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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Soldiers' Angels Founder Nominated for Award

Patti Patton-Bader, founder of Soldiers' Angels, has been nominated for a USO/Microsoft Above and Beyond Award.

More info on the award comes from

America Supports You: Microsoft, USO Open ‘Above and Beyond’ Voting

By John J. Kruzel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 23, 2007 – Americans can now visit an online ballot to cast their vote for five people whose extraordinary contributions to the U.S. military go above and beyond the call of duty.

With the first “Above and Beyond Awards,” Microsoft Corp. and the United Service Organizations, or USO, will publicly honor the outstanding commitment, exceptional service, sacrifice and achievements of individuals who have shown extraordinary dedication to brightening servicemembers’ lives over the past year, according to the awards’ Web site. From hundreds of promising nominees, officials have narrowed the field to 14 finalists in the following five categories:

-- The Effort Award: Presented for providing outstanding support and comfort to troops, and enhancing their morale and personal welfare. The recipient inspires other groups or individuals to create new and unique ways to show their support of the troops through widely influential guidance or mentorship.

-- Medical Attention Award: Presented for providing superior medical attention to the wounded and injured. The recipient makes a broad impact across multiple communities, providing guidance, mentorship and resources to better the lives of the wounded. He or she inspires others to enhance their own support.

-- Promotion and Success Award: Presented for outstanding impact and success in generating promotional support for the USO. The recipient provides selfless commitment to promote and create awareness of the USO, and helps enhance the morale and personal welfare of troops.

-- Every Day Difference Award: Presented to someone who makes a difference in a seemingly small, but significant way to improve servicemembers’ quality of life. The recipient is an unsung hero who makes the most of personal (non-financial) resources to positively affect servicemembers’ basic needs or way of life.

-- Youth Leadership Award: Presented to a youth leader -- age 17 or younger -- who champions and represents outstanding troop support. The recipient organizes self-generated or motivated individuals or groups that provide genuine support to the troops, and shows his or her troop support through innovative and unique ways.

Additional information about the 14 finalists can be found at:

The awards will be presented at a Nov. 12 ceremony in New York City.

Related Sites:
Above and Beyond Finalists
America Supports You


Patti is an amazing woman, and I can't think of anyone who is more dedicated to supporting our troops and their families. She has never failed to rise to the occasion when there is a Hero in need.

Patti is nominated in the "Everyday Difference" category.

So what are you waiting for?

Go. Vote. Now!

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Guard Supporting California Firefighting mission

Photo by Cdr. Jane Campbell
The San Diego city skyline, Oct. 23.

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In Today's News - Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quote of the Day
"Liberty is the great parent of science and of virtue;
and a nation will be great in both
in proportion as it is free."

-- Thomas Jefferson

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Violence, Casualties Down in Iraq
Turkish planes pound rebels along border
U.S. Has Sympathy for Turkey’s Position Against PKK

Operation Enduring Freedom
NATO Allies Offer to Provide More Support in Afghanistan
Gates Urges NATO Counterparts to Keep Afghanistan Commitments

Homeland Security / War on Terror / Hamas-Hezbollah Happenings
Rice: Mideast peace plan in jeopardy

Troops (and Contractors) on Trial
State Security Chief to Quit Amid Blackwater Scandal
Iraq determined to expel Blackwater USA

Supporting Our Heroes
Dave Matthews to play for Army football

Other Military News
Wars may cost $2.4 trillion over decade

Worldwide Wackos
Bush Outlines Plans for Post-Fidel Castro Cuba
Report: Images Show Syria Facility Akin to Nuke Reactor

Politics / Government
Giuliani: The Blind Should Be Able to Carry Guns (Ummm...)
Black vs. Gay Politics Has Obama Tied in Knots - VIDEO
Obama learned from failed Congress run

In the Courts / Crime and Punishment / Law and Order
Officials: 20 Busted Smuggling Young Girls for Prostitution, Scaring Them With Voodoo
Report: FBI Raid of David Copperfield's Warehouse May Involve His Pick-Up Techniques
Miami TV Reporter Arrested for Entering School Property With Gun
Illinois Sex Offender Tries to Castrate Himself
Cops Find Mom's Body After Girl's Fifth-Floor Fall
Prison Preacher Wages Fight for Religious Expression
Possible Sighting of World's Most Wanted Fugitive
Penalty phase starts in stolen-baby case
110-lb mayor puts burglar in headlock
FBI watched McCarthy anti-Hoover effort
Thompson downplays staff departure

