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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Joshua Sparling Update

Michelle Malkin has an update on PFC Joshua Sparling's recovery. It's mixed news.

Many of you will remember the story of Pfc. Joshua Sparling, the wounded soldier who received a disgusting death-wish greeting card in December while hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Sean Hannity has kept close contact with Sparling and interviewed him yesterday about his condition. Sad news:

Sparling's leg will have to be amputated below the knee--but he wants to "get back to [Fort Bragg] and "jump right back in his unit (the 82nd Airborne)."

Read the update

Thanks, Tony.
BAGHDADI, Iraq – Cpl. Josh G. Cliatt, a team leader with I Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, talks to locals while a U.S. M1-A1 Abrams tank provides security during Operation Lion March 2. Marines, soldiers and sailors from Regimental Combat Team 7, as well as Iraqi soldiers, concluded the counterinsurgency five-day operation March 5. The operation was designed to disrupt insurgent activity in Baghdadi, a town nestled along the Euphrates River 130 miles west of Baghdad. More than 80 weapons caches were discovered – a total of more than 62 tons of munitions and weapons – as well as the capture of 65 suspected insurgents. Two insurgents, one Iraqi soldier, and two U.S. service members were killed during the operation. Cliatt is a Dallas native. Photo by: Cpl. Adam C. Schnell

Read Story Associated with this photo

Giving Yale the Finger (nail)

On Fox News this morning were two Yale alumni who have come up with a great way to remind Yale of just who they’ve admitted as a student - and just what you think of that.

Yale recruited and admitted former Taliban mouthpiece Sayeed Rahmatullah Hashemi (who took a terrorism class as one of his first academic endeavors - no wonder he’s got a 3.3 grade average so far). This is the same Yale that is seeking to ban military recruiters from campus, and makes its ROTC students travel some 50 miles to conduct their training at UCONN.

The alumni have suggested mailing a fake fingernail to Yale University - a reminder of the fact that they’ve admitted as a student a non-apologetic former member of a regime that used to remove the fingertips of women who wore nail polish.

You can send your correspondence / fake nails to:

Yale University
Office of Development
P.O. Box 2038
New Haven, CT 06521-2038

You can also send your thoughts (and fake nails) to Yale’s president

President Richard C. Levin
Woodbridge Hall
Yale University
New Haven Connecticut 06520 has more

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Urban training: Staff Sgt. Brandon King instructs students on building search and clearing procedures during a training session at Camp Bullis, Texas, Tuesday, March 7, 2006. Sergeant King is an instructor with the 343rd Training Group at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. (U.S. Air Force photo/Robbin Cresswell)

A Letter from Willie of Soldiers' Angels Germany

Cindy Sheehan Ramstein Air Base and the war against the terrorism and their heroes!

Why must she demonstrate against the United State policy here in Germany? This is not the right place! I am glad that the German/American political relationship has turn for the better now! I know here in Germany, a lot of young people do not remember what the Americans have done for us after the WWII. Without the Americans we had not what we have to day! If you are engage in that the US soldiers do in Iraq, you know that they help to build up the Iraqi people their country again!

Some of the brave young men and women around the world are risking their lives to preserve freedom, liberty and safety. They are the men and women of military in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world, who fight against terrorism and come under attack from terrorist combatants.Some times these brave men and women sacrifice their lives in this fight against terrorism. Anyone can imagine how painful it is for their family and the love ones. These soldiers lost their live as heroes who helped secure a future for generations. Let us not forget all the terrorist attacks we had around the world since September 11th, 2001.

They all fight or fought for more freedom in our world and to make our world a better place for all humanity. I am grateful that they do, but I am sad that some of them paid such a high price for our freedom. I am thankful that they fought against terrorism. I am very proud of them!

I am here to support these troops and all the men and women who fight against terrorism. I am thankful for the opportunity through the Soldiers Angels to support our American friends and soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and the wounded soldiers here in Germany, US Hospital Landstuhl with transitional backpacks. They all have given so much for other peoples' freedom.

