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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Michael Yon on CNN tonight!

Received via email:

Last night, Hugh Hewitt was on CNN with Anderson Cooper, as part of a segment about the media coverage of the Iraq war...

Tonight, I will be part of a return to this topic. Starting at 11 pm, Eastern Standard Time, I’ll be joining Anderson Cooper and his guests Hugh Hewitt, Nic Robertson and Michael Ware.

Michael on Hugh Hewitt radio show - 3/21/06

Hugh Hewitt on CNN with Anderson Cooper - 3/21/06
ATLANTA (March 18, 2006)--Rear Adm. Stephen W. Rochon (left) and NASCAR driver Jeff Burton (right) hold the victory trophy from the Nicorette 300, Busch Series NASCAR race. Burton's victory marks the first win for team Coast Guard this season.

Photo by Lt. Col. William Thurmond, U.S. Army

House of Jerky Fundraiser for Soldiers' Angels


Operation Beef Jerky has been enacted by the House of Jerky to raise $10,000 for the Soldier’s Angels Foundation

Janie Honeycutt
House of Jerky
Phone: 812 624-0186


Evansville, Indiana March 15, 2006 (IMMEDIATE RELEASE) - Operation Beef Jerky has been enacted by the House of Jerky to raise $10,000 for the Soldier’s Angels Foundation. For every pound of jerky purchased through the fund site, House of Jerky will donate $10 to help the Soldiers’ Angels Foundation continue to provide the love and support our armed forces desperately need.

Soldiers’ Angels Foundation is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to ensuring that our military know they are loved and supported during and after their deployment into harms way. With the donations by House of Jerky, Soldiers’ Angels will be able to continue to provide aid and support not only to our military hero’s, but also their families.

Projects like “Blankets of Hope” that provides homemade blankets given with love to wounded heroes and “Armor Up” which provides Kevlar blankets for under supplied troops are examples of the many beneficial Soldiers’ Angels projects..

Join Operation Beef Jerky and help House of Jerky support our troops, purchase jerky for yourself, or purchase jerky for any soldier with free shipping to APO addresses.

House of Jerky, “the best jerky in any house”, is one of our troops most requested items. Go to fund site today or call (812) 624-0186.

To learn more about the Soldiers’ Angels Foundation and how you can support our armed forces by adopting them or donating time or money, go to today or call (615) 676-0239.
FALLUJAH, Iraq - Cpl. Michael J. Nygaard, 20, from Ft. Meyers, Fla. makes his way onto the roof while searching a home for weapons caches north of Fallujah, March 15. Nygaard is an assault amphibian vehicle crewman with A Company, 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion based in North Carolina. The company is nearing the end of a seven month deployment to Al Anbar Province in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Photo by: 1st Lt. Nathan Braden

Read Story Associated with this photo

National Support the Troops Day

Press Release

Soldier’s Angels Foundation Salutes Michigan Teenager and Legislators on Efforts To Establish March 26, 2006 as first National Support The Troops Day

Patti Patton-Bader
Soldiers’ Angels Foundation
(615) 676-0239

Pasadena, CA, March 21, 2006 (Open Release) – The Soldiers’ Angels Foundation salutes
Michigan teenager, Alexandra McGregor, Michigan State Representative Robert Knollenberg and Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow for the recent passage of legislation in both the US Congress and US Senate to establish a National Support The Troops Day. This is intended for recognition of our active duty troops and the first date is set for March 26, 2006.

In a statement from the website of Representative Knollenberg , the Congressman encourages the following: “Our service men and women make enormous sacrifices to keep us safe and to protect our freedoms. They leave their homes and families, work in highly stressful and dangerous conditions, and ensure that all of us here at home are safe and secure. We need to honor these men and women and show them that Americans across the country are appreciative of their work and sacrifice,” Congressman Knollenberg said. … “With this resolution, it is my hope that our
troops will know that the American people – from the 16 year girl in Waterford (Alexandra McGregor) to the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives – are grateful for their service.

