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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Volunteers support wounded soldiers overseas

By: Debbie Tanna & Web Staff
Americans are counting their blessings this holiday season. They're also remembering the men and women of our armed forces who will be missing from family celebrations.
Volunteers from a non-profit group called "Soldier's Angels" are spending the holiday mailing backpacks overseas to combat support hospitals.
It's a bittersweet Thanksgiving holiday for Joseph Bozik, 27, and his family. Bozik was seriously injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He lost nearly all of his limbs in the explosion.
“I see a hero,” said volunteer Vicky Carter. “I see a man that has no regrets about what he did.
“Even though his injuries are as bad as they are, it's amazing that Joey and the other wounded soldiers up at Walter Reed think that life is gonna go on, that they sacrificed limbs, but freedom's gonna live's amazing," Carter continued.

Michael Bozik helps Vicky Carter fold a blanket that will be put into the backpacks
And so are a group of volunteers who've helped Bozik and his family get through it all. "Soldier's Angels" help injured soldiers like Bozik make the transition from the battlefield to the United States.
Carter added, “It's been amazing to be able to help them and to be there for them and be their friend."
Donated backpacks filled with blankets, letters and personal hygiene items go a long way to help brighten the day of wounded solders.
“It is traumatic, you kinda go through a period of shock when you don't really believe and if you're a good, solid family it makes it a lot easier to deal with things,” said Joseph's brother, Michael Bozik. “You just think this is a small delay and you just keep looking forward - you don't look in the past.”
Volunteers know first hand their work is appreciated and desperately needed by those who've made sacrifices for our country.
“It's made me part of this humongous family...I can't see me not being a part of,” Carter said.
This Thanksgiving, "Soldier's Angels" tops the list of things to be most thankful for.
The organization has thousands of volunteers across the United States. For more information, visit

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