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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finally - A Global Warming Solution I Can Support!!

Kyoto's a complete travesty - basically robbery couched as environmentalism. Other methods are similarly flawed. But finally, we have a solution that I can get behind. Bet you didn't know that the U.S. military has been working to solve Global Warming - and other environmental issues - for several years now...

This past Earth Day, an advocacy group was very vocal about what they considered to be "the paramount environmental issue" - human population growth. And then there's the guy who says that humanity is a virus. Population control as a method of "saving" the Earth has been bandied about for quite a while.

Think about it - Chinese cooking fires are a major source of greenhouse gasses, and we all know how Americans are destroying the planet simply by driving SUVs. I mean, even Al Gore takes it seriously - he's put in a few of those energy-efficient light bulbs, for crying out loud! Sure, the President's got a house that heats itself geothermically, but Gore's changed his lightbulbs. If that doesn't tell you how serious this is....

And yet, in all of this global warming hullaballoo, all the flailing about for a solution, we have failed to acknowledge the significant effort our military has been putting forth...

I mean, how many terrorists and insurgents have we offed in Iraq? How many terrorists in Afghanistan?

Not only is the GWOT (or whatever political correctness will have it called) good for a free society - it's sound environmentalism!!

I am working on the t-shirts now....

Your U.S. military: Saving the planet, one dead terrorist at a time.

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Vice President Dick Cheney has breakfast with U.S. troops, May 10, 2007, at Contingency Operating Base Speicher near Tikrit, Iraq. White House photo by David Bohrer - Story - More photos

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Today in History - The Mayaguez Incident


( information gathered by the P.O.W. Network)

When U.S. troops were pulled out of Southeast Asia in early 1975, Vietnamese communist troops began capturing one city after another, with Hue, Da Nang and Ban Me Thuot in March, Xuan Loc in April, and finally on April 30, Saigon. In Cambodia, communist Khmer Rouge had captured the capital city of Phnom Penh on April 17. The last Americans were evacuated from Saigon during "Option IV", with U.S. Ambassador Martin departing on April 29. The war, according to President Ford, "was finished."

2Lt. Richard Van de Geer, assigned to the 21st Special Ops Squadron at NKP, had participated in the evacuation of Saigon, where helicopter pilots were required to fly from the decks of the 7th Fleet carriers stationed some 500 miles offshore, fly over armed enemy-held territory, collect American and allied personnel and return to the carriers via the same hazardous route, heavily loaded with passengers. Van de Geer wrote to a friend, "We pulled out close to 2,000 people. We couldn't pull out any more because it was beyond human endurance to go any more..."

At 11:21 a.m. on May 12, the U.S. merchant ship MAYAGUEZ was seized by the Khmer Rouge in the Gulf of Siam about 60 miles from the Cambodian coastline and eight miles from Poulo Wai island. The ship, owned by Sea-Land Corporation, was en route to Sattahip, Thailand from Hong Kong, carrying a non-arms cargo for military bases in Thailand.

Capt. Charles T. Miller, a veteran of more than 40 years at sea, was on the bridge. He had steered the ship within the boundaries of international waters, but the Cambodians had recently claimed territorial waters 90 miles from the coast of Cambodia. The thirty-nine seamen aboard were taken prisoner.

President Ford ordered the aircraft carrier USS CORAL SEA, the guided missile destroyer USS HENRY B. WILSON and the USS HOLT to the area of seizure. By night, a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft located the MAYAGUEZ at anchor off Poulo WaI island. Plans were made to rescue the crew. A battalion landing team of 1,100 Marines was ordered flown from bases in Okinawa and the Philippines to assemblE at Utapao, Thailand in preparation for the assault.

The first casualties of the effort to free the MAYAGUEZ are recorded on May 13 when a helicopter carrying Air Force security team personnel crashed en route to Utapao, killing all 23 aboard.

Early in the morning of May 13, the Mayaguez was ordered to head for Koh Tang island. Its crew was loaded aboard a Thai fishing boat and taken first to Koh Tang, then to the mainland city of Kompong Song, then to Rong San Lem island. U.S. intelligence had observed a cove with considerable activity on the island of Koh Tang, a small five-mile long island about 35 miles off the coast of Cambodia southwest of the city of Sihanoukville (Kampong Saom), and believed that some of the crew might be held there. They also knew of the Thai fishing boat, and had observed what appeared to be caucasians aboard it, but it could not be determined if some or all of the crew was aboard.

The USS HOLT was ordered to seize and secure the MAYAGUEZ, still anchored off Koh Tang. Marines were to land on the island and rescue any of the crew. Navy jets from the USS CORAL SEA were to make four strikes on military installments on the Cambodian mainland.