U.N. News
UN chief: violence against women surges

Media in the Media / Bloggers in the News / Watching the Web
Microsoft buys Facebook stake for $240M

Science / Medicine and Health / Technology
Singer Robert Goulet Seeks Lung Transplant to Save His Life
Report: 68 Namibia Villagers Sickened After Eating Dead Dog
Astronauts Inspect Shuttle's Heat Shield
China launches first lunar probe
Breast cancer often untreated in Mideast
Cell phone message warns train gropers
Staph screening said may wipe out germ

Mother Nature
Quickly Spreading Fires 'Out of Control,' Evacuations Grow
California Firefighters Welcome Easing Winds, Arson Probed in Wildfires
Tsunami Warning in Indonesia Following Strong Quake

News from My Neck of the Woods
New York Teen Firefighter Sets Fire at Church to be 'Hero'
World Series opens tonight in Boston

Kenyan Monkeys Make Lewd Gestures at Women

Other News of Note
10 Killed, More Missing in Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Accident

Fox News
Has Britney Spears Found Her Howard K. Stern?
Pop Tarts: Very Sexy Sale: Heidi Klum Selling Her Supermodel Lips, Quitting the Catwalk?

Reuters: Top News

AP World News
Regents chairman says ORU $55M in debt
Jackie Chan flexes his vocal muscles
Heat trade F Antoine Walker to T-Wolves
Stocks finish rocky session lower
Home sales plunge by 8 percent
Osmond stays, Cuban is voted off `Stars'
Panel recommends FluMist for young kids

CENTCOM: News Releases

Command focusing on improving joint fires at the brigade combat team and below - More about JFIIT
Command leadership completes Transformation Advisory Group meetingCommand moves forward with Joint Urban Fires Prototype - podcast
USJFCOM commander meets the press - podcast

Multi-National Force-Iraq
Provincial Reconstruction Teams: The ‘Civilian Surge’
Successful Concerned Local Citizens program makes way for others
Lieutenant helps renovate Iraqi orphanage
Seeds of progress spread in Hawr Rajab
Attack aviation crews engage roadside bombers (Baghdad)
One MNC-I Soldier attacked, five wounded (Baghdad)
Coalition Forces attacked (Tikrit)
Tip from Concerned Iraqi Citizen leads to large EFP,
Dragon Talon II: MND-B troops find two caches, detain
Coalition operations continue to degrade al-Qaeda in Iraq network
Concerned Local Citizens find IEDs
Paratroopers detain two (Adwaniya)
Attack wounds government workers in Adhamiyah

U.S., Russia Still Strategic Allies

Coalition Forces Detain 21 Suspects
Shiites Work Against Extremists

Military Planes Douse Wildfire Flames
Katrina Lessons Help Wildfire Response
National Guard Attacks Wildfires by Air, Land
Bush: Wildfires Constitute Major Disaster
Photo Essay: Troops Help Fight Wildfires
Photo Essay: Military Aids Evacuees

Chairman Asks Straight Questions, Gets Hard Answers from Soldiers About Service
Chairman Visits Army Posts, Meets Troops
Photo Essay: Chairman Visits Fort Leavenworth
Maritime Security Important for Africa

Soldiers Help Renovate Sadr City Girls' School

Coalition Forces Kill Five Extremists
Bridge Project to Employ Hundreds of Afghans

Airborne Buddies Are Friends for Life
Airborne Ranger Gets 'Dirty Jobs' Done
Retiree Trains for Run

Literacy Group Reaches Out to Military Families

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Ansbach Aschaffenburg Berlin Berlin-Tempelhof Berlin/Schonefeld Bremerhaven
Darmstadt Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main Freiburg/Breisgau Garmisch
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Geilenkirchen Gelnhausen Giessen Kitzingen
Hanau Am Main Heidelberg Mainz Mannheim Nurnberg Stuttgart Trier
Wiesbaden Wurzburg