Our country is at war and it is more important than ever to show our appreciation for our brave and dedicated men and women in uniform.”

The legislation states “all Americans should participate in a moment of silence to reflect upon the service and sacrifice of members of the United States Armed Forces both at home and abroad.”

Soldiers Angels Foundation would like to also encourage Americans to take advantage of the National Support The Troops Day to pray for our troops and to find a way to let our troops know that they are appreciated through the sending of letters and care packages or any of the many other ways that our troops need assistance. For those citizens who do not have time to participate in such projects, but who wish to support the military members stationed far away to guard our freedom, cash donations can be made quickly at the Soldiers’ Angels website and are put to use in the purchase of supplies for our deployed and for wounded soldiers and their families overseas and at home.

For more information, please check the Soldiers’ Angels website at

Email questions Or Call (615)676-0239

Website for Representative Knollenberg:
Airman 1st Class Justin Jenkins checks the power of the reserve battery module during a daily check of land mine sensors at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. Land mines were placed around Bagram during three decades of war by Russians, Taliban and Northern Alliance forces. Airman Jenkins is assigned to the 455th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron as the tactical automated security systems administrator. He is deployed from Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Jennifer Redente)

More Singing to Support Our Troops

Posted some musical links yesterday - here's another addition (forwarded by Patti):

My song for the troops is on this site please read my bio and listen

This Is America Our Heart and Soul

Thank you
God Bless the Troops
John Schmidt
Kauai (March 18, 2006) - Petty Officers Alex Shafer and Claude Ngouan assigned to the guided missile cruiser USS Lake Erie (CG 70) carry a discharge hose during a deflooding operation on the flood-stricken Hawaiian island of Kauai. The flood relief effort was part of a Community Relations (COMREL) project Lake Erie sailors took part in during their recent port visit to Kauai. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 2nd Class Johnny Michael

Red, White and Blue

Sitting in a crowded plane
Yet feeling alone...
Thinking of days gone by
Wishing I was home...
Bound for a foreign land
Not knowing what will be...
Praying to come home
You'll be so proud of me...
I dont do it for the money
That stuff dont mean a thing...
I do it for the freedom
Thats what this uniform brings...
So stand proud and tall
When that flag begins to fly...
Shed a tear for those families
That had to say goodbye
Their loved ones paid the price
To keep our nation free...
They are American soldiers
Thats what they chose to be...
Always remember
in your prays late at night...
Your brothers and your sisters
As they continue to fight the fight...
For over 200 years
We've been fighting for this land...
While many have protested
Thousands have lend a helping hand...
Even back at home
People have asked me how and why...
Why are we doing this?
How can you consider yourself a guy?
To those people I turn
And look the other way...
To those people who love us
And support us every day...
To my family and friends
And those who stand by my side...
I give you nothing but love
Honor, freedom and pride...
Always believe
In what we do is true...
Never lose faith
In the red, white and blue...

Dedicated to the Soldiers Angels Foundation. For all their hard work and dedication in keeping the morale and motivation positive among all US soldiers, both overseas and domestic. Thank you for everything you have done, do, and are going to do in the future.

SPC Christopher J. Graham
US Army-South Korea
24 Feb 2006
by Lt. Col. Derik Crotts
March 21, 2006
Army racer Angelle Sampey races her Pro-Stock bike down the quarter mile to take first place at the Gatornationals in Gainesville, Fla., March 19. Sampey credits her teammate, fellow racer Antron Brown, for helping her win. "The Army talks about never leaving a fallen comrade and that’s exactly what my teammate did for me," she said.

Click here for more details.

A great picture that reminds me it's almost motorcycle season - woohoo! -- Pam

As Long As We're On the Subject of Censuring...


