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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Keeping Score

Over at, you'll find a tally of the terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists since 9/11/2001. It's a very sobering page, and (no surprise) includes attacks worldwide.

Shocking, I know, but Iraq, Afghanistan, and London are not the only places where terrorists are operating.

Admittedly, not all Muslims are terrorists (for example, the Free Muslim Coalition), and I'm not condemning a religion. I don't blame all Catholics for the actions of the IRA. But Islamic extremism is out of control, and the calmer, saner elements of the religion need to start being an active part of the solution. It is going to take serious, sincere effort on the part of Islam's followers to deal with the extremist elements therein. Apathy isn't going to do it, nor is repeatedly intoning "Islam is a religion of peace." It may be, but its radical followers are sure not being peaceful.

There was worldwide outcry over the allegations of Koran desecration at Gitmo, but there seems to be almost none regarding global terrorism. These acts are being done in the name of Islam - if this is a religion of peace, isn't that the highest form of desecration?

And these terrorist acts aren't always against non-Muslims - sometimes attacked are people who just aren't Muslim enough to suit the terrorists.

Recently, some high-ranking Muslim theologians have come out to denounce the attacks in London. It's a start, but there needs to be a lot more.

Hat tip to American Dinosaur

Update: Then again, maybe it IS happening, and we're just not hearing it...
This comes from Seamus:

Report: Radical Kuwaiti Imams Drowned Out in Pro-American Protests by Local Worshippers
From the Al-Siyasah newspaper (received June 6):

"The Imam of al-Jabiriyah preached against the Americans and the Worshippers shouted 'O' Allah, make America stronger!"

"The Al-Siyasah newspaper has received news that several mosques in Kuwait have begun to exhibit a new phenomenon manifested in the rejection by worshippers of extremist prayers expressed by some of the Imams during their Khutbah [friday prayer]. These prayers included invitations to fight the Americans and to become more hostile towards them. An example of this [phenomenon] was when Nabil al-Awadi, who is an Imam at one of the mosques in the southern region of Al-Surrah, began preaching against the Americans in his last Friday Khutbah. As a result, the people at prayer cut off his speech and demanded that he stop talking. Additionally, the worshippers at the mosque of Aisha Shabib in the Al-Jabiriyah neighborhood shouted, 'O' Allah, make Islam and America stronger' in response to what the Imam of that mosque had said during friday prayer about America and the current war [in Iraq]."

Moonbats on Parade

In Fox News this morning is the following story:

San Francisco Mulls Military Recruiting Ban

The subject of military recruiting in schools is a hotly debated one. But to BAN recruiters from a school? It's no secret that our school systems are hotbeds of liberal, anti-troop rhetoric. However, the fact that they would even consider actively baning recruiters, especially considering the agenda of the folks asking for the ban, is frightening.

If the measure qualifies for the November ballot and is approved by voters, it would encourage city officials and university administrators to exclude recruiters — even if it means forsaking government dollars — and to create scholarships and training to reduce the military's appeal to youth

So basically, our schools would become private anti-military education systems - and what alternatives would a parent have? Virtually none.

Oh, and take a look at who's driving this train:

"We do not see George Bush's daughters signing up," said Ragina Johnson, a member of the International Socialist Organization. "It is poor and working class people who need a job and education at the same time billions are being spent on this war."

I don't know about you, but the idea of an entire city school district adopting a plan developed by Socialists in the United States is very, very frightening to me.

And if they are banning military recruiters, how about banning the Peace Corps? The Crop Walk? Job Fairs? Anything - absolutely anything - that might educate American children to career opportunities, help form ideals and belief systems - should be banned.

I think this whole thing comes dangerously close to discrimination on the basis of creed. The term has not really been well-defined in antidiscrimination law, but clearly, the agenda here is to eliminate any pro-military options for any student. To ensure that the radical left is the only voice heard in schools. That has to be close to the sort of thing the law was designed to protect against. After all, what do you think would happen if a public school tried to eliminate evolution theory?

I wonder if we'd find the same sort of opposition to Amnesty International coming into a school.... Have you found any sort of public push to have military history TAUGHT in schools?

According to these people, believing in the military is horrible - to believe that it is honorable to serve one's country is deplorable. And what does THAT say about where these people are at?


Gitmo Dick is at it again....this from Move America Forward:

In keeping with his outrageous conduct against our troops, U.S. SenatorRichard Durbin's office intimated to an Illinois newspaper - theNorthwest Herald of Crystal Lake, IL - that the IRS should shut down apro-military not-for-profit organization (Move America Forward) that isrunning TV Ads featuring the Senator's widely-criticized comments,telling the newspaper:

"Have you ever seen that H&R Block commercial where the guy leans in and says, 'I see an audit'?"From CNS News - syndicated on, GOPUSA and other news sites:

This is all a reaction to the ad campaign that takes Senator Dick Durbinto task for comparing U.S. Troops based at Guantanamo Bay to "Nazis, Soviets with their Gulags or some mad regime like Pol Pot or others."

The television ad can be seen online here:

My Two Cents: So You Still Think We're in a "Quagmire??"