Agana Agana Heights Agat Andersen AFB Asan Barrigada

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Kadena Air Base Okinawa Tokyo Yokohama

National Hurricane Center

Today in History
1648 - The Peace of Westphalia ends a 30-year war and the Holy Roman Empire
1795 - Austria, Prussia, and Russia make the third partition of Poland.
1836 - The match is patented.
1851 - William Lassell discovers Uranus' satellites Ariel and Umbriel.
1861 - The first transcontinental telegram is sent, ending the Pony Express.
1901 - Anna Taylor becomes the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.
1911 - Robert Scott's expedition leaves Cape Evans for the South Pole.
1929 - "Black Thursday" - the beginning of the stock market crash.
1931 - The George Washington Bridge (NY to NJ) opens.
1935 - Italy invades Ethiopia.
1939 - Nylon stockings go on sale for the first time in Wilmington, DE.
1940 - Japan eliminates American terms (strike, play ball) from baseball.
1943 - The Anti-nazi Clandestine Radio Soldatsender Calais begins transmitting.
1945 - The United Nations Charter takes effect.
1951 - The U.N. publishes its first postage stamps.
1952 - The Arab Liberation Movement becomes the only political party in Syria.
1956 - Soviet troops invade Hungary.
1960 - Disaster strikes on a Soviet launch pad; missile expert Nedelin and his team are believed killed (unconfirmed - the U.S.S.R. later claims he was killed in a plane crash).
1964 - Zambia gains independence from Britain.
1970 - Salvador Allende Gossens is elected president of Chile.
1973 - On the NJ Turnpike, heavy fog causes a 65-car pileup that kills 9; the Yom Kippur War officially ends.
1980 - The Polish government legalizes the independent labor union Solidarity.
1984 - Intelsat-5 re-enters the Earth's atmosphere, five months after it failed.
1987 - The Senate officially rejects the nomination of Robert Bork.
1988 - Typhoon Ruby sinks a Philippine ferry; hundreds drown.
1989 - Rev. Jim Bakker is sentenced to 50 years for fraud.

1788 - Sarah Josepha Hale, author (Mary Had a Little Lamb)
1890 - Chicago Mainbocher, uniform designer (Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Waves)
1911 - Clarence M. Kelley, FBI head
1926 - Y.A. Tittle, NFL QB (Baltimore, SF, NY Giants, MVP 1963)
1936 - Bill Wyman England, rocker (Rolling Stones); David Nelson, actor (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)
1940 - F. Murray Abraham, actor (Amadeus, Mad Man)
1947 - Kevin Kline, actor (Sophie's Choice, Big Chill)

1537 - Jane Seymour, 3rd wife of Henry VIII, due to complications after childbirth
1601 - Tycho Brahe, astronomer
1957 - Christian Dior, French designer
1961 - Dr. Milan Stoyadinovich, Fascist Yugoslavian PM (1935-9)
1971 - Chuck Hughes, Detroit Lion, collapses during game, and later dies
1972 - Jackie Robinson, first African-American player in modern major league baseball
1973 - Allan "Rocky" ,actor (voice of Mr. Ed)
1975 - Ismail Erez, Turkish ambassador, killed by a car bomb in Paris
1991 - Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek creator, of a heart attack

Reported Missing in Action
Woods, Lawrence, US Army SF (TN); C123 shot down (passenger); Killed, body not recovered

Clark, Richard C., USN (WA); F4B shot down (backseater, w/Gillespie), captured

Frishmann, Robert F., USN (CA); F4B shot down (w/Lewis), released August, 1969

Gillespie, Charles R., USN (MS); F4B shot down (pilot, w/Clark), released by DRV March, 1973 - killed in MU2 crash February, 1989

Lewis, Earl G., USN (MO); released by DRV March, 1973 - retired as a Commander - alive as of 1998

Tyler, George E., USAF (MI); F4D crashed

Heideman, Thomas E., USAF (IL); CH3C shot down (aircrew), KIA, body not recovered

Bixel, Michael Sargent, USN (FL); A6A shot down (aircrew), KIA, body not recovered

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