CONTACT: Robert Dixon (916) 441-6197

Censure Jimmy Carter Effort Launched

Move America Forward to Push Congress to Censure Former President

(SAN FRANCISCO) – The nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots organization, Move America Forward (website: has launched an effort to have former President Jimmy Carter censured by the Congress.

The website was launched early this morning and in the website’s first few hours of operation had already collected over 5,000 signatures from members of the public. Signatures have come in at the rate of 1 new signature every 20 seconds.

Next week Move America Forward will unveil its television ad campaign to spread word to the American public about the effort to Censure Carter. Funding for the TV ad campaign is being provided by supporters of Move America Forward.

The Censure Carter campaign was launched in response to misguided efforts by Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) to push a resolution of censure that targets President George Bush. Feingold cited the Bush administration’s efforts to wiretap suspected terrorists as the reason for his resolution.

“Russ Feingold wants to censure our President for protecting the American people from terrorists, which is absurd.

“If the Members of Congress have an itchy finger to issue a resolution of censure they should start with former President Jimmy Carter, who has repeatedly worked to undermine U.S. foreign policy, while happily promoting the interests of known terrorists and terrorist organizations,” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

A resolution of censure is a non-binding resolution that serves as a Congressional reprimand and is an _expression of condemnation or rebuke. It can be issued against either a sitting or former President or other political leader.

“If the Members of Congress cannot unite behind a resolution that rebukes a former President for repeatedly working to advance the interests of terrorist groups like Hamas and terrorist leaders like Yasser Arafat, then what good is the Congress?” Morgan asked.

“Former President Carter has attacked American foreign policy in North Korea while praising that nation’s brutal dictator. Carter has attacked American foreign policy in Cuba while helping to prop up the murderous thug, Fidel Castro. And now Jimmy Carter is condemning American and Israeli policies against terrorism while urging support for the terrorist organization, Hamas.

“At what point will we say enough is enough? How much longer will we continue to sit back and do nothing while a former President rallies America’s enemies to remain resolute in their support for terrorism, tyranny and oppression?” Morgan asked.

Move America Forward will deliver the signed “Censure Jimmy Carter” petitions to Members of Congress and seek congressional sponsorship for the Censure resolution.

Members of the public can add their names to the petition by logging on to the website:

“I suggest that the leaders in Congress take this effort seriously. There is a growing constituency of Americans who have had enough of “Blame America First” politicians hurting our nation and the important missions being served by our troops in the fight against terrorism.

"We're mad, we're motivated, and our voices are going to be heard!" Morgan concluded.
TROOP VISIT — Vice President Dick Cheney waves in response to a warm welcome given by the troops and their families at a rally at Scott Air Base in Illinois, March 21, 2006. White House photo by David Bohrer

In Today's News - Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quote of the Day
"I'm ready to go into combat tomorrow if called."
-- Former POW Colonel Theodore Wilson Guy, USAF (1929 - 1999)

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Bush Vows to Support Iraq
Bush says Iraq averted civil war
Gunmen Kill 20 in Iraq Jail Raid
Bush sees US in Iraq after his term - Video
Iran leader sanctions Iraq talks with US
"Trapped in between life and death" (The story of a wounded Hero)
Audio slideshow - Brother to Brother: Tending the wounds of war

Operation Enduring Freedom
U.S. Backs Afghan Man Who Converted to Christianity

Homeland Security / War on Terror
Top FBI official unaware of Moussaoui terror ties - Video
White House Wants Chemical Plant Security
Friend testifies to Moussaoui's jihad commitment
Judge orders release of Salah's statements

Troops on Trial
Abu Ghraib handler guilty of abuse - Video
Reports from residents, videotape add to probe of Iraqi civilians' deaths
Coast Guard Cadets' Rape Hearing Begins

Other Military News
Senators seek smoother military voting

Hamas Rising
U.S. Asks Arab Nations to Persuade Hamas on Israel

Worldwide Wackos
Iran's Supreme Leader OKs Talks With U.S. About Iraq
Chavez: U.S. Lying About Iran
UN Council stymied on Iran

