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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rally on Capitol Steps May 25 to Celebrate Michigan Military Families

Suzette Boler 616-891-5633
Karen Mastney Fobbs 734-525-7323 or 313-749-1659

Can you be fired if you spend extra time with your spouse before he or she is sent off to defend America?

Lansing, MI – On May 25, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. Families United, Military Families Fighting for America, and National Urban Policy Action Council (NuPac) and ( other listed groups ) will join together on the steps of the state capitol with supporters and military families from all over the state to show support for a bill in legislature which would allow spouses and parents of service members who are deployed to take up to 30 days off of work without being fired from their job to spend time with the soldier before he or she is deployed that is currently under consideration in the Michigan House and Senate.

Can you be fired if you spend extra time with your spouse before he or she is sent off to defend America?

Suzette Boler, a Caledonia, Michigan woman who took an unpaid leave of absence from work to see her husband off to war was fired after failing to show up for her part-time receptionist job the day following his departure. The rally on the steps of the Capitol Building in Lansing is in support of a bill NuPac proposed and presented to both State Senator Valde Garcia, who is a veteran himself, and Representative John Garfield, Chairman of the Veteran Affairs & Homeland Security Committee, that would protect family members such as Army Spc. Jerry Boler’s wife of 22 years, Suzette.
If you can you be fired if you spend extra time with your spouse before he or she is sent off to defend America, in Michigan and America the answer should be NO!

Never again…

Help defend Michigan military families – join the rally to honor and celebrate Michigan military families!

Never again…

The U. S. Senate & the Illinois legislature have already tackled this problem. Both of these governmental bodies precede the bill currently under consideration by Michigan. The legislation provides entitlement leave to eligible employees whose spouse, son, daughter, or parent is a member of the Armed Forces who is serving on active duty in support of a contingency operation or who is notified of an impending call or order to active duty in support of a contingency operation, and for other purposes.

The men and women of our Armed Forces undertake enormous sacrifices in their service to our country. They spend time away from home and from their families in different parts of the country and different parts of the world and are placed into harm's way in order to protect the American people and our way of life. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for their dedicated service.

Many of those deployed in Iraq have had their tours extended beyond the time they had expected to stay. This extension has played havoc with the lives of those deployed and their families. Worried mothers, fathers, spouses, and children expecting their loved ones home after more than a year of service have been forced to wait another three or four months before their loved ones' much-anticipated homecoming. The emotional toll is huge. So is the impact on a family's daily functioning as bills still need to be paid, children need to get to school events, and sick family members must still be cared for.

Our men and women in uniform face these challenges without complaint. But we should do more to help them and their families with the many things that preparing to be deployed requires.

They sacrifice – They send their loved ones to pay the ultimate price.
Join the over 500 expected supporters and family members who feel it is important that Michigan legislators help to defend their rights as they stand firm in defending our freedoms.

For more information on rally supporters, to sign a support card or to obtain a copy of the “Michigan Military Family Leave Act” contact Karen Mastney Fobbs at 734-525-7323 or 313-749-1659 or contact her at Karen@kevinfobbs-DOT-com.

Michigan celebrates Memorial Day by standing firm in “Celebrating Michigan’s Military Families Rally” on the steps of the Capitol at 1 PM – 2 PM, Thursday, May 25th

Memorial Day preparations at Andersonville Cemetery
First Lt. Tiffany Changet and Master Sgt. Randall Miller set up a U.S. flag at Andersonville National Cemetery near Americus, Ga., on Friday, May 19, 2006. They were part of a group of 70 motorcycle enthusiasts from Robins Air Force Base, Ga., who volunteered to set up U.S. flags for Memorial Day. The group rode as a convoy on the 50-mile trip. Lieutenant Changet and Sergeant Miller are with the 116th Air Control Wing. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Master Sgt. Tom McKenzie)

A Request for Help from the Homefront

This email to Soldiers' Angels from Sara B, in Germany just goes to show how much support from home means to our Heroes:

Whatever I get I share with everyone else in my unit. There are a lot of single airmen here and we are all homesick so anything we get sent is very special to us and we thoroughly enjoy anything and everything we are sent. There are also a lot of injured troops here awaiting decisions and transport to the states and we also set stuff aside for them. I am amazed each time we give them stuff their eyes always light up. It's a really blessing to get to do that, I wish everyone could see their faces when they get a good surprise.

