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Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Two Cents: Hamas Rising

By now, you've no doubt heard it a hundred times.

Hamas hit political paydirt in the Palestinian elections. 76 out of 132 seats in the Palestinian legislature, compared to 43 for Fatah. And the turnout was impressive - approximately 78 percent of Palestinian voters showed up to cast their votes.

It's frightening. Very.

And what's perhaps more appalling is what some of the Democratic elite have to say:

Jimmy Carter: The ex-Pres was interviewed on Friday. Although he acknowledged that the "so-called terrorists" had an element "who deny Israel's right to exist," he reminded us that "there have been no complaints of corruption against [their] elected officials." Oh, goodie. I feel much better now. I'm reminded of the people that called a choice between "Saddam" and "you die" a free Iraqi election.

Carter also said that "sometimes you have to learn to work with terrorists." No, Mr. Carter, you really don't.

And Howard Dean is apparently pretty soft on Hamas, too. Some of his more memorable statements:

“I will say, however, that there is a war going on in the Middle East, and members of Hamas are soldiers in that war.” (CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer Reports,” 9/10/03)

“Sooner or later … Arafat is going to leave the scene, either by the usual means in the Middle East, which is some sort of political violence, or the fact that he’s in his late 60s and he’s got a lot of miles on him. When that happens, I think Hamas will probably take over. There will probably be good and bad out of that. The bad, of course, is that Hamas is a terrorist organization. However, if they have to run a quasi-state, they may actually have to be more responsible and start negotiations …” (CBC/PBS’ “The Editors,” 1/3/98)

Wow, so now they'll be more responsible in killing innocent people? Oh, joy. FYI, even Pelosi and Kerry took issue with Dean's pro-Hamas attitude. How scary is that?

Some have said that the Palestinian election is proof that the democratic process there is working. I think it more likely bears out the old adage of people getting the government they deserve.

The election is being billed as a protest against the ineffectiveness of Abbas' government, but it's something far more frightening. This election represents the choice of a people to install terrorism as a government. To vote for state-sanctioned murder. And it has raised the attacks of Hamas from terrorist attacks of the lunatic fringe to the level of acts of war, condoned, planned, and perpetrated by a terrorist state.

Not a terrorist group - a state. The ramifications of that are deadly serious.

Think of having Mexico or Canada vote to install Al Qaeda as their government. How would we react? How would we need to react?

What position is Israel placed in now?

Various media outlets have been talking about Hamas' "humanitarian" pursuits, citing that they provide healthcare, fund soup kitchens, orphanages, etc.

Make no mistake about it. These are murderers. This is an organization that refers to suicide bombers as the "F-16's" of Palestine, and states that it believes that peace talks are useless.

Some of Hamas' not-quite-so-humanitarian efforts - 2000 through 2004:

April 17,2004 - A suicide bomber detonates himself at the workers terminal crossing in the Erez industrial area. One border policeman killed, two wounded. Two Israeli civilians wounded.

March 14, 2004 - Two suicide bombers detonate an explosive belt and bag at the Ashdod port. Ten Israelis killed, 12 wounded.

March 6, 2004 - Suicide bombers in three vehicles detonate at Palestinian checkpoints at the Erez crossing, detonating two car bombs while firing at the Israeli checkpoint. Two Palestinian policemen killed.

Jan. 29, 2004 - A suicide bomber detonates a bag of explosives on the No. 19 bus line on Aza Street in Jerusalem. Ten Israelis and one foreigner killed, forty-four injured.

Jan. 14, 2004 - A female suicide bomber detonates her explosive belt at the workers terminal at Erez. Four Israelis killed, five wounded.

Sept. 9, 2003 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosive device at the entrance of the "Hillel Café" in Jerusalem. Seven Israelis killed, seventy injured.

Sept. 9 , 2003 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosive device at a bus stop near the IDF "Tzrifin" Base. Nine IDF soldiers killed, ten injured.

