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Friday, December 14, 2007

Help Draw the Line in California

If you are in the Twentynine Palms, CA area, there are some folks that are looking for you to help them stand up to support our flag, our country, and the memory of 9/11 victims.

At a bipartisan 9/11 event at San Francisco State University, one designed to rise above politics, and simply honor the victims of that horrific day, a group of lunatics decided to hurl epithets and insults, defile our flag, and generally prove themselves to be complete pieces of garbage. The moonbats never cease to amaze me with how low they will go.

Nice, eh?

And as if that wasn't enough, now the Mega-Moonbat featured in that video is headed to lecture in - of all places - Twentynine Palms, CA. Klasky is a featured player in that video - he's a "SFSU Professor, Political Activist, Lecturer on Guerrilla Theater and Civil Disobedience"

But his vomit-inducing presence is not going to go unanswered.

Yep, you've got a right to free speech - meaning that the government can't throw you in jail simply because you're a disgusting, communist, radical megalomaniac who obviously has deep seated psychological issues you feel you need to burden the ears of the sane with.

Doesn't mean you have a right to do it without some more worthy folks exercising their rights. Freedom of speech doesn't mean a required audience. Just because you have a right to say it, it doesn't mean other folks don't have a right to tell you that what you're doing is despicable.

There are some real good eggs over at Cactus Thorns who are standing up to say that Klasky's loathsome behavior is unacceptable.

Help these good people stand up and say that the despicable behavior of self-stated Communists and America-hating moonbats is NOT acceptable.

Get more details on the protest, including directions, here.

Check out tons more on Klasky and his moonbat minions (with more videos) here:

Please be there if you can.


UPDATE 12/16: Dan O. says the rally went off without a hitch, with a couple dozen "brave souls" coming out in the cold to make sure that Klasky didn't come unanswered.

Thanks to all of you who helped to make this rally a success.

You can get more details - and see pictures - at

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