Thanks for all your support it really helps to know that others are caring about us and for us. We really appreciate it and are grateful to everyone back at home remembering about us and keeping in touch and letting us know what is going on back in the states.

Thanks for all you do.

Have a great day and a great week.

God Bless,

Sarah B---

If you would like to help send something from home to help support these Heroes, or to help thank the wounded they take care of, please contact Mel at Soldiers' Angels

UPDATE: To learn more about how to help our Heroes in Germany, visit Soldiers' Angels Germany.

To adopt your own hero, visit Soldiers' Angels

Philippines (May 20, 2006) - The Military Sealift Command (MSC) hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) sits anchored off the coast of Manila, Philippines, during her first night in the region. Mercy is on a scheduled five-month deployment to deliver aid and humanitarian assistance to the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. The medical crew aboard Mercy will provide general and ophthalmology surgery, basic medical evaluation and treatment, preventive medicine treatment, dental screenings and treatment, optometry screenings, eyewear distribution, public health training and veterinary services as requested by the host nations. Mercy is uniquely capable of supporting medical and humanitarian assistance needs and is configured with special medical equipment and a robust multi-specialized medical team who can provide a range of services ashore as well as aboard the ship. The medical staff is augmented with an assistance crew, many of whom are part of non-governmental organizations that have significant medical capabilities. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Troy Latham

by Spc. Joshua Balog
May 24, 2006
Spc. John Anderson, from 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division, mans an observation point atop a mountain near Forward Operating Base Lumberyard, Afghanistan.

We Must Tell Their Story “Because They're Everything to Us”

From David at The Thunder Run:

War came to our bucolic county North of Washington DC once again this past week when we learned that 1st Lt. Robert Seidel III had been killed in Iraq by an IED. In an attempt to make sense of this sacrifice the local papers have been running articles and even an editorial on him, all saying pretty much the same thing, as expressed by family friend V. Rippeon and mother of Lt Seidel’s friend Ensign Rippeon USN; “…I really hope they're making a difference, because they're everything to us."

I find it quite ironic that the local paper who willing assists the AP and the rest of the MSM in presenting nothing but a negative image of the war in Iraq and purposely ignores the great and noble acts taking place on a daily basis in both Iraq and Afghanistan, is now concerned that our men and women in uniform “over there” are making a difference. They constantly post the numbers of dead as if it is a game, and they are keeping some macabre score card, but it is war and for those of us who are intimately familiar with war you never forget that it is hell, people get hurt and people die, there is no other way to conduct the act of war in which this does not happen, it is not as many in America believe one big video game where at the end of the day everyone re-spawns back on the start point and they do it all again...

Read the Rest
TROOP VISIT — Vice President Richard B. Cheney and his wife Lynne are greeted by officers from the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard in San Diego, May 23, 2006. The vice president spoke to sailors and Marines and thanked them and their families for their service to the country. White House photo by David Bohrer Story

Free Speech is a Right - But Only for the Left

Episode #2: Death Threats to The Censure Carter Committee
(previous episode here)

I've been posting the Censure Carter Committee updates as I receive them. While the response on the part of the Left has been pretty much as expected so far, that's just changed.

Then again, maybe it's not so much of a surprise (received via email):

There's a complete report on the death threats made against the staff and family members by Jimmy Carter's supporters, but first there's some breaking news from NBC 11 (from Carter's own backyard) about the "Censure Jimmy Carter" campaign.


You can also read the report online at this link:

*One key correction: The reporter got it wrong about whether Carter can be Censured - he can, and we've researched this matter extensively. Congress has every right to Censure any individual they so choose. There are no prohibitions for Censure of a private citizen expressed in either the U.S. Constitution or rules of the House of Representatives or U.S. Senate. So why do we want to see Jimmy Carter censured? For one very important reason: to signal to the rest of the world that when Jimmy Carter attacks American foreign policy or promotes a terrorist organization, like Hamas, he does so as an individual who has been denounced by his own Congress - the people's representative body.

You can also see the segment promoting the Censure Carter campaign on Fox News Channel here: The increasing amount of news coverage our campaign has received is extremely important because we first have to get word out to the American people about what we are doing and WHY. The next step will be to articulate to the American public in greater detail how Carter's actions are hurting Americans and emboldening those who wish to do America harm (Hamas, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, North Korea, Fidel Castro of Cuba, etc...)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

While we were busy collecting more signatures on our "Censure Jimmy Carter" petitions from tens of thousands of Americans, some of the former president's supporters were responding in a rather hateful way.Just as those in the "Blame America First" crowd have profanely denounced our troops, our military, our Commander in Chief and carried signs saying "We Support Our Troops... When They Shoot Their Officers," they now have verbally attacked and made death threats against the staff and family members of the Censure Carter Committee.