Aug. 19, 2003 - A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blows himself up on the No. 2 bus line in Jerusalem. Twenty-three Israelis killed, one hundred and fifteen wounded.

Aug. 12, 2003 - A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt detonates near a bus stop at the entrance to Ariel. Two Israelis killed, two injured.

June 11, 2003 - A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt detonates himself on the No. 14 bus line in Jerusalem. Seventeen Israelis killed, one hundred and four injured.

May 19, 2003 - A terrorist on a bicycle blows himself up near a military jeep in Kfar Darom in the Gaza Strip. Three IDF soldiers are wounded.

May 18, 2003 - A suicide bomber with a bag filled with explosives detonates himself near the A-Ram Junction in Jerusalem.

May 18, 2003 - A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt detonates himself on a bus at the French Hill Junction in Jerusalem. Seven Israelis killed, 20 wounded.

May 17, 2003 - A suicide bomber dressed as a religious Jew and wearing an explosive belt detonates himself at Hebron's Gross Square. Two Israeli civilians are killed.

April 30, 2003 - A suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt at the entrance to the "Mike's Place" pub on the Tel Aviv boardwalk, while another bomber hurls an explosive device nearby. Three Israeli civilians killed, sixty-two wounded.

April 15, 2003 - A terrorist armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, an explosive belt, and grenades fires and hurls grenades at the Gaza Strip's Karni crossing before he is shot and killed.

March 5, 2003 - A suicide bomber blows himself up on the No. 37 bus line in Haifa. Seventeen Israeli civilians killed, forty-two wounded.

Jan. 17, 2003 - Guided by a suicide bomber, an explosive-laden raft explodes after Israeli Navy ships fire on it near Dugit, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Nov. 21, 2002 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosive belt on the No. 20 bus line in Jerusalem. Eleven Israelis killed, fifty wounded.

Oct. 27, 2002 - Despite being shot, a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt detonates himself at a gas station near the entrance to the city of Ariel. Three Israeli civilians killed, serventeen wounded.

Oct. 11, 2002 - Authorities arrest a suicide bomber at the entrance to a café before he can detonate his explosive belt.

Oct. 10, 2002 - In Ramat Gan, a suicide bomber detonates his explosive belt near a bus stop at the Bar Ilan Bridge. One Israeli civilian killed, twenty wounded.

Sept. 19, 2002 - A suicide bomber detonates a bag laden with explosives on the No. 4 bus line on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv. Six Israelis killed, sixty-six wounded.

Aug. 4, 2002 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosive device strapped to his body on a bus near Mt. Meron. Nine Israeli civilians killed, forty-eight wounded.

June 18, 2002 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosives-laden bag on a bus on Dov-Yosef Street in Jerusalem. Nineteen Israeli civilians killed, fifty wounded.

May 7, 2002 - A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt, and carrying an additional device in a bag, detonates at a club in Rishon Letzion. Sixteen Israeli civilians killed, fifty-one wounded.

March 31, 2002 - A suicide bomber detonates himself at the "Matzah" restaurant in Haifa. Fifteen Israeli civilians killed, thirty-one wounded.

March 27, 2002 - A suicide bomber wearin an explosive belt blows himself up in Netanya's Park Hotel. Thirty Israeli civilians killed, one hundred forty-four wounded.

March 9, 2002 - In Jerusalem, a suicide bomber detonates an explosive device strapped to his body at the entrance of the "Moment Café" in Jerusalem. Eleven Israeli civilians are killed, fifty-eight wounded.

March 7, 2002 - A suicide bomber attempts to detonate an explosive device strapped to his back in the "Kafit Café" in Jerusalem. No one is injured.

Feb. 6, 2002 - A suicide bomber boards a bus traveling between Maale Adumim and Jerusalem, attempting to detonate an explosive belt.

Dec. 12, 2001 - Two suicide bombers detonate explosive devices next to Israeli vehicles in the area of Ganei Tal in the Gaza Strip. An additional device detonates near another vehicle. Three Israeli civilians are injured.

