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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Hero...

Stephanie sends these pictures of her Hero, Donald, who will be deploying soon:

She also has this message for him:

Donald, you are our hero!
We love you with all our hearts,
your wife and children

Stephanie, thanks for the pictures!

Donald, thank you for everything you do for all of us.
Take care, and stay safe.

Moonbat Watch - Gitmo Gluttony

First it was cries of torture, starvation, and inhumane treatment at Gitmo.

And then the news came out that the inhumane treatment was coming FROM the inmates, towards our Heroes!

Now, if you can believe it, the Moonbattery is concerned with the fact that the food is TOO GOOD at Gitmo.

Yep, the evil U.S. empire is now malevolently fattening terrorists:

High-calorie diet fattens Gitmo inmates
By MICHAEL MELIA, Associated Press Writer
Tue Oct 3, 11:08 PM ET

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A high-calorie diet combined with life in the cell block — almost around the clock in some cases — is making detainees at Guantanamo Bay fat.

Meals totaling a whopping 4,200 calories per day are brought to their cells, well above the 2,000 to 3,000 calories recommended for weight maintenance by U.S. government dietary guidelines. And some inmates are eating everything on the menu.

One detainee has almost doubled in weight, to 410 pounds, said Navy Cmdr. Robert Durand, spokesman for the detention facilities at Guantanamo, a U.S. Navy station in southeast Cuba...

Bear in mind that there is exercise equipment at Gitmo; the detainees simply aren't using it. So now this is our fault, too. Some terrorist stuffs himself stupid and can't put the twinkies down long enough to get to the exercise equipment, and it's our fault.

And this on a day when news comes that Fred Phelps and his Westboro wackos are going to picket the funerals of the little Amish girls murdered by another complete nutcase - because PA's governor ticked them off when he appeared on Fox News and [gasp] didn't say very flattering things about them.

Our priorities are seriously out of whack in this country when those two stories have equal billing, and there's more outrage at the hi-cal diet at Gitmo than at twisted freaks like Phelps.

Norfolk (Oct. 3, 2006) - Families and friends watch on the pier as the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) gets underway in support of the ongoing rotation of forward-deployed forces. The Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group is commanded by Rear Adm. Allen G. Myers, Commander, Carrier Strike Group Eight (CCSG-8), and includes the Eisenhower's embarked air wing, Carrier Air Wing Seven (CVW-7), guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG 68), guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG 61), guided-missile destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87), and fast-attack submarine USS Newport News (SSN 750), all homeported in Norfolk. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joshua Glassburn

Thunderbirds fulfill her lifelong need for speed

September 29, 2006
By Alex Quade

WICHITA, Kansas (CNN) -- Air Force Maj. Nicole Malachowski says she always has wanted to fly -- and fly fast. She got her private pilot's certificate before she got her driver's license, and she's been soaring ever since.

When Congress changed the rules in the early 1990s, allowing women to fly combat missions, her future was sealed. Now at 31, Malachowski is the newest member of the Air Force's Thunderbird demonstration squadron -- the first woman on any U.S. military high performance jet team.

"People talk about glass ceilings or breaking barriers," she said. "I don't even understand those concepts. Those words have actually never existed in my life."

She pointed to her name on the side of her F-16. "I'm so glad I live in a country where at 5 years old I can say, 'Hey I'm going to grow up and be a fighter pilot,' and here it is." ....

Full Story

Video: Watch Malachowski Fly with the Thunderbirds

Thanks to Tony for the tip!

SEARCHING NADEEM - U.S. Army soldiers from 1st Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment, cross an aqueduct during a cordon and search operation in Nadeem, Iraq, Sept. 30, 2006. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Eli J. Medellin

Rumsfeld: Freedom-Loving People Must Choose to Defend Freedom

By Kathleen T. Rhem
American Forces Press Service

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Oct. 3, 2006 – People who value freedom must stand up and defend it, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said here today.

Rumsfeld is in Nicaragua to attend the seventh conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas. He met earlier today with Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolanos and held a news conference with Nicaraguan Defense Minister Avil Ramirez.

“If you believe in freedom, and if you enjoy being able to get up in the morning, go where you want, work where you want and say what you want, send your children off to school with reasonable confidence that they'll come home, then you have to defend a free way of life,” Rumsfeld said during the news conference.

Rumsfeld’s comments on the war on terrorism were in response to a question from a Nicaraguan journalist who asked if the U.S. was considering changing its defense policies in response to international criticism. He said some parties will always disagree with choices U.S. leaders make.

“Now you can debate exactly how it should be done, or whether it should be done,” he said. “But that fundamental issue is what's facing free people everywhere in the world. And simply because someone doesn't like that, in my view, is not a reason to pretend, to stick your head in the sand and pretend that that's not the case.”

He said the goals of Muslim extremists are clear and posted around the Internet: Terrorists want to overthrow moderate Muslim leaders and replace them with extremists, build a supreme Muslim kingdom across most of the world, and to have a small group of extremist clerics making up the rules for everyone else.

