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Monday, September 01, 2008

PRE-DAWN-PATROL - A U.S. Army soldier patrols in the pre-dawn hours during an air assault mission during Operation Bessemer, near Bayji, Iraq, Aug. 21, 2008. The soldiers are assigned to the 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Richard Rzepka

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In Today's News - Monday, September 1, 2008

Quote of the Day
"I will never forsake my country, my mission,
my comrades, my sacred duty.
I am relentless, I am always there, now and forever,
I Am The Infantry...FOLLOW ME!!!"

-- from The Infantryman's Creed

News of Note
Hurricane Gustav
Louisiana Guard Fully Activated
States Pitch In for Hurricane Effort
Gustav weakens to Category 2 as it nears La. coast
McCain says hurricane defense OK, could be better
Hurricane Gustav Lashes Empty Louisiana Coast
New Orleans Imposes a Curfew as Residents Flee Hurricane Gustav - TRACKER - PHOTOS
WATCH LIVE: Complete Gustav Coverage (FOX News)
Oil Refineries Shuttered, Prices Rise
Report: Deadly Levee Mistakes
WEBCAMS: Downtown New Orleans - Louisiana DOT Cams - Pascagoula, Mississippi
New Orleans Residents Flee as Hurricane Gustav Approaches
Obama: Let's Hope Lessons of Katrina Were Learned
Ex-DNC Chief Apologizes for Gustav, God Comment
Collision course - Slideshow
Video: Path of Hurricane Gustav
Gustav holdouts turn to guns, knives and God - Video
U.S. more prepared for Gustav, than Katrina: FEMA
Bush to go to Texas to oversee hurricane response - Video
Cubans pick up pieces amid Gustav destruction - Video
Gustav's possible economic impact is widespread
Interactive Factbox: Storm scenarios
Reuters Full Coverage: Hurricane Gustav

Operation Iraqi Freedom
U.S. Military Hands Over Control of Anbar to Iraqis (Wow...this is huge)
AP Exclusive: Incremental Anbar drawdown expected
Video: Iraq's time for reconciliation
Small Iraqis With Big Smiles Greet MND-B Commanding General As He Patrols Area
Iraqi Army, U.S. Soldiers Provide Aid

Operation Enduring Freedom
Afghan Commission Claims U.S. and Coalition Troops Fired on First in Village Shootout
Afghans protest in Kabul over civilian deaths
Reality TV show stirs business spirit in Afghanistan
Killings of 5 Afghan children inflame tensions
Anbar handover could free Marines for Afghanistan missions, general says

Homeland Security / War on Terror / Hamas-Hezbollah Happenings
Palestinians Reject Israel's Interim Peace Proposal
Sudanese accused of U.S. killing are extremists:lawyer
Bangkok bomb raises fears of violent campaign - Video
UK downturn could help fuel terrorism: memo
'Abbas Demands Return of Nativity Church Exiles

Supporting Our Heroes
'Mirage' Rocks Iraqi Firefighters Who Dedicated Their Lives to Protecting Others

Other Military News
Russia says US may have sent weapons to Georgia (So let me get this straight...they sent troops, and invaded, which is OK. We sent weapons for self-defense, which is not. Yeeeahhhh....)
Russia promises military aid to South Ossetia

Worldwide Wackos
Iran, Russia Seek Bushehr Completion

Politics / Government
Transcript: John McCain on 'FOX News Sunday'
Democrats Drop 'War Room' at GOP Convention
GOP CONVENTION: McCain Suspends Monday Events
Delegates Support GOP Convention Changes
Palin VP Pick Not Guaranteed to Woo Female Voters
Behind the Scenes at GOP Convention: WATCH LIVE
Wrestling with hurricane politics
Palin's bridge line angers Alaskans
EU struggles for unity on Russia - Video
McCain criticizes Bush on torture of prisoners
Report: Lawyers for Detroit Mayor Propose Plea Deal
Indicted Louisiana House member bids for 10th term
Obama deals gently with Palin on equal pay issue
Japanese prime minister announces resignation
Russia Warns West Against Georgia Support
Georgia crisis defines new Russian defense policy
Russia support for separatists could have ripples

