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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today in 1945

Click the picture to learn the full story.

I live about 45 minutes from the National Iwo Jima Memorial Monument in CT's a wonderful tribute to these brave heroes.

Today in History - Thursday, February 23, 2006

0303 - Emperor Diocletian orders general persecution of Christians
1455 - Johannes Gutenberg prints 1st book, the Bible (estimated date)
1574 - France begins 5th Holy War against Huguenots
1660 - Charles XI becomes King of Sweden
1668 - Fire in Wiener Hofburg in Vienna, emperor Leopold I rescued
1689 - Dutch prince William III proclaimed King of England
1778 - Baron von Steuben joins the Continental Army at Valley Forge
1792 - Humane Society of Massachusetts incorporated (erected life-saving stations for distressed mariners)
1813 - 1st US raw cotton-to-cloth mill founded in Waltham MA
1820 - Cato Street conspiracy uncovered
1822 - Boston is incorporated as a city
1836 - Alamo besieged by Santa Anna; entire garrison eventually killed
1846 - Polish revolutionaries march on Cracow, but are defeated
1847 - Battle of Buena Vista, México - Zachary Taylor defeats Mexicans
1852 - H.M.S. Birkenhead sinks off South Africa, killing 420 troops
1854 - Great Britain & Orange Free State sign Convention of Bloemfontein
1861 - By popular referendum, Texas becomes 7th state to secede from US; Dutch Premier Floris A van Hall resigns; President-elect Lincoln arrives secretly in Washington, DC to take office
1869 - Louisiana governor signs public accommodations law
1870 - Mississippi is re-admitted to US
1874 - Major Walter Winfield patents game called "sphairistike" (lawn tennis)
1883 - Alabama becomes 1st US state to enact an antitrust law
1886 - Aluminum manufacturing process developed; "London Times" publishes world's 1st classified ad
1887 - Congress grants Seal Rocks to San Francisco; French/Italian Riviera struck by Earthquake; 2,000 die
1895 - William Heard, AME minister & educator, named minister to Liberia
1896 - Tootsie Roll introduced by Leo Hirshfield
1898 - In France, Emile Zola is imprisoned for writing his "J'accuse" letter accusing government of anti-Semitism & wrongly jailing Alfred Dreyfus
1900 - Steamer Rio de Janeiro sinks in San Francisco Bay; Battle at Hart's Hill, South-Africa (Boers vs British army)
1903 - Cuban state of Guantanamo leased to USA
1904 - Control of Panamá Canal Zone acquired by US for $10 million
1905 - Rotary Club International established by 4 men in Chicago
1909 - Russian tsar Nicolas II dissolves Finnish Diet
1915 - Germany sinks US ships Carib & Evelyn, torpedoes Norwegian ship Regin; Nevada enforces convenient divorce law
1916 - Congress authorizes McKinley Memorial $1 gold coin; French artillery kills entire French 72nd division at Samogneux Verdun
1917 - February revolution begins in Russia
1919 - Benito Mussolini founds the Facist party of Italy
1921 - 1st US transcontinental air mail flight arrives in New York NY from San Francisco CA
1923 - Great Britain lowers import duty on German products from 26% to 5%
1927 - President Coolidge creates Federal Radio Commission (FCC predecessor)
1934 - Coronation of King Leopold III of Belgium
1936 - 1st rocket air mail flight, Greenwood Lake NY
1940 - Russian troops conquer Lasi Island
1943 - General-Major Bradley arrives in Dakar & Marrakesh
1945 - US Marines raise flag on Iwo Jima; 2nd Dutch government of Gerbrandy forms in London; Canadian troops occupy Kalkar; Operation Grenade General Simpson's 9th Army crosses Ruhr
1947 - General Eisenhower opens drive to raise $170 million in aid for European Jews
1954 - Syrian army drives out President Adib el-Shishakli
1955 - Edgar Faure forms French government
1956 - 20th Congress of CPSU closes in Moscow; Russian party leader Khrushchev attacks memory of Stalin
1958 - 5-time world driving champion Juan Fangio kidnapped by Cuban rebels
1958 - Arturo Frondizi elected President of Argentina
1966 - Aldo Moro forms Italian government; Military coup in Syria ends Bitar government
1966 - Premier Obote grabs power in Uganda
1967 - 25th amendment (Presidential succession) declared ratified
1967 - US troops begin largest offensive of Vietnam War
1969 - Nayif Hawatimah forms Democratic People's Front for Liberation of Palestine
1970 - Guyana becomes a republic (National Day)
1971 - Lieutenant Calley confesses & implicates Captain Medina in the My Lai investigation
1979 - Frank Peterson, Jr., named 1st Black General in Marine Corps
1980 - Eric Heiden wins all 5 speed skating golds at Lake Placid Olympics; Oil tanker explosion off Pilos, Greece, causes 37-million-gallon spill; 13th Winter Olympics games close at Lake Placid, NY
1981 - Spanish coup under Lieutenant-Colonel Antonio Tejero Molina fails
1985 - US Senate confirms Edwin Meese III as Attorney General
1987 - Supernova 1987A in LMC 1st seen; 1st naked-eye supernova since 1604
1988 - 15th Winter Olympics games opens in Calgary, Alberta
1991 - US insists Iraq publicly announce it is leaving Kuwait by 12 PM EST; Military coup in Thailand, Premier Choonhaven arrested
1992 - 16th Winter Olympics games close in Albertville, France
1995 - Antoine Nduwayo appointed Premier of Burundi
1997 - Ali Abu Kamal opens fire in Empire State Building killing 1; NBC TV shows "Schindler's List", completely uncensored, 65 million watch; Scientists in Scotland announced they succeeded in cloning an adult mammal, producing a lamb named "Dolly"
1998 - Supreme Court lets Megan's Law stand; Tornadoes in Florida kill at least 31

