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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

In Case You Missed It in the News....

2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano's Article 32 hearing starts today.

Recently, the Washington Times obtained information that casts doubt on the story told by his accuser.

For all the latest, go to Defend the Defenders.

My Hero...

I would like to submit the attached picture of our son, Noah, currently serving in Iraq.

He really is our hero.


Thanks, Carla!
Noah, keep your helmet on, and take care. Thank you for all you do!

In Today's News - Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Quote of the Day
"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid."
-- Dwight D. Eisenhower Associated Press
Syria ends military presence in Lebanon
Weapons inspector ends WMD search in Iraq
Bush adds DeLay to Social Security tour
U.S. arrests reputed Afghan drug lord
Frist, Reid work on judge-approval deal

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq
Oil-for-food probe chief denies conflict
Abbas says he expects Hamas to disarm

Ananova: War In Iraq
Parties bid to impeach PM over Iraq

The US News: Iraq News
Parties tackle stalemate over Iraq cabinet
Blair Fends Off Critics on Iraq, Leads in Polls
Troops mark Anzac Day in Iraqi desert
Iraqis relocate to Louisiana to help train troops
CIA's final report: No WMD found in Iraq
85,000 mines removed in Iraq
Oak Grove man takes reins of Iraq forces
EU plans Iraq conference in June
U.S. Clears Soldiers in Italian Agent's Iraq Death
TV Cameraman Working for AP Killed in Northern City of Mosul
Sunnis drop demand for Iraq's new Cabinet
Third Armored Cavalry's Top Enlisted Soldier Hurt In Iraq

Yahoo! News: War with Iraq
CIA warns Iraqi insurgents trying to fashion chemical weapons
Zarqawi escapes US troop trap

Fox News
Iraqis Try to Break Deadlock
Iran Shrugs Off Threat of U.N. Sanctions
Bush Talks Oil With Saudis
Report: Actions Appropriate in Italian Agent's Death
WMD Probe Ends; No Finds
Reid, Frist Mull Compromise
U.S. Nabs Afghan Drug Kingpin
Bologna Bust at the Border
Syrian, Lebanese Troops Mark Pullout

Department of Defense
America Remembers Desert One Heroes — Story
Homeland Security Demands Vigilance — Story
Special Ops to Increase Force Strength — Story
Canada's New Defense Chief Visits NORAD — Story

Cavalry Trains 'Defenders of the Green Zone' — Story
Signal Soldiers Keep Aviation Unit Connected — Story
Brigade Mechanics Keep Wheels Rolling — Story
Avengers 'Gun Up' for Iraq Deployment — Story

Renovations on Fallujah School Complete
Australians Teach Logistics to Iraqi Army
Seabees Build to Help Docs

Team Effort Manages Bagram’s Busy Air Ops
Unit Assumes Afghan Border Province Duties
Reservists Keep Communications Connected
Soldiers Use Many Tools in Clearing Mines

USS Bonhomme Richard Completes Mission

Troops Donate Goods to Uzbek Baby Orphanage
Humanitarian Efforts Benefit Uzbeks, Troops

Airman Tosses Hat in Boxing Ring — Story

Superheroes to Visit PentagonApril 28, 2005 (pdf)
Grand Ole Opry Shows Support — Story Photos
San Diego Padres Salute Troops
Calif. Girls Band Iraq Show a Hit
'SemperComm' Connects Troops
Send Free Mother's Day Cards

Medal of Honor

Dragnet Snags 18 Suspects
Tip Leads to Capture of Terrorists
Troops Killed; Suspects Detained
Trained Iraqi Forces Top 155,000
Logisticians Tackle Tough Mission
Success in Iraq - DoD Fact Sheet
Year in Review 2004 Fact Sheets (pdf)
Iraq Daily Update
Iraq Reconstruction
Weekly Progress Report (pdf)

Afghans Seize Heroin Shipment
Boy Leads Troops to Weapons
Insurgents Hurt Innocent Civilians
Officers Finish Counterintel Course
Defense Leaders' Views on Afghanistan
Enduring Freedom Marks 3 Years
Afghanistan Daily Update
Afghan Reconstruction Group Recruiting

Bush Requests Budget Support
Coast Guard Confronts Threats
U.S. to Begin Training Georgians
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Bush Nominates Pace, Giambastiani
3rd Corps Chief Salutes Troops
Navy Fleet Hospital Earns Award
National Guard, Reserve Update

Officials Identify Army Casualty — Story

Today in History
1478 - Conspirators attack Lorenzo and kill Giuliano de'Medici.
1607 - The British establish a colony at Cape Henry, Virginia.
1865 - Gen. Joseph E. Johnston surrenders the Army of Tennessee to Gen. William T. Sherman.
1915 - Second Lieutenant Rhodes-Moorhouse becomes the first airman to win the Victoria Cross.
1929 - The first non-stop flight from England to India is completed.
1937 - Germany bombs the ancient Basque town of Guernica, in Spain - a test of its new Luftwaffe.
1954 - The US, USSR, China, France, and Great Britain meet in Geneva to attempt to find solutions to several problems related to Asia.
1968 - At Ohio State University, students seize the administration building.
1971 - The US command in Saigon announces that US troop strength in Vietnam is at its lowest since July, 1966.
1983 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average breaks 1,200 for first time.
1986 - The world's worst nuclear disaster occurs at the Chernobyl power plant, USSR.
1994 - South Africa's first multiracial elections; Nelson Mandela is elected president.

- Esek Hopkins, first Commodore of the US Navy.
1812 - Alfred Krupp, German arms merchant.
1875 - Syngman Rhee, South Korean statesman.
1894 - Rudolf Hess, Nazi leader.