A little while ago, I posted some words from a hero that should have eliminated all doubts about that.

If you still need convincing, or if you're one of those who doesn't see the relationship between Iraq and the War on Terror, you need to read this.

Heck, I think everyone needs to read this.

Received via email:


There are tremendous things being done by tremendous people. The United States Army recently celebrated its 230th birthday and as I sat, in safety, at my desk in Virginia, I started to remember where I was on the Army's 228th birthday. That day I was sitting in the city of Mosul Iraq. My Soldiers and I had just finished protecting local government buildings from violent riots a few days prior, and the contrast between that anniversary and this could not have been starker.

Upon the official end of Major Combat Operations on 01 May 2003, the daunting task of securing and rebuilding Mosul, the third largest city in Iraq with 1.25 million people, was at hand. My Infantry company, Charlie Company, 2nd battalion, 205th Infantry Regiment, of the 101st Airborne Division, assumed control of the northwest section of the Mosul, which included a hospital complex (with 5 separate hospitals, an emergency room, 2 training schools, and an ambulance service), a police station, a large city market, 20 schools, numerous Mosques and other civil buildings, large residential areas, approximately 5km of the Tigris river bank, and the Mosul Hotel. Even though organized resistance no longer existed in Mosul at that time, there was still the danger of the random act of violence against not only the US Troops but the citizens of Mosul who showed any happiness that the US was there.

In conjunction with patrols, my Soldiers provided immediate security to key infrastructure and sensitive sights that were vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and sabotage. This security was placed at fuel stations, police departments, and the City hospital complex while security forces were being organized and trained by our Brigade. Benzene (gasoline) sales were nonexistent before U.S. forces arrived in Mosul. What little there was, was being looted and sold on the black market at extremely high prices. The Soldiers of my company, as well as the rest of the battalion, assumed control of these stations and very tightly controlled them while the benzene surplus was reestablished. Because of the efforts of our Soldiers the benzene stations were running without the supervision of US troops in a few months, and the people had enough to run their cars.

Propane availability and distribution was a problem very similar to that of the benzene stations. Propane was how the cooking and heating was done in people's homes. Our troops would move to a location in the city and wire off an area where a propane truck would enter and the people would line up and pay for a tank. This was done two sometimes three times a day in the intense heat of the summer. After a few months this too began running smoothly with the direct supervision of out Soldiers.

I tell these stories to make a point on what is going on in Iraq now. Thankfully I was able to conduct this all important missions with little to no enemy intervention. The Soldiers in my company as well as those across my Division were able to quickly bring security and safety to the city of Mosul. Local elections were held in Mosul in May and June of 2003, the first in the country and almost 2 full years ahead of the much publicized national elections. Again, all of this in relative security. There was a reason that it was referred to the "Mosul Model".

Today in Iraq Schools and Universities are open. Power output is a an all time high and despite this output there have been power shortages because people are buying appliances in record number. That is the sign of a growing economy. Every day new recruits are graduating from the Iraqi Army basic training courses and joining units that are taking control of some of the most dangerous sectors in the country. The terrorist's bombings of recruiting offices only delay their enlistment, it does not deter it.

American Soldiers, Marines, and other military personnel are getting these tremendous results while under fire. They are under fire of what many believe to be the last gasp of a dying terrorist influence in Iraq. And this is why Iraq is so important. The terrorists know, as we do, that this is the proving ground. The terrorists have chosen Iraq to make their stand. They believe that if the US and her allies fail here that the War on Terror will fail everywhere else. But this cannot and will not happen. Why? Because of the Soldiers that are rebuilding a school in Sader City, under fire; because of the Soldier that is repairing a city gutter and drainage system in Al Kut, under fire; because of the Soldier that is clearing the trash from a playground in Mosul, under fire. None of these have anything to do with the countless counter-insurgency operations that our Soldiers are conducting-with Iraqi army soldiers. Our Soldiers will not let the terrorist win. These tremendous Americans are, on a daily basis, securing us here at home by securing a country 7000 miles away. The least we can do here is recognize this and do our part by supporting them the best we can back home, where we live in safety.

CPT. Ryan Morgan
Newport News, VA

And as if that wasn't enough, he also sent along these awesome photos of the 2/205 at work.

HOOAH!! and Thank you to all the Heroes of the 2/205 INF for all you do.

Update / Related : Greyhawk has a post up that serves as a reminder that terrorism DIDN'T start on September 11, 2001. I also posted a timeline quite a while ago here.

Fatwa issued by the Jawa Report

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Henry, Nathan B., US Army (NC); released by PRG (injured) March, 1973 - alive as of 1998
McMurray, Cordine, US Army (MI); released by PRG March, 1973 - alive as of 2000
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Perricone, Richard R., US Army (NY); released by PRG March, 1973 - alive as of 1998
Schiele, James F., US Army (UT); released by PRG March, 1973 - alive as of 1998
Squire, Boyd Edwin, USAF (CA); T28D shot down, remains returned July, 1995
Sullivan, Robert J., US Army SF (NH); KIA, body not recovered
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