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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fallujah Police Station Grand Opening

An Iraqi Police colorguard member waves the Iraqi flag before the grand opening ceremony of the Fallujah Police Station in Fallujah, Iraq, April 13, 2006. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ramona Marie G. Peñala

Iraqi Police gather in the Fallujah Police Station parking lot before its grand opening ceremony, April 13, 2006. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ramona Marie G. Peñala

Iraqi Police conduct a pass and review during the opening ceremony of the Fallujah Police Station, in Fallujah, Iraq, April 13, 2006. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ramona Marie G. Peñala

Iraqi Chief of Police, General Salah, salutes his men as they pass and review, during the opening ceremony of the Fallujah Police Station, in Fallujah, Iraq, April 13, 2006. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ramona Marie G. Peñala

Award medals are displayed before giving to recipients read: "Service to country is an honor." The awards were given to special guests of the Iraqi Police after the grand opening ceremony of the Fallujah Police Station, April 13, 2006. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ramona Marie G. Peñala

Iraqi Police gather together after the opening ceremony of the Fallujah Police Station, in Fallujah, Iraq, April 13, 2006. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ramona Marie G. Peñala

SABA AL BOOR RAID — Iraqi soldiers from the 9th Iraqi Division close in and prepare to raid a mosque in Saba al Boor, Iraq, April 15, 2006, after increased insurgent activity in the area. Based on information received from local residents, the soldiers entered the mosque and found two unauthorized AK-47 assault rifles. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Larson

News Headlines - Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fox News
Bin Laden Speaks?
Al-Jazeera airs terror tape
Video: Terror Tape Surfaces
Iraq Blasts Kill 26
Roadside bomb kills three GIs
Firefighters Target Iraq Gas Complex Blaze
No Decision (New Orleans voting)
Video: New Orleans at the Polls
Ala. School Murders Foiled
Hamas, Fatah Agree to Attempt to Quell Protests
Russia: Don't Pressure Iran Over Nuclear Program
Man Found Floating on Raft at Sea Near Denmark, Norway
Bonds Ends Homer Drought
Supermarket Explosions Injure 14 in Eastern Ukraine
Airline Passenger Subdued After Bomb Threat
Cops: Man Went Shopping After Killing Family in Pa.
Treasury Sec. Snow Warns on Soaring Oil Prices, Deficits
Duke Hosts Alumni Weekend Amid Lacrosse Probe
Teen Terror Attack Suspect Appears in N.Y. Court- Video: Suspect in Court
Slain Militant ID'd as SeniorAl Qaeda Operative
NEW! Small Business Page
NEW! Cybersecurity Center

Reuters: Top News
Celtic Chianti
Oil consumers, producers talk but do they listen?
IMF wins new powers to police global economy
Court to weigh power of EU Commission vs Microsoft
EU hopes Microsoft to comply on antitrust steps
Telstra rivals seek alternate A$3bln network plan
WPP Q1 revenues climb
Dow flirts with new record high
Blue-chips flat; $75 oil outweighs earnings - Video
UAL, AMR lead fall in airline shares on oil rally
Dell shares drop 4 pct after rare "sell" rating
Oakley shares up 7 pct as results beat estimates
The case for GoogleOn the Radar: Textron shares
Ready to negotiate oilfield contracts

Kastor breaks US record to win London marathon
Hamas-Fatah tensions flare in Gaza - Video
Iran vows to continue enrichment work
Nepal protesters defy curfew - Video
Dean says Bush "cut and run" on Katrina
Bush promotes hydrogen-powered cars on Earth Day
Scientists find brain cells linked to choice
Olympia event scrapped after archaeologists intervene
Court to weigh power of EU Commission vs Microsoft
Microsoft heads to college to pitch Windows Live
At 74, Ted Kennedy still roars
TV seance claims to have reached John Lennon
Ben & Jerry's sorry for Irish "Black & Tan" upset
Groups question US plan to detain sick travelers

