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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Michael Yon: Death or Glory

After reading "The Final Option," you'd think Michael Yon would be hard pressed to top it.

You'd be wrong.

Michael Yon's latest dispatch, "Death or Glory (Part I of IV)" takes a look at British troops in southern Iraq. It's a rare look at our Coalition allies and what this war is like for them:
British soldiers truly are fighting in Iraq. On three consecutive missions with three different British units, their soldiers killed roughly 40 enemy in combat action that also saw two British soldiers killed in action, and three wounded...

The Brits have gotten their share of bad press in Iraq, and their treatment in the media has paralleled the treatment of our own Heroes. But make no mistake, the Queen's Royal Lancers are fighters, deserving of respect. They know how to go without:
The Queen’s Royal Lancers have been living out in the desert for about six months, like nomads moving from place to place, sleeping under the stars, getting much of their resupply of food and water by nighttime parachute drop as they patrol the Iran-Iraq border...
And they know what it is to be ambushed:
We had taken off nearly three hours earlier at 0830. At about 1120, the convoy entered the ambush. Eight of the 46 bombs detonated. EFPs tore through metal, ball bearings puncturing the vehicles, peppering them with holes...
It's an incredible dispatch, with lots of photos. It's another reminder of why I admire, and respect, Michael as much as I do. What he does takes serious stones.

Don't miss this chance to get to know a little bit about some of Britain's Heroes, who are every bit as 'in the sh**' as ours.

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Chocks are placed under a Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle after an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission in Southwest Asia. This Global Hawk flew one of 11 ISR missions supporting Operation Enduring Freedom June 3. (U.S. Air Force photo)

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Lava Dog Returns to Sandbox Voluntarily for 7th Deployment

U.S. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Eugene Holiday Jr.

By Cpl. Rick Nelson
2nd Marine Division

HADITHA, Iraq, June 4, 2007 — Any duration of time away from friends and family can take a toll on the hearts and minds of all involved. The recent surges of deployments to Iraq are no different for servicemembers and their families. While some wish to never deploy again after their first or second tours, some Marines look forward to their deployments.

Such is the case of Gunnery Sgt. Eugene Holiday Jr., radio chief for Headquarters and Service Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, who is voluntarily back in Iraq for his seventh time.

Holiday realized in 1992, during his senior year of high school, he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Marine.

“My father was actually disappointed when I decided to join because he wanted me to take one of the football scholarships I had been offered and go to college,” said the Jasper, Ala., native. “I had a friend who took a football scholarship the year before and during his first year of college he was injured and had nothing to fall back on, and I didn’t want to take that chance, so I decided the Marine Corps would be a better decision.”

Holiday left for Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C., on Aug. 3, 1992, where he began recruit training with 2nd Battalion, Platoon 2098.

“When I went to boot camp I joined as open contract because I honestly didn’t care what job I got, as long as I was a Marine,” he said. “When I found out I was put into the communication field I was pretty happy, because it was a technical job.”

After completing basic training, Holiday checked into 3rd Surveillance Intelligence Group, Okinawa, Japan. During his service in the Corps, he has performed recruiting duty in Atlanta and has been on many deployments with various units.

“This is actually my seventh time to Iraq, but only my second full deployment,” said the 32-year-old. “With my previous units we would come to Iraq for only a few months at a time. I actually left Joint Forces in Norfolk, Va., to deploy with 1/3 because I figured it would enhance my career and to have the chance to lead Marines again. At Joint Forces I was always leaving out of nowhere, but with 1/3 I’ll be gone for seven months and will return to my family. It’s a lot more stable.

“Aside from that, I love being with 1/3 because, compared to my other units, 1/3 is no stranger to deploying and the Marines know what to do and what is expected of them.”

Holiday said he likes to do what the Marine Corps expects from him, but has been deployed every year since his son was born five years ago.

“The hardest part is being away from my wife and son,” he said. “ It’s time that I’ll never get back, but receiving letters and emails from them is something that pushes me and keeps my morale up.”

The current deployment has proven both challenging and demanding for Holiday because his platoon inherited a two-year-old communications network that is difficult to maintain.

He said it’s the Marines who work under who keep the communication up and running, and that is the highlight of the deployment for him.

Lance Cpl. Kevin A. Lawrence, a radio operator with Headquarters and Service Company, 1/3, described Holiday as very passionate about his job.

“He can be very serious at times but is still able to allow people to feel comfortable around him,” said Lawrence, a Hartford, Conn., native.

Lawrence added since Holiday has worked with him, he has seen their platoon grow tighter and work has become a lot more enjoyable.

“A lot of people think the key to communication is push to talk, but there’s a lot more to it,” he added. “I tell people all the time, we work all night so you can talk all day.”

