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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sad News from Fort Hood

U.S. Soldier Kills Commanding Officer Before Turning Gun on Himself

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

KILLEEN, Texas — A Fort Hood soldier shot to death his lieutenant during a confrontation at his off-base apartment Monday, then killed himself, police said.

The lieutenant and a staff sergeant went to the Army specialist's apartment, and a confrontation ensued. Killeen police officers responded to a call of a man with a gun, and they saw the specialist hit and then shoot the lieutenant as they arrived at the scene, Killeen police spokesman Carroll Smith said.

The officers returned fire, but the specialist shot himself in the head, Smith said. Police are still investigating what started the confrontation, she said.

More here

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No Boundaries
Beneath the streetlights of northwest Baghdad's Hurriya neighborhood Multi-National Division - Baghdad Soldiers with Company A, 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment grab hold of concertina wire. Soldiers plan to gather up as much concertina wire as they can and use safety cones in its palce whenever possible in an effort to beautify Hurriya. Photo by Sgt. Paul Monroe.

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Muslim Chaplain Covers Lots of Ground to Serve Soldiers

From DefenseLink:

Army Chaplain (Maj.) Ibraheem Raheem delivers a sermon for Muslim soldiers during a service Aug. 29, 2008, at Camp Victory, Iraq. Raheem is one of only six Muslim chaplains in the Army, and is the only one currently deployed in Iraq. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. David Turner, Multinational Division Center

By Army Sgt. David Turner
Special to American Forces Press Service

BAGHDAD, Sept. 8, 2008 – The most frequent question soldiers ask Chaplain (Maj.) Ibraheem Raheem is the meaning behind the crescent moon patch on his Army combat uniform.

Sometimes, he said, he jokingly explains that he’s an astronaut; other times, he says he’s an inspector for field rations or that the moon emblem means he’s performed 3,000 night jumps.

In fact, the patch does distinguish Raheem as one of a special group of soldiers. He is one of only six Muslim chaplains serving in the U.S. Army, and is the only one deployed to Iraq.

His service as both a Muslim and an American soldier, he said, can lead to confusion for some people, both in the military and in local communities.

“After you talk to people and explain a few things to them, they get it,” Raheem said. “That is, after breaking down a whole bunch of walls that have been put up in people’s minds.”

Though Muslim soldiers sometimes struggle with the issues of service and faith, Raheem said he and the soldiers to whom he ministers have found ways to reconcile their religious beliefs with their military service.

“Most people understand that there’s a difference between serving in the military and deliberately going to fight in a particular place for a religious-based reason. Our military is not religiously based. Most people can see that there’s a difference there,” he said.

Raheem can relate easily to the problems of both his enlisted and non-Muslim soldiers. Raised in a Baptist household in Kansas City, Kan., he spent his first 12 years in the Army as an enlisted soldier in the Medical Corps. In a way it was that experience, he said, that led him to become a chaplain.

“The medical field was the first thing that jumped out at me, because you get to help people who are sick,” he said. “I dealt with a lot of death and illness. It brought me closer to my spiritual upbringing.”

Though working in an intensive care unit gave Raheem the opportunity to help people, he said, he found there were other kinds of help people needed, too.

“There was a lot of advanced equipment, but it wasn’t always saving people,” he said. “At the end of the day, God is the one who determines if a person pulls through or not.”
Seeing the work that Army chaplains performed at the hospital inspired Raheem to seek a new path. “I felt like that’s when I got my calling to be a chaplain,” he said.

The journey would not be complete, however, until Raheem accepted the Islamic faith.
"I started studying the Bible in college, and later began learning about other faiths," he recalled. "When I came across Islam, I went to visit a mosque. A member there gave me a Koran and told me, 'Go and read this, and come back if you have any questions.’ I came back the next day with questions, and every day thereafter, each time getting the answers from the Koran until I eventually accepted the faith."

In reading the Koran, Raheem said, he discovered not a rejection of his older faith, but rather a faith resonated more deeply with his beliefs.

"I came to realize that the message it contained was what I had always believed from the days I was a child,” he explained. “For instance, that there was only one God that has no images, that the same divine message was given to Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, Jesus and Muhammad. That Adam and Eve were forgiven, and their sins were not passed on to other generations, nor were women blamed only for disobeying God. So it was like a confirmation of what I always believed in my heart my whole life."

After completing seminary school, Raheem received his commission, realizing his ambition to become a chaplain. His acceptance of the Muslim faith had not only changed his career path, but also affected his entire outlook on life.

"My experience with Islam opened my mind to the world, its diversity and its many social challenges,” he said. “Before Islam, I only thought of the people in my neighborhood; after Islam, I thought of the entire world."

