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Friday, May 09, 2008

ANBAR PASSAGE - U.S. Marines ensure the area is clear of threats during a cache search in western Anbar province, May 1, 2008. The Marines have found several caches around the area, including one with more than six 120 mm rounds. The Marines are assigned to Company C, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Regimental Combat Team 5.U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Ryan Tomlinson

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Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq Reportedly Arrested; U.S. Officials Yet to Confirm Suspect's Identity

From FOX News:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A joint Iraqi-American raid in the northern city of Mosul has resulted in the arrest of the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense told FOX News on Thursday, but U.S. officials aren't convinced yet of the suspect's identity.

DNA tests are being conducted to confirm the man captured is Abu Ayyub al-Masri. U.S. officials are cautious because al-Masri is an elusive figure and previous reports of his death or capture all turned out to be false.

One U.S. source tells FOX News that the intelligence community is "extremely skeptical" that al-Masri has been arrested.

If al-Masri's identity is confirmed, however, the arrest would be a significant blow to Al Qaeda in Iraq, not so much because of the disruption to its leadership but because of the information he may be able to provide.

Read the Rest

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USS ESSEX AT THE READY - The USS Essex, anchored in the Gulf of Thailand, May 8, 2008, stands ready to assist the the people of Burma, where a cyclone and tidal wave struck the nation, killing thousands of people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. The Navy is dispatching helicopters from the ship to a staging area in Thailand, where they will be able to reach Burma with relief supplies within hours. Essex is equipped with 23 helicopters and five amphibious landing craft, and carries 1,800 Marines. U.S. Navy photograph by Seaman Kari R. Bergman
Story - More Photos

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In Today's News - Friday, May 9, 2008

Quote of the Day
"You cannot negotiate with terrorists
because the single response of terrorists
for fulfilling their demands is blackmail -
new demands, nothing more.
This was our experience
with the regime of Adolph Hitler"

-- Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman, February 17, 2002

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Iraq to form committee to document Iranian interference
Iraqi, Coalition troops detain 29 in raid
Criminals killed after rocket attack against Iraqi citizens (Baghdad)

Operation Enduring Freedom
Gates: Marines in Afghanistan To Redeploy as Scheduled - Photos

Homeland Security / War on Terror / Hamas-Hezbollah Happenings
Judge orders CIA to turn over "torture" memo: ACLU
Hezbollah defiant as fighting rocks Beirut
Fighting rocks Beirut
U.N. urges calm, restraint
Timeline: Events in Lebanon
Factbox: Conflict or concessions
Factbox: Lebanon's political crisis

Wounded Warriors
Medical Progress Inspiration Behind Regenerative Medicine for Troops

Other Military News
Gates: No Myanmar Aid Without Permission - PHOTOS

Religion of Peace??
German Court Rules Muslim Girl Can't Skip Swimming Lessons
Influential Muslim Cleric Fights Deportation in New Jersey

Worldwide Wackos
Report: Ahmadinejad Calls Israel a 'Stinking Corpse'

Homegrown Moonbats
Witches, Clowns and Sirens, Oh My
PROTEST CAM: Berkeley's Marine Recruiting Center
Sharpton plans another NYC protest over police shooting

Politics / Government
Come Hill or High Water?
California Superdelegate Wants $20M for Support
Obama: McCain Losing Bearings Over Hamas Comments
McCain’s Former Hanoi Cell Mate Describes Character in Deplorable Conditions
McCain Slams Obama Over Inexperience
New York Rep. Fossella Admits Fathering Child Outside Marriage
House Votes to Prop Up $300B in Home Loans
Obama open to Clinton as possible running mate (Egads...)
Gas tax battle was a political gift to Obama
Clinton aide sees race over by June
Video: Candidates pressing for votes
McCain camp hits Obama over "losing bearings"
Obama vows to ensure security of Israel ( that before or after his 'unconditional' meetings with wackos like Ahmedinejad?)
Video: Campaign Timeline: Game Changer?
Blog: Clinton asks, did they pay?
Democrats divide by race, gender
Obama gets big welcome, fresh support on Capitol tour
Wedding bells for Bush's daughter Jenna draw near
Cindy McCain says she'll never release her tax returns
Olmert says won't quit over investigations
Bush to visit despite Olmert's troubles
Factbox: Investigations of Olmert
U.S. worries Russia-Georgia dispute may get violent
Putin signals he intends to stay in charge of Russia