As I type this message our staff is assembling the emails and voice mails to hand over to the proper authorities, but I can tell you for now that these hate-filled missives have ranged from warnings that the lives of Censure Carter staffers would be in danger to disgusting anti-Semitic rants.

Many of the threats have been made against me, Melanie Morgan (Chairman of the Censure Carter campaign) personally.

I find it ironic that while we have sought to address our grievances with Mr. Carter through proper legislative action and through OpEds and TV commercials, Mr. Carter's supporters have instead chosen to respond with threats of physical violence and hate-filled speech.

You can see why they don't call them the "Love America First" crowd folks.

Please stay tuned for more updates about our campaign. We have some exciting news to announce over the next few days.


These ads are an important way for us to reach out to the American public and we are currently producing a new television ad that documents who the victims of Jimmy Carter's actions have been.

Learn more about Congressional Censure here:

A quick internet search reveals that a censure, which is a formal statement of disapproval, carries no "official" penalty - it's simply a statement that Congress doesn't approve. The damage is in perception, in the loss of "face."

And while typically used for its own members or members of the Legislative branch, Congress has, in the past, approved motions to censure non-Congressional government officials. There is no express prohibition against censuring inactive government members that I've found. In fact, part of the issue is that there is no explicit authority or limitations on censure found at all in the Constitution.

Wouldn't it follow, then, that if past Presidents wander back into the political playing field, that they'd be a logical choice, too?

And whether they can or not - death threats??

I'm reminded of moonbats of old - promoting "peace" and throwing bottles or rocks at the National Guard - and then howling when such actions led to tragic consequences. Promoting "peace" and starting riots. Promoting "peace" and actively supporting Communists who tortured our troops, calling returning POWs who countered her "hypocrites and liars".

Then, and now, promoting "peace," and spitting on troops. The antiwar crowd promoted the "spitting as urban legend" pretty heavily with regard to Vietnam-era stories - is this one urban legend, too?

The anti-war crowd is quick to say, "that's not all of us - that's not representative." Maybe it's not all of you - but those that REALLY "don't support the war, but support the troops" are a rarity. That is, if it really exists at all.

And let's not forget that this isn't the first time that modern antiwar folks have issued death threats. Bottom line is, same crowd, different faces. And a disturbing vision of a world where freedom of speech applies not to all of us, but only to those on the Left.

In Today's News - Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quote of the Day
"The cat in gloves catches no mice."
-- Benjamin Franklin

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Former Iraq deputy PM Aziz takes stand for Saddam
Bush signals military role change in Iraq

Operation Enduring Freedom
Afghan Forces Kill 60 Rebels
U.S. defends airstrike on Afghan village

Homeland Security / War on Terror
Bin Laden: Moussaoui not linked to 9/11 (and make sure to go here for the word on what the AP left OUT of this story)
Bin Laden may be trying to reassert power
British Terror Sweep Nets 9
US embassy in Japan warns of possible threat
Manila, Washington expand security cooperation
Building near WTC entombs toxins, remains

Senate panel backs Hayden CIA confirmation

Senate Seeks to Increase Illegal Worker Fines

Hamas Rising
Israel to pursue West Bank talks until year-end - Video
U.S. praises Israeli West Bank plan

Worldwide Wackos
World powers to discuss Iran - Video
Iran wants direct talks with US: report
Mixed US, Russian views on Iran nuclear talks

Bush Hosts New Israeli PM
House Speaker Challenges FBI Search
Video: Congressional Outrage
Trial begins for ex-Bush official tied to lobbyist

Zoo apes have taste for red wine
Well, just as long as they're not going overboard
Boo Boo the Chicken dies

Other News of Note
Muhammad questions D.C. sniper partner

Fox News
Doctors Still Wary on Barbaro
Couple Sought in Videotaped Rape, Murder
Stocks to Watch: TiVo
Lawyer: Natalee Suspect Gay- Video: Not Enough Evidence?
Damaging Water (Thailand)
Human to Human? - Bird Flu Center
'American Idol' Center

