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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mount Vernon, Wash. (Nov. 7, 2006) - Builder 1st Class Steve Peck, from Vancouver, Wash., left, and Builder 1st Class Dirk Wehking, from Fulda, Minn., right, prepare sand bags to help construct a dyke in front of the City of Anacortes Water Treatment Plant. The height of the dyke was being raised to prevent flooding from the Skagit River. Military bases in the region have been called to help as Western Washington continues to receive near-record rainfall with more rain expected. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Bruce McVicar

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Afghan Officer Saves Governor, Coalition Soldiers

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Dave Thompson
Task Force Spartan Public Affairs

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SALERNO, Afghanistan, Nov. 7, 2006 — If there was any doubt as to the resolve and capability of the Afghan National Security Forces and their determination to protect their homeland from terrorist extremists, an Afghan police officer gave his life to make a strong case to the contrary.

In a display of selfless heroism, Afghan National Police Officer Abbarker died protecting the lives of the Andar District Governor, his fellow police officers and Coalition soldiers.

While guarding the Miri District Center in the District of Ghazni, Abbarker noticed that a man had bypassed the security checkpoint and was attempting to run into the District Center. Abbarker immediately suspected foul play and gave chase to stop the intruder. He tackled the man, forcing him away from the government officials and Coalition forces. As he wrestled to restrain the man and move him farther away from the

official party, the intruder detonated a vest packed with explosives, killing himself and the brave Abbarker.

Abbarker’s actions cost him his life, but in so doing, he saved the lives of many fellow Afghans as well as Coalition soldiers. Abdul Rhaim, the Andar District Governor, said that Abbarker was a brave soldier and that he had great respect for him and was deeply grateful for the unselfish sacrifice that saved his life and so many others.

“The honor and bravery of this man amazes me,” said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Steven Gilbert, Commander of Task Force Iron Grays. ”His actions have saved the lives of many fellow Afghans and Coalition forces from the cowardly actions of a suicide bomber and his great sacrifice will not be in vain.”

DELIVERING SUPPLIES — U.S. Army soldiers from Bravo Troop, 4th Battalion, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team help Iraqi army soldiers deliver school supplies to a school in Baghdad, Iraq, Oct. 31, 2006. U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Mike Buytas

In Today's News - Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Quote of the Day
"Those who doubted whether Iraq or the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein, and those who believe today that we are not safer with his capture, don't have the judgment to be President, or the credibility to be elected President. No one can doubt or should doubt that we are safer -- and Iraq is better -- because Saddam Hussein is now behind bars."
-- Senator John Kerry (Democrat, Massachusetts)

News of Note
Election Day 2006
Democrats Capture House;Senate Still Up for Grabs
Senate races in Virginia, Montana all that stand between Dem sweep, GOP split of Congress
YOU DECIDE 2006: Complete coverage (Fox News)
Election Tracker (Fox News)
Major Senate Races
Major House Races
Photo Essays: Election Night Winners - Losers
Dems Take Control of Statehouses
South Dakota Voters Reject Bill to Ban Almost All Abortions
Pelosi set to become first woman to lead House
Virginia Senate race comes down to the wire
Bush disappointed at losses
Black Democrat wins historic Mass. governor race
Clinton re-elected amid presidential talk
Gay marriage loses at polls, stem cell may win
Democrats to target oil majors in new Congress
Dollar easing after election, little impact seen
Stocks seen down after Democratic poll upset - Video
Dems' Win Seen as a Bush Rejection
FBI Investigating Virginia Voter Calls
Latest races called by AP
Ex-NFL QB Shuler wins congressional seat

Operation Iraqi Freedom
U.S. Forces Kill 10 Iraqi Rebels in Rescue Raid
U.S. envoy says Bush still committed to Iraq
Iraqis skeptical Democrat gains will bring change
Shift Coming in U.S. Policy on Iraq
Suspects Still at Large in Iraqi Torture Case
Mortar Exchanges Kill 21 in Baghdad
U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 2,837
Mortar exchanges kill 21 in Baghdad

Operation Enduring Freedom
288 U.S. deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Homeland Security / War on Terror
Bomber Kills 35 at Pakistan Army Camp