Illegal Immigration / Border Control
Suspected Illegal Immigrant Charged With Rape, Impregnating 10-Year-Old Girl
Migrant smuggler gets life for deadly U.S. crash

In the Courts / Crime and Punishment / Law and Order
Limbs of Slain Jeweler Found in Trash Bins Throughout Miami Suburb
'I Could Have Killed All of Them:' Incest Dad Upset at Media for 'Monster' Image
Letters Show Incest Dungeon Daughter Planned to Flee
Interpol Pedophile Suspect Caught in New Jersey, Identified
7 More Philly Cops Suspended Over Taped Beating
Federal judge orders Vick to pay Canadian bank $2.4M
Bond lowered for N.M. sect leader accused of sex crimes

U.N. News
Intellectual Property Pact With UN Aims to Boost Ghana's Economic Development

Media in the Media / Bloggers in the News / Watching the Web
Report: Star Jones Says Barbara Walters Told Her to Lie About Weight Loss
Google founders have grown up, CEO says
Microsoft: No plans for another bid for Yahoo
Google sees YouTube products soon; warm on Yahoo
MySpace's fashionable child launches new designers

Science / Medicine and Health / Watching the Web
NASA: Earth May Once Have Had Three Moons
Make your own ethanol at home (Yep, that's right - now you can destroy your own engine, instead of letting the government do it for you!)
Ethanol seen as key to sugar surplus
Blog: The Corn Conundrum
Tech-savvy farmers plant faster
World Bank says go easy on ethanol
Dutch study unlocks key to firm tomatoes
Ancient seaweed chews confirm age of Chilean site
Australian platypus genome a link to evolution
Video games don't create killers, new book says - Video
Free software takes on Microsoft Office
Kick the oil habit and make your own ethanol
New idea in mortuary science: Dissolving bodies with lye
Medical know-how raises suicide risk for doctors

Mother Nature
Regulators Hopeful Texas Sinkhole Won't Swallow Homes
Suspected Tornado Damages Mississippi Mall
Sinkhole Swallows Chunk of Texas - VIDEO - PHOTOS
California 2-Year-Old Dragged From Yard by Coyote in Third Such Attack in Five Days
U.N. says 1.5 million people affected by Myanmar storm - Video
Chile gives volcano holdouts ultimatum to flee - Video
Gorilla celebrates her 55th birthday with frozen cake
1st big foreign aid flights finally let in by Myanmar junta

News from My Neck of the Woods
Woman files claim, saying dog feces ruined family outing (Hope this lady never comes to my yard!)

Man Uses Steak Knife for At-Home Tracheotomy
Baseball Player, 13, Has Heart Attack Rounding Bases
Men charged after skull dug up and used as bong
Woman fired for giving 16-cent treat to toddler
You want fries with that? YES!!!!
Safety in numbers for speeding drivers
Building boom drives dump truck thefts
Video: And Finally...Sk8 or Die!
Church records offer rare look inside polygamist families

Other News of Note
Lack of Water Led to S.C. Firefighter Deaths

Fox News
FOXBusiness: GM Pitches In to Help End Strike
Study: Stay-at-Home Moms Worth $117,000
Harvard Professor: Children Can Send Marriage Into Downward Spiral

Economic anxiety hits women harder
Shoppers hunt for bargains in April
Tight wallets may hit restaurants next
Blog: April sales bring May worries
Video: Market or supply driving prices?
Relieved Castro blames "Idol" exit on inexperience
Nikkei opens flat then slips as Toyota drops
Big money ... for investors
Oil bears hard to find
Petrodollars, not petroeuros, still rule
Personal Finance:Taming food bills
Insurer AIG has $7.8 bln Q1 loss, to raise capital - Video
Zimbabwe opposition rejects presidential run-off
Relieved Castro blames "Idol" exit on inexperience
Foxy Brown pleads guilty in BlackBerry case
Liv Tyler and husband split but still "friends": report
Oliver Stone making a comedy? Maybe, with Bush film
Just a minute with Christina Ricci on "Speed Racer"
Video: Chinese mood music for Pope
Citigroup considers $400 bln asset sales: report
Toyota shares slide after bleak forecast
Greenspan says worst of credit crisis over: sources
GM offers $200 million in bid to end Axle strike
Bear Stearns says new suit seeks to block merger
Best Buy enters Europe with Carphone retail venture - Video
Canadian filmmaker turns to Internet to finance movie
Philadelphia marks 100th birthday of Mother's Day
U.S. art buyers defy economy at Sotheby's auction - Video
Would you tell your car insurer the truth?
Firm handshakes help grab jobs: study
Ex-Patriots employee sends league eight tapes
Bryant a unanimous selection as All-NBA
Canada overcome gritty Norway, stretch unbeaten run
Spaniard Garcia sets pace at breezy Sawgrass
Lewis, Howard lead Magic revival, Lakers beat Jazz

