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Friday, July 07, 2006

A Swedish Soldiers' Angel...

Anna is a Soldiers' Angel extraordinaire - she shows a level of dedication to supporting American troops that puts some Americans to shame.

And why does she support them?

Dear who reads this. My name is Anna I'm a 28 year Swedish living in Sweden. To all outhere I want to say this..I'm a proud troopsupporter and have been for about 3-4 years. I been writing at least 300 soldiers in field during the years and I LOVE it. Why I as a Swedish support the troops? Cause I belive in freedom for everyone and sometimes that freedom has to be defended even with guns. And if freedom aint worth fight for then nothing is. Maney people here in Sweden think I'm crazy for supporting USA and the troops. But as I see it, the soldiers are outhere fighting for a better world and nomatter your opinion about the war support the soldier. The people who are against the troops should know that the soldiers are outhere GIVING their lifes for their right to say they are doing the wrong thing and the soldier ask nothing in return not even a thank you, they just want to be rememberd. At least one could do is not to judge the soldier. Its not only the right thing to support the soldier but also a natural thing . The brave men and women are outthere for OUR sake why shouldnt I take time to say Thank You and well done?Someone asked me why do you care for them? Have you forgot you are not American? Then I say as Demi Moore in the movie when she answerd why do you love them so much?` Cause they stand on the walls taking the bullets for us. People who live in a democratic country forget how easily that freedom can be taken away. The soldiers job is to defend our precious freedom and its up to us who enjoy the freedom to help them and support them. Thats OUR job. The soldier who die in this war He dont die for no oil, he dont die cause he was told to. Not cause he had a prob with muslims not cause the President told him to not as a revenge for 9-11. He died for what he belived in and for everyone to be able to live in a free world. And THATS why I support the troops. Freedom is never free and the troops pay a dear price for it. I will never forget what they do outhere cause all they do outhere they do for ALL of us to ensure our freedom.Thank You for taking time read this. To the troops outhere. THANK YOU for your service. Know its thanks to YOUR bravery and sacrifice I have the freedom to write this, Never forget you are a Hero in my eyes cause if it wouldnt be for you I wouldnt even have the freedom to say THANK YOU. God bless all soldiers may you all come home soon and safe so yourself can enjoy the freedom you fougth so hard for. Sincerly

Here's a poem I wrote for all the troops.

Theres a different kind of superhero.
He has no superpowers and he doesn't wear a cape.
His only weakness is his humanity. And the superpowers is in his heart.He flies without a cape, using parachute and/or plane.
His superhero's gear is in his 60 pound backpack.
He is not susceptible to kryptonite but bullets can kill him.
Unlike the superheros in comic books, this Hero sometimes works days without rest or sleep.This Hero can cry and he sure knows the meaning of loss and pain .
This Hero can cook his own meals and he will go hungry for days if he has to. This Hero has a girlfriend or wife waiting and worrying about him at home.
This Hero misses them SOOO much and sends them his love as often he thinks about them and that's ALL the
time.This Hero kills with bullets and knows how to use a weapon, but this hero doesnt like to kill at all.
This Hero wears camouflage instead of a flashy outfit.This Hero always carries a pic of his loved ones under his bodyarmor. He believes it protects better than any kevlar.
This Hero sings the anthem with pride and joy.
He is the one fighting for all that it stands for. His beloved country.
This Hero is not as old as the ordinary comic superheros.
He is mostly between 18-25.
This Hero fears death but he fears even more the loss of any of his comrades.
This Hero has seen more evil and death than Superman ever has
and it breaks his good heart.
This Hero gets scared sometimes but he knows someone has to
fight the evil and he does it with love and pride.
This Hero doesn't wear a mask, he works undercover.
The magazines don't write about this Hero when he does good or
save lives 'cause this Hero works anonymously.
This Hero LOVES his people and country so much he is prepared to die for it A different kind of SuperHero.
Whose REAL powers is in his heart.
Who is this Hero?
The American Soldier.
The different kind of SuperHero.
A Hero is never fallen; he rests in the arms of God.
God bless the soldier wherever he may be at air , land or sea cause the freedom is theirs.
Written by Anna in Sweden.

Anna, thanks for letting me post this, and for all that you do to support our Heroes. There are Americans who could learn a lesson from you.
Sgt. Jason Manley and fellow Soldiers from the 506th Regimental Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division patrol the east Baghdad neighborhood of Adhamiya. Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Bart Bauer.

Soldiers Save Women From Burning Building

And people wonder why we call them Heroes?