AP World News
Fighting Escalates in Southern Afghanistan
Congress Struggles With Pension Bill
Hunter Injured in Washington Bear Attack
Tests: Pigeons Don't Pose Bird Flu Trouble
Researchers Probe Ghost Sightings on Ship
PBS Wins 12 Creative Craft Daytime Emmys
Schumacher Outduels Alonso at San Marino
Deena Kastor, Felix Limo Win London Marathon
3 GIs Killed by Roadside Bomb in Baghdad
Bonds Hits 1st Homer of Year as Giants Win
States Spar Over Federal HIV/AIDS Funds
6 Alaska Students Accused of Murder Plot
Fatah and Hamas Meet to End Tensions
Duke President Faces Alumni Questioning
Clashes Erupt for Another Day in Nepal
Man Recovered From Raft Puzzles Swedes
Kerry: Opposing War Is Patriotic
Air Force One Hoax
CIA Fires Employee for Leak
US not Prepared for Bird Flu
Commander Says Iraq Provinces Restive
Cost Could Scuttle Airborne Laser

CENTCOM: News Releases







Department of Defense
Bush Confident in War on Terror Victory - Story
Small Projects Make Big Changes in Ethiopia - Story - Team Accepts Donations
U.S. Units Help Ethiopians Build Capacity
9 Coalition Troops Killed in Iraq, Afghanistan - Story
Army Reserve General Honors Missing Soldier - Story
Army Reserve Changes to Meet Challenges

Iraqi Police Force Takes the Lead in Baghdad - Story

Iraqi Oil Terminal Increases Loading Capacity - Story
Iraqi Army Gets Barracks in Thi Qar Province

Army Engineer Unit Ready for Afghan Duty - Story

Soldiers Provide Medical, Humanitarian Aid
U.S. Army Chief of Staff Visits Iraqi Soldiers
Photos: U.S. Army Chief of Staff Visits Iraq
Logistics Soldiers Keep Troops Supplied

Afghan-Led Forces Detain Insurgents

Marine Keeps Promise, Enlists to Fight for Country - Story

DefendAmerica Week in Review
Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

Louisville Events Highlight Support - Story

Leaders Keep Northern Iraq Calm
Iraqis Continue Contribution
Iraqis Taking Lead, Casey Says
Blast Destroys New Police Station
Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier
Iraq, Coalition Foil Terror Attacks
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq (PDF)
Multinational Force Iraq
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (PDF)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Iraq Reconstruction

Police Open Training Facility
Afghans Report Bombs, Fly Mission
Tripartite Commission Meets
Afghanistan Update

U.S. Troops Killed in Combat
U.S. Soldiers Detain Suspects
Bush, Hu Pledge Cooperation
Djibouti Project to Aid Terror War
U.S. Won't Stop Short of Victory
Cheney Praises Soldiers
Governors Visit, Praise Troops
Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

England Lauds Past, Present Forces
Ceremony Honors Wounded Photos
Seabees Build Dorm for Djiboutians
Rumsfeld Praises America’s Spirit
Doolittle Raid Web Special
Pace: Collaboration is Critical
National Guard, Reserve Update