A mother`s son was killed by a 'freedom fighter' in Iraq. She should be proud and should not gives the terrorist hope.

Yours sincerely,
Wilhelmine Aufmkolk
International President, Soldiers Angels

Soldiers' Angels is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
"May No Soldier Go Unloved"
BAGHDAD PATROL — U.S. Army 1st Lt. John Madia, Staff Sgt. Jesus Robles, and Staff Sgt. Kerri Minor, from "Archangels" Alpha Battery, discuss the route they will be taking during a patrol into a Baghdad neighborhood to help maintain peace, after recent attacks on local mosques, March 2, 2006. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Bart A. Bauer

Talking with Heroes Announces Guests For March 12, 2006 Talk Show

Talking with Talk Show continues on its mission to give military personnel a global platform to share their mostly untold stories and to thank, honor and support the men and women serving The United States.

The following is March 12, 2006 guest list:

CW5 (Chief Warrant Officer) Paul Holton better known as “Chief Wiggles,” is the founder of Operation Give (, a humanitarian organization that ships toys, medicine and educational supplies to children in war-torn and devastated nations throughout the world. He traveled around Iraq visiting children’s hospitals, orphanages, schools and poor neighborhoods, handing out much needed supplies. Operation Give continues to send items to Iraq where they are distributed to children all over the country.

Alexandra R. Lajoux lives with her husband and son in Arlington, Va. Lajoux has
worked for 20 years for a Washington, D.C., professional association, and she has
published some books on business topics, but her true passion is music. Her interview will focus on how she came to write and produce the song, "We Thank You," which was recently approved to be played to the troops in Iraq- her dream.

Paul Shrater, co-founder and vice president of marketing of (, operates a retail as well as a wholesale business. Minimus is proud to be involved with the support efforts for troops, both domestically and around the world. Minimus has worked with Soldiers’ Angels to create a line of care packages based on the feedback of what the troops overseas wanted. Minimus has been featured in numerous publications and on several television programs, including NBC’s The Today Show. NASA recently became a customer of Minimus, ordering various condiment packets to send up with the astronauts to the International Space Station.

All previous Talking with Heroes talk shows can be listened to in the past show archives 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world where there is access to the internet, and can now be downloaded onto iPODs.
by Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon II
March 15, 2006
Pfc. Derick Fullmor, from the 1st Armored Division, patrols Tal Afar, Iraq, with his Squad Automatic Weapon at the ready.

In Today's News - Thursday, March 9, 2006

Quote of the Day
"Without heroes, we're all plain people and don't know how far we can go."
-- Bernard Malamud

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Slain general seen as symbol of strength
Bomb kills 6 people in Baghdad: officials - Video
Bomb Kills Nine As Dust Storm Hits Baghdad
Stage is set for battle over Iraq leadership
50 abducted from Iraqi security firm

Operation Enduring Freedom
Pakistan Says Afghanistan Should Share
Agents begin eradication of Afghan opium poppies

Homeland Security / War on Terror
Patriot Renewal
Moussaoui had dream to hit W.House: witness
Alleged IRA Chief's Border Home Raided
Kurdish Rebels Suspected in Turkey Blast
More Guard troops ordered at border (But not to actually "guard" anything)
Security tightened at India's holy sites
Nigerian combatants rearm

Troops on Trial
Two Women Sue Navy, Marine Corps Following Rape Trial

Dubai Port Proposal
Dubai Deal Blocker

Worldwide Wackos
Iran: U.S. Faces 'Harm and Pain' Over Nukes- Video: Day of Reckoning
Iran Calls Referral to U.N. 'Unjust'
'Long struggle' with Iran seen ahead
Venezuelan Congress Approves New Flag
N. Korea Test-Fires Short-Range Missiles

Senators craft budget with $90 bln for war
Bush prods Congress on Katrina aid
Lobbyist tells magazine that top Republicans who deny knowing him aren't being truthful
Islam's image fares poorly in U.S. poll
Ethics bill would ban meals paid by lobbyists

U.N. News
Sudanese March Against U.N. Peacekeepers

Absence makes the glass glow fondly
Have a great cruise! See you if you return..
Sark Drops Feudalism for Democracy
Peruvian Hopeful Urges Feeding Kids Coca
Activists want right to reject fatherhood House sold with kicker: Must love dog
Expected rush from 'Bigfoot' sightings disappears in Malaysia

Other News of Note
No Laughing Matter (Alabama church fires arrests)
Israeli Arab voters wooed with calls for Islamic unity
US report faults key Arab allies on rights

Fox News
Fastow Says Lay Knew of Enron Finance Problems
Motion to Dismiss N.Y. Holloway Lawsuit
Alaska Oil Spill Could Be Region's Largest Ever
Stocks to Watch: Tivo
NFL Reaches Labor Deal
Cops Eye Slain NYC Coed Suspect in Other Rapes- Video: New Evidence

Reuters: Top News
Muslim singer faces threats
Olmert sees final Israeli borders by 2010: report
US cigarette sales drop to 55-year low
Teen abortions reduced by Texas notification law
French novel hidden from Nazis published in English
US spacecraft makes nail-biting approach to Mars
Ol' blue eyes on stage again - Play Video
Community service for Boy George
GM eyes bigger ethanol push in Minnesota
Famed "computer terrorist" teaches anti-hacking
Dana Reeve's death draws attention to lung cancer
Microsoft unfolds "Origami", reveals on-the-go PC - Video
BOJ ends unique super-loose monetary policy
Icahn group says may raise bid price for KT&G
Microsoft unfolds "Origami," reveals on-the-go PC
TDC bid group NTC's buyout move overruled
Lagardere shares fall on 2006 prospects
Verigy files for $115 million IPO
Merrill, CS, Deutsche win $12 bln China bank IPO
Stocks set to open higher; GM rises in Europe
Acambis US vaccine deal delayed, shares fall
Elan shares jump 26 pct on MS drug hopes
Profits leap at Swiss bank EFG but shares slide
Lagardere shares fall on 2006 prospects
Investing in food
Sara Lee aims to regain Wall Street trust

AP World News
Bird Flu Found in Mammal in Germany
China Lashes Back at U.S. Criticism
Muslims in Spain Under Cloud of Suspicion
Israeli PM: Jewish State to Set Borders
Japan Foreign Minister Draws China Protest
27 Die When Church Wall Falls in Uganda
Dismissal of Missing Teen Lawsuit Sought
Venezuelans Protest Outside U.S. Embassy

The Seattle Times
Breach or overrun? What feds knew about levees
Food-safety labeling bill advances
Panel urges drug for MS be sold again
"Tabletop fusion" research assailed
Bush's pride: office rug
102 priests: A history of abuse revealed
U.N.: Africa faces time of "persistent famine"
U.S. teacher now Liberia's top cop

Chicago Sun-Times
Midway perimeter in line for tighter security
I suffered more than girl, says Missbrenner
County Hospital up for landmark status
Prosecutor charged with possession of meth
Critics slam EPA plan to stiffen limits on soot
Woman suing restaurant over food poisoning in August
CTA strike postponed for a month
Bishops' leader accused of '60s abuse
Notre Dame's 35-year president gets Indiana's highest honor
Airlift for quake victims beat the odds

Boston Globe: World
Serbia's defense opens in Bosnia genocide trial
Bush Tries to Save Ports Deal
Carter Urges Troop Withdrawal
Critics: BRAC Too Tied to Money

CENTCOM: News Releases







Department of Defense
Special Ops Have 'Leading Role' in Fight - Story
African Issues Affect U.S. Homeland Security - Story
Casey: Iraqis Resist Lure of Terrorism - Commentary
U.S. Soldiers Discover Bodies in Vehicle