1417 - Paul II (Pietro Barbo), Pope (1464-71)
1614 - Jacob Colijn(s) Dutch coat of arms painter
1633 - Samuel Pepys, English navy expert/composer (Diary, Memoirs)
1776 - John Walter II, chief proprietor (The London Times, 1812-47)
1818 - Major General Jeremy F. Gilmer, General/Chief Engineer Confederate War Department
1824 - Lewis Cass Hunt, Union Brigadier General
1834 - Gustav Hermann Nachtigal, German physician/colonizer/consul in Tunisia
1838 - Gilbert Moxley Sorrel, Confederate Brigadier General
1859 - Theodor Batthyányi, Hungarian statesman/contra revolutionary
1869 - Nadezhda Konstantinova Krupskaya, Russian revolutionary (Social-Democrat)
1874 - Konstantin Päts, Estonian PM (1921-23, 1932-33), dictator (1933-40)
1875 - Jozef E. Stokvis journalist/Dutch MP (SDAP)
1883 - Victor Fleming, director (Wizard of Oz, Gone With Wind)
1886 - Ventura García Calderón Peruvian diplomat/author
1908 - Sir William McMahon, PM of Australia (Liberal) (1971-72)
1911 - G. Mennen Williams, Sup Court Justice/(Governor-MI)
1925 - Louis Stokes (Representative-OH)
1928 - Vasily Grigoryevich Lazarev, cosmonaut (Soyuz 12, 18A)
1942 - Beau Boulter (Representative-TX)
1944 - James Cousins, British MP
1949 - Marc Garneau, PhD/astronaut (STS 13, 77); Maureen Hicks, British MP
1960 - Gloria von Thurm un Taxis Munich, German Federal Republic, Princess

0155 - Polycarp, disciple of Apostle John, arrested & burned at stake
1447 - Eugene IV (Gabriele Condulmer), Italian Pope (1431-47)
1607 - Herman Herbertsz vicar, dies at about 60
1660 - Charles X Gustaaf, King of Sweden (1654-60), dies at 37
1718 - François Fagel, Dutch field marshal/mayor of Nimegen, dies at 63
1766 - Stanislaw Leszcynski, Duke of Lutherans/king of Poland
1848 - John Quincy Adams, 6th US President (1825-1829), dies of a stroke at 80
1915 - Robert Smalls, Reconstruction congressman, dies at 75 in South Carolina
1922 - Henri Landru executed for having 11 wives, in France
1924 - Thomas Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President (1913-21)
1945 - Aubrey Cousins, Canadian sergeant (Victoria Cross), dies in battle
1969 - Abd al-Aziz Abd al-Rahman al-Faisal al-Saud King Saudia, dies at 67
1990 - Annelien Kappeyne van de Coppello, Dutch MP (Liberal), dies at 53; James Gavin, Commandant US 82nd Airborn Division (Normandy), dies at 82; Jose Napoleon Duarte, President of Salvador (1984-89), dies at 62
1995 - James Herriot Scot author (All Creatures Great & Small), dies at 78; Peter Guy Wykeham Fighter Pilot-Barnes dies at 79