Dec. 2, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosive device on a bus near Yad L'banim in Haifa. Fifteen civilians are killed, thirty-five wounded.

Dec. 1, 2001 - Two suicide bombers detonate explosive devices on Ben Yehudah Street in Jerusalem. A car bomb nearby explodes immediately afterward. Eleven civilians are killed, and a hundred and seventy are wounded.

Nov. 26, 2001 - A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt detonates himself at the Erez checkpoint in the Gaza Strip. Two policemen wounded.

Nov. 8, 2001 - On his way into Israel, a suicide bomber detonates himself in the Bakah Al Sharkiah area when authorities try to arrest him. Two IDF soldiers are wounded.

Sept. 9, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosive device strapped to his body at the Nahariya train station. Two soldiers and an Israeli civilian killed; forty-six wounded.

Sept. 4, 2001 - In Jerusalem, a suicide bomber detonates explosives strapped to his body on Nevi'im Street in Jerusalem. Thirteen Israeli civilians are wounded.

Aug. 9, 2001 - A suicide bomber blows himself up at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem. Fifteen Israelis killed, one hundred and ten wounded.

Aug. 8, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates a car bomb next to the Bekaot checkpoint in the West Bank. One IDF soldier wounded.

July 9, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates a car bomb near an IDF vehicle in the Gush Katif area of the Gaza Strip, wounding an IDF soldier.

June 22, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates a car bomb near IDF forces in Alei Sinai in the Gaza Strip. Two IDF soldiers killed, one wounded.

June 1, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates himself at the entrance to Tel Aviv's "Dolphinarium" club. Twenty-two Israeli civilians killed, eighty-three wounded.

May 29, 2001 - Two terrorists approach an IDF position at the Tofah Junction in the Gaza Strip. One detonates an explosive device strapped to his body; the other lobs grenades and begins shooting. Two IDF soldiers are wounded.

May 25, 2001 - In the Gaza strip, a suicide bomber detonates a container filled with explosives and three gas balloons at the Netzarim Junction in the Gaza Strip.

May 18, 2003 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosive device strapped to his body at the entrance to a Netanya mall in Netanya. Five Israeli civilians killed, eighty-six wounded.

April 29, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates a car bomb near a bus filled with children at Dir Sharif Junction.

April 22, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates himself near a bus stop in Kfar Saba. One Israeli killed, forty-five wounded.

March 28, 2001 - A suicide bomber blows himself up near a gas station at the Neveh Yamin/Kfar Saba Junction. Two Israeli civilians killed, four wounded.

March 27, 2001 - In Jerusalem, a suicide bomber detonates a bomb strapped to his body near an Israeli bus. Twenty-one Israeli civilians are wounded.

March 4, 2001 - A suicide bomber detonates an explosive-filled case on Netanya's main street. Three Israelis killed, fifty-three wounded.

March 1, 2001 - A suicide bomber blows himself up while in a taxi cab near the Me Ami Junction. One Israeli civilian killed, ten wounded.

Jan. 1, 2003 - A car bomb exploded in Netanya, wounding thirty-five Israeli civilians.

Dec. 22, 2000 - A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt detonates himself at the entrance to a restaurant in the Jordan Valley, injuring three IDF soldiers.

Dec. 15, 2000 - A suicide bomber attempts to detonate an explosive belt near Israeli security forces close to the Erez crossing, also attempting to stab Israeli security personnel.

Nov. 6, 2000 - A booby-trapped raft explodes near an to an Israeli Navy "Dabur" in Rafah, near the Israel-Egypt border; Hamas publicly claims responsibility.

That's who they are. This is who they are:
[Israel Will Cease To Exist (Image from Hyscience via]

And now they are in charge of Palestine.