On May 15, the first wave of 179 Marines headed for the island aboard eight Air Force "Jolly Green Giant" helicopters. Three Air Force helicopters unloaded Marines from the 1st Battalion, 4th Marines onto the landing pad of the USS HOLT and then headed back to Utapao to pick up the second wave of Marines. Planes dropped tear gas on the MAYAGUEZ, and the USS HOLT pulled up along side the vessel and the Marines stormed aboard. The MAYAGUEZ was deserted.

Simultaneously, the Marines of the 2/9 were making their landings on two other areas of the island. The eastern landing zone was on the cove side where the Cambodian compound was located. The western landing zone was a narrow spit of beach about 500 feet behind the compound on the other side of the island. The Marines hoped to surround the compound.

As the first troops began to unload on both beaches, the Cambodians opened fire. On the western beach, one helicopter was hit and flew off crippled, to ditch in the ocean about 1 mile away. The pilot had just disembarked his passengers, and he was rescued at sea.

Meanwhile, the eastern landing zone had become a disaster. The first two helicopters landing were met by enemy fire. Ground commander, (now) Col. Randall W. Austin had been told to expect between 20 and 40 Khmer Rouge soldiers on the island. Instead, between 150 and 200 were encountered. First, Lt. John Shramm's helicopter tore apart and crashed into the surf after the rotor system was hit. All aboard made a dash for the tree line on the beach.

One CH53A helicopter was flown by U.S. Air Force Major Howard Corson and 2Lt. Richard Van de Geer and carrying 23 U.S. Marines and 2 U.S. Navy corpsmen, all from the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines. As the helicopter approached the island, it was caught in a cross fire and hit by a rocket. The severely damaged helicopter crashed into the sea just off the coast of the island and exploded. To avoid enemy fire, survivors were forced to swim out to sea for rescue. Twelve aboard, including Maj. Corson, were rescued. Those missing from the helicopter were 2Lt. Richard Van de Geer, PFC Daniel A. Benedett, PFC Lynn Blessing, PFC Walter Boyd, Lcpl. Gregory S. Copenhaver, Lcpl. Andres Garcia, PFC James J. Jacques, PFC James R. Maxwell, PFC Richard W. Rivenburgh, PFC Antonio R. Sandoval, PFC Kelton R. Turner, all U.S. Marines. Also missing were HM1 Bernard Gause, Jr. and HM Ronald J. Manning, the two corpsmen.

Other helicopters were more successful in landing their passengers. One CH53A, however was not. SSgt. Elwood E. Rumbaugh's aircraft was near the coastline when it was shot down. Rumbaugh is the only missing man from the aircraft. The passengers were safely extracted. (It is not known whether the passengers went down with the aircraft or whether they were rescued from the island.)

By midmorning, when the Cambodians on the mainland began receiving reports of the assault, they ordered the crew of the MAYAGUEZ on a Thai boat, and then left. The MAYAGUEZ crew was recovered by the USS WILSON before the second wave of Marines was deployed, but the second wave was ordered to attack anyway.

Late in the afternoon, the assault force had consolidated its position on the western landing zone and the eastern landing zone was evacuated at 6:00 p.m. By the end of the 14-hour operation, most of the Marines were extracted from the island safely, with 50 wounded. Lcpl. Ashton Loney had been killed by enemy fire, but his body could not be recovered.

Protecting the perimeter during the final evacuation was the machine gun squad of PFC Gary L. Hall, Lcpl. Joseph N. Hargrove and Pvt. Danny G. Marshall. They had run out of ammunition and were ordered to evacuate on the last helicopter. It was their last contact. Maj. McNemar and Maj. James H. Davis made a final sweep of the beach before boarding the helicopter and were unable to locate them. They were declared Missing in Action.

The eighteen men missing from the MAYAGUEZ incident are listed among the missing from the Vietnam war. Although authorities believe that there are perhaps hundreds of American prisoners still alive in Southeast Asia from the war, most are pessimistic about the fates of those captured by the Khmer Rouge.

In 1988, the communist government of Kampuchea (Cambodia) announced that it wished to return the remains of several dozen Americans to the United States. (In fact, the number was higher than the official number of Americans missing in Cambodia.) Because the U.S. does not officially recognize the Cambodian government, it has refused to respond directly to the Cambodians regarding the remains. Cambodia, wishing a direct acknowledgment from the U.S. Government, still holds the remains.

graphic by Doug Kidd

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CHECKPOINT — U.S. Army Sgt. Robert Brogdon, of Erie, Pa., a team leader with Company B, 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, helps direct traffic through a temporary vehicle checkpoint during a joint patrol through east Baghdad's Sha'ab neighborhood, May 12, 2007. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Mike Pryor

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In Today's News - Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quote of the Day
"There are only two kinds of people
that understand Marines:
Marines and the enemy.
Everyone else has a second-hand opinion."

-- Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
No Stone Unturned - Hundreds questioned in missing GIs search
Iraqi Terror Group Warns U.S. to Stop Search for Missing GIs (How do you say, "Get Bent" in Arabic?)
Japan extends support for U.S. in Iraq war
Shi'ites battle for power in Iraq's Basra
U.S. Senate Democrats want Iraq war deadline: Reid - Video

Operation Enduring Freedom
Report: 60 Taliban Killed in Afghanistan
Taliban replaces slain top commander with brother
Taliban leader says jihad will continue
Teams Dodge Bullets in Rebuilding Effort

Homeland Security / War on Terror / Hamas-Hezbollah Happenings
Gaza Nears Flashpoint (Imagine that)
At least 10 killed in Hamas-Fatah fighting
Homicide Bombing at Pakistani Hotel Kills 24
Extremist taunts his victims from prison

Worldwide Wackos
Report: Iran Now Enriching Uranium on Larger Scale Than Before
Iranian Pols Mull U.S. 'Friendship Committee'
Iran holds U.S.-based academic for "security" crimes (Well, that's not so friendly)

Politics / Government
Ready for a Grand Old Party?
Tell Us What You Would Ask the Presidential Candidates (Fox News)
FOX News' Brit Hume, Chris Wallace Discuss Roles at Debate
VIDEOS: Set for War of Words - S.C. May Move Primary
Gonzales deputy resigns from Justice Department

In the Courts / Crime and Punishment / Law and Order
Congress tackles animal research rules
Teen : 'It Didn't Matter Who I Killed' (This is just bizarre)
Texas Man Charged With Stealing $250G Worth of Skittles Candy (This guy needs help)
Police Search for Murderer After Couple, Teen Son Are Killed in Suburban Pennsylvania Home
Home Searched in Case of Missing British Girl
Suspect Named in Case of Missing U.K. Girl
Mother Found Guilty, but Mentally Ill in Shooting Deaths of 3 Sons
AP: Giuliani firm lobbied for clients

Adventures in Political Correctness
Beijing bans scary stories to protect young

Media in the Media / Bloggers in the News / Watching the Web
Reuters, Thomson Corp. Agree to Merger
eBay condemned for allowing "rampant" ivory trade

Science / Medicine / Technology
Migraine sufferers face higher retina disease risk
Making work even more of a slog takes weight off
Ancestor of humans not so brainy
Mars experiment might help Earthling insomniacs
U.S. healthcare expensive, inefficient: report ( much did we pay for this study?)
Let's try this again: Shuttle moves out

Mother Nature
Denver Flash Flood Sweeps Toddler in Stroller Into Creek
Cocaine Trade Threatens New Hummingbird

Illinois 10-Month-Old Issued Firearm Owner's Identification Card
Man Survives After Truck Runs Over His Head
Map of Virgin's shrine offers pilgrims sex ads
Soccer stars win sex toy suit

Other News of Note
Indian Judge Suspends Gere Arrest Warrant

Fox News
Miami Tops Road Rage List for Second Year
35 Hurt in Philadelphia Train Collision
NEWS IN PICTURES: The Day in Photos
Pop Tarts: Cameron Diaz Says Last Couple of Years Were 'Hell'
'Sopranos' Shocker as Series Winds Down
Reality Check: Secrets and Lies on 'Survivor' Finale

Reuters: Top News
World Bank report finds Wolfowitz violated rules
China chemical explosion kills 5, possible many more
<China troubled by Japan plan to change constitution
Conrad Black accuser a liar, defense suggests
Calculators tell teachers which pupils need help - Video
India star eyes box office luck with younger woman
Stallone pleads guilty in hormone import case
JK Rowling urges people not to ruin Potter's ending - Video
Home Depot shares down on earnings miss
Wall St seen opening softer, eyes on Wal-Mart, CPI
Amgen shares down on Medicare proposal
Biosite slips; Beckman won't raise offer
Oil remains steady, U.S. stockpiles seen rising
Turning trash into treasure
Mylan says not overpaying for Merck unit
Thomson, Reuters to forge global info leader
Wal-Mart profit up; CEO not satisfied
Home Depot posts lower-than-expected profit
Dow Jones bid is Murdoch's to lose: Diller
Fed's Bernanke: Market principles top new rules
DaimlerChrysler Q1 EBIT beats expectations

