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Friday, April 21, 2006

Milblog Conference - the night before....

More bloggers than you could shake a stick at! A bunch of us got together at Fran O'Brien's, in the Capitol Hilton. Loud, and lots of fun.

Bloggers I met today:

Holly Aho

Andi (Andi's World)

MaryAnn (Soldiers' Angels Germany)


Carla (SomeSoldiersMom)

Laurie (Soldiers' Angels New York)

Capt. B (One Marine's View)

John of Argghhh

FbL (Fuzzilicious Thinking)

...and a few others I've no doubt forgotten to mention (it's late and I'm tired)

Looking forward to the conference tomorrow - if you've a hankering, check out some of the conference....

Milblog Conference RSS Feed

Milblog Conference Streaming Video (link to be activated at 8:00 am on Saturday)

Milblog Conference Agenda

Rumor has it there will be wireless access and laptop plug-in spots at the conference, so I will likely be posting from there.

UPDATE: I knew my brain was too tired....I also met Stacy (Keep My Soldier Safe)

Milblog Conference!!!

No blogging for me this morning - I'm off to Washington, DC for the Milblog Conference! I'll post this afternoon or evening. Looking forward to meeting Kathleen from Soldiers' Angels today, and a whole heap o'bloggers on Saturday!

News Links:

Fox News

Reuters: Top News

AP World News

Chicago Sun-Times

Boston Globe: World

CENTCOM: News Releases

Department of Defense

UPDATE: Safely in D.C., and hangin' with Holly Aho! I'll have more for you later this evening...