Reuters: Top News
No sign of bird flu mutation in Indonesia case: WHO - Video
US probes Alaska pipeline repair-WSJ
Video games can help cut surgical errors: study
China scientists hope US exchange can halt scandals
Microsoft adds traffic reports to online maps
Nike and Apple tell runners: "It's worth it"
Britain's surf capital draws die-hard wave riders
Gambia retrains "bumsters" to shake sex tourism tag
Not enough sleep associated with weight gain
No sign of bird flu mutation in Indonesia case: WHO
Cool French reaction to Sofia Coppola's "Antoinette"
"Code" is sign for spinoff producers
April durable goods orders tumble 4.8 percent
D.Boerse says no Euronext deal at any price
Judge to ok Wyeth diet drug settlement: WSJ
Australian regulator approves ASX, SFE deal; shares up
Study bodes well for Tracleer use in IPF - Actelion
Clear Channel Outdoor buys Van Wagner's UK arm
GM shares up after brokerage upgrade
Gilead, Novavax, BioCryst shares rise
Stock futures flat, GM rises on upgrade - Video
Indevus shares rise
GUS aims for October split as profits fall 9 pct
Kodak shows pricing power
DeMartino: Dell's new retail foray
Ripe for profit-taking

AP World News
Lay awaiting outcome of 2 criminal cases
American Idol winner to be named tonight
Heat take game 1 against Pistons
Driver runs over 5 at Ga. McDonald's
It's McPhee versus Hicks' on 'Idol'
Feds reject petition to list spotted owl
ID Theft may be Largest Ever
Vets Struggle With Life After War
Bush Signals Military Role Change in Iraq
Experts Offer Advice to Prevent ID Theft
Senate Panel Backs Hayden Confirmation
DoD: Spend More on Non-Lethal Weapons
Corps Eyes Hybrid Humvee
New Small Bomb Unveiled
McKinley Confirmed as Air Guard Chief
Air Raid's Civilian Toll Infuriates Afghans
BAH Rules Change for Accompanied Overseas Marines
Japanese Consensus: Relocation too Expensive
DoD Official to Visit Guam

CENTCOM: News Releases






Department of Defense
Vice President Thanks Sailors, Marines - Story - Remarks
Iraqi Security Forces Lead Ops in More Areas - Story - Video
Coalition, Iraqi Leaders Discuss Security - Story
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Abizaid Visits 'Mountain Lion' Battlefields - Story
Desert Operation Nets Suspects, Weapons - Story
Taji Center Stresses Counterinsurgency Ops - Story - On Assignment
Gunners Safer, See Better With New Turrets - Story

Security Mission Unit Keeps Sheikh Informed
Combat Support Hospital Still Saving Lives
Bulletproof Jacket Keeps Troops Afloat

U.S. Airmen Help Rebuild a Nation
Coalition Vendor Day Aids Afghan Businesses
Afghan Soldiers Get In-Depth Airdrop Training

Teacher Offers Fleet Advice - Story

Soccer Team Shows Appreciation - Story

Unity Government a Turning Point
Too Soon to Announce Withdrawal
Next 100 Days Crucial, Casey Says
Bush, Rice Weigh In on Government
Unity Office to Aid New Government
Renewal In Iraq
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq (PDF)
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State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (PDF)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Iraq Reconstruction

Up to 80 Taliban Believed Killed
Forces Kill 20 Enemy in Firefight
U.S. Soldier Killed, Six Wounded
Weapons Found, Taliban Targeted
Afghanistan Update

Rice Comments on Gitmo Closing
Conference Focus: Maritime Ops
Detainees Skirmish With Guards
Conference Topic: Security Efforts
Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

VA Urges Caution After Data Theft
NATO Secretary General Visits Ship
Sailors Train with USCG for VBSS
Nation, Families Remember Fallen
USS Reagan Crew Visits UAE
National Guard, Reserve Update