AP World News
Microsoft details patent breaches
Suns' late run helps top Spurs in Game 4
Irish PM addresses British Parliament
Lohan, Alba tops Maxim's 'Hot 100 list'
Wolfowitz to face World Bank board
James, Cavs close in on East finals
Blood pressure rising around the globe
Senators edge Sabres, lead series 3-0
Landis points to facts in arbitration
Kansas man dies of tornado injuries
Senate to Vote on War Funding
U.S. Forces in S. Korea a Terror Target
Poll: Negotiate for Soldiers' Release?
Op-ed: A L.O.S.T. Presidency
New Must-Have Benefits Guide
Op-For: Another Training Accident
SEAL Talks Coast Guard Fitness
Def Tech: Naval Robot Wars Career Fair Coming to Jacksonville on May 16th

CENTCOM: News Releases

USJFCOM and Microsoft announce cooperative research and development agreement - podcast
More about CRADAS
U.S. Joint Forces Command modeling and simulation division wins award - podcast
Liveblogging: Department of Defense Modeling and Simulation Conference 2007

'Massive Effort' Under Way to Find U.S. Soldiers - Story
All Assets Engaged to Find Missing U.S. Soldiers
Video: Maj. Gen. Caldwell Statement on Missing Troops
Anbar Province Still Dangerous But Getting Better - Story
National Guard Units Respond to U.S. Wildfires - Story
DoD Blocks Internet Sites to Protect Grid - Story
Attaches Survey U.S. Disaster Response - Story
National Guard Executes Nuclear Disaster Drill - Story

More Headline News
Bush Honors Military Spouses at White House
Chairman Recognizes Military Spouses
Cheney to Sailors: U.S. Committed to Middle East
Petraeus Urges Troops to Use Ethical Standards

Military News
USNS Shasta Rescues Five After Fire Strikes Cargo Ship
Army Must Be Prepared for ‘Persistent Conflict’
Military Displays Equipment, Technology to Public

War on Terror
Forces Detain 48, Find Weapons - Story
Soldiers Die in Iraq
Terror Suspects Captured in Iraq
Five Soldiers Killed in Iraq

America Supports You
Granting Troops’ Wishes - Story
ationals Honor Military Service
SemperComm Cites Troops for Morale-Boosting Efforts Overseas
Gala Raises Funds for Troops

Newest Fighters Arrive at Langley
Channel Focuses on Technology
Unmanned Aircraft Wing Debuts

Face of Defense
Marine Unites With Soldier Son - Story
Sons Follow Mother’s Footsteps
Softball Champ Fixes Aircraft
Deployed Soldier Will Rely on ‘Ohana’
Specialist Sews for Others

Anthrax Vaccine Becomes Mandatory for Some - Story
Unit Works to Secure Baghdad’s Haifa Street - Story
Blood-Supply Unit Demonstrates Critical Skills - Story
Deployment Provides Direction for Soldier - Story

Devil Dogs Take a Bite Out of Anbar Insurgency
Transportation Mechanics Keep Group Rolling
Deployed Moms Stay in Touch with Families

Liaison Officer Builds Cohesive Relationship
Djiboutian Institute of Arts Embraces Americans
Army Reserve Chief Visits Troops in Africa
Marines Donate Fitness Equipment to Villagers

‘Fire Base Delta’ is Home Sweet Home for Troops
Former Infantryman Finds Calling in Civil Affairs


Renewal In Iraq
Iraq: Security, Stability
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq
Multinational Force Iraq
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Weekly Reconstruction Report (PDF)
Iraq Reconstruction

Afghanistan Update

Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Ansbach Aschaffenburg Berlin Berlin-Tempelhof Berlin/Schonefeld Bremerhaven
Darmstadt Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main Freiburg/Breisgau Garmisch
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Geilenkirchen Gelnhausen Giessen Kitzingen
Hanau Am Main Heidelberg Mainz Mannheim Nurnberg Stuttgart Trier
Wiesbaden Wurzburg


Agana Agana Heights Agat Andersen AFB Asan Barrigada

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Kadena Air Base Okinawa Tokyo Yokohama

