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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Standing for a fallen daughter - from the Richmond Times-Dispatch

The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq is going to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance at Richmond International Speedway in her memory today.

Make those phone calls,
get them in ~

We're far behind,
dear gentlemen!

Do what you have to,
do whatever you must

get those Recruits -
forget about trust.

Hound those people
night and day
Get them to say "yes"
any old way!

Talk to those students
after class
If you don't sign them
we'll have YOUR ass!

Have a breakdown;
we don't care
pick up those kids
from anywhere.......

[Sir, this is not
the Real Army.
What is that
you're telling me?!
I don't want to hear
that stuff again
Get me some women
and get me some men.]

If you scratch a Recruiter
down to the bone,
you'll see he's caffeine crazed
and rarely home ~

A person who once
believed in service
and now is shaky
because he's nervous.

And when there's trouble
in the Recruiter's Office?
Get rid of the guy
who caused the fuss.....

Just blame the Recruiters
for everything
[Subject them to more
intense training.]

It doesn't matter
how well they're trained
if a kid's mom and dad
don't want him maimed ......

If they won't sign the papers
for him to enlist.....
what's a recruiter to do?
Shake his fist?

If people are worried
about their children dying,
what else can a recruiter do,
other than lying?

They know their job
and they'd do it well
if the higher ups
wouldn't give them Hell.

"How To Win Friends
and Influence People" -
would be a perfect book;
Maybe the officers
could take a look
and get some ideas
about "motivation"
so things would be better
at the Recruiting Station

It isn't more training
that they need.

It's a little more sleep
and some family time
Time to regroup
and relax the mind.....

A little encouragement
wouldn't hurt
Instead of criticism
with every word.

So, don't blame the recruiters
for so many wrongs
Look higher up the chain;
That's where the blame belongs.

Christina 5-05

AFGHANISTAN DEPLOYMENT — U.S. Army Capt. Edward Hollis, commander of Company A, 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, uses the scope on an M4 carbine to scan a distant ridgeline in Zambar, Afghanistan. U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Bradley Rhen

In Today's News - Saturday, May 14, 2005

Quote of the Day
"When asked what I am most proud of, I stick out my chest, hold my head high and state proudly, 'I served in the United States Navy!"
-- John F. Kennedy

News of Note:
New protests in Uzbekistan uprising

Abu Ghraib Trials:
Witness Clears Abu Ghraib Guard of Some Abuse

In Iraq:
Baghdad recovers under U.S. guard
Iraq set to take major step toward drafting constitution
Baghdad Bombers Caught
Four Marines killed in Operation Matador
Marines killed in Iraq insurgent search

2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano News:
Marines urged to drop Iraq murder charges
Investigators recommend dropping murder charges against Marine who shot Iraqis

In Afghanistan:
Report: Missile killed al-Qaida operative
15 dead in Afghanistan protests over alleged Quran desecration

U.N. Oil-For-Food Investigation:
Annan didn't disclose key contacts in oil-for-food probe
Committee releases oil-for-food documents

You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up:
Wendy's Finger Owner Found Associated Press
Justice Dept. enters court nominee fight
U.S. forces search for al-Zarqawi supporters
Base supporters prepare to fight for jobs
Troops, protesters killed in Uzbek clashes

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq
German attorney to lead Hariri slay probe
Egyptian judges to boycott election role
Police arrest 5 in Baghdad market bombing
Kurdish rebel leader eager for retrial
Iraq renews state of emergency for month
Hezbollah guerrillas attack Israeli posts
Israelis retaliate for Lebanon rockets
Ethnic divisions laid bare in post-election Iraq
Fighters remain in Iraq-Syria border town
Police arrest 5 in Baghdad market bombing
Four killed in Iraq suicide blast
Fate of settler homes in Gaza unknown
Nine U.S. troops,100 rebels killed in Iraq assault
U.S. jets attack safe house near Syrian border
Bush wants more Sunnis in Iraq's govt.

Fox News
Report: Senior Al Qaeda Operative Killed
Taiwan's Ruling Party Wins Elections
Official: Nearly 200 KilledIn Uzbek Clashes
Thousands Mourn Fallen Officers in D.C.
Frist's Filibuster Showdown
Bolton Floor Vote a Nailbiter?
Still on Offense - Operation Matador, Day 7

Department of Defense
Bush: 'Unrelenting' in Pursuit of Terrorists — Story
Abu Ghraib Intel Boss Relieved of Duties — Story

'Topo' Soldiers Map Battlefield Terrain — Story
Air Force Meteorologists Critical to Planning — Story
Services Improve for East Baghdad Residents — Story
Reconstruction Efforts Progress in Iraq
Al-Oubaidy District Improvements Continue
Texas Guard Unit Keeps Camp Taqqadum Safe — Story
Texas Soldiers Open Doors to Iraqi Kids' Education
U.S. Soldiers Build Base in Bermel District — Story

Iraqi Freedom Combat Equipment Returns
'Desert Dogs' Keep Aircraft in the Air
Army Chief of Staff Visits Vanguard Troops

U.S. Paratroopers Deal Blow to Taliban Forces

USS Mustin Rescues 27 in Persian Gulf
Deployed Mustin Sailors Stay In Touch With Home
Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ship Supports Iraqi Navy

