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Friday, January 07, 2005

A Hero Heals - Update 1/7/05

Way to go, Joey!

The picture below explains how Joey is learning to walk. He is strapped to a bed that is raised vertically. The straps are removed and a walker is placed under his arm pits so he can glide it forward and then move his prosthetic leg forward. Yesterday, Wed., he walked 2 ft.; today, Thurs., he walked 20 ft. The therapists were thrilled at his progress and his control. There is no holding him back. He is determined to play golf again.

Yesterday, Wed., he was also casted for his right hand prosthetic. Today they placed the mold and marked it for adjustments. Monday he will get his first right hand (molded to his needs) to begin his therapy. His left leg is very painful and has a 25 degree range of motion. Therapy is hoping for 90 degrees at the end; but I know God can restore 100% range. God likes for us to ask for specifics when we pray; therefore, I am asking you to pray for his left leg and also for the bacteria. Drs. are testing his blood twice a week to make sure it hasn't returned. Thanks for your love, support and prayers.

Gail, Joey and Jayme

In Today's News Friday, Jan. 7, 2005 Associated Press
Tsunami death toll up to nearly 145,000
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan described the devastation on Indonesia's tsunami-battered Sumatra island Friday as the worst he's ever seen, while authorities there pulled 4,000 new bodies from the rubble, bringing the confirmed overall death toll to nearly 145,000.

9 GIs die in Iraq, deadliest day in month
A roadside bomb killed seven U.S. soldiers in northwest Baghdad and two Marines were killed in western Iraq on Thursday, the deadliest day for American forces since a suicide attack on a U.S. base last month.

AP poll finds Americans split about Bush
President Bush prepares to start his second term with an ambitious list of tasks but also a public evenly split about his job performance, an Associated Press poll found.

Congress OKs electoral vote over dispute
A Democratic effort to highlight Ohio's Election Day voting troubles did not upend President Bush's official re-election, but did spark bitter squabbling that started the new Congress on a sharply partisan tone.

Abbas cancels campaign stop in Jerusalem
Palestinian presidential candidate Mahmoud Abbas canceled a campaign stop planned in Jerusalem on Friday, saying Israeli security arrangements would have embarrassed him, a campaign official said.

Gonzales defends terror suspect advice
Alberto Gonzales, President Bush's nominee for attorney general, denied that his advice to the president led to abuse of prisoners in U.S. custody, and he condemned torture as an interrogation tactic.

CIA report weighs in on pre-9/11 lapses
A report from the CIA's independent investigator is expected to conclude officials at the highest level of the agency are to blame for pre-Sept. 11 intelligence lapses.

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Iraq, Baghdad Iraq & Terror
Jury deliberations begin in Iraqi drowning case

Ananova: War In Iraq
Annan witnesses tsunami devastation
United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan arrived in Indonesia's tsunami-ravaged Aceh province to witness the devastation and the UN relief effort that is channelling relief to up to a million survivors left homeless by the disaster.

Muslim terror threat to aid teams
UN and Indonesian officials said they would not scale back cooperation with the US military on tsunami-stricken Sumatra island, despite terror fears raised by the presence of an extremist Islamic group with alleged al Qaida links. The US News: Iraq News

Aust troops prepare for Iraqi election
The Chief of the Army says Australian troops are working hard to ensure Iraqi elections take place as scheduled later this month. [in ABC Online]

The US News: Iraq News
A 'democratic' Iraq may just kick us out
President Bush frequently dismisses skeptics of the current US mission in Iraq as having an inadequate faith in democracy. Bush [in Arizona Republic] The US News: Iraq News

Defense contractor sued over Iraq killings
(UPI) -- The families of four defense contractors killed last year in Fallujah, Iraq are suing their employer, claiming they were not given proper equipment. [in Washington Times] The US News: Iraq News

Yahoo! News: War with Iraq
Soldier at Center of Iraq Prison Scandal Goes on Trial
U.S. Army Spc. Charles Graner,the accused ringleader of the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal thatoutraged the world, goes on trial on Friday ready to offer adefense that he was just following orders. Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

U.S. General to Review Iraq Policy -- NY Times
A retired four-star U.S. general willtravel to Iraq next week at the behest of the Pentagon toreview the U.S. military's policy there, The New York Timesreported on Friday. Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Trial Ends for U.S. Soldier Accused of Killing Iraqi
A U.S. Army sergeant accusedof killing an Iraqi by having subordinates force him off abridge and into a river should be convicted so Iraqis and U.S.troops understand such behavior will not be tolerated, an Armyprosecutor said on Thursday. Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Tsunami toll spikes again...Chlorine spill kills eight...Deadly day in Iraq & Terror