Texas Prosecutors Set Sights on Tom DeLay
Bush dismisses calls for White House shake-up
GOP Sen. Burns faces primary challenge
War vet drops out of race for House seat
Voters sue to keep Diebold from elections

Lennon friend attacks TV seance to reach ex-Beatle
Miami dancer sues show for dismissal over bra size
Viagra for stallion who wouldn't horse around...
Mexican soldiers shot dead for not cleaning up
Off-duty cop hurt, cousins arrested at wedding fight
Two accused of W. Side attack on letter carrier

Other News of Note
Cold War relics found under Brooklyn Bridge

Fox News
Video: Man Who Shot Teen for Being on Yard Calls 911
Snow Slams Ohio Valley
Lafave Charges Nixed - Video
Missing Family Found Alive in Oregon
Stocks to Watch: Microsoft
Microsoft Delays Windows Vista Launch Until 2007
French Labor Protests Renew

Reuters: Top News
Chertoff seeks bill on chemical safety
US and China to launch Latin America dialogue
Senators say yuan move would help China and US
Greenpeace wants oceans protected
Northeast clean air pact gets renewed push
Microsoft to double Xbox 360 shipments this week
Sharon's shadow lingers over Israel election
Perils of online dating prompt safety efforts
Drug access won't slow HIV rates in poor countries
Oily fish may reduce prostate cancer spread: study
Microsoft delays consumer launch of Windows Vista
Sanofi, Bristol say settle Plavix patent suit
Citigroup CEO Prince to succeed Weill as chairman
Nike third quarter earnings rise 19 pct
Time settles in probe of subscription renewals
Colgate to buy majority stake in Tom's of Maine
Nike profit up on strong footwear sales
Bristol-Myers, Nabi shares rise on Inet
Stocks drop on rate fear; Microsoft falls late
Jones Apparel weighs sale of company, shares rise
Valeant hepatitis C drug misses goal, shares dive
A Bernanke buzz-word
On the Radar: Continental Airlines

AP World News
Animal Rights Groups Decry Bear Wrestling
Eva Longoria Gives Loving Props to Beau
Colts Sign Away Patriots Hero Vinatieri
Huffington Apologizes for Clooney Blog
Hayes' Chef Sort of Returns on 'South Park'
Abraham Finally Traded to Falcons
Tagliabue Wants Clean Handoff to Successor
Tenn. Protesters Arrested for Blockages

The Seattle Times
Convicted killer wants to withdraw plea
Ex-Philippine president says phone bugged
Consumer group challenges deficit law
Justices skeptical of using victims' unsworn statements
More avian-flu testing for wild birds in U.S.
Belarus protests roll through third day

Chicago Sun-Times
Blagojevich wins nomination
Feds: Spas were cover for prostitution ring
Stroger will be fine, Daley, others insist
Priest charged with child porn
Charges filed in slaying of postal worker
Man found dead on Green Line train
Hiring probe's 'smoking gun' turned over years ago: lawyer
Senator: Boost Guard's Role in DoD
Prison Break Ends With 19 Dead Iraqis

Department of Defense
Bush: Iraq Reaches Historic Moment - Story
Supporting Troops Promotes Freedom
Cheney Thanks Airmen for War Support - Story - Remarks
City's Liberation Showed Coalition Intentions - Story
Predator Crashes in Iraq; Swarmer Continues - Story

Former Terrorist Base Sees New Beginning - Story
U.S., Iraqi Forces Provide Security for Pilgrims - Story

Tankers Bridge Troubled Waters
Iraqi Soldiers on Track for Independent Ops

Citizen Tip Leads to IED in Afghan Mosque
Aircrews Refuel B-52s in Flight for the Fight
Spartans Take Reins in Eastern Afghanistan