Raheem is on his third deployment to Iraq since 2003. Attached to the Iraqi Assistance Group, he performs services and counsels Muslim soldiers at Camp Victory, where he is based. He holds a prayer service there every Friday, but also takes his work into the field, finding other Muslim soldiers who otherwise would not have access to his services. He brings copies of the Koran with him, and as part of his mission, he also collects damaged copies to be repaired and redistributed to Iraqi citizens.

During the holy month of Ramadan that’s now under way, Raheem travels to as many parts of Iraq as possible to tend to Muslim soldiers’ spiritual needs. He estimates there are fewer than 300 Muslim soldiers currently deployed. That means he has to cover a lot of ground.

“It’s hard being the only [Muslim chaplain], and there are people spread out in many different places,” he said. “Depending on transportation availability, weather and other factors, you may or may not get to a certain place.”

While visiting bases around Iraq, Raheem performs services and provides counseling for soldiers, as he does at Camp Victory.

“I’ll be getting out and trying to support the soldiers who are out there trying to practice,” he said. “I realize that it’s hard being one of the few people on the forward operating base that has a different religion, so I try to get out there with them and give them some encouragement.”

(Army Sgt. David Turner serves in the Multinational Division Center Public Affairs Office.)

Army Chaplain (Maj.) Ibraheem Raheem leads Muslim soldiers in prayers Aug. 29, 2008, at Camp Victory, Iraq. Raheem is one of only six Muslim chaplains in the Army, and is the only one currently deployed in Iraq. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. David Turner, Mulinational Division Center

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An F/A-18E Super Hornet reaches the speed of sound near the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower during a Friends and Family Day Cruise off the coast of Virginia, Atlantic Ocean, Aug. 30, 2008. The event enables guests to experience a day at sea with sailors assigned to the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jesse L. Dick

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In Today's News - Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quote of the Day
"We will make no distinction
between the terrorists who committed these acts
and those who harbour them."

-- George W. Bush

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Bush to Withdraw 8,000 U.S. Troops From Iraq
Shulla Receives Much Needed Facelift
INP, IA turn caches over to MND-B Soldiers in Baghdad's Rashid district
Petraeus pays visit to troops in Anbar
Over 1,000 displaced citizens return to Diyala
433 Detainees Released by Coalition forces during Ramadan
SVBIED attack kills one in Mosul

Operation Enduring Freedom
Videos Support Claim U.S.-Led Raid Killed Civilians
Afghans ready to open graves to prove civil deaths
Skip Iraq ... Get to Afghanistan

Homeland Security / War on Terror / Hamas-Hezbollah Happenings
3 Accused U.K. 'Liquid Bomb' Plotters Guilty - PHOTOS
Reports: U.S. Remains 'Dangerously Vulnerable' to Attack

Fallen Heroes
DoD Identifies Army Casualty

Wounded Warriors
New Resource Announced for Wounded Warriors

Supporting Our Heroes
ThanksUSA Benefit Concert on TVWorldwide celebrates Military Families

Other Military News
Russia Agrees to Pull Out of Key Areas of Georgia
Russia says troops to stay in Georgia for long time - Video

Worldwide Wackos
Russia's Plan to Launch Iran's Nuclear Plant Reaches Final Stage
Israeli Minister: It's OK to Kidnap Ahmadinejad
North Korea used taekwondo group to plot murder: report
Birthday bashes and disarmament deals
Factbox: A quick look at North Korea
US officials think Kim Jong Il may be sick

Politics / Government
Obama puts heat on Palin as she boosts GOP ticket
Lawmakers to press officials on Russian strategy
Fierce Race in Battleground States - FULL RESULTS (pdf)
Obama: McCain, Palin 'Lying' About Maverick Claims
Palin boosts McCain campaign
ABC News gets first Palin interview
McCain and Palin urge Fannie, Freddie restructuring
Obama and Palin battle over pet spending projects - Video
McCain's surge: After convention, he catches Obama - Video
A Hillary vs. Sarah smackdown? Don't bet on it
McCain uses Palin as fundraising tool
Video: Polls: McCain pulls ahead
Obama puts heat on Palin as she boosts GOP ticket
McCain Secures Evangelical Vote
Estimates say fed budget deficit nearing $407B
Congress weighs the fate of Fannie, Freddie
Prison Guards Threaten 'Dismal' Schwarzenegger With Recall
Pakistan's Zardari Sworn In as President
Georgia clouds Lavrov trip to Poland
Thai court ousts PM for TV cooking show
Lawmakers to press officials on Russia strategy

Illegal Immigration / Border Control
Force Illegal Aliens Already Here to Solve Farm Worker Shortgage!

