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Monday, October 02, 2006

Charlestown, Mass. (Sept. 30, 2006) - More than 70 Medal of Honor recipients gather for a group photo in front of USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat, for a turnaround cruise and Medal of Honor flag presentation in Boston Harbor. The Medal of Honor is our country's highest military honor, awarded for acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley

Salena Zito - E-Day and the White House

Six Tuesdays till E-Day
No one really knows which political party will come out on top in the midterms on E-Day, Nov. 7.

Six weeks ago, Republicans were considered all but six feet under. Two weeks ago, Democrats faltered as gasoline prices peeled back and the White House re-engaged with the subject on which it has the upper hand -- national security. Tack on the soap-opera, award-winning performances at the United Nations by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. The GOP slide came to a complete halt.

In the middle of all of this, Gallup released a generic national poll that has tied all of the pundits' tongues in knots. It showed a head-to-head tie between Republicans and Democrats at 48 percent.

The question, in these last six Tuesdays ending in Election Day, is: Which party gets its mojo going? ....
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The Public Face of the White House
WASHINGTON - Since Tony Snow became White House press secretary in April, President Bush's approval ratings have crept up.

That might be no coincidence. Bush couldn't find a more likeable daily stand-in for a combative press corps or a curious public.

Snow, 51, is disarmingly charming. He's soft-voiced yet assertive, self-deprecating yet serious, intelligent but not condescending. The perfect pitchman for a president facing an unpopular war and his toughest midterm election.

In a two-hour White House interview with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editor Frank Craig, Managing Editor Robert Fryer and Reporter Salena Zito, Snow outlined the Bush administration's plans for its final two years, including a renewed push on Social Security.
He discussed in detail the war on terror and its impact on America's image, Bush's operating style, the November election, and a variety of other issues.
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by Spc. Ethan
September 29, 2006
A Soldier from the 4th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division scans the area looking for any suspicious activity as fellow Soldiers clear a tunnel system discovered in the village of Alazai in Afghanistan. US Army Photo.

Bush: Iraq Victory Crucial To Defeating Global Terrorism

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1, 2006 – Achieving victory over terrorists in Iraq is crucial to the U.S. campaign to defeat global terrorism and that conflict isn’t making America less secure, President Bush told the nation here yesterday.

Selected findings of a classified National Intelligence Estimate that were leaked to the press in recent days have created an unnecessary furor in Washington, Bush said during his national radio address from the White House.

“Some in Washington have selectively quoted from this document to make the case that by fighting the terrorists in Iraq, we are making our people less secure here at home,” Bush said. “This argument buys into the enemy’s propaganda that the terrorists attack us because we are provoking them [in Iraq].”

After the document was leaked, Bush said he declassified some of its key findings so that the American people can read the document themselves and come to their own conclusions.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair also dismisses critics who say the Iraq War is making more terrorists, said Bush, who then quoted Blair’s recent words: “‘This terrorism isn’t our fault. We didn’t cause it. It’s not the consequence of foreign policy.’”

The U.S. military presence in Iraq isn’t increasing the terrorists’ hatred for America, Bush pointed out. “We do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism,” he said.

Terrorist enmity against America predates the Iraq war and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Bush said.

“Iraq is not the reason the terrorists are at war with us,” the president said. “Our troops were not in Iraq when terrorists first attacked the World Trade Center in 1993, or when terrorists blew up our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, or when they bombed the USS Cole, or when they killed nearly 3,000 people” on 9/11, he said.

The United States and its allies are in Iraq to prevent the terrorists from establishing a safe haven there like the one they once enjoyed in Afghanistan, Bush said.

Bush acknowledged the NIE report “confirms that we are up against a determined and capable enemy.” The report says the Islamic extremist movement is fueled by several factors, Bush said, such as government corruption and fear of Western domination, the holy war in Iraq, the slow pace of reform in Muslim nations, and pervasive anti-Americanism.