Illegal Immigration / Border Control
Mexican leader meets anti-crime march organizers

In the Courts / Crime and Punishment / Law and Order
Pastor: Confession of Child Rape Forced by Fake Prophet
Caylee's Mother Casey Anthony Back in Jail, Bond Withdrawn
DNA Evidence Links Repairman to Stabbings of 3 Women, Including Ashton Kutcher's Ex
Report: FBI Tests Could Reveal Zodiac Killer's Identity
Chinese Bankers, Wives Convicted in Bank Scam

Adventures in Political Correctness
Watermelon Art at California Fair Said to Be Racist

U.N. News
U.N. chief warns against waiting for climate deal
IAEA nuclear leak did not reach environment: probe

Media in the Media / Bloggers in the News / Watching the Web
TV networks shifting from politics to storm
Ad targeting based on ISP tracking now in doubt

Science / Medicine and Health / Technology
China offers research subsidy to wind turbine firms
Scientists find ancient lost settlements in Amazon
Colliding galaxies shed light on dark matter
Hard-up consumers seen seeking solace in gadgets - Video
LG Display and Amtran to set up LCD panel joint venture
Microsoft to slash Xbox 360 price in Japan-Nikkei
Microsoft buys to boost e-shopping search - Video
German customs raid Hyundai at Berlin tech fair

Mother Nature
Dust Storm Extinguishes Flame for Some at Burning Man Festival
Storm Hanna keeps experts guessing
Video: Hospital for bats
Canada wants more study on polar bear protection
Rescuers appeal for tents after deadly China quake

Man Says He Found Dead Shark in Lake Michigan
Fed-up neighborhood passes one-dog rule
Remember your loved one - as a diamond
Why it's so hard to swat a fly
Police to shame jaywalkers on TV
Don't take "holy" water onto pope plane
Video: And Finally... Sky Dining
Burning Man festival nears end in Nevada desert

Other News of Note
8 Sickened by Chemical Exposure at Illinois Plant

Fox News
U.S. OPEN: Federer, Roddick Advance PHOTOS
Project Runway's Tim Gunn Disses Miley Cyrus' Style, Calling it 'Too Tart'
Pop Tarts: Top Fashion Labels Don't Want to Dress Heidi Montag?

The Auto Industry
Upkeep costs to boost auto-repair firms
Global Finance:Tough habit to kick
Personal Finance:Election optimism
Global Finance:Lending trouble
The drag of financials
Lehman in talks with KDB to raise $6 billion: report
Speculators and water an uneasy mix
Hard-up consumers seen seeking solace in gadgets - Video
Citi sees high asset growth for Asia prime unit
MTV Networks to launch international HD channel
Alitalia faces key union talks as rescue takes off
LG Display and Amtran to set up LCD panel joint venture
Aer Lingus losses revive Ryanair merger rhetoric
The autumn blues
Muted year-end tech rally expected
VMware still pricey after fall from grace
It may be too soon to exit oil-dollar bet
Job losses cloud hedge fund industry
The money game
Factbox: Credit availability worsens
How much banking does U.S. need?
Corporate America cuts back
Bank reform seen gathering pace
Commerzbank to buy Dresdner for $14.5 billion
Downturns and blowdowns rattle investors
China looks to Japan's past for clues to future
Dalai Lama leaves hospital with a smile
Oil gains over $1 as Gustav shuts U.S. output - Video
"Disaster Movie" less funny than real ones
"Duchess" a disappointing showcase for Knightley
"Sopranos" star Gandolfini weds in Hawaii: report - Video
"Babylon A.D." a futuristic mess
Fail grade for "College" calamity
A ray of hope for Algeria's crumbling Casbah?
British woman eyes skydive record over Everest
Cars check in, but never leave India car park
Former Neighbours star Jason Donovan plans new album
Video: Storm clouds thicken in islet row
Williams sisters eye quarter-final showdown
Streaking Rays finish best month ever with another win
Furyk surprised by Clarke's Ryder Cup omission
Djokovic survives thriller as Federer motors
Johnson eases to third victory of the season