Uijongbu, South Korea - Two Camp Red Cloud Soldiers saved an elderly woman and her handicapped daughter when a sandwich shop caught fire just outside the camp's front gate July 1.

Pvt. Reid Erickson and Pvt. Russell McCanless Jr. of Headquarters and Headquarters Support Company, Special Troops Battalion, were first on the scene when New York Sub sandwich shop caught fire.

“We walked out of 7 Club to see whether or not I could do handstand pushups, and when I was doing them I noticed something behind us,” Erickson said. Standing and turning around, he saw smoke coming from the shop...

Read the Rest at
BARRIER TEST — An F-16 Fighting Falcon tests the new aircraft arresting barrier at the end of the runway at Balad Air Base, Iraq, on July 4, 2006. The new barrier is expected to increase safety by catching aircraft before they roll off the end of the runway. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Tony Tolley

In Today's News - Friday, July 7, 2006

Quote of the Day
"Reset is a cost of war that must not be borne at the expense of our modernization efforts. We must not mortgage the future readiness of the force by focusing our resources solely on the current challenges."
-- Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker,
to the House Armed Services Committee June 27, 2006.

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London Uneasy Year After Attacks
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One year on, London police warn of more bombings
Britain marks anniversary of 7/7 attacks
Britain observes first anniversary of 7/7
LONDON BOMBING ANNIVERSARY: The city people who will never forget July 7, 2005

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iraqi Forces Foil Kidnappings
Marine Handlers Work Closely With Canine Friends
Nine Killed in Clash Between Iraqi Forces and Gunmen
US says holds Baghdad Shi'ite militant in raid - Video

Operation Enduring Freedom
Soldiers Kill Taliban Leaders; Help Afghan People

Homeland Security / War on Terror
Israeli troops in Gaza dig in - Video
Israeli aircraft strike Palestinian gunmen
Moldova Bus Blast Kills 8, Wounds 46
Plotters sought to bomb NY tunnel: paper

Troops on Trial
Ex-soldier pleads not guilty in Iraq crimes
Criminal case highlights US-Iraqi ties
US Calls Iraqi Rape-Murder 'Inexcusable'

Other Military News
1st ID Bids Germany Farewell
Lawmaker Questions Army Readiness

Worldwide Wackos
World waits on North Korea's next move
Report: North Korean Missile Was Aimed at Hawaii
Aussies Cut N. Korea Ties
US envoy says N.Korea launches "provocative"
US seeks action on N.Korea
N.Korea may have long-range missile at site: report
Cheney to Visit Norfolk on Friday
Quest for Leverage on North Korea
EU hails "good start" to Iran nuclear talks
Iran and Venezuela team up as anti-US "odd couple"

Politics / Government
Report: N.J. Can Reopen as State Seals Budget Deal
Bush Mine Safety Nominee Takes Labor Dept. Post
Bush tries out new media strategy in Chicago
Powell briefly hospitalized in Colorado
Jimmy Carter, wife mark 60th anniversary

In the Courts
2 top courts rule against gay marriage
Top Fla. court tosses out tobacco verdict

Hurricane Season / Wild Weather
Experts Disagree on Strength of New Orleans Levees
So. California Homes Evacuated Due to Wildfires

U.N. News
Study Links Unfriendly Diplomats to Unpaid Tickets ($8 million dollars worth!)

A tissue of lies leads to jailbreak...
Throw another Barbie on "the shrimp"
Festivities begin for Running of Bulls

Other News of Note
Calderon Wins Mexican Presidential Election
Mexico's Calderon calls for unity after split vote - Video
Officials Release Columbine Gunmen's Diaries
Explosion in China Province Kills 43

Fox News
Two Members of Tonga Royal Family Die in Calif. Wreck
Stocks to Watch: Starbucks
Bush Hopes Enron's Lay Was 'Right With the Lord'
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Sharapova Gets Ousted
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Reuters: Top News
NASA growing confident shuttle trouble is over
AOL mulls free services: source
Microsoft allows open document format for software
Cuba's "revolutionary" tourists pick fruit, haul rock
Studies suggest blood test possible for mad cow
More teens found to smoke in latest survey
"Grey's Anatomy," "24" lead fresh-faced Emmys
Another son for Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe
Aviva in talks to buy AmerUs
Xstrata extends Falconbridge offer
Ford says H1 Chinese vehicle sales up 102 pct
Home Depot may report same-store sales again -CEO
AMD slashes second quarter sales forecast
Tribune Co. says reorganizes foreign news coverage
Nikkei down ahead of US jobs data
Futures point to weak Wall St; payrolls due
Australia's Newcrest shares fall
Starbucks down after same-store sales lag Street
First Marblehead tumbles on Bank of America move
Free AOL a good idea
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AP World News
Crew of space shuttle to unload cargo
Oil prices drop below $75 a barrel in Asia
Pavarotti recovering from cancer surgery
Pierzynski, Garciaparra win final spots
Coke case suspect ordered released on bond
Demand for organic food outstrips supply
Salmon fishermen may soon get aid
Obituaries in the news
Andrea Yates' suicide attempts recounted
Expatriate Mexicans worry about election
TRICARE Reserve Select Open Season
Medical Recruiting Falls
Marines Undergo Crash Survival Training