“The terrorists are at war against us because they hate everything America stands for,” Bush said, “and, because they know we stand in the way of their ambitions to take over the Middle East.”

It’s therefore paramount to keep the terrorists on the run, so they can’t plot future attacks against America at their leisure, the president said.

“So, we will remain on the offense until the terrorists are defeated and this fight is won,” Bush said, noting a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq before victory is achieved “would embolden the terrorists.”

The NIE estimate said a terrorist victory in Iraq would inspire more terrorists to continue their fight against America in other places in the world, Bush said. First, however, the terrorists want to seize the oil-rich Middle East as their own territory, he explained, and to use it as a platform from which to launch more attacks on America and its allies.

“America must not allow this to happen,” Bush declared, noting the United States is firmly allied with the new, democratic Iraq.

“We will stand with the nearly 12 million Iraqis who voted for their freedom,” Bush said, “and we will help them fight and defeat the terrorists there, so we do not have to face them here at home.”

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BLACKHAWK RECOVERY — U.S. Marines with the Helicopter Support Team prepare to hook an immobilized UH-60 Blackhawk to the CH-53E Super Stallion hovering over them in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq, Sept. 27, 2006. The Blackhawk was disabled earlier in the week upon landing during a routine training mission. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. James B. Hoke

In Today's News - Monday, October 2, 2006

Quote of the Day
"If a person is determined to fight to the death,
then they may very well have that opportunity."

-- Donald H. Rumsfeld, on insurgents in Iraq

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iraq parliament renews govt emergency powers
Iraq government facing sectarian rift

Operation Enduring Freedom
Bomber Targets NATO Convoy in Kabul
Inmates Detail U.S. Prison Near Kabul

Homeland Security / War on Terror
Rice: No Memory of CIA Warning Before Sept. 11
British Paper Posts New Pre-Sept. 11 Video
New Video Shows 9/11 Hijackers Laughing
Men targeted by FBI return to U.S.
FBI worries about al-Qaida ties to mob
Sept. 11 Panel Wasn't Told of Meeting, Members Say
Letter Gives Glimpse of Al-Qaeda's Leadership

Other Military News
Pentagon supports resumed military aid to Latam
Rumsfeld says he has Bush's confidence
Decorated Army Deserter Returns to US

Mid-East Ceasefire / Israel at War
Israeli Forces Complete Pullout From Lebanon
Hamas Withdraws, Fatah Strikes, Gaza Still Tense
Riots Between Hamas and Fatah Factions in Gaza Strip, West Bank Kill 8

Worldwide Wackos
Iran Determined to Expand Uranium Enrichment
Iran gives no sign of nuclear suspension yet: Rice
Chavez says he has White House informant

Homegrown Moonbats
NYC trans fat ban could spark food fight

Politics / Government
Hastert Requests Criminal Probe of Rep. Foley Scandal
House speaker writes letter to Justice Department asking for investigation of lawmaker's behavior
FBI looking into congressman Foley
How Military Credentials Play in November Elections

In the Courts
Abortion Tops Supreme Court Docket

Media in the Media
Slumping Fox News celebrating 1st decade

Bloggers in the News
Blogger sought for posts on Ga. teen sex
Web journals threaten peer-review system

Mother Nature
Tropical storm watch in Newfoundland

Celebrities Shoot for the Stars ... Literally
Neighbor Catches Baby Who Fell From Third-Floor Balcony
Does drinking help your career? Maybe
Election law keeps son who killed mom free
Police, magistrates condemn on-the-spot fines plan

Other News of Note
Two Americans Share Nobel Prize
Allegations trip up voting rights group
Boater rescued after day in Atlantic

Fox News
Baseball's Biggest Stars Deny Drug Allegations
Brazilian President Faces Tough Runoff Race
Florida Police Shot Suspected Cop Killer 68 Times
Florida Police Shot Suspected Cop Killer 68 Times
Man Charged With Murdering His Wife, 4 Kids in S.C. Mobile Home
Stocks to Watch, Oct. 2: Delta Air Lines, Nelnet