Today in History
- Cape Cod discovered.
1702 - War of Spanish Succession.
1718 - James Puckle patents world's 1st machine gun
1862 - The Confederate cruiser Alabama runs aground near London, the USDA is created, General Benjamin F. Butler directs that the women of New Orleans are to be treated as whores as a result of their treatment of Union soldiers.
1864 - Battles in Reseca, GA and New Market, VA.
1882 - Czar Alexander III bans Jews from living in rural Romania.
1902 - Lyman Gilmore becomes the first person to fly a powered craft.
1916 - Asiago, Italy falls.
1940 - First successful helicopter flight in US, German armor division moves into northern France, German troops occupy Amsterdam, Gen. Winkelman surrenders, Nazis capture General Persbureau.
1941 - British attacks in Egypt &amp; Libya; Nazis in the Netherlands forbid Jewish music.
1942 - Nazis arrest 2,000 Dutch officers.
1943 - Halifax bombers sink U-463, The Warsaw ghetto uprising ends with the ghetto's destruction.
1944 - 14,000 Hungarian Jews are deported to Auschwitz, Eisenhower, Montgomery, Churchill and George VI meet to discuss plans for D-Day.
1948 - Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi-Arabia attack Israel.
1958 - The USSR launches Sputnik III.
1960 - The USSR launches Sputnik IV.
1962 - U.S. marines arrive in Laos.
1963 - Faith 7, the last Project Mercury flight, is launched.
1966 - The South Vietnamese army clashes with Buddhists, killing approximately 80.
1988 - Moscow begins withdrawing its 115,000 troops from Afghanistan.

1802 - Confederate Major General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble
1819 - Union Major General Thomas Leonidas Crittenden
1830 - Confederate Brigadier General Laurence Simmons Baker
1859 - Pierre Curie France, physicist, Nobel prize winner
1910 - Robert F. Wagner (Mayor, NYC)
1942 - Anthony Wayne England, Ph.D. /astronaut (STS 51-F)
1949 - Frank L Culbertson Jr , Commander USN/astronaut (STS-38)

- Valentinianus II emperor of Rome (375-392), murdered at 21
1932 - Ki Inukai premier Japan (1931-32), murdered
1945 - Major Courtney US medal of honor marine, dies in battle of Sugar Loaf
1992 - Robert Morris Page US physicist (radar), dies at 88

Reported Missing in Action:
McMorrow, John P.,USN, Air America medic - Released August, 1962

Shore, Edward R., Jr., US Army, Air America pilot - Released August, 1962

Wolfkill, Grant, civilian (WA), Air America reporter - Released August, 1962

Balcom, Ralph C. USAF (WA) - Negative SAR contact

Jensen, George W. USAF (WA) - Remains returned December, 1999

Madison, William L, USAF (KY) - Remains returned December,1999

McKenney, Kenneth D., USAF (MA) - Remains returned December, 1999

Preston, James A., USAF (GA) - Remains returned - disputed - December, 1999

Reilly, Lavern G., USAF (MN) - Remains returned December, 1999

Tapp, Marshall L. USAF (CA) - Remains returned December, 1999

Thompson, George W., USAF (WV) - Remains returned December, 1999

Williams, James E., USAF (MS) - Remains returned December, 1999

Heiliger, Donald L., USAF (WI), Released by DRV February, 1973, alive and well 1998

Hill, Charles Dale, USN (MO)

Pollard, Ben M., USAF (KY) - Released by DRV March, 1973, alvie and well 1998

Benedett, Daniel A., USMC (WA) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Blessing, Lynn, USMC (PA) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident; Remains ID'd May, 2000

Boyd, Walter, USMC (VA) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident; Remains ID'd May, 2000

Copenhaver, Gregory S., USMC (MD) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident; Remains ID'd May, 2000

Gause, Bernard, Jr., USN (AL) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident, Remains ID'd June, 2000

Garcia, Andres, USMC (NM), - May 1975 Mayaguez incident, Remains ID'd May, 2000

Hall, Gary L., USMC (KY) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Hargrove, Joseph N., USMC (NC), May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Jacques, James J., USMC (CO), May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Loney, Ashton N., USMC (NY), May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Marshall, Danny G., USMC (WV), May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Manning, Ronald J., USN (OH), May 1975 Mayaguez incident, Remains ID'd June, 2000

Maxwell, James R., USMC (AR) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Rivenburgh, Richard W., USMC (CA) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Rumbaugh, Elwood E., USAF (PA) - May 1975 Mayaguez incident

Sandoval, Antonio R., USMC (TX), May 1975 Mayaguez incident, Remains ID'd May 2000

Turner, Kelton R., USMC (CA), May 1975 Mayaguez incident, Remains ID'd May, 2000
Van De Geer, Richard, USAF (OH), May 1975 Mayaguez incident, Remains ID'd June, 2000

Rapp, Jeff - Released July 1979

Smith, Karen - Released July 1979

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