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'Gunrunners' Celebrate Birthday
Iraqis, Soldiers Provide Help to Bomb Victims
Operation Seeks to Help Clean Up Baghdad
Servicemembers Gain U.S. Citizenship in Iraq
Forward Operating Base Repeats History
Reporter Spends 101 Days with 101st Airborne

Engineers Move Mountains to Improve Roads
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An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar


Today in History
- The U.S. annexes California.
1863 - the first U.S. military draft occurs, with exemptions costing $100.
1865 - Four convicted Lincoln assassination conspirators, including Mary Surratt, are hanged.
1898 - The U.S. annexes Hawaii.
1908 - The Great White Fleet , on a diplomatic world tour, leaves SanFrancisco Bay.
1930 - Construction begins on the Boulder (Hoover) Dam.
1937 - Japanese and Chinese troops clash, a precursor to WW II.
1941 - U.S. forces land in Iceland to forestall a Nazi invasion.
1948 - Six female reservists become the first women sworn into the regular US Navy.
1956 - 7 Army trucks loaded with dynamite explode in the middle of Cali, Columbia killing 1,100-1,200, and destroyimg 2,000 buildings.
1960 - (US Air Force Museum says July 1) The U.S.S.R. shoots down a U.S. RB-47 reconaissance plane over the Barents Sea, capturing the two surviving crewmembers, and imprisoning them in Lubyanka (a REAL gulag - see an interesting study of reports of American servicemen in the Soviet prison system here).
1976 - Viking 2 goes into orbit around Mars.
1980 - Arizona Judge Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first female nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court.
1981 - Solar Challenger, the first solar-powered aircraft, crosses the English Channel.
1983 - 11 year old Samantha Smith of Maine, "America's Youngest Ambassador," leaves for the U.S.S.R. (later dies in a plane crash at the age of 13).
1986 - The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down the Gramm-Rudman deficit-reduction law.
1987 - The Kiwanis Clubs vote to admit women, ending their men-only tradition, vote to admit women; Lt. Col Oliver North begins testimony at the Iran-Contra hearing.
1988 - The Soviet Union launches Phobos 1 to probe the Martian moon (it fails)

1752 - Joseph-Marie Jacquard, inventor of the programmable loom
1843 - Camillo Golgi, physician, cytologist, Nobel Prize winner
1917 - Lawrence F. O'Brien (Watergate conspirators broke into his office)
1927 - Alan Dixon (Sen-IL)

1647 - Thomas Hooker, clergyman, founder of Connecticut, called the father of American democracy for the Fundamental Orders established for that colony, which were based on his principles.

Reported Missing in Action
Williamson, Don I., USAF (KY); F105D shot down; remains returned July, 1989

Pharris, William, US Army (LA); believed KIA during firefight, body not recovered

Avolese, Paul A., USAF (NY); Killed when two B52's collided in midair, body not recovered

Bittenbender, David F., USAF (NY); Killed when two B52's collided in midair, body not recovered

Blankenship, Charles H., USAF (MD); Killed when two B52's collided in midair, remains returned May, 1997

Crumm, William J., USAF (NY); Killed when two B52's collided in midair, body not recovered

Jones, George E., USAF (MS); Killed when two B52's collided in midair, remains returned May, 1997

McLaughlin, Olen B., USAF (FL); Killed when two B52's collided in midair, remains returned April, 1997

Tritt, James Francis, USN (PA); lost overboard

Beals, Charles E., US Army (IN); believed KIA during firefight, body not recovered

Howard, Lewis J., US Army (GA); believed hit by RPG round during firefight, extent of injuries unknown

Kroboth, Alan J., USMC (KS); A6A shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - alive as of 1998

Robertson, Leonard, USMC (NY); A6A shot down, VC advised died in captivity according to Kroboth (above)