Marine Brothers Cross Paths in Iraq - Story

Spouses Receive School Support - Story

66 Suspected Insurgents Detained
Tal Afar Shows Strategy Working
NATO Key Ally in Anti-terror War
Soldier Killed in Baghdad
Bush Remembers Troops
Bush Hails Iraqi Progress
Talabani: Civil War Not Acceptable
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq (pdf)
Multinational Force Iraq
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (pdf)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Iraq Reconstruction

General Notes Progress
Troops Detain Suspects
Violence Ebbs Over Time
Bird Flu Poses No Danger - Video
Afghanistan Update

Americans Must Maintain Resolve
Success in Iraq Critical to War
Cheney Thanks Troops for Service
Abizaid: Coalition Fights Terrorism
IED Parts Move Across Border
Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Missile Technology Valid, Viable
Memorial Fundraiser Hits Milestone
Pace Tours Earthquake Area
Pakistan Visit to Build Better Bridges
Single C-17 Breaks Airdrop Record
National Guard, Reserve Update

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah
Al Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar


Today in History
1752 - Pope Stephen II elected to succeed Zacharias, dies 2 days later
1349 - Townspeople of Fulda Germany massacre Jews (blamed for black death)
1457 - Gutenberg Bible becomes the 1st printed book
1621 - Hugo de Grote escapes in bookcase from Loevenstein castle, Netherlands
1621 - Massasoit & Pilgrims agree on league of friendship (Plymouth)
1622 - 1st Indian (Powhattan) massacre of whites, Jamestown VA; 347 slain
1630 - 1st colonial legislation prohibiting gambling enacted (Boston)
1638 - Religious dissident Anne Hutchinson expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony
1680 - Parliament of Breisach accept French sovereignty over Elzas
1692 - Emperor Leopold I names duke Earnest August of Braunschweig, king
1733 - Joseph Priestly invents carbonated water (seltzer)
1765 - Stamp Act passed: 1st direct British tax on colonists
1775 - Edmund Burke presents his 13 articles to the English parliament
1778 - Captain Cook sights Cape Flattery, in Washington state
1790 - Thomas Jefferson becomes the 1st US Secretary of State
1794 - Congress bans US vessels from supplying slaves to other countries
1841 - Cornstarch patented (Orlando Jones)
1861 - 1st US nursing school chartered
1862 - San Marino & Italy conclude treaty of friendship & cooperation
1865 - Raid at Wilson's: Chickaswas, AL to Macon, GA
1871 - William Holden of North Carolina is 1st governor removed from office by impeachment
1872 - Illinois becomes 1st state to require sexual equality in employment
1873 - Slavery is abolished in Puerto Rico
1882 - Edmunds Act adopted by US to suppress polygamy in the territories
1903 - Niagara Falls runs out of water because of a drought
1914 - World's 1st airline, St. Petersburg Tampa Airboat Line, begins
1922 - British court sentences Mahatma Gandhi to 6 years in prison
1929 - USCG vessel sinks Canadian schooner suspected of carrying liquor
1933 - FDR makes wine & beer with up to 3.2% alcohol legal
1934 - Fire destroys Hakodate, Japan (kills 1,500, injures 1,000)
1935 - Blood tests authorized as evidence in court cases (New York)
1939 - Lithuanian state, forced to give Memel territory to Germany
1941 - Grand Coulee Dam in Washington goes into operation
1942 - Heavy German assault on Malta
1943 - Dutch work week extended to 54 hours; Obligatory work for woman ends in Belgium; SS police chief Rauter threatens to kill half Jewish children
1944 - 600+ 8th Air Force bombers attack Berlin
1945 - Arab League forms with adoption of a charter in Cairo, Egypt; US 3rd Army crosses Rhine at Nierstein
1946 - 1st US rocket to leave the Earth's atmosphere (50 miles up)
1946 - Britain signs treaty granting independence to Jordan
1947 - President Truman signs executive order calling for loyalty
1952 - Dutch DC-6 crashes near Frankfurt, killing 44
1953 - Antonín Zápotocky chosen as president of Czechoslovakia
1956 - Death penalty against Prime Minister-director Léon Jungschlaeger
1957 - Earthquake in San Francisco
1958 - Faisal succeeds Saudi as king of Saudi-Arabia
1963 - British Minister of War John Profumo denies having sex with Christine Keeler
1965 - D. Senanayake wins general elections in Ceylon (Sri Lanka); US confirms its troops used chemical warfare against the Vietcong
1968 - Jarmila Novotna resigns presidency of Czechoslovakia; Student riot in Nanterre near Paris France
1972 - Congress approves Equal Rights Amendment (never ratified)
1975 - Walt Disney World Shopping Village opens
1977 - Dutch Den Uyl government falls
1979 - Israeli parliament approves peace treaty with Egypt
1981 - Soyuz 39 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Mongolian) to Salyut 6
1982 - 3rd Space Shuttle Mission-Columbia 3 launched; Iran offensive against Iraq
1983 - Chaim Herzog elected Israeli president
1985 - NASA launches Intelsat VA
1986 - Kurt Browning (Canada) becomes 1st skater to land a quadruple jump
1988 - Congress overrides Reagan's veto of sweeping civil rights bill
1989 - NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle announces retirement as NFL commissioner after 29 years; US Supreme Court upholds 1 person 1 vote rule of New York, NY Board of Estimate
1990 - Anchorage jury finds Captain Hazelwood innocent of Valdez oil spill
1991 - Law enforcement officers raid fraternities at University of Virginia seizing drugs; New York Daily News begins using motto "Forward with New York"; Pamela Smart (HS teacher) found guilty in New Hampshire of manipulating her student-lover to kill her husband
1992 - US Air New York to Cleveland crashes on take off at La Guardia, 27 die
1993 - Intel introduces Pentium-processor (80586) 64 bits-60 MHz-100+ MIPS
1994 - Dutch Ambassador to US christens a new tulip (the Hillary Clinton); South African Government/ANC take power in Ciskei homeland
1994 - Soyuz TM-21 lands
1995 - Deputy Governor of Bank of England, Rupert Pennant-Rea, resigns following revelations of his affair with a freelance journalist
1996 - STS 76 (Atlantis 16), launches into orbit