Associated Press
Report Card: Workers worse off on pay, employment
'Dark Knight' swings past $500 million mark
Brewers want call overturned, no-hitter for CC
Chicago students to skip first day, lobby for cash
Roddick makes racket at US Open; Federer also wins
New search starts for missing adventurer Fossett
Laboring longer is growing trend for Americans
Suicide risks studied in drugs for physical ills

Photos MND-B Soldiers provide security at Mithaq Pool opening
Soldiers' Angels and Patriot Guard
Iraq News
Operations in Iraq
FOB Warhorse Memorial Photos
Now it is Assam Versus ULFA
Mock Protest Demonstrates Military Force
Two Tibetan Women Shot By Security Personnel
China Positioned Military Snipers in Lhasa Hotels

U.S., Pakistani leaders build relationship
Conference focuses on future of ISF
Pacesetters offer microgrants, security while patrolling streets of Sha’ab
Formerly violent Afghan district dubbed 'peaceful'

Task force wraps up ePRT mission
Task Force Ramadi building a joint operations center
Joint fires team helps JRTC improve force protection training
More about JFIIT
Battlefield Target Identification Device fuels Bold Quest Plus - podcast
Task force assists as health conference promotes continuing Iraqi medical education

Multi-National Force - Iraq
Iraqi Army Maintenance Facility Celebrates Early Progress
Security Gains Set Stage for Economic Progress in Iraq
Iraqis Construct Drainage System for Mudiq Medical Clinic
Coalition forces continue to target al-Qaeda (Baghdad)
Transfer of Security Responsibility for Anbar Province
Two Asaib al Haq suspects captured in al-Muthanna Province
All levels of al-Qaeda being squeezed by security operations
Voter registration a success in Iraq
MND-B Soldiers detain suspected AQI in Rashid district

Department of Defense
Program Helps Voters Get Ballots
Suze Orman Shares Wealth Plans
Reserve Medical Readiness on Target


Cultural Awareness Critical as Troops Conduct Operations During Ramadan

Guardsman Serves 40 Years


Iraqi Forces Struggle to Find Physicians
Security Gains Enhance Iraqi Progress
Apache Squadron Aids Iraqi Security Progress
Coalition Forces Capture 18 in Baghdad, Tikrit


Marines Stay Focused on Afghan Police Mission
Sailors Take on Nontraditional Roles
Ongoing Operation Kills 220 Enemy Fighters


Oshkosh Corp. Earns Recognition


Group Offers Small-Business Help


Memorial Designers Remember, Reflect
Families, Survivors Visit Memorial, Remember 9/11

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Ansbach Aschaffenburg Berlin Berlin-Tempelhof Berlin/Schonefeld Bremerhaven
Darmstadt Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main Freiburg/Breisgau Garmisch
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Geilenkirchen Gelnhausen Giessen Kitzingen
Hanau Am Main Heidelberg Mainz Mannheim Nurnberg Stuttgart Trier
Wiesbaden Wurzburg


Agana Agana Heights Agat Andersen AFB Asan Barrigada

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Kadena Air Base Okinawa Tokyo Yokohama

