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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well, that was interesting...

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRG. I'm away this week, and the $&*%$$*&(@##$@ hotel internet hasn't worked since I got here. I am finally part of the electronic world again, and am resuming blogging this evening.

If you ever need to know how techno-dependent you are, go to a hotel that can't get it's electronic poopie together for a few days.

My Hero...

Julie sends these pictures of her Hero, Scott - a 12-year US Army veteran, and says:

This is my HERO his 4th rotation in Iraq. He is with [a cavalry unit]. We haven't been with him for the holidays in 3 years our son misses him so much...

Thank you so much,

Scott, Keep Your Helmet On - Take care, and stay safe. We are proud of you, and grateful for all that you do.

Julie, thank you for sending these. Our best to your family for the holidays, and our thanks for all your family does for all of us.