1459 - Maximilian I of Habsburg, German Emperor/archduke of Austria
1609 - John II Casimir, Vasa cardinal/king of Poland (1648-68)
1767 - Cornelis T. Elout, Dutch minister of Finance
1797 - Kaiser Wilhelm I, German emperor (1871-88)
1799 - F.W.A. Argelander Memel, cataloguer of 324,188 stars
1813 - Gabriel Rene Paul, Union Brigadier General
1817 - Braxton Bragg, Confederate General
1819 - William Wirt Adams, Confederate Brigadier General
1822 - Ahmed Djevdet Pasha, Turkish minister of Education/Justice; Isaac D. Fransen van de Putte, Dutch premier (1866); Seth Williams, Union Brevet Major General
1824 - William Henry Chase Whiting, Confederate Major General; Francis Asbury Shoup, Confederate Brigadier General
1857 - Paul Doumer, Governor-General of Indo-China/13th President of France (1931-32)
1868 - Robert A. Millikan, US physicist (photoelectric effect; Nobel 1923)
1903 - James S. Russell, US pilot/Admiral (WWII Pacific Ocean)
1907 - James Gavin, US 82nd Airborne Division General (Sicily/Normandy)
1908 - Maurice H. Stans, US Secretary of Commerce (1969-72)
1912 - Henri Rousselot, Admiral; Lord Alport
1918 - Cheddi B. Jagan, dentist/founder PPP/Guyanese Premier (1953, 1957-64); Harry Kay vice-chancellor (Exeter University)
1921 - Wilhelmus Norbert Schmelzer, Netherlands foreign minister (KVP)
1922 - Mujib ur-Rahman, Pakistani sheik/premier
1923 - Bryan Clieve Roberts, lawyer/civil servant; Cor N. van Dis, Jr., Dutch MP (SGP, 1971-94); Marcel Marceau, French mime (Barbarella, Silent Movie)
1924 - Al Neuharth, newspaper founder (USA Today); Bill Wendell New York NY, TV announcer (Late Night With David Letterman)
1926 - Julius Marmur, biochemist/geneticist
1927 - Viscount Bolingbroke
1928 - Bill Archer (Representative-TX); Dmitri Antonovitch Volkogonov, soldier/historian
1930 - Derek Bok, college president (Harvard); Lynden O. Pindling, Prime Minister of Bahamas (1967-92); Pat Robertson, televangelist (700 club, Presidential candidate-Republican-1989)
1930 - Stephen Sondheim, lyricist/composer (Sweeney Todd, Into The Woods, West Side Story)
1931 - William Shatner, actor (Star Trek, T J Hooker)
1932 - Richard Thomas, Admiral
1933 - Buddy MacKay (Representative-FL)
1934 - Orrin G. Hatch (Senator-UT)
1936 - Ron Carey, union president (Teamsters)
1949 - Brian Hanrahan, British TV newsman (BBC)
1951 - Musa Khiramanovich Manarov, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-4, TM-11)
1952 - Bob Costas, sportscaster/talk show host (Later)
1953 - Thomas H. Andrews (Representative-ME)
1966 - Yahya Ayyash, militant
1972 - Pieter Christiaan, Prince of Netherlands