Reported Missing in Action
Donald, Myron L., USAF (NY); F4D shot down (w/Gutterson), released by DRV March, 1973 - retired as a Lt. Colonel - alive and well as of 1998

Gutterson, Laird, USAF (CA); F4D shot down (w/Donald), released by DRV March, 1973 - retired as a Colonel - alive and well as of 1998
**Missions: Vietnam - 35 in C-130 prior to F-4D, WWII - Flight Officer B-25 qualified, Korea - 60 missions F-51, F-86 qualified**

Hubler, George L., USMC (UT); F8E shot down

Jihadding Freedom of Speech

Burning buildings, plane wreckage, bomb debris. These are the visible signs of terrorism that we think of. But in the world of Jihad, bombs aren't the only weapons, and buildings aren't the only targets.

An American, on American soil, has been attacked. What remains in question is how we are going to respond.

The freedom of speech is one of the most sacred rights of the American people. It is fundamental to who we are. It is so vital that having it leads us to defend it for others. It is the reason that Heroes will continue to defend the people who malign them. The post below is from Soldiers' Angels Germany - text posted in its entirety.

Your Freedom of Speech Under Cyber Attack
Just in case you thought the War on Terror was only being fought in the Middle East and Southwest Asia, think again. Now you're not supposed to read what people like Michelle Malkin have to say on their blogs. See, it's offensive to... certain people.

Today's only post on Michelle's blog so far:

Dear readers:
Yes, I know the site has been down all morning.

Yes, I've contacted the FBI.

I will try to get back to work, but this has been a bit of a distraction.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Afternoon update: Confirmed DoS [Denial of Service] attack, with most of the IP addresses belonging to TurkTelecom.

From a later post at Pajamas Media:
After receiving several threats and experiencing one denial of service attack upon appearing on Fox News Channel to display the Mohammed Cartoons, my site went down again this morning at approx. 9am EST and remains down.
Check back at Pajamas Media for further posts from Michelle.

And because we're a military support blog, we'd like you to grok on this statement for a moment:

"If anybody is wondering: Where are the young idealists? Where are the people willing to devote themselves to causes larger than themselves?

They are in uniform in Iraq, straddling the divide between insanity and order."
- David Brooks

Moonbat Alert

What can tick me off about as quick as the Code Pinkers at Walter Reed?

How about this:

Cindy Sheehan, Mother Moonbat, is headed for Landstuhl.

Sheehan to protest at U.S. posts in Germany in March
By Steve Mraz, Stars and Stripes European edition,
Thursday, February 23, 2006

RAMSTEIN, Germany — Cindy Sheehan, mother of a soldier killed in Iraq and the woman who protested the war last summer outside President Bush’s Texas ranch, is scheduled to bring her anti-war message to U.S. military installations in Germany next month.

“[We’ve already heard] that Cindy Sheehan is like Hanoi Jane [Fonda] coming here,” said Elsa Rassbach, an event organizer with American Voices Abroad, which is supporting Sheehan’s trip.

But, she said, “We’re here to just democratically talk about U.S. policy.”

Yeah. Sure. Did anyone tell this woman that "Hanoi Jane" isn't a term of endearment?? I think that's the first time I've ever heard a moonbat call her Hanoi Jane!

Here's info on the agenda for the carnival of moonbattery:
March 9: News conference in Frankfurt; panel discussion in Aachen

March 10: Reception of the mayor and news conference in Aachen

March 11-12: “Camp Casey” events at Landstuhl/Ramstein

March 13: Press conference and various events in Paris

March 14: News conference and hearing with European Union parliament in Strasbourg, France

March 15: News conference and various events in Berlin

Read the rest of the article

OK, if the whole thing is just about US policy, and isn't anti-troop, why are you headed for Landstuhl??? Why not plop yourself outside the embassy?

Media glut Cindy (did you notice that the whole thing is one big news conference?)
just might find that she'll have met her match and then some in Soldiers' Angels Germany!

Hat tip to MaryAnn of SA Germany via Patiently Waiting...

Yet Another Reason to Root for Sasha Cohen

She's a Soldiers' Angel.

Check it out at the Mudville Gazette.