Today in History
- According to tradition, the date of the destruction of Jerusalem.
1267 - Ramban (Nachmanides) arrives in Jerusalem to establish a Jewish community.
1614 - In Germany, Vincent Fettmich expells Jews from Frankfurt-on-Main.
1666 - The Great London Fire begins in Pudding Lane; it will destroy 80% of that city.
1807 - Former Vice President Aaron Burr is acquitted of treason.
1858 - After less than one month, the first transatlantic cable fails.
1859 - The first Pullman sleeping car is put into service; R.C. Carrington and R. Hodgson make the first observation of a solar flare.
1862 - Fighting at Chantilly, VA.
1865 - Joseph Lister performs the first antiseptic surgery.
1870 - Napoleon III is captured.
1914 - St. Petersburg, Russia, changes its name to Petrograd.
1916 - The Keating-Owen Act goes into effect, banning child labor from interstate commerce; it is later ruled unconstitutional.
1918 - Baseball season ends due to WWI; U.S. troops arrive in Vladivostok (Siberia); they will remain until 1920.
1923 - In Japan, an earthquake strikes Tokyo and Yokohama, killing 106,000.
1928 - Albania becomes a kingdom.
1932 - NYC Mayor James J. "Beau James" Walker resigns amid a corruption scandal.
1939 - Germany invades Poland.
1941 - The wearing of the yellow star becomes obligatory for Jews in the Reich.
1945 - Japan officially surrenders, ending WWII (9/2 in Japan).
1948 - Communists form the North China People's Republic; the U.N. establishes the World Health Organization (WHO).
1950 - West Berlin is granted a constitution.
1951 - The U.S., Australia, and New Zealand sign the ANZUS treaty.
1961 - The U.S.S.R. conducts nuclear bomb testing in central Asia.
1962 - An earthquake in western Iran kills 10,000; the U.N. announces that Earth's population now numbers three billion.
1969 - In Libya, a coup led by Colonel Moammar Gadhafi deposes King Idris.
1971 - Qatar declares its independence from Britain.
1976 - NASA launches the space vehicle S-197; Representative Wayne L. Hays (D-OH) resigns over allegations of misuse of government funds.
1977 - The first TRS-80 Model I computer is sold.
1979 - Pioneer-11 makes its first fly-by of Saturn, discovering a new moon and rings.
1982 - The Palestinian Liberation Organization leaves Lebanon.
1983 - A Korean Boeing-747 strays into Siberia and is shot down by a Soviet jet.
1985 - A joint U.S.-French expedition locates the wreckage of the Titanic, off Newfoundland.

- Sir Roger David Casement, hanged for his part in planning the Dublin Easter Rising (IRA)1907 - Walter Reuther, labor leader / president of UAW and CIO
1922 - Melvin R. Laird (Rep-MI), U.S. Secretary of Defense (1969-73)
1933 - Ann Richards (Gov-TX)

- Pope Adrian IV, the only English pope (1154-59)
1557 - Jacques Cartier, French explorer
1715 - King Louis XIV "the Great" of France (1643-1715)
1838 - William Clark, 2nd Lt. of Lewis and Clark Expedition
1862 - Oliver Tilden of the Bronx, KIA - Civil War (Oliver Tilden Triangle, Bronx, NY is named for him)
1914 - Martha, the last known Passenger Pigeon, at the Cincinnati Zoo
1969 - Drew Pearson, newscaster
1983 - Henry "Scoop" Jackson (Sen-WA)
1988 - Leonor Sullivan (Rep-MO, 1955-77)
1989 - A. Bartlett Giamatti, Baseball Commissioner

Reported Missing in Action
Nichols, Hubert C., USAF (FL); A1E shot down (pilot) while on mission to locate downed F104 (Schmidt)

Schmidt, Norman, USAF (CA); F104 shot down (pilot), DIC (believed murdered during an interrogation session), remains returned March, 1974

Johnson, Robert D., USN (TX); UH1H crashed into Bassac River shortly after lift-off (assistant operations officer, w/Ott), KIA, body not recovered

Ott, Edward L. III, USN (CT); UH1H crashed into Bassac River shortly after lift-off (jet-engine mechanic, w/Johnson)

Kinkade, William L., USAF (OR); F4D shot down (aircrew)

Escobedo, Julian, Sr., USMC (TX); CH53A shot down (aircrew), KIA, body not recovered

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