Troops on Trial
Marines' Conduct in Iraq Investigated

Other Military News
Guns on U.S. Coast Guard vessels trigger protest
Operation Blue to Green Continues

Mid-East Ceasefire / Hamas Rising / Israel at War
Hamas Urges Muslims Around World to Attack U.S.
Israeli tank shells kill 18 Palestinians

Politics / Government
"Axis of evil" to haunt Bush
McCain resigns Gallaudet trustee post

Media in the Media / Bloggers in the News
Networks play it safe on election night
Google positioning for move into U.S. radio
LA Times editor forced to resign

Science / Nature
Flooding prompts evacuations in N.W.
Northwest rains ease, but homes at risk

Snake Bite Kills Woman During Church Service
Suicide bid sparks punch-up among spectators
Man kept father's body hidden in bin

Other News of Note
S.Lanka rebels say army firing kills 45 civilians

Fox News
University of Miami Football Player Shot, Killed
Beijing Issues 1 Dog Per Family Rule
Former All-Star Pitcher Johnny Sain Dies at 89

Reuters: Top News
India resumes shop closure drive in edgy Delhi
Controls tighten on media and aid workers in Darfur
Australian minister sacked over sex, drug charges
China's Chan nominated as WHO chief
Could our big brains come from Neanderthals?
Fishermen, facing declining stocks, turn to sharks
Bill Gates says West not supplying enough IT talent
Blind Somalis learn to live with anarchy
New stem cell trial for heart attack patients
Exposure to chemicals may harm young brains
Britney files for divorce after 2-year marriage
Oil steady above $59, OPEC talks more cuts
VW stock little changed after shock news CEO to go
Nikkei down 0.9 pct, eyeing U.S. vote and Japan data
Money managers ready to sit tight
Tame forex volatility tied to options bets
Airbus A380 woes push EADS to Q3 loss
Isuzu denies seeking GM exit from joint diesel ops
EU fines Arcelor 10 mln euros for steel beam cartel
Total's Q3 net profit tops forecasts, ups dividend
Accounting firms want company accounts revamp, paper says

AP World News
Bird flu expert selected to head WHO
Spears upbeat after filing for divorce
Obituaries in the news
Ohio coin dealer's trial headed to jury
Messenger testifies in racer murder case
Swede pleads no contest in rare car case
12th victim found in Reno hotel blaze
US Watching Vietnam Terrorism Trial
US Hits Russia on Erosion of Nuclear Sanctions

CENTCOM: News Releases



USJFCOM to join high-tech scientific research network
Planning discussions continue for next multinational experiment
More about Multinational Experiment 5
USJFCOM to participate in Orlando military conference - podcast
U.S., international partners gain knowledge from conference - podcast
Cooperation key for partnerships
International conference discusses current operations
USJFCOM, ACT host 6th CD&E Conference in Greece

Department of Defense
Iraqi Army Builds Trust with Citizens - Story
For Top News Visit DefenseLink

Hawija SWAT Unit Graduates Elite Fighting Force - Story
Iraqi Marines Learn Critical Maritime Security Skills - Story
Security Marines Change the Pace of Logistics - Story

Iraqi Army Brigade Receives New Pickup Trucks
Iraqi Police Complete Second Phase of Training
Soldiers Deliver Supplies to Iraqi Children
Army Corps of Engineers Teach Safety Rules
UAVs Deliver Lifesaving Information to Troops

Coalition Sponsors Chamkani Sports Tournament
Afghan Reconstruction Projects Continue
Turkey to Open Provincial Reconstruction Team
Afghan Men Test for Military Academy Class
Team Visits Remote Afghans Before Winter

Renewal In Iraq
Iraq: Security, Stability
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq
Multinational Force Iraq
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (PDF)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Weekly Reconstruction Report (PDF)
Iraq Reconstruction

Afghanistan Update

Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Officials Identify Casualties - Story

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar


National Hurricane Center

Today in History
1789 - In Bourbon, KY, Bourbon Whiskey is first distilled from corn by Elijah Craig.
1793 - In Paris, the Louvre opens.
1837 - Mount Holyoke Seminary in Massachusetts becomes the first U.S. college founded for women.
1860 - Abraham Lincoln is elected President.
1861 - The U.S. removes Confederate officials from the British steamer Trent.
1864 - Abraham Lincoln is elected to his second term as President.
1889 - Montana becomes the 41st state.
1892 - Grover Cleveland is elected President
1895 - Wilhelm Rontgen discovers x-rays.
1900 - Theodore Roosevelt is elected President.
1904 - President Theodore Roosevelt is re-elected.
1910 - For the first time, women are allowed to vote in the Washington State election.
1932 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected to his first term as President.
1933 - FDR creates the Civil Works Administration.
1938 - Crystal Bird Fauset of Philadelphia becomes the first Black woman legislator.
1942 - "Operation Torch" begins as U.S. and British forces land in French North Africa.
1944 - 25,000 Hungarian Jews are loaned to the Nazis for forced labor.
1950 - The first jet-plane battle of the Korean War.
1956 - The U.N. demands that the U.S.S.R. leave Hungary.
1960 - JFK (Sen-MA) is elected President, beating VP Richard Nixon.
1965 - The British Indian Ocean Territory is formed.
1966 - Edward W. Brooke (Rep-MA) becomes the first Black elected to Senate Ronald Reagan is elected governor of California; President Johnson signs an anti-trust immunity to the AFL-NFL merger.
1979 - ABC broadcasts "Iran Crisis: American Held Hostage" with Frank Reynolds (the forerunner to "Nightline").
1980 - The Voyager-1 space probe discovers the Saturn's 15th moon.
1983 - Martha Layne Collins becomes the first female governor of Kentucky; W. Wilson Goode becomes the first Black mayor of Philadelphia.
1984 - Anna Fisher becomes the first "mom" to go into orbit, when the STS 51-A mission is launched.
1987 - 11 die when a bomb planted by the Irish Republican Army explodes at an Ulster Remembrance Day Service.
1988 - 900 die as an earthquake hits China; George H.W. Bush is elected President.
1990 - 100,000 additional US troops are sent to the Persian gulf; Saddam Hussein fires his army chief and threatens to destroy the Arabian peninsula.
- Republicans regain control of the U.S. Congress.

- Sir Edmond Halley, first to calculate a comet's orbit (Halley's Comet)
1922 - Christiaan Barnard, surgeon (performed the first heart transplant)
1931 - Morley Safer , TV newscaster (60 Minutes)
1936 - Edward G. Gibson, astronaut (Skylab 4)
1942 - Angel Cordero, Jr., jockey (won over 6,000 races)
1947 - Margaret Rhea Seddon, M.D. / astronaut (STS 51D, STS 40)
1948 - Dale A. Gardner, Commander USN / astronaut (STS 8, STS 51A)
1949 - Bonnie Raitt, singer / guitarist (Green Light, The Glow, Thing Called Love)

1308 - Duns Scotus, who coined the word "dunce"
1933 - King Nadir Shah of Afghanistan, assassinated by Abdul Khallig
1978 - Norman Rockwell, artist

Reported Missing in Action
Parker, Richard H., Australian Army (Australia); KIA in ambush, body not recovered

Adams, John R., US Army (CA); UH1C crashed (crewchief); survivors attacked

Brenneman, Richard C., USAF (IN); F4C shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - alive as of 1996

Baxter, Bruce R., US Army SF (MA); HH3E shot down after picking him up (wounded), KIA in crash, body not recovered

Evert, Lawrence G., USAF (WY); F105 shot down

Hines, Vaughn, US Army (CA); OV1C crashed in water, KIA, body not recovered

Kusick, Joseph G., US Army SF (PA); HH3H shot down after picking him up (wounded), KIA in crash, body not recovered

Weatherman, Earl C., USMC (CA); AWOL after escaping brig, delivered to Viet Cong by cabdriver, reported by VC to have DIC during escape April, 1968, but later reported alive and living in Vietnam

Corona, Joel, US Army (TX); drowned while swimming with friends, body not recovered