“And if people don't behave the way (the clerics) want, then they cut off people’s heads,” Rumsfeld said.

He was careful to characterize the struggle with extremism not as a fight against Islam, but a fight between moderates and extremists within Islam.

“I … believe there is this struggle within the Muslim faith between this very small number of violent extremists and the overwhelming majority of the Muslims in the world, hundreds of millions of them,” Rumsfeld said. “Overwhelmingly they do not support the violent extremists who go around cutting off peoples' heads, blowing up buildings, killing thousands of human beings.”

He said free people have a choice between defending their way of life or doing nothing. “They're attacking the ability of a people to be free, and you have got a choice,” he said. “You can acquiesce and let them win, or you can decide that you're not going to acquiesce and not let them win.”

Donald H. Rumsfeld

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by Petty Officer 1st Class Martin Anton Edgil
October 3, 2006
Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division patrol Baghdad in their Stryker vehicles. US Army photo.

In Today's News - Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Quote of the Day
"...without a Respectable Navy, Alas America!"
-- Captain John Paul Jones,
in an October 17, 1776 letter to Robert Morris

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Judges postpone verdict in Saddam trial
Violence in Iraq leaves at least 52 dead

Operation Enduring Freedom
Up to 90,000 Afghans said displaced by war

Homeland Security / War on Terror
Terror Inmates' Mail Unread
Turk Hijacker Surrenders, Passengers Released
Turkish hijacker was alone and unarmed - Video
Britain says IRA now poses no security threat

Troops on Trial
AWOL soldier surrenders in Ky.

Other Military News
Rumsfeld defends war on terrorism, rejects talks

Mid-East Ceasefire / Israel at War
Gunmen kill Hamas leader in West Bank; Rice to visit
Rice calls for Hamas to work with Abbas

Immigration / Border Control
Justices hear arguments on deportation

Worldwide Wackos
North Korea's Neighbors Caution Against Testing Nuclear Weapons
GOP Report: N. Korean Test Could Encourage Others
South Korea Warns of Policy 'Shift' Over North Nuke Threat
China urges calm after N.Korea triggers alarm - Video
Rice: Nuclear test a 'provocative act'
Ahmadinejad Opens Iran's Nuke Sites to Visitors
US may Back Iran on Nuke Alliance
Hugo Chavez Calls Rumsfeld 'Mr. Dog,' Defends Arms Deals

Politics / Government
Foley Claims He Was Molested By Clergyman
Bush Backs Hastert Investigation of Foley
Pressure builds on Republicans - Video
W. Va. lawmaker embarasssed by photos

U.N. News
Annan's Financial Form to be Secret

Mother Nature
Typhoon Xangsane Kills 59 in Vietnam
Oxfam sees 1.8 mln Pakistanis at risk in quake zone

And the most requested funeral song is...
Boxer goes naked to make weight for world title fight
Parents charged with abducting bride
Public smitten with dancing Springer

Other News of Note
American Roger D. Kornberg Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Killer Revealed Secret Torment - VIDEO
Gunman may have planned sex assault at Amish school - Video
'Innocence is gone' at Pa. Amish school
Brazil Probes Two U.S. Pilots in Crash Probe

Fox News
Dow Jones Industrials Surge to New All-Time High
Yankees, Cards, A's Win MLB Playoff Openers
Lone Comair Crash Survivor Leaves Hospital
Two Americans Share Nobel Prize in Physics
Eric Clapton: 'I'm Definitely on the Decline'
Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Set for 'Titanic' Year
Stocks to Watch: Tivo, Lawson Software

Reuters: Top News
Post-coup Thai cabinet expected in next two days
Japan's "team Abe" faces leadership test on reform
Tight U.S. security turning off tourists: WTTC
New Orleans touts Chinese homes, goods for recovery
AOL to launch new version of software
DoCoMo to add Yahoo search on mobile phones: source
Asians seek to break western literary stranglehold
Scorsese's "Departed" sets scene for Oscar rematch
U.S. to stop seizing Canadian drug imports: WSJ
Have bonus, will botox - U.K. financiers splurge out
Barbra is back! Streisand launches her biggest tour
"Game" over for another Carrey movie
Gold steadies but seen pressured by oil, dollar
Oil falls near $58, awaits U.S. inventory data
EADS shares open 11 pct down on profit warning
Stock futures flat, Dow set to extend record
Dollar gains vs. majors as oil prices fall
Reuters Wealth Management Summit
Foreign bankers eye young Japanese
More interviews from the Wealth Management Summit
Who's afraid of earnings season?
Harrah's options trade before offer is questioned
Fed's Hoenig sees economy slowing at end of year
Airlines shudder at new delay for Airbus superjumbo
Software giants shut as strike hits Indian tech hub
Fujitsu to recall 287,000 Sony-made batteries
BAE Systems shareholders back Airbus stake sale