AP World News
'CSI' star Gary Dourdan charged with felony drug possession
Celtics, Cavs getting banged up in playoff Game 2
Arizona's Webb goes to 8-0 with 8-3 victory over Phillies
Uribe homer lifts White Sox
Yankees hit 4 homers to defeat the Indians 6-3
Stocks edge higher as investors watch oil retreat
More shoppers seeking shelter from economy in discounters

News Blaze
Ironhorse Tracker radio newscast available
MND-B Soldiers Detain 15 Suspects, Seize Bomb-Making Materials
Soldiers' Angels and Patriot Guard
Iraq News
Read about Operations in Iraq
FOB Warhorse Memorial Photos

Market opening represents return of prosperity in Basra
Karada Vocational Training Center provides new start
Chalabi tribe returning to village
Coalition troops bring aid to Byda Village
Yusifiyah police staiton opens
Government officials meet with Qarghuli sheikhs

Newsmaker Profile: Director of Joint Concept Development and Experimentation Rear Adm. Dan Davenport - podcast
Druid's Dance exercise yields major training milestone
USJFCOM signs agreement with Old Dominion University Research Foundation
Learn more about CRADAs - podcast
Joint Knowledge Online earns prestigious award for distance learning
Learn more about Joint Knowledge Online
Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution

Multi-National Force - Iraq
Chicken Farming gets a New Boost in Hawr Rajab
Soldiers Visit Windmills in al-Zatir and Hollandia
Medical Soldiers Show Readiness during Mass Casualty Battle Drill
CMOC Links People to Government
Criminals kill, injure Iraqi civilians in rocket attack (Baghdad)
SOIs repel AQI attacks and identify cache (Diyala)
Update: Coalition force soldiers, civilians attacked in Basra
Iraqi Army soldiers, policemen seize IEDs in East Mansour
Humanitarian assistance continues in Sadr City

Defense Department Begins Review
Pentagon Turns to Academic Research


Leaders Help Afghans Combat Disease


Rabbi Inspires Airmen To Keep the Faith


Secretary Marks Military Appreciation Month, Thanks 'America Supports You' Group Members
Waiver Recipients Take ‘Second Chance’ in Army
Pentagon Ceremony Awards Defense Installations


Troops, Residents Try to Calm Sadr City
Coalition Kills Nine Enemy Fighters, Detains 13


Group Helps With Reading At Military Hospitals

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Ansbach Aschaffenburg Berlin Berlin-Tempelhof Berlin/Schonefeld Bremerhaven
Darmstadt Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main Freiburg/Breisgau Garmisch
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Geilenkirchen Gelnhausen Giessen Kitzingen
Hanau Am Main Heidelberg Mainz Mannheim Nurnberg Stuttgart Trier
Wiesbaden Wurzburg


Agana Agana Heights Agat Andersen AFB Asan Barrigada

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Kadena Air Base Okinawa Tokyo Yokohama