Officials Identify Marine Casualties - Story

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar


Today in History
1626 - Peter Minuit buys Manhattan for trinkets worth approximately $24.
1689 - English Parliament guarantees freedom of religion for Protestants.
1818 - General Andrew Jackson captures Pensacola, FL.
1830 - "Mary Had A Little Lamb" is written; The first passenger rail service in begins in the U.S.
1846 - General Zachary Taylor captures Monterrey in Mexican War.
1854 - Anthony Burns, slave, is arrested in Boston by U.S. Deputy Marshals; the first Black college (Lincoln University, PA) forms.
1856 - In Kansas, the Pottawatomie Massacre occurs.
1861 - Federal troops occupy Alexandria, VA; Major General Benjamin Butler declares slaves to be "contraband of war."
1883 - The Brooklyn Bridge opens.
1900 - Britain annexes the Orange Free State.
1916 - U.S. pilot William Thaw shoots down a German Fokker.
1921 - Northern Ireland's first parliament is elected.
1922 - Russia and Italy sign a trade agreement.
1931 - Ironically, B&O Railroad installs the first air-conditioned train.
1936 - Dutch bishops forbid membership of the Nazi party.
1940 - The Dutch army demobilizes; German tanks reach Atrecht, France; Hitler affirms General von Rundsted's "Stopbevel."
1941 - The Bismarck sinks the British battle cruiser HMS Hood, 1,416 are killed; 3 survive.
1943 - Admiral Dönitz stops a U-boat in in the Atlantic Ocean; U-441 shoots a Sunderland seaplane down over the Gulf of Biskaje.
1951 - Racial segregation in Washington, DC restaurants is ruled to be illegal.
1954 - The first rocket attains an altitude of 150 miles.
1957 - Anti-American riots breakout in Taipei, Taiwan.
1958 - UP and International News Service merge, becoming United Press International.
1959 - The first house with a built-in bomb shelter is exhibited in PA.
1961 - 27 Freedom Riders are arrested in Jackson, MS; Explorer-12 failes to reach Earth orbit.
1965 - The Supreme Court declares that a federal law allowing the post office to intercept communist propaganda is unconstitutional.
1975 - Soyuz 18B carries 2 cosmonauts to space station Salyut 4.
1976 - The Concorde flies to Washington; the first commercial SST flight to North America.
1980 - Iran rejects a call by the World Court to release U.S. hostages.
1981 - Hostage situation ends at Central Bank in Barcelona, Spain.
1983 - Supreme Court rules the government can deny tax breaks to schools that racially discriminated against students.
1989 - French war criminal Paul Touvier is arrested in a monastery in Nice.
1993 - Eritrea achieves independence from Ethiopia after 30 years of civil war.
1993 - A Kurd rebellion kills 33 soldiers and 5 citizens in Turkey.

0015 - Julius Caesar Germanicus, Roman commandant
1650 - John Churchill, first duke of Marlborough / English general strategist
1738 - King George III of Great-Britain
1743 - Jean-Paul Marat, French revolutionist
1753 - Oliver Cromwell, African-American Revolutionary war hero, served with Washington
1811 - Confederate Brigadier General Charles Clark
1816 - Emanuel Leutze, painter - Washington Crossing the Delaware; Union Brevet Major General Robert Seaman Granger
1819 - Victoria Alexandrine, Queen of Great Britain
1854 - Louis Mountbatten, WWI Admiral
1904 - Kenneth Buckley, British Rear-Admiral
1909 - Wilbur Mills (Representative-AR)
1918 - Coleman A. Young, civil rights leader, Mayor of Detroit
1933 - Tony Mullett, Director-General, National Criminal Intelligence Service
1943 - Gary Burghoff, actor (Radar-MASH)
1951 - Ronald A. Parise, Ph.D. /astronaut (STS 35, STS 67)

1153 - David I, King of Scotland
1543 - Nicolas Copernicus, astronomer
1861 - Elmer Ellsworth, US warrior (Chicago Zouaves), shot
1879 - William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist
1941 - Lancelot Holland, British Vice-Admiral, in battle
1959 - John Foster Dulles, U.S. Secretary of State
1981 - Jaime Roldós Aguilera President of Ecuador, in a plane crash
1986 - Stephen D. Thorne Lieutenant, Commander USN/astronaut, in a plane crash
1993 - Milton O. Thompson astronaut (Dynasoar, X-15)

Reported Missing in Action
Rucker, Emmett, Jr., USAF (TX) ; UC123B shot down (w/Shanks), KIA/BNR

Shanks, James Lee, USAF (NY); UC123B shot down (w/Rucker), KIA/BNR

Manske, Charles J., USAF (TX); F100D shot down, KIA/BNR

Montez, Anastacio, US Army SF (TX); KIA/BNR

Beeler, Carroll R., USN (TX) F8J shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - retired as a Captain - alive and well in 1998

Henn, John R., Jr., US Army (MA); AH1G crashed