AP World News
Toyota trounces Big 3 in Sept. sales
Jeter ties record as Yankees top Tigers
Brown Widow makes its home on Gulf Coast
Dow surges to new closing high
Pujols answers bell as Cards beat Padres
Dow soars to new closing high of 11,727
Costner casino battle to S.D. top court
Urban schools improving security
Defense: Evidence withheld in Karr case
'Cold Mountain' author promotes new book
Pollen produces new clue in 1979 slaying
Agency to re-examine stem cell patents
Bill Would Boost Guard and Reserve GI Bill
Army Guard Barely Misses Recruiting Goal
Eisenhower Strike Group Leaves for 7 Months
Studying a Navy Relic
Commandant Reenlist Marines in Combat Zone

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Officials Say New Iraqi Plan Aims to Combat Sectarian Violence - Story
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Iraqi Security Forces Assume Control of Base - Story
Soldiers Conduct Medical Ops in Mushada - Story
Afghan NCOs Complete Drill Sergeant Course - Story
Iraqi Air Force Moving Towards Control of Ops - Story

Iraqi Forces Train to Combat IED, Explosives Threat
‘Retired’ Engineer Oversees 30 Al Anbar Projects
Voices of Freedom Make Way onto Airwaves
Army Engineers Help to Rebuild Infrastructure
Corpsmen Test Combat Skills, Prepare for Iraq
Combat Cooks Provide Hot Meals in Field
U.S. Marines Aid in Police Station Makeover

Afghan Laborers Continue Work on Local Dam
Harriers Complete Combat Runs in Afghanistan

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National Hurricane Center

Today in History
- Plymouth Colony sees its first code of law.
1648 - Peter Stuyvesant establishes Americas first volunteer firefighters.
1777 - Battle of Germantown.
1824 - Mexico becomes a republic.
1830 - Belgium secedes from the Netherlands.
1862 - The Battle of Corinth ends.
1883 - The Orient Expressmakes its first run, linking Turkey to Europe.
1910 - Portugal becomes a republic; King Manuel II flees to England.
1931 - The comic strip "Dick Tracy" (Chester Gould) debuts.
1940 - Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini confer at Brenner Pass in the Alps.
1955 - Reverend Sun Young Moon leaves prison in Seoul.
1957 - "Leave It to Beaver," debuts on CBS-TV; the U.S.S.R. Sputnik I, the first artificial Earth satellite.
1958 - Transatlantic commercial jet passenger service begins (BOAC).
1959 - The U.S.S.R.'s Luna-3 sends back the first photos of the Moon's far side.
1960 - The Courier-1B, first active repeater satellite in orbit, is launched.
1962 - USAF Maorj Robert A. Rushworth takes the X-15 to 32,300 m.
1963 - Gambia achieves full internal self-government.
1965 - Pope Paul VI becomes the first Pope to visit the Western Hemisphere (UN); the U.S.S.R. launches Luna-7; it crash-lands on Moon.
1966 - Lesotho (Basutoland) gains independence from Britain.
1969 - The U.N. starts issuing postage stamps at its Geneva headquarters.
1970 - Herbert Schmidtz makes the highest parachute jump from a tower by leaping from a 1,984 ft TV tower in Tulsa, OK.
1976 - Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz resigns over telling a racial joke.
1977 - In San Francisco, Pier 39 opens.
1978 - Funeral are services held for Pope John Paul I.
1983 - Richard Noble reaches a record 1019 kph in a jet-powered car.
1984 - The U.S. government closes down due to budget problems.
1985 - Shite Muslims claim to have killed hostage William Buckley.
1987 - In the first "Scrub Sunday" of the NFL, replacement players take the field.

- King Louis X (the Stubborn) of France (1314-16)
1626 - Richard Cromwell, lord protector of England (1658-59)
1822 - Rutherford B. Hayes,19th U.S. President (1877-81)
1850 - John W. McGraw (Gov-WA) (1893-97)
1892 - Engelbert Dollfuss, Austrian Fascist chancellor, killed by Nazis
1922 - Malcolm Baldrige, U.S. Secretary of Commerce (1981-87)
1923 - Charlton Heston, actor (10 Commandments, Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes)
1943 - Buddy Roemer (Gov-LA)
1946 - Susan Sarandon, actress (Bull Durham)
1949 - Armand Assante, actor (Private Benjamin, Unfaithfully Yours)

1904 - Frederic Auguste Bertholdi, French sculptor ("Statue of Liberty")
1970 - Janis Joplin, rock singer, at 27

Reported Missing in Action
Burns, John D., USN (FL); A4C shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - alive and well as of 1998

Lillund, William A., USAF (CA); F105F shot down (w/McDaniel)

McDaniel, Morris L., Jr., USAF (GA); F105F shot down (w/Lillund)

Schoeffel, Peter V., USN (VA); A4C shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - retired as a Captain - alive as of 1998

Zook, David H., Jr., USAF (OH); U10B crashed while on leaflet mission; reportedly collided with larger plane