Officials Identify Army Casualty - Story

Today in History
1014 - King Brian Boru of Ireland beats Danes at Battle of Clontarf
1154 - Damascus surrenders to sultan Nur ad-Din van Aleppo
1348 - 1st English order of knighthood founded (Order of the Garter)
1500 - Pedro Álvarez Cabral lands & annexes Brazil (Terra da Vera Cruz)
1504 - King Maximilian I routes troops to Bavaria
1616 - Netherlands buys De Briel/Vlissingen/Fort Rammekens from England
1633 - Sweden & Protestant German monarchy form Union of Heilbronn
1661 - English king Charles II crowned in London
1662 - Connecticut chartered as an English colony
1723 - Cornelis Steenoven elected archbishop of Utrecht
1789 - President-elect George Washington moves into Franklin House, New York
1795 - William Hastings acquitted in England of high treason
1798 - Dutch emperor accepts new Constitution
1826 - Missolonghi captured by Turks
1838 - English steamship "Great Western" docks in New York, NY
1851 - Canada issues its 1st postage stamps
1860 - Democratic convention in Charleston, SC, divided over slavery
1861 - Arkansas troops seize Fort Smith; Battle of San Antonio, TX
1864 - Battle of Cane River, LA (Red River Expedition, Monett's Ferry)
1867 - Queen Victoria & Napoleon III turn down plans for a channel tunnel
1871 - Blossom Rock in San Francisco Bay blown up
1878 - 1st Dutch test drive of steam tram
1883 - John Heemskerk Azn forms Dutch government
1891 - Jews are expelled from Moscow, Russia
1896 - Vitascope system of movie projection 1st demonstrated (Koster & Bial's Music Hall, NYC)
1900 - 1st known occurrence of word "hillbillie" (New York Journal)
1908 - Denmark, Germany, England, France, Netherlands & Sweden signs North Sea accord
1915 - ACA becomes National Advisory Council on Aeronautics (NACA)
1918 - Battle of Zeebrugge ends; Dover Patrol overthrows Germany U-boat in East Sea; National Urban League forms
1919 - Major leagues open a reduced 140-game season
1920 - Turkish Grand National Assembly 1st meets, in Ankara
1938 - Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia demand self government
1939 - Boston Red Sox Ted Williams hits his 1st homerun
1940 - Dance hall fires kills 198 (Natchez, MS)
1941 - Greece's Army surrenders to Nazis; RAF brings Greek King George II to Egypt
1942 - 4-day allied bombing on Rostock begins; Luftwaffe bombs Exeter
1943 - British & US offensive directed at Tunis/Bizerta
1945 - Concentration camp Flossenburg liberated
1948 - KSTP TV channel 5 in St Paul-Minneapolis MN (ABC) 1st broadcast
1949 - Courtesy mail boxes for motorists started in San Francisco; Chinese Red army conquerors Nanjing; Netherlands annexes Elten & Tudderen
1950 - 1st major league day game completed under lights (Phillies 6, Braves 5); Nationalist China evacuates Hainan Island
1952 - Oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Banias completed
1953 - General Charles P. Cabell, USAF, becomes deputy director of CIA
1954 - Hammerin' Hank Aaron hits 1st of his 755 homers; NBA adopts the 24-second shot clock rule
1956 - US Supreme court ends race segregation on buses
1958 - Gil Hodges hits his 300th homerun & Pee Wee Reese plays in 2,000th game
1959 - 1st heliport in Britain opens in London
1962 - New York Mets win their 1st game ever, after going 0-9, beat Pittsburgh Pirates 9-1; Ranger 4, 1st US satellite to reach Moon, launched from Cape Canaveral
1965 - Launch of 1st Soviet communications satellite
1967 - Soyuz 1 launched; Vladimir Komarov becomes 1st in-flight casualty when its parachute lines became tangled and the parachutes failed to open properly upon return to Earth
1968 - United Methodist Church forms; 1st decimal coins issued in Britain (5 & 10 pence)
1969 - Sirhan Sirhan sentenced to death for killing Bobby Kennedy
1971 - Soyuz 10 launched; soft docked with Salyut 1
1972 - Apollo 16 astronauts explore Moon surface
1977 - Dr Allen Bussey completes 20,302 yo-yo loops; Military workers kill 300-500 students in Addis Ababa
1980 - Soviet sub catches fire off Japan, 9 die
1984 - AIDS virus identified (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
1985 - Coca-Cola announced it is changing its secret flavor formula
1987 - 28 construction workers killed in an apartment building collapse in Bridgeport, CT
1988 - Federal smoking ban during domestic airline flights of 2 hours or less
1989 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar plays his last game as a Los Angeles Laker; Students in Beijing China announce class boycotts
1991 - USSR grants republics right to secede under certain conditions
1992 - Marion Berry (former mayor of Washington, DC) is released from prison; McDonald's opens its 1st fast-food restaurant in China
1993 - Eritrea votes to secede from Ethiopia
1994 - Army shoots to death 23-40 fishermen in Gonaives, Haiti; Libertarian party nominates Howard Stern for Governor of New York
1995 - President Bill Clinton declares a national day of mourning for Oklahoma City bombing victims

