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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Milblogs Under Attack

From The Tanker Brothers:

Lines Are Drawn, The Battle Is Joined...

It was bound to happen, Tanker Brothers and Sisters: the Anti-War crowd has launched a dishonorable rhetorical attack on the Tanker Brothers.

Now, I've been noticing a disturbing trend in my daily Milblog reading: the Left is actively engaged in an IO campaign against the MilBlogging community. Their TTP (Tactics, Techniques, Procedures) is to conduct "drive by comment posting".

Today, I guess it was the Tanker Brothers turn.
Among the choice comments that the Tankers' drive-by commenter had:

"...I would rather have a rattlesnake for a friend than a hate-monger like you."

"If you were doing anything for this country you wouldn't be in Iraq killing innocent people."

"And while I defend our troops, (with exceptions such as brainwashed fools like you), I know that there are members of the military who should be facing those war crimes along with the Commander in Thief..."

"Of course clowns like you and the old war-lord Rumsfeld don't want the real story to come out so your game is to belittle those who are interested in the truth. Screw you."

"You, mister are no hero. You are a traitor to this country and that is how you will be remembered."

You can read the whole post here. Anti-war but not anti-troop? My a**.

Remember, folks, this is the anti-war pattern. I've been getting more of these drive-bys lately, too. Not a surprise, really. In the Vietnam era, the anti-war crowd went from compassionate "bring our poor boys home" demonstrations to violent protests, spitting on returning troops, and calling the families of KIA heroes to tell them how happy the moonbats were that the grieving parents' son was killed by the "honorable Viet Cong." The anti-war crowd is quick to say that the spitting and the phone calls have never actually been confirmed. Yes, they have. Quite a few times, actually. You can ask my father-in-law. It happened after Vietnam, and recently.

I'll allow that there are a precious few that don't agree with the invasion of Iraq, but support our troops as a whole. But they are the distinct EXCEPTION...not the rule. It's going to take all of us - bloggers, military families, and average every day citizens, to ensure that what happened then does not happen again. The way troops were treated returning from Vietnam was unconscionable. It is absolutely unacceptable, and we do not have to accept unacceptable behavior.

Stop by the Tanker Brothers' blog and let them know you support them. And there are a few other things you can do...

Vote out legislators who trash our troops - like Murtha and Kerry. Vote in those who support our troops.

Support groups like Soldiers' Angels, Homes for Our Troops, and the Patriot Guard Riders, who actively work to support our heroes and their families, wherever they have served.

Blog if you're so inclined.

Refuse to purchase newspapers that defame our troops. Don't watch tv networks that do the same.

Speak up when you hear someone insult our military. Fly our flag. Tie a yellow ribbon on a tree. Put a magnet on your car. A sign on your lawn. Adopt a hero.

We who support our troops can no longer just pass by or shake our heads. We can no longer afford the luxury of internally supporting our troops. Now is the time for action.

Take five minutes to think about what you can do today to support our Heroes. They would die for you - what will you do for them?

101 and Supporting our Troops

Hey Roger and Patti,
Just wanted to send you this picture, Aunt Mary and I packed 24 snack bags (two flat rate boxes) for the hospital in Balad today, it was the PERFECT job for her and she was truly disappointed when we were done all too quickly. She made noises about going and getting more stuff so it's off to Big Lots we go....We can't let a 101 years young lady show us up!

We will definitely be doing this again shortly, as long as Ernesto doesn't blow us away this week!

Thanks for all you both do, and for inspiring US to let no soldier go unloved.

Mary Jo and Aunt Mary, Lakeland, FL


A big HOOOAAAHHH to Mary Jo and Aunt Mary!

To learn how you can help Soldiers' Angels support our troops, go here.

MOSQUE SEARCH — A U.S. Army soldier, assigned to 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, enters a mosque suspected of being a safe-haven for insurgents in the Adhamiyah district of Baghdad, Iraq, Aug. 27, 2006. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Eli J. Medellin

In Today's News - Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quote of the Day
"I admire men of character, and I judge character not by how men deal with their superiors, but mostly how they deal with their subordinates, and that, to me, is where you find out what the character of a man is."
-- General H. Norman Schwartzkopf

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Iraq Poised to Take Control of its Ground Forces
In Iraq, Fewer Killed, More are Wounded
Iraqi Soldiers Refuse Duty
MND-B Soldiers Expel Terrorists from Dora School
1st Sqdn., 61ST CAV. REGT. Soldiers Free Two Kidnap Victims in Adhamiyah
Iraqi Security Forces Capture Bomb Maker

Operation Enduring Freedom
IEDS Continue to Pose a Threat to All Afghans
Afghan, Coalition Forces Resond to IEDS
Coalition Flies Two Boys to Bagram for Urgent Medical Care
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Student Who Brought Stick of Dynamite on Plane Released
Saudi Arabia releases 9 Guantanamo returnees
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Mid-East Ceasefire
Israel Wants 'Unconditional' Release of Taken Soldiers
Annan flies to south Lebanon - Video
Italy sends troops to Lebanon mission
Olmert Opts for Internal Inquiry Into War

Politics / Government
Pa. lawmaker's son remains missing
Ford Discharged From Mayo Clinic

Mother Nature
Ernesto Zeroes In - Storm could hit Florida tonight
Miami, Ft. Lauderdale ports to close
NASA probes birth of hurricanes
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Out There: Cancer Fundraiser Held at Nudist Resort
Bank to woo customers with ATM roulette game
Only women need apply for traffic police
Woman crashes when teaching dog to drive

Other News of Note
Prosecutors to Move On After Karr Cleared - Video
AP: Professor recalls leading cops to Karr
Karr's description emotional, detailed
Ex-FBI agent to get probation for leak