Medical Assistance Visit Aids Bamian Residents - Story
KC-135 Team Effort Key to Building Air Bridges - Story
Iraqi Troops Ride Recon Off the Beaten Path - Story

Lifesaver Course Designed for Combat in Iraq
Iraqi Police Escort Propane Delivery to Village
Iraqi Air Force Spreads Wings, Secures Future

Civil Affairs Mission Helps Afghan Villagers
New Zealanders Deliver Roof Beams to Camp

U.S. Soldier, X-Ray Technology Help Protect Troops - Story

Indy Speedway Honored for Support - Story
Program Recharges Wounded Vets
Rumsfeld Visits Wounded Troops

IED-Making Site Destroyed
Iraqis Graduate From Training
Iraqi Police Grads Demo Abilities
Iraqi Air Force Stands Up Air Base
Detainee Dies; Forces Kill Two
Iraqi Commander Killed in Attack
Bomb Attacks Kill, Wound Iraqis
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq (pdf)
Multinational Force Iraq
Eye on Iraq Update (pdf)
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (pdf)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Iraq Reconstruction

Jones Sees Demise of Terrorists
Bush Pleased with Afghan Progress
Troop Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Update

NATO 'Reinventing' Itself
Cheney: Victory Strategy
Rumsfeld: Exaggerations Test Will
PACOM Commander Talks Priorities
Rice: Iranian Program Poses Risk
U.S., Pakistan Pledge Unity in War
Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Review Emphasizes Alliances
Hill Topic: Support for Korea Goals
Poll Shows Military Still Admired
New Probe Into Tillman Death
U.S., India Make World Safer
National Guard, Reserve Update