Holiday said he looks forward to returning home in October and reuniting with his family.

“I plan on staying in the Marines for 20 years and then retiring,” he said. “Once I’m retired, I’d like to continue my career in the communication field and spending as much time as possible with my family.”

First Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment is a part of Regimental Combat Team 2, a Marine Corps command responsible for more than 30,000 square miles and 5,500 Marines, sailors and soldiers in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province.

Story originally posted at DefenseLink

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BEST FRIEND — U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Chuck Shuck and his K9 partner, Sgt. 1st Class Gabe, both with 178th Military Police Detachment, 20th Military Police Battalion, congratulate each other for a job well done after a training session at Forward Operating Base Q-West, Tikrit, Iraq, May 15, 2007. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Amanda Morrissey

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In Today's News - Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Quote of the Day
"Iraq is a long way from [the USA], but what happens there
matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state
will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us
or our allies is the greatest security threat we face."

-- Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Feb 18, 1998

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Marines move to discharge protesting Iraq vet

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U.S., Venezuela trade barbs over media freedom, rights
Castro to return to Cuban TV in interview Tuesday

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Bush opens Europe trip on jarring note
Clinton: Faith got me past marital woes

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Smooth path sought for immigration bill

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Komodo Dragon Mauls, Kills Boy, 8, in Indonesia
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Purple frog among 24 new species found in Suriname
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Diary of 'Polish Anne Frank' Unveiled
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Group pushes for shareholders to disclose more

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Charges Dismissed Against Canadian at Gitmo
Engineers Improve Iraqi Water, Sewer Services
Secretary to Assess Progress in Afghanistan

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Army Helps Prepare Hurricane States for Season
Joint Forces Ready for Red Flag-Alaska
Wright Flight Program Takes Youth to New Heights

War on Terror
Seven Soldiers Killed
Search for Soldiers Continues
Forces Detain Militants
Soldiers Killed, Wounded in Iraq
Iraqis Assume More Control

America Supports You
Group Honors Wounded
Grant Helps Group Expand Services
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Engineers Complete Water Pump Stations
Joint Forces' Operation Succeeds in Al Kut
Iraqi, Coalition Forces Open Municipal Center
Movie Theater Helps Marines Relax in Haditha
Civil Affairs Help Make a Difference for Iraqis
Marine Engineers Hone Demolition Skills

Medical Techs Keep Troops Mission-Ready
New Water Drilling Rig Arrives In Djibouti
German Navy Donates Vehicles, Suppport

Reporters Visit Bagram Airfield for Media Day
Task Force Anzio Takes on New Command

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Today in History
1661 - Isaac Newton is admitted as a student to Trinity College in Cambridge.
1794 - Congress prohibits U.S. citizens from serving in foreign armed forces.
1863 - The raider CSS Alabama captures the clipper Talisman in the Mid Atlantic.
1912 - U.S. Marines invade Cuba.
1940 - The Battle of France begins.
1944 - The first B-29 bombing raid occurs; one plane is lost due to engine failure.
1945 - The U.S., Great Britain, France, and the U.S.S.R. declare supreme authority over Germany.
1950 - The U.S. undermines the legal foundations of segregation.
1956 - A federal court rules racial segregation on Montgomery buses unconstitutional.
1968 - Sirhan Sirhan shoots Senator Bobby Kennedy, who dies the next day.
1977 - The Apple II, the first personal computer, goes on sale.
1980 - The Soyuz T-2 is launched, transporting two cosmonauts to the Salyut 6 space station.
1991 - The Space Shuttle STS 40 (Columbia 12) is launched.

1825 - Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry, educator (Rep-AL)
1878 - Francisco (Pancho) Villa, Mexican revolutionary / guerrilla leader

1864 - Confederate Brigadier General William E. "Grumble" Jones, in battle at Piedmont, WV
1916 - Horatio H. Kitchener, British General
1988 - Clarence M. Pendleton chairman of the Commission on Civil Rights

Reported Missing in Action
Haines, Collins H., USN (NJ); RF8G shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - retired from as a Captain - alive and well as of 1998

Ibanez, Di Reyes, USMC (CA); KIA, body not recovered

McManus, Truman Joseph, USMC (CT); KIA, body not recovered

Cavaiani, Jon R., US Army SF (CA); (w/Jones), released by PRG March, 1973, retired as a Sergeant Major - alive as of 1998

Jones, John R., US Army SF (TX), KIA, body not recovered (w/Cavaiani)

Kraner, Davis Stanley, USN (CA); KIA, body not recovered

Payne, Kylis Therod, USN (MD); KIA, body not recovered

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