Fox News
Pilots Didn't Recognize Wrong Runway in Ky. Plane Crash
Bus Flips Over Guard Rail in New York, Killing Five
Rebels Claim Responsibility for Turkish Bus Bombing
U.S. Wins Little League Title
Stocks to Watch: Boeing
Agassi Comes Back in Win- Full U.S. Open Coverage

Reuters: Top News
Mexican electoral court finds no fraud - Video
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China urged to step up to WTO plate
Green wave surges onto pop culture's shores
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Revamped AOL unveils Web-based music store
SpiralFrog, Universal in free music download deal
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Fall movies feel fresh, but fans will now decide
Swiss approve Novartis drug for blindness
Migraines common among nasal-allergy sufferers
Tom Cruise lines up new funding deal
"Pirates" propels Disney to $1 billion overseas
58th Annual Emmy Awards
Mixed picture for Bayer outlook
Stocks rise and dollar down as Fed minutes loom
Apax and KKR not to bid for Signet
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St. Ives says accounting errors to hit profit
Scangroup jumps on bourse debut
Stem-cell firm optimistic on ethical concerns
NAND chip capacity race may prove risky
BP facing oil and gas probe: WSJ
China urged to step up to WTO plate
Adidas says sees turnaround at Reebok in Q4
Coca-Cola buys controlling stake in Kerry Beverages
Bayer unveils agrochem revamp, Schering weighs

AP World News
Accutane restrictions creating problems
Foxy Brown tries to withdraw guilty plea
Mauresmo, Sharapova to play at U.S. Open
Japan orders Apple to probe laptops
China offers to help restart WTO talks
Stock futures are slightly higher
Bengals' Palmer throws 3 TDs in return
Demand for meningitis vaccine rises
Milwaukee woman rescues butterflies
Islamic Revival Led by Women Tests Syria's Secularism

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Today in History
1708 - Haverhill, MA, is destroyed by the French and Indians.
1758 - The first American Indian reservation is established.
1776 - Americans withdraw from Manhattan to Westchester, NY.
1786 - Shay's Rebellion occurs in Springfield, MA.
1854 - Daniel Halladay receives a patent for the self-governing windmill.
1862 - The Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) begins; the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing begins operations.
1883 - Seismic sea waves created by the Krakatoa eruption create a rise in the English Channel 32 hours later.
1885 - Gottlieb Daimler receives a German patent for a motorcycle.
1896 - Chop suey is invented in NYC by the visiting Chinese Ambassador's chef.
1909 - A.H. Latham of France sets a world airplane altitude record of 155 m; American Glenn Curtis wins the world's first air race (Rheims, France)
1914 - The Arizonan is the first vessel to arrive in San Francisco via the Panama Canal.
1916 - The steamer Hsin Iu sinks off China coast; 1,000 drown.
1929 - The German airship Graf Zeppelin ends its round-the-world flight.
1939 - Chaim Weizmann informs England that Palestine Jews will fight in WW II.
1944 - 15,000 American troops liberating Paris march down the Champs-Elysees.
1949 - The U.S.S.R. detonates its first atomic bomb.
1953 - The U.S.S.R. detonates its first hydrogen bomb.
1957 - The U.S. Congress passes the Civil Rights Act of 1957.
1958 - The Air Force Academy opens.
1965 - Astronauts Cooper & Conrad complete 120 Earth orbits in Gemini 5
1975 - Star in Cygnus goes nova becoming 4th brightest in sky
1988 - USSR launches 3 cosmonauts (Valery Polyakav, 1 Afghan) to station Mir
1990 - A C-5 transport plane crashes at Ramstein AFB, Germany, killing 13; Saddam Hussein declares America can't beat Iraq.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, physician / author (Old Ironsides)
1899 - Lyman L. Lemnitzer, US Army General (WW II), US Army Chief of Staff, NATO Commander
1915 - Ingrid Bergman, actress
1920 - Charlie "Bird" Parker famous African-American jazzman
1925 - Donald O'Connor, dancer/actor (Singing in the Rain)
1934 - David Pryor (Sen-AR)
1938 - Elliott Gould, actor (M*A*S*H); Peter Jennings, news anchor (ABC TV)
1941 - Robin Leach, TV host (Life Styles of Rich & Famous)
1948 - Charles D. Walker, astronaut (STS 41D, STS 51D, STS 61B)

29 - John the Baptist, beheaded (date is questionable )
1533 - Atahualpa, last Incan King of Peru, murdered by Spanish conquerors
1769 - Edmond Hoyle, games expert
1877 - Brigham Young, second president of Mormon Church
1960 - Hazza el-Majali, PM of Jordan, assassinated
1967 - George Rockwell, American Nazi party leader, murdered
1982 - Ingrid Bergman, actress, on her 67th birthday
1987 - Lee Marvin, actor

Reported Missing in Action
Byrne, Ronald E., Jr., USAF (NY); F105 shot down, released by DRV February, 1973 - retired as a Colonel - alive as of 1998

McWhorter, Henry S., USN (GA); RF8A shot down, KIA, remains returned February, 1987

Taylor, Edd David, USN (AR); A1H shot down, KIA, body not recovered

Wells, Norman L., USAF (VA); F105D shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - retired as a Colonel - alive as of 1998

Newburn, Larry S., US Army (IN); raft tipped over while crossing stream, Killed, body not recovered

Ashall, Alan F., USNR (MT); A6B shot down (B/N, w/Duncan), survival unlikely

Duncan, Robert R., USN (FL); A6B shot down (pilot, w/Ashall), survival unlikely

Graf, Albert Stephen, USMC (NJ); F4B shot down (aircrew)

Zimmer, Jerry Allen, USMC (NY); F4B shot down (pilot)