Boy am I in some good company!
Philippine landslide relief
CLARK AIR BASE, Philippines (AFPN) -- An Airman guides a forklift driver loading a pallet of meals ready to eat Feb. 19. The Airman is among more than 2,000 U.S. and Filipino servicemembers with Joint Task Force Balikatan 2006. They are assisting in the humanitarian relief efforts for victims of the Feb. 17 landslide in the village of Guinsaugon on the island of Leyte, Philippines. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Jacqueline Kabluyen)

Earn Your Wings Today!

Soldiers' Angels has been getting heaploads of Heroes requesting adoption.

Here's some of what they've had to say:

I'm submitting my little sister's name to an angel...She would love to receive care packages to share with others. I received a few packages from an angel while I was in Iraq and it always made my day!!! Thank you for all that you do

I am asking to see if I can be adopted because I rarely get mail and wanted to know if there was any way that I can be adopted.I will write back and I thank anyone out there who wants to adopt me. Thank you for all that you are doing back in the states

I was wondering if you could tell me how to get adopted because I was told about this program by --------- who was adopted through this site and wanted to know if I could do the same. Thank you again for your time and for caring about the soldiers.

I was wanting to know if I could be adopted because I rarely get mail here and wanted to see if I could get adopted. I am stationed here in Afghanistan but hardly get mail. Thank you for you help.

I am stationed here in Afghanistan and wanted to know if I can get adopted because I do not get mail very often and it gets lonely because it makes soldiers morale go down because we have no mail. Thank you for your time.


So I ask again, Have you got what it takes to be a Soldiers' Angel?

The name Soldiers' Angels is a slight misnomer - there are Heroes from all branches waiting to be adopted - deployed in a number of locations.

Want to know some of what's involved?

By adopting a servicemember, you are committing to ongoing snail mail and packages (1-2 letters a week, and 1-2 packages a month). If your soldier gives you his/her email address, you are welcome to email them, but written communication is very important. Sometimes email is unreliable in the field, or their ability to use it is infrequent. When they do have access, it is often spent contacting family.

If you are looking for a one-time mailing, or to just do holiday support, visit the Soldiers' Angels site to see how you can help.

Bear in mind that some Angels never hear from their soldiers, or hear very infrequently. If you’re lucky enough to get a real writer / emailer, it’s a great experience. Even if they don’t write or email frequently, though, rest assured that they do appreciate it. Some may be too shy to write, or they may not know what to say. Some may just be incredibly busy.

An Important Note: Under no circumstances or conditions is an "angel" to contact or attempt to contact the military regarding her/his "soldier." The soldier is always the one to pay the price for this. In addition, you should never share your soldier’s address outside of Soldiers’ Angels. If anyone you know would like to send something to your soldier, they should give the letter / item to you for mailing.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much time/money will this take?
The most important thing about being a Soldier's Angel is to be steady and consistent. Set a goal for your adoption activities and try to stick with it - at least one note or card a week and one package a month is a reasonable goal for most people. If you can do more, that's wonderful. A card, letter or note takes only a first class stamp. A care package can be simple or lavish, either will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps a group you belong to (work, church etc.) would be willing to help defray expenses or help collect care package items. To avoid duplication, keep a record of what you send. All care packages are shared so don't worry about sending something your soldier won't like.

What should I do first?
Best bet is to sit down and write a note or letter of introduction. Mention that you are a member of the group Soldiers' Angels and that that's where you got the soldier's address. Tell your soldier a little about yourself, your family, where you live - those sorts of things. Explain why you joined Soldiers' Angels. Be positive, be supportive. If you are praying for your soldier, tell him/her that as well. Remember that your soldier may or may not be like you. He/she may come from an entirely different kind of family and/or culture. Be sure to include your email address as well. When you join, you'll be assigned a Mentor (I'm one) who will help you with questions and how to get started.

How soon should I expect to hear back from my soldier?
In a word, NEVER. Deployed soldiers are just that - deployed in a difficult place doing dangerous jobs. Many soldiers don't have the time or inclination to write letters. It's not because they don't appreciate your support. Some may be reluctant to write to someone they don't know or may be self conscious about their writing skills. You may send letters and packages for a year and never hear anything, or only hear once your Hero has returned home. Don't be discouraged. Those with relatives in the military KNOW that each piece of mail is appreciated whether you get a reply or not. Occasionally you might want to enclose a self-addressed envelope (no stamp necessary) and some paper. If you do get a reply it will be a great treat.