Our government has said today, "I don't see how you can be a partner in peace when you advocate the destruction of a country on your platform...We will watch very carefully about the formation of the government, but I will continue to remind people about what I just said: If your platform is the destruction of Israel, that means you're not interested in peace."

Our President said, post 9/11, that "The United States makes no distinction between those who commit acts of terror and those who support and harbor them, because they're equally as guilty of murder."

Well, what the heck do you do with those who vote the terrorists into office?

For my two cents, I say we refrain from recognizing their government. No aid. No discussion. And we watch...very closely.

I for one will sleep less comfortably...the world just became a little more dangerous.

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Atlantic Ocean (Jan. 25, 2006) - A Sailor moves away from a C-2A Greyhound, assigned to the “Rawhides” of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Four Zero (VRC-40), after hooking it up to the catapult on the flight deck aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). Eisenhower is underway conducting carrier qualifications with student Naval aviators. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Christopher B. Long

Talking With Heroes - January 29th

TALKING WITH HEROES: America's Newest Talk Show

Colorado Springs, Colorado, January 24, 2006, YoungHeroes.US announces the guest list for the January 29, 2006 Two-Hour Special Talking with Heroes Talk Show. Talking with Heroes is not about politics. It is about honoring and supporting our men and women serving our country and their families.

Talking with Heroes guests are men and women talking about their experiences while serving and helping the people in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other areas of the world. Guests include leaders from military support groups who send hundreds of packages to our deployed men and women as well as helping them and their families here in America. Guests include companies, entertainers and others who help and support our troops.

The guests on the Jan 29, 2006 {5pm PST} Show are:

Major Nico Marcolongo, active duty Marine Corps officer and founder of Buddy Bowl Inc. a non-profit dedicated to raising money for military, law enforcement, and children's related charities through the annual flag football tournament. Major Marcolongo will talk about Buddy Bowl Inc.'s charitable efforts and his participation in the Sumatra tsunami relief efforts. He says that the people there were very grateful for the support and assistance they were receiving from the U.S.

Sparky George, Founder of San Ramon, the founder of Hats Off America, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that raises money for the families of military personnel killed in the line of duty while serving the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hats Off America was created by Sparky George, owner of Classic Car Auto Restoration and Repair in San Ramon, CA, a Vietnam veteran and the “Bear Flag Runner” of Danville. In honor of service personnel being deployed in Iraq, the Bear Flag Runner has been running six miles a night, five days a week with a five-pound weight, regardless of weather, since September 15, 2002.

Carolyn Blashek, Founder of Operation Gratitude. Together with the California Army National Guard, 746th QM BN, Van Nuys, seek to lift troops' morale, and bring a smile to their faces by sending care packages to service members overseas. Operation Gratitude care packages contain food, toiletries, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation, all wrapped with good wishes of love and support.

SGM Gregory Wawrytko, retired from Fort Carson as the G1 Personnel Sergeant Major for the 4th Infantry Division, completing a 30 year career in the Army. He now serves the Veterans of Foreign Wars as the Colorado District 5 Commander and as the Senior Vice Commander of VFW Post 101 in Colorado Springs. He will discuss how the VFW can assist deployed men and women and what the VFW can do for them when they return home.

Mary Harper - Founder of Operation Shoebox, is an organization Mary stared when her 5 kids and son in law deployed to Iraq. Five deployed in 2003 and then Chris deployed alone in 2004 and she currently has 2 there now. She wanted to help more than just them. They started out small only shipping to 2 units and they have now sent close to 120,000 care packages. They are sending about 1300 -2000 stockings a week now to try and make sure Christmas comes for as many as they can! Their goal is over 10,000!

SGT Sean Delaney recently went from Active duty to the National Guard. He served as a Black hawk crew chief in the 3rd ID and is also a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Currently he serves in the National Guard aviation unit. He served 6 years active duty and is in his first year with the National Guard

CPT Becky Gregg enlisted in the Army as a Specialist in 1996. She served 4 years as a 91KP9 (Biological Science Assistant) at USARIEM in Natick, MA. SGT Gregg was selected to attend the Interservice Physician Assistant Program in 1999. Upon completion in 2002, she was commissioned as a 2LT. 2LT Gregg deployed to the middle East with the 3ID in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon return from the deployment, she served as the senior Physician Assistant in the 703rd FSB.