Reuters: Top News
In shadow of scandals, Brazil's Lula faces run-off Video
Hungary PM calls confidence vote, outflanks opponents - Video
Silajdzic wins race for Bosnia presidency - Video
New Thai PM looks for harmony amid post-coup rifts
Bishops reject Vatican abuse cover-up allegations
Lusaka shuttered as Zambia poll results delayed again
Scientists find more efficient cloning method
Latest MP3 players come equipped with songs
Screeching mobiles will give thieves ear bashing
Premature births blamed for more deaths
Weekday TV watching hurts schoolwork
Police caution George Michael on drugs
"'Betty"' a beauty for ABC
U.K. online gaming stocks halve value on U.S. ban
Oil rises over $63 after some OPEC output cuts
U.K. stocks rise, online gaming stocks tumble
Stocks set to begin quarter higher
Gold rises on firmer oil but lacks drive
Housing bashes lumber price despite U.S.-Canada deal
On the radar: Talisman Energy
Morgan Stanley buys bank to gain China access
AWG agrees $4.1 bln bid, gets other approaches
Wal-Mart to use more part-timers, wage caps: NYT
Mitsubishi Heavy to sell smaller reactors in U.S
Online gaming in crisis over U.S. ban
SK-II lotions contain metals but safe to use: S.Korea

AP World News
Teen with medical microchip dies in Fla.
Kutcher sends 2 to top of box office
Playoff matchups set; Cards get Padres
Grossman, Bears demolish Seahawks 34-6
Playboy resurrects nightclub in Vegas
Man charged in deaths of wife, 4 kids
Google buys garage where it all started
Padres win NL West for 2nd straight year
Twins take AL Central title with victory
Obituaries in the news
Egyptian students learn immigration law
Vocational education poised for comeback
General is no Armchair Warrior

CENTCOM: News Releases






USJFCOM sends support teams to CENTCOM - podcast
Newsmaker Profile: Col. Eugene V. "Gene" Bonventre - podcast
Command working to meet the warfighter's needs with focused efforts - podcast
Command seeking information from industry on access management

Department of Defense
Bill Includes Funds for War
For Top News Visit DefenseLink

Voices of Freedom Make Way onto Airwaves - Story
Army Engineers Help to Rebuild Infrastructure - Story
Afghan Laborers Continue Work on Local Dam - Story
Corpsmen Test Combat Skills, Prepare for Iraq - Story

Combat Cooks Provide Hot Meals in Field
U.S. Marines Aid in Police Station Makeover
U.S., Iraqi Soldiers Team Up to Find Terrorists
Ceremony Notes Re-opening of Al Bawasil School
Marines Work to Restore Safety on the Roads
British Forces Kill Escaped al-Qaida Terrorist

Harriers Complete Combat Runs in Afghanistan
Coalition Routs Taliban, Extremists in Ghazni
10th Mountain Division Soldiers Thwart Extremists

DefendAmerica Week in Review
Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul


National Hurricane Center

Today in History
- Sultan Saladin captures Jerusalem from the Crusaders.
1608 - Hans Lippershey offers the Dutch government a new invention - the telescope.
1836 - Charles Darwin returns to England aboard HMS Beagle.
1853 - Austrian law forbids Jews from owning land.
1870 - Italy annexes Rome and the Papal States; Rome becomes the Italian capital.
1919 - President Woodrow Wilson suffers a stroke.
1935 - Italy invades Abyssinia (Ethiopia); in New York, the Hayden Planetarium, the 4th in the U.S., opens.
1940 - The British liner Empress, loaded with refugees bound for Canada, is sunk by a German bomber.
1941 - Six Parisian synagogues are bombed.
1942 - The Queen Mary slices the cruiser Curacao in half, killing 338; in Chicago, the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction is demonstrated.
1950 - The comic strip "Peanuts" debuts in nine newspapers.
1955 - "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" premiers on TV.
1956 - In NYC, the first atomic power clock is exhibited.
1958 - Guinea gains independence from France.
1959 - Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" premieres on CBS-TV.
1961 - "Ben Casey" premieres on TV.
1967 - Groundbreaking begins on Veteran Stadium in Philadelphia; Thurgood Marshall is sworn as the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.
1971 - A Homing pigeon averages 133 KPH (a record) in an 1100-km Australian race.
1972 - An Aeroflot Il-18 crashes near the Black Sea resort of Sochi, killing 105.
1980 - Michael Myers (D-PA), is the first Representative expelled in over 100 years (over ABSCAM).
1984 - Three Cosmonauts return after a record 237 days in orbit; Richard Miller becomes the first (former) FBI agent to be charged with espionage.
1986 - Sikhs attempt to assassinate Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
1990 - The U.S. Senate votes 90-9 to confirm David Souter's appointment to the Supreme Court; Radio Berlin International's sends its final transmission (links to Deutsche Welles of West Germany)- its final song is "The End" by the Doors.

- Ferdinand Foch, credited for the Allied victory in WWI
1869 - Mohandas K. Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi), pacifist
1871 - Cordell Hull, U.S. Secretary of State (1933-44), lowered tariffs, Nobel Prize winner (1945)
1890 - Julius "Groucho" Marx, comedian (Marx Bros)
1891 - H.V. Porter, basketball pioneer, creater of the fan-shaped backboard
1895 - Bud Abbott, comedian (Abbott & Costello)
1921 - Robert Runcie, archbishop of Canterbury
1928 - Clay Felker, journalist (NY Herald Tribune, Esquire)
1939 - Yuri N. Glazkov, cosmonaut (Soyuz-24)
1951 - Sting, AKA Gordon Sumner, rock musician (Police) / actor (Dune)
1964 - Sherry Arnett, Playboy playmate (Jan. 1986)

322 BC
- Aristotle dies of indigestion
1264 - Pope Urban IV (1261-64)
1678 - Gen Wu San-kuei, invited Manchus in China - died trying to expell them
1780 - John Andre, British Major, hanged by Americans (spied with Benedict Arnold)
1985 - Rock Hudson, actor, of AIDS

Reported Missing in Action
Walker, Kenneth E., USAF (MI); A1E shot down over water, KIA, body not recovered

Ott, Patrick L., USMC (CA); F8J crashed when returning from mission, Killed, body not recovered

Erwin, Donald E., USN (IN); A4E shot down over water, remains ID'd February, 1990

The following all lost in the water crash of a C2A aircraft enroute from Cubi Point NAS to various aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Tonkin. All reported Killed, body not recovered:

Beck, Terry L, USN (PA)

Bell, Richard W., USN (PA)

Bowman, Michael L., USN (OH)

Bytheway, Frank L., Civilian

Dayao, Rolando C., USN (Phillipines)

Dean, Donald C., USN (MO)

Dilger, Herbert H., USN (NY); pilot

Ellerd, Carl J., USN (TX)

Fowler, James J., USN (MO)

Fowler, Roy G., USNR (VA)

Gan, Leonardo, USN, (Phillipines)

Gore, Paul Edwin, USN (NC); not on official DIA list

Gorsuch, William D., USN (WI)

Hill, Rayford J., USN (TX); loadmaster-trainee

Kohler, Delvin L., USN (CO)

Koslosky, Howard M., USN (AK)

Leonard, Robert B., USN (IA)

Livingston, Richard A., USN (WA)

Montgomery, Ronald W., USN (IN)

Moore, William R., USN (KS)

Moser, Paul K., USN (CT); air crewman

Prentice, Kenneth M., USN (WA)

Salazar, Fidel, USN (Phillipines)

Terrell, Keavin L., USN (LA)

Tye, Michael J., USN (MO)

Viado, Reynaldo R., USN (Phillipines)