack on a convoy of civilian contractors in Beiji caused no casualties.

Elsewhere, a three-hour gunbattle between militants and U.S. forces after nightfall left seven people dead and 13 hurt in Ramadi, a city west of Fallujah.

Insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades, mortar and Kalashnikov rifles at American forces in the city center, Zayout district and along the main highway in town, said Abdel Karim al-Hiti of Ramadi General Hospital - U.S. & World - Violence Across Iraq Kills 27

U.S. Marine kills wounded insurgent Petition

Please read and sign this petition concerning the Marine who shot the Terrorist in falluja. We need to stand up for our Marines and Soldiers and back them. We need to show them we support them in their efforts and their sacrifices. This Marine did his job and quite possibly saved the lives of my Marine and your Marine. These are terrorist, if our marines hesitate for even one second it could be one second to long don't let the politics and media make this Marine anything but what he is a true HERO

U.S. Marine kills wounded insurgent Petition U.S. Marine kills wounded insurgent Petition


Not only is BalboaNaval Hospital receiving our injured heroes but the medical facilities at Camp Pendleton are also at near No Vacancy populations. In the latter case it's not money that is needed for our wounded Marines at Pendleton but stuff.

Here's why and what they need: At the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, some of the spouses of the deployed Marines put together hundreds of recovery baskets in anticipation of wounded Marines arriving at our military hospitals. The purpose behind these baskets was to provide the wounded with personal items to be used during their hospital stay and to help fill up their days while being confined in the hospitals. However, due to the higher than anticipated numbers of wounded, they are all but out of the supplies to outfit these baskets.

They are in need of the following items: nonperishable food (snacks and candy), DVDs, all sizes of batteries, phone cards, Game Boy games, books and magazines, Domino's Pizza gift certificates (they deliver on base), towels and wash cloths, and hygiene gear (razors and shaving cream).

These items can be sent to MSgt William Bonney, Office of the Division Inspector, 1st Marine Division Rein FMF, Bldg 1413 Room 200, Box 555380, Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5380.

Gmail - Fw: PLEASE READ!!!

ar Customer:

Thank you for contacting Sears.

The information is factual. We appreciate your positive feedback. Sears regards service to our country as one of greatest sacrifices our young men and women can make. We are happy to do our part to lessen the burden they bear at this time.

Bill Thorn
Sears Customer Care <>

Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion 21st regiment of

Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion 21st regiment of the Stryker Brigade clean their weapons inside their camp in Mosul. US and Iraqi forces backed by aircraft swept into Mosul to secure police stations and restore order as insurgents in Fallujah fought US-led troops.(AFP/Tauseef Mustafa) Yahoo! News - Mideast Photos - AFP

U.S. troops take cover after they came under fire

U.S. troops take cover after they came under fire following a car bomb which rammed into a civilian convoy along Baghdad's airport road, setting vehicles on fire, Wednesday Nov. 17 2004. The stretch of highway leading to Baghdad's international airport is considered one of the country's most dangerous roads. It was unclear whether there were any casualties. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban) Yahoo! News - World Photos - AP

U.S. troops screen the area after an incident

U.S. troops screen the area after an incident when they came under fire after a car bomb rammed into a civilian convoy along Baghdad's airport road, setting vehicles on fire, Wednesday Nov. 17, 2004. The stretch of highway leading to Baghdad's international airport is considered one of the country's most dangerous roads. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban) Yahoo! News - World Photos - AP

US Marines stop and check a truck loaded

US Marines stop and check a truck loaded with humanitarian goods as it tries to enter the town of Saqlawiyah on the outskirts of Fallujah. The International Committee of the Red Cross has criticized US forces for denying access to the battle scarred city(AFP/Patrick Baz) Yahoo! News - Mideast Photos - AFP

US Hero in Iraq

A U.S. soldier stands watch near a portrait of Ayatollah Mohamoud al-Hassani as Shite supporters protest a U.S. raid on al-Hassani's Kerbala offices, November 17, 2004. Iraqi police in Kerbala, located 100 kms (62 miles) south of Baghdad, said yesterday they had arrested seven aides of al-Hassani, a radical anti-American Shite cleric who had issued an edict calling for a boycott of upcoming elections. REUTERS/Ali Jasim
Yahoo! News - World Photos - Reuters
Iraq War News
U.S. seek people's allegiance in Fallujah: "As fighting winds down, U.S. troops face an even more difficult mission in Fallujah - winning the people's allegiance. Planners want to make sure the Fallujah battle doesn't mimic the U.S.-led invasion: a well-executed military assault followed by a flawed occupation."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Shiites seek to ensure win in Iraq vote: "Iraq's leading Shiite cleric has assigned top aides to take charge of efforts designed to ensure that Shiites win a majority in a crucial general election slated for early next year, according to well-placed Shiite figures."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

BBC News offers visceral window into Fallujah: "The BBC News website has been publishing a series of phone reports from Fadhil Badrani, an Iraqi journalist and resident of Fallujah who reports regularly for Reuters and the BBC World Service in Arabic. The BBC is “publishing his and other eyewitness accounts from the city in order to provide the fullest possible range of perspectives from those who are there.” Badrani’s reports offer a very visceral window into life during the assault on Fallujah. Electronic Iraq offers a chronological list of links to his reports below."

In Electronic Iraq

Fallujah battle plans and strategy detailed by military in

Iraqi hostage freed south of Baghdad in Iraq & Terror

World condemns 'Hassan murder': "UK and Irish leaders condemn the apparent murder of aid worker Margaret Hassan by her kidnappers in Iraq."

In BBC: Conflict with Iraq

Chirac questions US-led Iraq war: "The French leader tells the BBC the world has become more dangerous with Saddam Hussein's removal from power."

In BBC: Conflict with Iraq

To Muslim Extremists: Not In the Name of Muslims: "Since 9/11, American Muslims are growing more active in their fight against Muslim fanatics. More and more are signing petitions to repudiate and dissociate themselves from any Muslim group or individual who commits such brutal and un-Islamic acts, like the massacre recently in Russia where 355 school children, parents and teachers were massacred. (Pacific News Service, Commentary, Hasan Zillur Rahim, Sep 08, 2004)"

In New California Media: Focus on Iraq

Probe: Iraq U.N. Cash Sent to Bombers' Kin: "Saddam Hussein diverted money from the U.N. oil-for-food program to pay millions of dollars to families of Palestinian suicide bombers who carried out attacks on Israel, say congressional investigators who uncovered evidence of the money trail. (AP)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Troops Move To Quell Insurgency In Mosul ( " - BAGHDAD, Nov. 16 -- U.S. and Iraqi troops entered Mosul in force Tuesday to retake streets and police stations seized by fighters in the northern city last week, while a prominent Iraqi insurgent claimed that the battle in Fallujah was only the beginning of an uprising that has already roiled parts of Iraq dominated by Sunni Muslims."

In Yahoo! News: Iraq