1464 - Johanna van Valois, Queen of France
1551 - Boris Godunov, Tsar of Muscovy (1598-1605) in Time of Troubles
1564 - William Shakespeare, bard (Hamlet, MacBeth, Julius Cæsar)
1598 - Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp, naval commander
1697 - George Baron Anson, British Admiral/explorer
1791 - James Buchanan, (Federalist/Democrat), 15th US President (1857-61)
1803 - Jules J. baron d'Anethan, Belgian minister of Justice
1804 - Guillaume Nerenburger, Belgian General (Triangulatie of Belgium)
1813 - Stephen Arnold Douglas [Little Giant], US Senator (Lincoln debates)
1818 - John Gill Shorter, Confederate Governor
1823 - Abdül-Medjid 31st sultan of Turkey (1839-61)
1828 - Albert, King of Saxon (1873-1902)
1861 - Edmund Henry Hynman 1st viscount Allenby of Megiddo/Fieldmarshal
1897 - Lester Bowles Pearson (L) 14th Canadian PM (1963-68) (Nobel 1957); Lucius du Bignon Clay, US General (WWII) / Governor (West Germany)
1899 - Vladimir Nabokov, Russian novelist (Lolita, Ada)
1908 - Herbert Telley British actuary
1909 - Thomas Padmore senior civil servant
1914 - Andrew Martin Lord-Lieutenant (Lechestershire England)
1917 - Jacob Kistemaker, nuclear physicist (ultra centrifuge)
1926 - Virgil I [Gus] Grissom, astronaut (Liberty Bell 7, Gemini 3)
1928 - Shirley Temple Black, child actress (Heidi)/ambassador (UN)
1930 - Michael Bowen, Roman Catholic Archbishop (Southwark)
1935 - David Evans MP
1938 - Steven D. Symms (Senator-R-ID)
1941 - Hal Daub (Representative-R-NE)
1953 - Fred Upton (Representative-R-MI)
1981 - Gabriella Windsor, daughter of English prince Michael

0034 - Christ crucified, according to Isaac Newton
0303 - George, knight of Cappadocië / saint / patron of England, beheaded
0871 - Ethelred I, King of Wessex / brother of Alfred the Great
0997 - Vojtech "Adalbert" of Prague, 2nd bishop of Prague/apostle, at 40
1014 - Brian Boru king of Ireland, in battle at 87; Sweyn Forkbeard, Viking King of England (1013-14)
1016 - Aethelbred II "the Unready," King of England (979-1016)
1616 - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Spanish writer (Don Quixote), at 69; William Shakespeare, English author (Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet), on his 52nd birthday
1625 - Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, at 57
1838 - John W. Janssens, Governor-General of Cape Colony/Dutch-Indies, at 75
1865 - James Dearing, Confederate Brigadier-General, at 24
1918 - Percy Thomson Dean, Lieutenant-commander, killed at Zeebrugge
1942 - Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear, President of Argentina (1922-28), at 73
1955 - Robert H. Woltjer, classical/AR-First-Member of parliament, at 76
1960 - Cornelis Jan Bakkerr, Dutch/US nuclear physicist
1971 - William Tubman, President of Liberia (1944-71), at 76
1985 - Sam J. Ervin, Jr (Senator-D-NC), at 88
1988 - Arthur Michael Lord Ramsey, archbishop of Canterbury
1995 - Howard Cosell, sportscaster (Monday Night Football), at 77; John Stennis (Senator-D-MS), at 93

Reported Missing in Action
Dyczkowski, Robert R., USAF (NY); F105D disappeared while on mission

Goss, Bernard Joseph, USAF (NY); F105D shot down - remains returned August, 1978

Eads, Dennis K., US Army (IL); AH1G crashed (pilot, w/Murphy)

Gomez, Robert A., USAF (FL); F4D shot down (pilot, w/Lucki)

Lucki, Aubin E., USAF (UT); F4D shot down (bombardier / navigator, w/Gomez)

Little, Danny L., US Army SF (TX); KIA / BNR

Murphy, Larron D., US Army (GA); AH1G crashed (aircraft commander, w/Eads)

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