How do I decide what to send?
There are many lists of suggestions on the internet. Remember that packages will be subjected to much jostling and high heat. Check out these links for ideas:
Operation Military Pride
A Soldier's Blog Care Package Ideas
Soldiers' Angels Comprehensive Care Package Suggestions

In addition there are many commercially available care packages. Just put "military care package" in your search engine and you'll find many companies who will send care packages.

What are the rules about mailing?
For detailed information about mailing rules and regulations, click here to visit the US Postal Service website. In general, APO mail is treated the same as Domestic US mail. First class rates for postcards and letters. Just put on a stamp and put the flag up on your mailbox!

Packages are a bit more complicated. The fastest way to send a package is by Priority Mail. Free Priority Mail supplies are available from your local Post Office or can be ordered direct from the USPS website. This includes free boxes, envelopes, labels and stickers. For detailed instructions on ordering from the website, click here.

All packages are subject to high heat and much bouncing around. Choose items accordingly and pack securely. Scented items and liquids should be placed in zip lock bags. Use lots of packaging tape! If you're going to be sending lots of packages, one of those packaging tape "rollers" is a good investment. Because of the heat, aerosol cans are not a good idea. Each package will require a customs declaration form. It is easiest if these are filled out before you go to the PO. Get a handful on your first visit and you'll be prepared for the next time. You will need to fill out your name and address, your soldier's name and address and list the items in the box. It doesn't need to be an item by item list; usually "snack foods" or "toilet articles" will do the trick. Some items are NOT ALLOWED in care packages - pork or pork products, alcohol, pornography, glass containers or anti-Muslim literature. For a detailed list, click here.

How long does it take a letter or package to get to my adopted soldier?
In general you can figure at least 10 days for a letter and 14 days for a package. If your soldier is moving around or "in the field", it may take longer. (My speed record for a package is one week from my house to Baghdad).

One very important - and serious - note: Soldiers' Angels is not - Repeat, NOT - a dating service. If that's what you're looking for, go somewhere else.

My involvement with this organization is probably the thing I'm most proud of. The experience of being able to personally thank so many of our brave Heroes is indescribable.
So if you're still reading, and ready to adopt, apply here.

If you would like to support one of Soldiers' Angels many projects, visit the site here. (And watch the site for a page about Wings of Hope, coming soon)

RIVER PATROL — U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jason Simmons and Spc. Daniel Meyer scan the banks of the Euphrates River in Babil Province, Iraq, looking for terrorist activity, Feb. 16, 2006. The soldiers are assigned as scouts with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Michael Molinaro

In Today's News - Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quote of the Day
Semper Fidelis (Always faithful)
-- US Marine Corps Motto

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iraq Shrine Blast Spurs Strife (This is just insane)
Simmering Samarra Belies Peaceful Past

Dubai Port Proposal
White House Had Deal With Dubai
Port Flap Energizes Pols on Security
Bush Wasn't Aware of Port Deal
Fast Facts: Dubai's Terror Ties
Video: America Outsourcing Its Security?
Video: White House Defends Port Deal
Video: Concerns Over Port Deal Growing
Video: Bush Learned of Port Deal Recently
Dock workers react to port deal
Rice to soothe fears over ports row on UAE visit
Blocking ports deal may cool US-foreign bids

Remember Yesterday's "Where Am I?" -- well, lookie here:
USS Cleveland Returns From Deployment

Troops on Trial
Court-Martial for Marine Begins
Navy QB Charged With Rape

Hamas Rising
Saudi rejects Rice on Hamas stand
Iran Offers to Fund Palestinian Authority (What a shocker)

Worldwide Wackos
Iran Talks 'Not Going Easily'
Iran nuclear crisis can be resolved, says China

XX Winter Olympics
Do or Die for U.S. Hockey
Bode to Ski on Hurt Ankle
More Proof on 'Doping' Coach

French kiss? Your spray or mine?