In the Courts / Crime and Punishment / Law and Order
Caylee's Mom Expected to Make Appearance
4 Dead in New Jersey House Fire, 2 Victims Shot
Police: Montana Mother Kept Dead Son, 2, in Car Trunk
Blow to Head With Child-Sized Golf Club Kills Boy, 7, in Michigan
U.S. court revives cases against Enron executives
Jury selection continues in O.J. Simpson trial
Tenn. judge won't eject first-degree murder charge
Woman pleads guilty to 1976 Michigan prison escape

Adventures in Political Correctness
Would 'Fairness Doctrine' Force Oprah to Interview Sarah Palin?

Media in the Media / Bloggers in the News / Watching the Web
Pop Tarts: VMA Host Makes Fun of Virgins, Palin's Daughter's Pregnancy
Editor Defends Use of CodePink Members in Focus Group
FOX FORUM: It's the Media, Stupid
U.S. hires lawyer in Google probe
Google backing African Internet project
Blog: Not so fast Yahoo…
Google to sell NBC Universal TV ads
Nokia says eyes more Internet buys
Google promises EU better privacy rules
Online dating new tool for zoos with rare species

Science / Medicine and Health / Technology
Chevy's Electric Volt Revealed
Fear Looms Over Scientist's Experiment to Uncover Secrets of 'Big Bang'
'Big Bang Machine' Set to Start Up Wednesday
Scientists hope for surprises in Big Bang experiment (Does creating a black hole count as a 'surprise'?)
Video: Atom-smasher and the 'God Particle'
Probe completes asteroid fly by
China counts down to third manned space launch
New fingerprint method could unlock cold cases
Hubble crew faces higher risk of debris hit: NASA
Lenovo CEO says no plans to buy Dell factories
AT&T upgrades U-verse DVR, steps up fight vs cable
EA delays new Harry Potter game
FOXSexpert: A How-To Guide for Men on Multiple Orgasms
Group seeks end to gridlock on health reform
New bacteria could make cheaper ethanol
Hubble shuttle flight faces higher space junk risk
Study: Exercise Can Beat Fat Gene

Mother Nature
Ike Puts Storm-Fatigued Gulf Coast in Crosshairs Again - STORM TRACKER - PHOTOS VIDEO - BLOG
Hurricane Ike roars ashore in Cuba south of Havana
UFC Champion Evan Tanner Found Dead in Desert
Ike Puts Storm-Fatigued Gulf Coast in Crosshairs Again
Father, Son Rescued After 12 Hours at Sea
Thaw of polar regions may need new U.N. laws
Australian carbon targets seen too weak
Russia's Lake Baikal threatened by zinc mine
EPA tightens lawn mower, motor boat emission rules
Australian surfer says he was towed by shark

News from My Neck of the Woods
Patriots' Brady out for season with knee injury
Red Sox close the gap on reeling Rays
NY lawsuit claims `Disturbia' copied short story

Fake plastic surgeon gets 3-year jail term
Bid to ban "extremist" U.S. cartoon (Russia versus South Park)
Sumo chief resigns over marijuana scandal
Maasai warrior hairdressers break taboos
County dims red light, shuts last legal brothel
Video: Ripley's "freaky" manimals
Man says he's eaten 23,000 Big Macs since 1972

Other News of Note
Report: Armstrong to Return for 2009 Tour de France
KFC Shoring Up Security for Secret Recipe
Auto safety group: States should raise driving age

FOX News
FOXBusiness: Dow Soars on Bailout of Fannie, Freddie
Federer Wins Fifth Straight U.S. Open - PHOTOS

Boeing strikers picket but also hunt, improve homes - Video
Delisting threat - Video
Bailout dollar power bad for commods
Restructuring needed to limit risks
Bayer shares gain on talk of Pfizer interest
Stock futures point to further gains on Wall Street - Video
Lower holdings
"Too many problems" to punish Russia
Video: Hedge funds find Russia plays
Full Coverage: Russia and Risk
Trending lower
Global Finance: Smells like Ponzi
Personal Finance: Planning way ahead
Global Finance:Feeling the chill
UK's BG gives up battle for Australia's Origin
Fannie, Freddie need restructuring to limit risks: IMF
KDB mum on Lehman deal, eyes top 3 Asia spot
IMF's Lipsky: global economy faces tough test
U.S. hiring seen weaker in fourth quarter: Manpower
Buyout firm Resolution targets 1 billion pound IPO
France's EDF raises Constellation Energy stake
BG Group, beaten to Origin, could turn to Santos
Ed Harris back in the saddle with witty Western
LL Cool J makes a grand "Exit" on new album
The stage is set for a spunky season on Broadway
Spielberg ripped off Hitchcock classic: lawsuit
Tommy Lee Jones sues for "No Country" profits
It's September - must be wine auction season
Asia's Muslims put on a feast for fasting month
Chef Emeril Lagasse goes green in new TV show
Singapore luxury hotel dedicates floor to the ladies
More than 100 escape from secure psychiatric hospitals
Federer outwits Murray to win five in a row - Video
Rodgers' Packers starting debut a success
Mickelson signs up for Singapore challenge

Associated Press

Soldiers' Angels and Patriot Guard
Iraq News
Operations in Iraq
FOB Warhorse Memorial Photos

Bermel radio sends information to villages
Sadr City assistance center open for business
U.S. military makes Ramadan considerations for Muslim troops
Iraqis take control of Anbar security

Top U.S. commander in Iraq visits members of Task Force Ramadi
Task Force Ramadi assists in Iraqi milestone event
Joint fires team helps JRTC improve force protection training - More about JFIIT
Battlefield Target Identification Device fuels Bold Quest Plus - podcast

Multi-National Force - Iraq
New Bridge Unites Sister Cities
Al Baraka Operative Farmers Association Opens Doors
Basra Neighborhood Pleased with New Primary Healthcare Clinic
Fallujah Paves Path for Commerce
Coalition continues to diminish influence of al-Qaeda networks in Baghdad
Logistics symposium brings all players to table (Baghdad)

Department of Defense
Bush Announces Troop Cut
Surge Gave Iraqis 'Fighting Chance' Against Extremists, DoD Official Says
Iraqi Ethnic Attacks Show Marked Decline
DOD Concludes Role in Georgia Relief


Army Goes After Mental Health Stigma
VA Clarifies Voter Registration Policy

Group Promotes Women Officers' Professional Career Development
Support Group Awards 10th Scholarship
Special Report: Freedom Walk 2008


State Farm Earns DoD Award for Support


Guardsmen Help Key West Prepare for Ike
Coast Guard Prepares for Multiple Tropical Storms


Aden Street Reopening to Help Local Market
Coalition Troops Kill Enemy Fighter, Detain Two Suspects


New Clinic Projected to Serve 29,000 People
Coalition Forces Kill Insurgents, Capture Seven


Soldier Chases Pilot's Dream
Father Inspires Soldier

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Ansbach Aschaffenburg Berlin Berlin-Tempelhof Berlin/Schonefeld Bremerhaven
Darmstadt Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main Freiburg/Breisgau Garmisch
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Geilenkirchen Gelnhausen Giessen Kitzingen
Hanau Am Main Heidelberg Mainz Mannheim Nurnberg Stuttgart Trier
Wiesbaden Wurzburg


Agana Agana Heights Agat Andersen AFB Asan Barrigada

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Kadena Air Base Okinawa Tokyo Yokohama

Today in History
3114 BC - Presumed origin of the Mayan "long count" calendar system.
1714 - In the Treaty of Baden, the French retain the Alsace; Austria gets the right bank of the Rhine.
1822 - Brazil declares independence from Portugal.
1860 - The excursion steamer Lady Elgin sinks in Lake Michigan, drowning 340.
1863 - A Federal naval expedition arrives off Sabine Pass.
1880 - Geo Ligowsky patents a device to throw clay pigeons for trapshooters.
1903 - The Federation of American Motorcyclists is organized in NY.
1914 - The New York Post Office Building opens to the public.
1934 - The luxury liner Morro Castle burns off NJ, killing 134.
1936 - Boulder Dam (now the Hoover Dam) begins operation.
1940 - The German Air Force blitz London - the first of 57 consecutive nights they will do so.
1956 - The X-2 sets an unofficial manned aircraft altitude record of 126,000'+.
1963 - In Canton, OH, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is dedicated.
1970 - At the Royal Gorge Bridge in CO, Donald Boyles sets a record for highest paracute jump from a bridge (1053').

- Queen Elizabeth I of England, (1558-1603) daughter of Henry VIII
1829 - Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden, U.S. geologist (Geographical Survey 1859-86)
1836 - Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, British PM (1905-08)
1860 - Grandma (Anna Maria) Moses, primitive painter (Old Oaken Bucket)
19-- - Don Messick, cartoon voice (Astro - Jetsons, Bamm Bamm - Flintstones)
1908 - Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, artificial heart pioneer
1914 - James Van Allen (discoverer of Van Allen radiation belts)
1924 - Daniel Inouye (Sen-HI), chair of the Iran-Contra hearings
1930 - King Baudouin I of Belgium; Sonny Rollins, jazz saxophonist (Blue Room)
1939 - S. David Griggs, astronaut (STS 51D, STS 33)
1957 - Melvin Edward Mays, one of the FBI's Most Wanted

- Geoffrey Plantagenet, conquerer of Normandy
1909 - Eugene Lefebvre, while test-piloting a Wright-A aircraft

Reported Missing in Action
None listed

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