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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Visit to ARNG and Marine Liaison Offices at LRMC

On July 23 Nita, Rudi and I met with the National Guard and Marine Liaison Offices to bring the wounded soldiers 50 Transitional Backpacks, 35 Phone Cards, and 25 pairs of shoes.

Earlier in the month of July, Soldiers’ Angels had provided additional 40 backpacks (20 filled and 20 empty) to the National Guard Liaison Office at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

The Chaplain’s Closet – Stocked with donated items

SSG E. from the Marine Liaison Office took us to the so-called Chaplain’s Closet, which looks like a very small shop and is stocked with donated items. There are racks of clothing like fleece shirts and windbreakers. Shelves line the walls with pajamas, T-Shirts, socks, boxers, toiletry essentials, small blankets, books, playing cards, and athletic shoes. We noted that empty backpacks are also needed for the patients to transport their belongings.

The nine Chaplains currently on staff at LRMC and some volunteers operate the store as a service to wounded soldiers who are medevac’d from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait to LRMC. On the weekends, the Chaplain’s Closet is open only when new patients arrive.
While we were there, a bus of medevac’d soldiers arrived. In most cases, they had little with them other than the uniforms they were wearing. These ambulatory patients are able to come through and get some basic necessities.

All of the items are donated by companies, organizations, and individuals. A Chaplain told us, "All donations are only new merchandise, not secondhand, because hospital sanitation rules apply."

Many thanks to L.P.I. Consumer Products, Inc. for their generous and ongoing donations of ShaveMate razors!

Thank you AMVETs for your support!
Although the ambulatory patients are able to go to the Chaplain’s closet and select items they need, most inpatients obviously are not. The Transitional Backpacks provided by Soldiers’ Angels with your donations are brought to their hospital rooms by the Chaplains and Liaison Officers. Please help us to continue to provide Transitional Backpacks for our wounded Heroes at Landstuhl Hospital.

Thank you Missy Ledford for your “Greetings Books” for the TV rooms and lounges at LRMC!

“Thank you for all your support in our times of hardship”

Earlier this month I received this from a wounded Marine:

Hello, I'm Jason P, a Cpl in the Marines. I would like to take some time to say "Thank You".

Thank you for all your support in our times of hardship. I among many, many others appreciate the time, care and kindness you show to the Armed Forces.

It's always nice in the end of a long and "could be my last day" day that I or anyone I know receiving letters, cards, or boxes from Soldiers Angels.

Again thank you for support. Take care and God bless.
Jason P


Together, American and German Angels and friends support the wounded soldiers here at LRMC. Our next visit is at the end of August.

Please Email me if you would like to help!

Wilhelmine Aufmkolk - International President
Soldiers Angels

More Great Pics from Major Juan!

Major Juan R. sends more great pics!
He says he's got a ton, and I should stop him if he gets carried away, but I
don't think I'm gonna get tired of these anytime soon....

A great looking bunch of heroes in the mess hall...

Major Juan out for a bike ride...

Bible Study group....

And the Iraq War Today version of "Where's Waldo"......"Where's Juan?"

Can you spot the Major? (Click for larger version)

(Juan, this is one of my favorites!)

National Guard Liaison Office at Landstuhl loves Soldiers’ Angels!

In June, Soldiers’ Angels received this message from MAJ H., an ARNG Liaison Officer at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany:

I am the Army National Guard Liaison Officer at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.
I am trying to obtain a supply of phone cards to give to soldier casualties who are evacuated to the hospital here. I generally go through about 35 phone cards each week. I have a week's supply left in my office. National Guard Bureau sent me over here with an initial supply, but after 8 weeks they are running out.

I can use any number of phone cards you care to donate.

That’s all Soldiers’ Angels needed to hear! The message was forwarded to Angel Willie in Germany, who made sure 20 Phone Cards were rushed to MAJ H. by fellow Angel Nita.
Since then, Soldiers’ Angels Germany have continued to support MAJ H.

Just received four plastic tubs of Hot Vanilla Drink Mix and 8 Pounds of coffee in the mail today!
Since the coffee is in one pound packages, and the soldiers have no coffee makers, I am running the “coffee service” in the ICU, and Wards 8D, 10C, 10D, and 13D along with the waiting room at the Deployed Warrior Medical Management Center.

This way the coffee gets shared by the wounded soldiers and the people who care for them.

Your organization is superb.

Thanks Again,


Thank you and HOOAH!! to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and, a Soldiers’ Angels partner since 2004 (See “Successful Partnership Between a Profit and a Non-Profit Company”), and to all Angels and Friends who have made donations for Phone Cards!!

Received 60 phone cards today in the mail from the Soldiers Angels. Also received another 16 pounds of coffee.Thanks again.

First of all, I want to thank you for the great support you have given us in the form of the Soldiers’ Angel Backpacks. To date we have issued 17 filled backpacks to arriving inpatient soldiers. I have also provided twenty empty backpacks to the chaplain’s closet to cover a period when they ran out of duffel bags.

Soldiers really appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes in to filling and providing one of the backpacks! Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and support. One soldier recently told me that if it were not for the backpack and its contents he would have had to go naked for the weekend until he could have gotten off the ward and down to the chaplain’s closet.

Thank you!


Although most ambulatory patients are able to go to LRMC facilities such as the Chaplain’s Closet and select donated items they need, many inpatients are not. These inpatients are bare brought items by Chaplains and Liaison Officers such as MAJ H.

Please support our continuing efforts to provide Transitional Backpacks for our wounded Heroes who are inpatients at Landstuhl Hospital. EMail Willie if you would like to help.

Willie Wilhelmine Aufmkolk -International President
Soldiers Angels
"May No Soldier Go Unloved"

Check out the Soldiers' Angels Germany blog!

Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division move swiftly into their M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks for a mission to Baqubah, Iraq. Photo by Staff Sgt. Suzanne Day.

A Milblogger Gets Married...

Sean from Doc in the Box and his lady fair tied the knot on Sunday!

Stop by and check out the wedding photo, and leave Doc and the Mrs. a congratulatory message.

(Their registry is also posted in the sidebar).

Hat tip to BlackFive

TRANSFER CEREMONY — U.S. Army soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division lower the Task Force Liberty's "Never Forget" Colors at the Forward Operating Base Scunion transfer ceremony in the Diyala Province, Iraq, July 31, 2005. Coalition Forces relinquished control of Forward Operating Base Scunion to the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Iraqi Army Brigade. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Suzanne M. Days

In Today's News - Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Quote of the Day
"I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."
-- Douglas MacArthur

News of Note
London Bombings

London Reopens Bombed Subway Sections
20 quizzed over bungled London attacks

Bombings in Egypt
Suspect in Sharm attacks killed by police

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iraq's oil exports rise in July

Fallen Heroes
Georgia National Guard Unit Loses 8 Troops

News of the Weird
Smelly fungus sparks police hunt for corpse

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USS Boxer Firemen Save Crew, Earn Medals
Uzbeks Ask the United States to Leave
Officials Release Hundreds of Detainees

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Iran Backs Off Nuke Threat
Ohio Vote May Portend for '06
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Immigration Laws Lead to Over 500 Gang Arrests
Riots After Sudan's VP Dies

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq
Iraq leaders urged to draft constitution
France urges U.N. intervention with Iran
Riots follow death of former Sudan leader
Iran to delay reopening nuclear plant
King Abdullah assumes Saudi throne
Israel begins preparations for Gaza plan
Issues blocking deal on Iraq constitution
Flags, posters used in Gaza credit battle
A brief look at the Saudi royal family
Leaders call Garang death a loss to Sudan
Israel warns of Iran nuclear plans
Turkey's Kurdish language schools to close
Saudis jockey for power after Fahd's death
Syria eases restrictions on transit trucks
King Abdullah: An effective reformer
Israel to use sand bullets during riots

Reuters: Top News
CNOOC likely to drop bid for Unocal - sources
Muslim leaders gather for Saudi king's funeral
Small bomb explodes outside BA, BP offices in Iran
Korea nuclear crisis talks deadlocked, to continue
Israel braces for rightist rally against Gaza plan
Muslim leaders gather for Saudi king's funeral
Sudan seeks peace post-Garang, riots kill 36
Bush: Rove has 'my complete confidence'

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Car bomb rocks central Baghdad
Ohio Congressional Candidates Seek Voters
Saddam lawyer boycotts tribunal over court scuffle
Iraq 'to meet charter deadline'

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Today in History
1492 - Jews are expelled from Spain.
1776 - The Declaration of Independence is formally signed.
1819 - The first parachute jump in the U.S.
1832 - 1,300 Illinois militiamen defeat the Sac & Fox indians, ending the Black Hawk War.
1858 - The firsst street mailboxes are placed in Boston, MA.
1876 - Wild Bill Hickok is shot dead from behind during a poker game - his hand was a pair of Aces and a pair of 8's.
1877 - The San Francisco Public Library opens.
1909 - The first Lincoln pennies are minted; the Army Air Corps is formed as the Army takes its first delivery from the Wright Brothers.
1934 - In the first airplane train, a plane tows three mail gliders.
1939 - The Hatch Act prohibits political activity by Federal workers.
1941 - Jews are expelled from Hungarian Ruthenia.
1943 - PT-109 (on which John F. Kennedy serves) is rammed and sunk.
1962 - NASA civilian test pilot Joseph A. Walker takes the X-15 to 32,600 m.
1964 - In the Gulf of Tonkin, North Vietnam fires on a U.S. destroyer.
1965 - Morley Safer sends the first Vietnam report indicating the U.S. is losing.
1985 - NASA launches the space vehicle S-209.
1989 - NASA confirms Voyager 2's discovery of three more Neptune moons.
1990 - Iraq invades Kuwait.
1991 - The Space Shuttle STS 43 (Atlantis 9) is launched.

1696 - Mahmud I, Ottoman sultan
1754 - Pierre Charles L'Enfant, the architect who laid out Washington, DC.
1878 - Princess Ingeborg of Sweden
1922 - Paul Laxalt (Sen-NV)
1932 - Peter O'Toole, actor (Lord Jim, Beckett, Lawrence of Arabia)
1934 - Albert W. Hall actor (Apocalypse Now)
1934 - Valery Bykovsky, cosmonaut (Vostok 5, Soyuz 22, 31)
1949 - Bertalan Farkas, first Hungarian in space (Soyuz 36)

1876 - Wild Bill Hickok, shot
1923 - President Warren G. Harding
1934 - Paul Von Hindenburg; Hitler takes over the presidency

Reported Missing in Action
Daughtrey, Robert Nolan, USAF (TX); F105 shot down, released (injured) by DRV February, 1973 - retired as a Lt. Colonel - alive and well as of 1998
Hail, William Warren, USAF (CA); A1H disappeared ten minutes after takeoff

Cunningham, Carey A., USAF (AL); RF4C crashed while attacking convoy (radar navigator), remains returned 1989, ID'd April, 1998
Hynds, Wallace G., Jr., USAF (SC);RF4C crashed while attacking convoy (pilot)

Talken, George Francis, USN (CA); A7A shot down, KIA, body not recovered