Fox News
U.K. Robbers Steal $43.5M
NYC Man Inhales Anthrax
Three Plead Not Guilty in Homeless Beatings Case
Stocks to Watch: BEA, CBS
Michigan Murder Suspects Caught With Third Body
Teen Girl Convicted in Killing, Dismemberment of Friend

Reuters: Top News
South Dakota passes abortion ban
Bush to India: cooperate on nukes - Play Video
British police hunt raiders after $70 mln robbery
Judge gives early nod to $6.7 bln Enron settlement
NY man accidentally poisoned by anthrax
Eight Nebraska laborers claim $365 mln jackpot
Unsafe NY dam has residents fearing flood
Townships swept up in S.Africa's property boom
Hormone makes older women have more twins: study
Americans work more, seem to accomplish less: study
Tiny, frozen Pluto adds to its moon family
Radiocarbon review rewrites European pre-history
Tech CEOs urge US find more wireless airwaves
HP charges into retail photo printing market
Tame CPI sparks U.S. stock rally
Reuters Biotech Summit: IPO prospects
Airbus signs $1 bln MoU with Korean firm
BlackBerry maker scores a gain in long patents war
Sprint Nextel profit falls, wireless disappoints
Viacom profit down 68 percent on charges
Northfield Labs dives after negative WSJ story
Garmin posts record 4th-qtr profit
Sina profit drops, outlook cut, shares fall
Nikkei rises 1 pct, helped by Wall St recovery
Skechers up; Salesforce, Pharmion down
Salesforce profit up as subscribers increase
Stocks rally on tame inflation, oil's slide - Video
Losing its flavor
DeMartino: No surprises in Wal-Mart debt

AP World News
Reports: 4 Dead in Moscow Roof Collapse
Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Hits Mozambique
Arias Wins Costa Rican Presidential Vote
Protesters Vandalize Mining Co. Offices
Japanese Red Army Founder Gets 20 Years
Preval Says Aristide Can Return to Haiti
Rescuers Nearing Trapped Mexican Miners
Rains Delay Philippine Search Efforts
Aristide Ready for Return to Haiti
Cardinal in Hong Kong Among 15 Newly Named
Expectations Are High for Beijing in 2008
Death Toll Rises in Nigerian Violence
Nurse Aide Gets Life in Patients' Deaths
Serb Government Denies Mladic Ops
Iraq Shrine Blast Triggers Reprisals
DoD Drafts New Disaster Response Plan
Maryland May Ban Military Funeral Protests

CENTCOM: News Releases

Department of Defense
India, Pakistan Key Allies in War on Terror - Story - Remarks
U.S. Commitment to Region Continues - Story
Iraqi Soldiers, Police Find Weapons Caches - Story

Commander Meets With Army, Police Leaders - Story
U.S. Soliders Take to Water to Combat Terrorists - Story
U.S. Soldiers Provide Tents to Bedouin Families - Story

U.S., Iraqi Medics Share Experience, Knowledge
Soldiers Celebrate Black History Month in Iraq
Palace Drill Prepares Combat Lifesavers
U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff Visits Troops
U.S. Troops Deliver Wheelchair to Disabled Girl

10th Mountain Takes Command of Task Force
Airborne's Sports Map Promotes Camaraderie
10th Combat Aviation Assumes Mission
10th Mountain Troops Join 'Team Paktika'
Task Force Devil Four-Mile Run Boosts Morale

U.S. Air Force Officer Enhances Communications - Story

Businessman Helps Groups Meet - Story

Police Add More Than 1,000 to Force
Attack Kills 21 Iraqis
Iraqis Assume Baghdad Duties
Casey: Iraqis Benefit from Efforts
Terrorist Bombs Kill 11 Iraqis
U.S. Troops Find Weapons Caches
Coalition Forces Destroy Weapons
Troops Nab Suspects
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq (pdf)
Multinational Force Iraq
Eye on Iraq Update (pdf)
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (pdf)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Iraq Reconstruction

Police, Coalition Respond to Attack
Afghan Engineers Attend Workshop
Afghanistan Update

U.S. Must Network to Defeat Terror
Three Ohio Men Indicted
Army Chief: Soldiers Must Adapt
Weapons Found in Iraq, Afghanistan
Intel Director Outlines Threats
Global Hawk UAV Returns Home
USS Reagan Group Enters 5th Fleet
Bush: Democracy Will Yield Peace
Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Mom Pens Books to Help Kids
Efforts Help Change Image
USS Gonzalez Conducts Sea Swap
Unmanned Stryker Convoys Tested
Navy Ships Provide Disaster Relief
Photos: Philippine Relief Efforts
Sailors, Marines Help Victims
Web Special: Iwo Jima
Flexibility Needed to Fight Terror
National Guard, Reserve Update

Officials Identify Marine Casualty - Story

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar