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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Please help with this one.

Damn, just damn. Specialist David Mahlenbrock was killed by an IED on December 3rd in Kirkuk, Iraq.

I received this email via Soldier's Angels. It's from David's Squad in Bravo, 65th Engineers and they are forwarding a request from David. It appears that David had a special letter sent to his squad in the event of his death. Hold on to your seats, folks:


Chief Petty Officer Suzette Dugger AMERICAN HERO

Yahoo! News - World Photos - Reuters: "Chief Petty Officer Suzette Dugger with the Surgical/Shock Trauma Platoon at the Taqaddum military camp, offloads a wounded Marine from an ambulance after he was hurt during combat operations in the western Iraqi city of Falluja, in this photograph released on December 8, 2004. The toll on U.S. troops of war in Iraq and Afghanistan may be obscured by dramatic advances in battlefield medicine that allow more soldiers to survive combat"

A masked Iraqi man holds up his rifle

A masked Iraqi man holds up his rifle as he celebrates near a burning National Guard vehicle following an attack in the northern city of Mosul, December 9, 2004. At least two Iraqi National Guardsmen were killed when their vehicle came under attack by unknown gunmen in Mosul, residents said. REUTERS/Str Yahoo! News - World Photos - Reuters

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Australia may not send more Iraq troops: "SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Australia's defense minister on Thursday ruled out the possibility of sending more troops to Iraq, but he said his country may send more resources to the Middle East to help train Iraqi security forces."

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Japan OKs plan to keep troops in Iraq: "TOKYO (AP) - Japan's Cabinet voted to keep Japanese troops in Iraq for another year Thursday, extending the country's largest overseas military operation since the end of World War II."

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