0337 - Constantine, Emperor of Rome, dies at 47
1471 - George van Podiebrad, King of Bohemia (1458-71)
1627 - Cornelis van Aerssen, Flemish Clerk of the House, dies at about 81
1777 - John Bartram, father of American botany, dies at 77
1820 - Stephen Decatur, killed in a duel with Com James Barron, at 41
1838 - Hendrik Fagel, Dutch/English baron, dies at 73
1890 - Désiré de Haerne Belgian priest/Congressional leader, dies at 85
1923 - Theophile Delcassé French statesman, dies at 71
1924 - R.G. Nivelle, French General (Verdun), dies at 67
1944 - ... Pucheu, French Internal minister to Vichy, executed
1945 - J. Postuma Dutch, resistance fighter
1946 - Clemens A. von Galen, bishop of Munster/anti fascist, dies at 68
1975 - Asa Smith Bushnell, Jr., Secretary of US Olympics (1945-65), dies at 75
1978 - Karl Wallenda falls to death walking high-wire in Puerto Rico, at 73
1994 - Luther Diamond, radio Personality, dies at 89; Walter Lantz, US cartoonist (Woody Woodpecker), dies at 93
1996 - Robert Franklin Overmyer, astronaut (STS 5, STS 51-B), dies at 59; Ronald George Hayward, political manager, dies at 78

Reported Missing in Action
Guy, Theodore W., USAF (IL); F4C shot down (w/Lyon), released by NVA March, 1973 - retired as a Colonel - deceased April, 1999 *** 287 combat missions, 5600 hours of flying time, all single engine
or center line thrust. 101 Missions in an F84 in Korea ***

Hattori, Masaki, US Army (CA); OV1C crashed while avoiding collision with Navy helicopters, Killed, body not recovered

Lyon, Donovan L., USAF (CA); F4C shot down (w/Guy)

The following US Army personnel reported MIA when their UH1H was shot down. All reported Killed, body not recovered:
Cleve, Reginald D. (MO); aircraft commander

Hall, Walter R. (CA); door gunner

Knutsen, Donald P. (NY); crewchief

Traver, John G. III (FL); pilot

Also reported MIA this day in 1971:
Moriarty, Peter G., USAF (CT); F100D shot down, KIA, body not recovered