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Wednesday, April 20, 2005



Oklahoma City

Too many lives shattered

against their will,

without care, with little pity;

like broken vases on

a window sill.

The devil seems to have worked

overtime in April.

Christina 4-05

Soldiers' Angels, WRMF, and friends help our heroes play ball...

Received by Soldiers' Angels - they had received a request to assist with obtaining softball equipment for a group of heroes. Soldiers' Angels and a number of other "Angels" helped make it happen...

Hi Patti,
I don't know if you remember but I had a guy B---- request used softball equipment...I wanted to thank you and show you all the dontations I got. One picture is of the ones I got from the radio station WRMF where my friend DJ Steve Young got a local used sports equipment store they gave 15 gloves and 5 bats, some kind of tape for the bats and a bunch of softballs. Then a friend of my boss has a golf tournament every year and got donations and bought us about 40 gloves and 10 bats and a ton of softballs.

Just thought I would share with you the pictures. I can't wait for B---- to get all the equipment. He is going to be suprised.


Soldiers' Angels needs your help to continue supporting heroes. Submissions of troops who need support are coming in unprecedented numbers. Please consider becoming an Angel, or donating to help SA continue to help those who put their lives on the line for all of us.

Received from Patti, the Soldiers' Angels founder:

We were able to send tens of thousands of packages to heroes last year due to your unending support and have done so well that the third deployment have responded in overwhelming numbers with requests to be adopted and supplies to be sent.

Our resources are waning and we truly need your support. Please consider adopting a hero or donating here , or sending in a check so we can continue to help heroes.

Please consider helping Soldiers' Angels to ensure that "No Soldier Goes Unloved" until they all come home.

AMMUNITION RUN — U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Donald Wagers, assigned military police duties, radios in his convoy's departure information before delivering ammunition to three local Iraqi Police stations in Najaf, Iraq, April 2, 2005. Wagers is assigned to the 940th Military Police Unit and is part of the 155th Brigade Combat Team forward deployed to Camp Hotel in central Iraq. Defense Dept. photo by U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Edward Martens

In Today's News - Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Quote of the Day
Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen, but his country's cause.
-- Homer Associated Press
Four Iraqis killed in insurgent attacks
Vote on Bolton U.N. nomination postponed
AP: Saudis in talks on nuclear agreement

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq
Yemeni forces facing threats on two fronts
Relocation of Gaza cemetery a thorny issue
AP: Saudis in talks on nuclear agreement
Car bomb kills two U.S. soldiers in Iraq
Two prominent Syrian exiles return home
U.N. studies envoy's ties to Tongsun Park
Lebanese leaders appoint a new government

US News: Iraq News
Iraqi Security Forces Capture Two Zarqawi Associates
UN, Kuwait Seek Prisoners Taken by Iraq in 1990
Woman Sends Husband In Iraq Letters On Vietnam Notes
Ft. Carson soldier killed in Iraq identified
Security Council praises Iraq's new government
Expert: Akbar sane during grenade attack

Yahoo! News: War with Iraq
Car Bombs Kill Two Iraqi Civilians, Wound Eight
Car bomb kills two U-S soldiers
Why a black market for gasoline vexes Iraq
UN's Annan says did not know of Korea envoy ties

Fox News
Wave of Violence in Iraq
Abbas, Sharon Trade Barbs
Israel Begins Closing Base
Cemetery Complicates Pullout
GAO: Private Screeners Better Than Gov't Workers
Japan Quake Injures 58
Koreas at Odds Over Nukes
Arnold: 'Close the Borders'
No Review in CIA Leak Case
Nichols: Attack Report 'Pure Lies'
Senate Panel Puts Off Bolton Vote
Border Surveillance System Prone to Breakdown

Department of Defense
Center to Provide 'Safety Net' for Injured — Story
Australia Deploys More Troops to Iraq — Story

Runners Compete in Iraq/Boston Marathon — Story Photos
Soldiers Use Many Tools in Clearing Mines — Story
Troops, Afghans Gather for School Opening — Story
Air Assault First Mission of Operation Vigilance — Story Photos
Afghans, Coalition Hold Milestone Conference — Story

Comm Squadron Makes Mission Possible
F-16 Crew Chiefs Combat Odds to Keep Jets in Flight

Airmen Guard Diverse Flying Mission
Cool Job Keeps Airmen Fed
Airmen Cross 100-Mission Milestones

C-130 Maintainers Keep Mission-Capable Rates High

Soldier Marks 30th Year in Army — Story

Bracelets Honor Fallen Troops — Story
Texas Track Honors Veterans

Medal of Honor
Two Years in Iraq
'Gitmo' Detainee Camp

Leaders Work to Improve Sadr City
U.S. Troops Thwart IED Attack
Highway Patrol Ready for Duty
Iraq Daily Update
Iraq Reconstruction
Weekly Progress Report (pdf)

Tripartite Commission Meets
Afghans Turn in Weapons, IEDs
Afghanistan Daily Update
Afghan Reconstruction Group Recruiting

Language Latest Weapon in Arsenal
Detainee Transfer Announced
Aircraft Lighter Ban Applies to All
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Nominee: Navy Faces 3 Challenges
Task Force Focus: IED Threat
Rangers Celebrate Return with Ride
National Guard, Reserve Update

Soldiers Honor Fallen Comrade — Story

Officials Identify Army Casualties —Story

Today in History
1657 - English Admiral Robert Blake fights his final battle, destroying the Spanish fleet in Santa Cruz Bay.
1770 - Captain Cook discovers Australia.
1775 - British troops lay siege to Boston.
1792 - France declares war on Austria, Prussia, and Sardinia.
1809 - Napoleon defeats Austria at Battle of Abensberg, Bavaria.
1836 - The Territory of Wisconsin is created.
1861 - Robert E. Lee resigns from the U.S. Army.
1919 - The Polish Army captures Vilno, Lithuania from the Soviets.
1942 - In a radio broadcast, Pierre Laval, premier of Vichy France, establishes a policy of "true reconciliation with Germany."
1945 - Soviet troops attack Berlin.
1951 - General MacArthur addresses Congress after being relieved by President Truman.
1953 - In Korea, Operation Little Switch begins. This is an exchange of sick and wounded POW's.
1967 - U.S. planes bomb Haiphong, Vietnam, for the first time.
1999 - Two students enter Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado and open fire, killing 13 students and teachers, and wounding 25, before shooting themselves.

121 - Marcus Aurelius, 16th Roman emperor, philosopher.
1808 - Louis-Napoleon (Napoleon III), emperor of France.
1889 - Adolf Hitler
1927 - Alex Muller, Nobel Prize-winning physicist.