Today in History
1502 - Columbus sets sail from Spain on his 4th & final trip to New World.
1689 - King William III of England declares war on France.
1753 - King Louis XV disbands the French parliament.
1788 - English parliament accepts abolishment of the slave trade.
1862 - The U.S. Naval Academy is relocated from Annapolis, MD to Newport, RI.
1864 - Battle of Dalton, GA
1901 - Australia opens its first parliament in Melbourne.
1936 - Italy takes Addis Ababa, annexing Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1941 - The British Army breaks German spy codes.
1943 - The 5th German Panser army surrenders in Tunisia.
1944 - Dutch resistance fighter Gerard Musch is arrested; The Russians recapture Crimea, taking Sevastopol.
1945 - Czechoslovakia is liberated from Nazi occupation; Jersey is liberated from the Nazis; Nazi propagandist Max Blokzijl is arrested; A victory celebration takes place at Red Square.
1949 - Prince Rainier III becomes the leader of Monaco.
1950 - French Foreign minister Robert Schuman announces the Schuman Plan for European integration.
1955 - The German Federal Republic joins NATO.
1960 - Nigeria becomes a member of the British Commonwealth; The U.S. send a U-2 over the USSR.
1962 - A laser beam is successfully bounced off the Moon for the first time.
1964 - Khrushchev visits Egypt.
1967 - The first flight of a Fokker F-28 Fellowship occurs.
1977 - Patty Hearst is released from prison.
1978 - The corpse of kidnapped ex-premier Aldo Moro is found.
1979 - The U.S. & USSR sign the Salt 2 treaty, limiting nuclear weapons.
1989 - Vice President Dan Quayle says in a United Negro College Fund speech: "What a waste it is to lose one's mind" instead of "a mind is terrible thing to waste."
1993 - Paraguay holds its first presidential & parliamentary elections in 50 years.
1995 - Kinshasa, Zaire is placed under quarantine after an outbreak of the Ebola virus.
1997 - The first US ambassador since Saigon fell arrives in Vietnam.

1800 - John Brown, abolitionist; leader of Harpers Ferry attack
1824 - William Edmonson "Grumble" Jones, Confederate Brigadier General
1873 - Howard Carter British archaeologist/Egyptologist, discoverer of King Tut's tomb
1907 - Baldur von Schirach German writer/Nazi politician
1913 - John Hayes, Admiral
1915 - Richard Janvrin, British Vice Admiral
1918 - Mike Wallace, newscaster (Biography, 60 Minutes); Orville Freeman, (Senator-MN)/Secretary of Agriculture
1927 - Manfred Eigen, German physicist/chemist, 1967 Nobel Prize winner
1931 - Vance DeVoe Brand Longmont, astronaut (Apollo 18, STS-5, 41B, 35)
1932 - J. Alex McMillan (Representative-NC)
1942 - John D. Ashcroft (Governor, MO /Attorney General)
1949 - Oleg Yuriyevich Atkov, Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz T-10)

1280 - Magnus VI Lagaboeter, King of Norway (1263-80), dies at 42
1657 - William Bradford Governor (Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts), dies
1667 - Marie Louise de Gonzague-Nevers, French Queen of Poland (1645-48)
1688 - Frederick William, Great Elector of Brandenburg, dies at 68
1864 - "Uncle" John Sedgwick, Union Major-General, dies in battle at 50; Thomas Donnely Doubleday, Union Colonel, dies in an accident
1931 - A[lbert] A[braham] Michelson, US physicist (1907 Nobel), dies at 78
1937 - Walter Mittelholzer, Swiss aviation pioneer, dies in crash at 43
1949 - Louis II Prince of Monaco
1965 - Leopold Figl, premier of Austria, dies at 62
1968 - Harold Gray, US comic strip artist (Little Orphan Annie), dies at 74
1987 - Obafemi Awolowo, President of Nigeria (1979-83), dies at 78
1990 - Pauline Frederick 1st woman to moderate Presidential debate, dies at 84
1991 - James L. Reinsch media-advisor (Roosevelt/Churchill/Kennedy)
1992 - Mike Tyrell [Red Baron], British air acrobat, dies in an accident

Reported Missing in Action
Kardell, David A., USN (CA); F8D crashed, remains returned July, 1989 - ID'd November, 1989

Wistrand, Robert C., USAF (NY); F105D crashed

Dexter, Bennie L., USAF (OR); capture witnessed, Jeep found

Todd, Robert Jacy, USMC (MA); KIA/BNR

Leopold, Stephen R., US Army (OK); released by PRG (injured) March, 1973 - alive as of 1998

Van Artsdalen, Clifford V., US Army (PA); KIA/BNR

Haight, Stephen H., US Army (NY); UH1C crashed - Killed, BNR

Reeder, William S., US Army (CA); AH1G shot down, released by PRG March, 1973 - retired as a Colonel

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