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar


Today in History
1452 - Pope Nicolaas I crowns Frederik III Roman Catholic-German emperor
1496 - Jews are expelled from Carintha, Austria
1497 - Nicolaus Copernicus 1st recorded astronomical observation
1562 - Kissing in public banned in Naples (punishable by death)
1617 - Sweden & Russia sign Peace of Stolbowa
1697 - Czar Peter the Great begins tour of West-Europe
1701 - France, Cologne & Bavaria sign alliance
1721 - English Chancellor Exchequer John Aislabie confined in London Tower
1741 - English fleet under Admiral Ogle begins assault on Cartagena
1745 - Bells for 1st American carillon shipped from England to Boston
1791 - George Hayward, US surgeon, 1st to use Ether
1798 - Dr. George Balfour becomes 1st surgeon in the US Navy
1820 - Philippines chases out foreigners; about 125 die
1822 - Charles M. Graham of New York patents artificial teeth
1839 - Prussian government limits work week for children to 51 hours
1841 - US Supreme Court rules that the Amistad's rebellious slaves are free
1858 - Albert Potts of Philadelphia patents the street mailbox
1860 - 1st Japanese ambassador arrives in San Francisco en route to Washington, DC
1861 - Confederate currency authorized-$50, $100, $500, $1,000
1862 - Monitor (Union) & Merrimack (Rebel) battle in Hampton Roads
1864 - Ulysses S. Grant is appointed commander of Union Army
1873 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police founded
1889 - Battle at Gallabat (Metema); Mahdi's beat Abyssinian emperor John IV; Kansas passes 1st general antitrust law in US
1893 - Congo cannibals kill 1000s of Arabs
1907 - 1st involuntary sterilization law enacted, Indiana
1914 - US Senator Albert Fall (Teapot Dome) demands "Cubanisation of Mexico"
1916 - General Fransisco "Pancho" Villa leads Mexican band raid on Columbus, NM (17 killed); Germany declares war against Portugal
1918 - Russian Bolshevik Party becomes the Communist Party; Ukrainian mobs massacre Jews of Seredino Buda
1924 - Italy annexes Fiume; South Slavia aproves Italy's annexation of Fiume (Rijeka)
1926 - Bertha Landes elected 1st woman mayor of Seattle
1932 - Eamon De Valera becomes President of Ireland; Former Chinese emperor Henry Pu-Yi installed as head of Manchuria
1933 - Bulgarian communists Dimitrov, Popov & Vassili arrested in Berlin; Congress is called into special session by FDR, & began its "100 days"
1942 - Construction of the Alaska Highway began
1943 - Delft opposition group-Pahud de Mortanges overthrown; Greek Jews of Salonika are transported to Nazi extermination camps
1945 - 334 US B-29 Superfortresses attack Tokyo with 120,000 fire bombs; Japanese proclaim the "independence" of Indo-China
1946 - Dutch troops land at Batavia/Semarang
1948 - Provisionary Indonesian government installed in Batavia
1949 - Brigadier General Edwin K. Wright, USA, ends term as deputy director of CIA
1950 - Willie Sutton robs Manufacturers Bank of $64,000 in New York NY
1953 - Josef Stalin buried in Moscow
1954 - Edward R. Murrow criticizes Senator Joseph McCarthy (See it Now)
1956 - Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus arrested & exiled to Seychelles; Weather forecasting phone line set up in London England
1957 - 8.1 earthquake shakes Andreanof Islands, Alaska
1959 - 1st known radar contact is made with Venus; Barbie, the doll, debuts - over 800 million sold
1961 - Mine cave-in in Japan kills 72; Sputnik 9 carries Chernushka ("Blackie" - a dog) into orbit
1962 - Egyptian President Nasser declares Gaza belongs to Palestinians; US advisors in South-Vietnam join the fight
1964 - 1st Ford Mustang produced; Supreme Court issues "New York Times" vs Sullivan decision, public officials must prove malice to claim libel & recover damages
1966 - Andrew Brimmer becomes 1st Black Governor of Federal Reserve Board
1967 - Svetlana Allilueva, Stalin's daughter, defects to the West
1974 - Last Japanese soldier, a guerrilla operating in Philippines, surrenders, 29 years after World War II ended
1976 - 1st female cadets accepted to West Point Military Academy
1977 - Admiral Stansfield Turner, USN (Ret), becomes 12th director of CIA replacing acting director Knoche; Hanafi Muslims invade 3 buildings in Washington, DC - siege ends March 11th
1980 - Flemish/Walloon battles in Belgium, 40 injured
1981 - Dan Rather becomes primary anchorman of CBS-TV News
1983 - Zimbabwe opposition leader Joshua Nkomo flees to Botswana; Emile Gumbs' Anguilla National Alliance wins elections
1986 - NASA announces searchers found remains of Challenger astronauts; Soviet probe Vega 2 flies by Halley's Comet at 8,030 km
1988 - President Reagan presides at unveiling of Knute Rockne stamp
1989 - Eastern Airlines files for bankruptcy; Senate rejects Bush's nomination of John Tower as Defense Secretary; Soviet Union officially submits to jurisdiction of the World Court
1990 - Dr. Antonia Novello sworn-in as 1st Hispanic/female US Surgeon General

1991 - US 70th manned space mission STS 39 (Discovery 12) launches into orbit
1994 - IRA launch 1st of 3 mortar attacks on London's Heathrow Airport
1995 - President Konstantine Karamanlis (88) of Greece resigns
1996 - STS 75 (Columbia 19) lands

1454 - Amerigo Vespucci, explorer
1564 - David Fabricius, astronomer (discovered variable star)
1568 - Aloysius "Luigi" van Gonzaga, Italian prince/Jesuit/saint
1753 - Jean-Baptiste Kléber, French General/architect (Mainz, Fleurus)
1758 - Franz Joseph Gall, German/French physician (frenology)
1824 - Leland Stanford, Governor / Senator / founder of Stanford University
1839 - Felix Huston Robertson, Confederate Brigadier General
1881 - Enver Pasja, Turkish General/politician
1881 - Ernest Bevin British minister of Labour/Foreign affairs
1890 - Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov, Soviet foreign minister (UN)
1900 - Aimone, Duke of Spoleta/Aosta, Italian king of Croatia (1941-43)
1902 - Edward Durell Stone, US architect (US Embassy, New Delhi)
1913 - Ger[ar]da Brautigam, journalist/Dutch 2nd Chamber (PvdA)
1917 - Dante B. Fascell (Representative-FL)
1923 - André Courréges, French fashion designer (introduced the miniskirt); James Buckley (Senator-NY)
1929 - Hugh Desmond Hoyte, president (Guyana, 1985-92)
1930 - Harrie J.B. Aarts, Dutch 2nd chamber member (CDA)
1934 - Yuri Gagarin, Russian cosmonaut, 1st man into space (aboard Vostok 1)
1940 - Raul Julia, actor (Addams Family, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Eyes of Laura Mars)
1943 - Bobby Fischer, world chess champion (1972-75)
1946 - Gherman Semyonovich Arzamazov, Russian cosmonaut (backup TM-6)
1957 - Faith Daniels, news anchor (CBS-TV)
1959 - Barbie doll (Mattel); Kato [Brian] Kaelin actor (Beach Fever)/OJ houseguest/witness
1970 - Melissa Rathburn-Nealy, US soldier (Iraqi POW)

1661 - Jules Cardinal Mazarin, chief minister of France
1693 - Antonio Caraffa, Italian General (Eperieser Bloedgericht), dies at 46?
1918 - [Benjamin] Franc[lin] Wedekind German writer/press secretary, dies at 53
1943 - Oskar Hêks Czechoslovakian marathon runner/antifascist, dies in Auschwitz
1955 - Matthew A. Henson, met Peary on 6/4/1909 at North Pole, dies at 88
1962 - Dr. Howard Engstrom, a designer of Univac computer, dies at 59
1964 - Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, Prussian General/politician, dies at 93
1969 - Riad, chief of staff (Egyptian army)
1974 - Earl W. Sutherland, Jr., US pharmacologist (Nobel 1971), dies at 58
1981 - Max Delbrück, German/US biologist (Nobel 1969), dies at 74
1982 - Richard A. Butler, English minister of Finance, dies at 79
1988 - Kurt Georg Kiesinger, West German chancellor (1966-69), dies at 83
1989 - Robert Mapplethorpe, US photographer, dies at 42
1992 - Menachim Begin, Israeli prime minister (1977-1983, Nobel 1979), dies at 79
1994 - John Harrison, South African correspondent (BBC), dies at 48; Lawrence E Spivak journalist (Meet the Press), dies at 93
1996 - Elman Ali Ahmed, peace campaigner, dies at 42
1997 - Notorius B I G [Biggie Small Chris Walkin], rapper, shot dead at 24

Reported Missing in Action
The following USAF personnel reported MIA when their AC47 was shot down:
Collins, Willard M. (IL); KIA

Foster, Robert E. (NY); KIA

Peterson, Delbert R. (NM)

Graening, Bruce A., US Army (OH); escaped March, 1967

Putnam, Charles L., USN (FL); RA5C shot down (w/Prendergast) - remains returend November, 1988

Prendergast, Francis S., USN; RA5C shot down (w/Putnam), captured, escaped, rescued - deceased as of 1998

Rex, Robert F., USAF (IA); O2A shot down (w/Walters) - KIA, body not recovered

Tinsley, Coy R., US Army (TN); released November, 1969

Walters, Tim L., USAF (IN); O2A shot down (w/Rex) - remains ID'd August, 1999

Cotten, Larry W., USAF (TN); F4E shot down (w/Terla), KIA, body not recovered

Parcels, Rex L., Jr., USN (CA); F4J shot down (w/Schoeppner), KIA, body not recovered

Robinson, Edward, US Army (MO); disappeared while rafting (off duty)

Schoeppner, Leonard J., USN (OH); F4J shot down (w/Parcels), KIA, body not recovered

Terla, Lothar G., USAF (PA); F4E shot down (w/Cotten), KIA, body not recovered