Twin Brothers Reunite in Kuwait — Story

Gala Raises Funds for Programs — Story
'Mail Call' Host Ermey Visits Troops

BRAC to Reshape Infrastructure — Story
BRAC Web site

Base Realignment and Closure 2005
Medal of Honor
Two Years in Iraq

Iraqi Citizen Tip Leads to Weapons
Roadside Bombs Kill U.S. Soldiers
2 Marines Killed in Operation
Success in Iraq - DoD Fact Sheet
Year in Review 2004 Fact Sheets (pdf)
Iraq Daily Update
Multinational Force Iraq
Iraq Reconstruction
Afghan Reconstruction Group Recruiting

Myers Addresses Spike in Violence
Pilot Confident in Capital Security
Symposium Focus: War on Terror
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Medical Team Trains to Deploy
Policy to 'Thin Out' Career Fields
Mobile Security Unit Deploys
Bush Approves Funding
Airmen Get Strykers, Prep to Deploy
National Guard, Reserve Update

Defense Officials Identify Casualties WASHINGTON, May 13, 2005 — Story

from The Weather Channel

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Today in History
1607 - The first permanent English settlement in New World is established in Jamestown, VA.
1787 - Delegates gather in Philadelphia to draw up the U.S. Constitution.
1804 - Lewis & Clark set out from St. Louis.
1863 - Battle of Jackson, MS.
1864 - The Battle of Reseca (Atlanta) continues for a second day.
1908 - The first airplane passenger flight occurs.
1921 - In Italy, Mussolini's fascists obtains 29 parliament seats.
1940 - The Germans break through at Sedan.
1940 - The Nazis bombs Rotterdam, killing between six and nine hundred; the Netherlands surrender.
1941 - 3,600 Jews arrested in Paris.
1942 - The U.S. Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) is founded.
1944 - German bombers harass Bristol.
1944 - British forces occupy Kohima
1945 - A Kamikaze Japanese Zero strikes the U.S. aircraft carrier Enterprise; she is seriously damaged and forced to return to port for repairs. She did not see war action again.
1945 - The U.S. launches an offensive on Okinawa; Sugar Loaf is conquered.
1948 - Jordan's Arab League captures Atarot.
1948 - The State of Israel is established; the U.S. gives it de facto recognition.
1949 - President Truman signs a bill establishing a rocket test range at Cape Canaveral, FL.
1955 - The Warsaw Pact is signed.
1960 - The USSR launches the first unmanned space capsule.
1961 - In Alabama, a bus containing the first group of Freedom Riders is bombed and burned. 1963 - Kuwait becomes the 111th member of the U.N.
1970 - Police kill two Jackson State University students in a during a racial disturbance.
1970 - Harry A. Blackmun is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
1970 - RAF-leader Andreas Baader is freed after serving two years in West Berlin.
1973 - Skylab is launched
1973 - U.S. Supreme court approves equal rights for women in the military.
1974 - The Symbionese Liberation Army is destroyed in a shoot-out; 6 are killed.
1975 - U.S. troops raid the island of Koh Tang (Cambodia)
1986 - Anne Frank's complete diary published by the Institute for War Documents
1987 - Colt revolver (Peacemaker) of 1873 sells for $242,000
1989 - Chinese students hold a demonstration for democratic reforms in Tiananmen Square.
1991 - Robert M Gates becomes head of CIA.
1991 - Winnie Mandela sentenced to 6 years for her involvement in the kidnapping and beating of four youths (one died).
1991 - World's Largest Burrito created at 1,126 lbs.

- Charles IV king of Bohemia / emperor
1686 - Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit Germany, inventor of the thermometer
1830 - Confederate Brigadier General George Pierce Doles
1836 - Confederate Brigadier General James Patrick Major
1883 - Jan Olieslagers, Belgian aviation pioneer
1939 - M. N. Fathulin, cosmonaut
1942 - Byron L. Dorgan (Representative-ND)
1943 - Alan B. Mollohan (Representative-WV)
1946 - Robert Jarvik, surgeon, inventor of the Jarvik 7 artificial heart
1952 - Donald R. McMonagle, Major USAF / astronaut (STS 39, 54, 66)
1957 - William G. Gregory, Major USAF /astronaut (STS 67)
1964 - James M. Kelly, Captain USAF / astronaut

- Henry IV, 1st Bourbon king of France, murdered
1643 - Louis XIII, king of France
1864 - Union Brigadier General William N. Green, Jr.
1968 - Rear Admiral Husband Edward Kimmel, WWII commandant, US Ocean fleet
1978 - William Powell Lear, inventor of Lear Jet
1991 - Jiang Qing, Mao Tse Tung's widow, suicide
1997 - Princess Caradja-Kretzulesco, descendant of Dracula
1998 - Frank (Francis Albert) Sinatra

Reported Missing in Action
1966 - King, Donald L., USAF (MI) - aircraft last tracked 20 mi. west of Dong Hoi, N. Vietnam
1966 - Ralson, Frank D. III, USAF (CO) - aircraft last tracked 20 mi. west of Dong Hoi, N. Vietnam
1967 - Rollins, David J., USN (CA) - Released by DRV 3/04/73,alive as of 1998
1967 - Southwick, Charles E., USN (AK) - Released by DRV 3/04/73, alive and well as of 1998
1968 - Cota, Ernest K., USN (CA) - determined deceased, remains not recovered
1968 - Karger, Barry E. , USN (CA)- Remains returned January, 1994