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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Nine American Troops Killed in Iraq

Yahoo! News - Nine American Troops Killed in Iraq:

"Nine American Troops Killed in Iraq

14 minutes ago Middle East - AP

By NICK WADHAMS, Associated Press Writer BAGHDAD, Iraq - A roadside bomb killed seven U.S. soldiers in northwest Baghdad and two Marines were killed in western Iraq (news - web sites) on Thursday, the deadliest day for American forces since a suicide attack on a U.S. base last month. "

A Wounded Hero Gets a Special Visitor

Wounded Hero Jeremy Chad Snowden and his mother
with the President and First Lady at Walter Reed.

In Today's News 1/6/05 Associated Press

World leaders vow to aid tsunami victims
World leaders pledged Thursday to work together to help tsunami-shattered regions recover from the worst natural disaster in living memory, saying it was a race against time to get aid to survivors before they succumb to disease.

Gonzales vows to follow prisoner treaties
Attorney general nominee Alberto Gonzales vowed on Thursday to abide by international treaties on prisoner treatment if confirmed, but Senate critics asserted that policies he supported led to the torture of terrorism detainees and protested his closeness to President Bush.

18 Iraqis found dead in field near Mosul
The bodies of 18 young Iraqi Shiites taken off a bus and executed last month while seeking work at a U.S. base have been found in a field near the volatile city of Mosul, police said Thursday.

Democrats to force debate on Ohio results
A small group of Democrats agreed Thursday to force House and Senate debates on Election Day problems in Ohio before letting Congress certify President Bush's win over Sen. John Kerry in November.

Microsoft offers virus-removal programs
Microsoft Corp., whose popular Windows software is a frequent target for Internet viruses, is offering a free security program to remove the most dangerous infections from computers.

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Iraq, Baghdad Ananova: War In Iraq

Briton held in notorious Iraq jail
Consular officials in Iraq are to visit a British national detained in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison on suspicion of joining insurgent attacks against coalition forces.
Ananova: War In Iraq

Command Post: Irak

Sistani Pushes Shi'ites To Vote In Iraq Elections
Reuters reports that Iraq’s Shi’ite leader Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani is mobilizing thousands of clerics to get out the vote: The move, designed to ensure election dominance of a Shi’ite list heavily influenced by Sistani, shows his influence in Iraqi politics despite his support for separation of religious and political authority. If the list, mostly composed of Shi’ites, sweeps the polls as expected, Iraq’s once dominant Arab Sunnis, many of whom distrust Sistani, could be excluded from power. [. . .] Clerics and Shi’ite politicians say Sistani has ordered the seminaries in the holy city of Najaf to close and send thousands of their students preaching for votes, effectively for the Shi’ite list. From California Yankee.Command Post: Irak

Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Iraqi leader holds firm on election date
Facing relentless guerrilla attacks on his security forces and on fellow government officials, including car bombings Wednesday that killed 27 people, interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi vowed Wednesday that Iraq would hold national elections as scheduled Jan. 30.
Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

18 Iraqis Found Dead in Field Near Mosul
The bodies of 18 young Iraqi Shiites taken off a bus and executed last month while seeking work at a U.S. base have been found in a field near the volatile city of Mosul, police said Thursday. Iraq

Iraqi PM Extends Emergency Laws for 30 Days
Iraq Prime Minister Iyad Allawi hasextended for 30 days emergency laws that give his governmentspecial powers to crack down on insurgents, the government saidin a statement on Thursday.
Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Vote, declare victory and come home
There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there may be only one good way out of the deepening disaster that is Iraq: Hold the elections on Jan. 30, declare victory and begin leaving. Iraq Iraq & Terror

Vulnerable to another tsunami...Confusion in relief...Enemy combatant challenge Iraq & Terror

U-S Marine killed in action in western Iraq Iraq & Terror