Shauna Fleming, Founder of is a 16 year-old junior at Lutheran High School in Southern California who started a letter-writing campaign for the troops when she was just a freshman in 2004. She set her goal at 1,000,000 thank-you letters after her principal, the faculty, and the students got on board. By November 2004, just six months after the campaign started, she reached her goal of 1,000,000 thank-you letters. This grew to over 1.4 million letters and now her goal is 2.6 million letters in 2006.

All Talking with Heroes talk shows can be listened to in our past show archives 24 hours a day/7 days a week, from anywhere in the world where there is access to the internet.

For More Information:
Bob Calvert, Talk Show Host


MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (Jan. 20, 2005)- Petty Officer 3rd Class Jason C. Deguzman, from Santa Rosa, Calif., receives the Bronze Star Medal from Brig. Gen. Joseph J. McMenamin, the assistant division commander, for his actions in combat as a corpsman with Company C, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division.Photo submitted 01/25/2006 Taken by Cpl. Athanasios L. Genos

U.S. Marine Corps Sisters Carry On Family Tradition

U.S. Marine Corps
Shannon and Nicole LaVine

Sisters Carry on Family Tradition
U.S. Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer 3 Lauren LaVine signs the enlistment contract for his two daughters, Nicole and Shannon, after they were sworn into the Marine Corps Jan 23, at Naval Station, Pearl Harbor. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Ryan E. Ohare

By Sgt. Ryan E. Ohare
Marine Forces Pacific

CAMP H.M. SMITH, Hawaii, Jan. 25, 2006 — The United States Marine Corps is a service rich in tradition and customs. For centuries, sons and daughters have followed in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents by earning the title of U.S. Marine. For the LaVine family, this tradition now stretches four generations.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Lauren LaVine, the Marine Corps Forces Pacific Band officer, swore in his two daughters Jan. 23 at the military entrance processing station aboard Naval Station, Pearl Harbor.

His daughters, Shannon and Nicole, held their heads high as they repeated the oath their father proudly recited to them; the same oath that not only their father, but their grandfather and great grandfather had spoken before them.

“My first reaction when they told me they were joining the Corps was a complete surprise,” said LaVine, “I was thrilled to hear they chose the Marines.”

According to LaVine, their family has had a Marine continually in service since 1942, and after he retires next year, his daughters will carry on the torch of tradition.

Nicole, his youngest daughter, looks forward to Parris Island and the change in lifestyle that awaits her.

“I think this is going to be a great stepping stone for me,” said Nicole. “The Marine Corps is the most challenging and elite of the services, and that is what I’m looking for.”
When asked how it felt to be sworn into the Marines by their father, Nicole responded, “Awesome.”

“It’s really an honor for me to be sworn in by my father,” stated Nicole, a native of Overland Park, Kan. “When we first told him that we signed up, he thought we were playing a prank on him. Once he knew we weren’t joking, he was very proud of our choice.”

LaVine said he didn’t push military service on his daughters while they were growing up.

“We had talked about it from time to time,” said LaVine. “Mainly the values you receive in the military and what it’s like to give back to your country. I had no idea that it was something that they were interested in.”

Although they joined together, they chose different career fields they felt suited their individual personalities. Nicole will become a combat photographer, while her older sister Shannon will attend school as an aviation technician.

“I really wanted to be crash, fire, rescue,” said Shannon, “But they said I was too short, so an aviation technician was my second choice.”

When asked how they were looking forward to Boot camp, Shannon responded. “I’m eager to get started, so that I can get it over with. I know it’s going to be hard, but once I’m done, I’m looking forward to saying that I did it.”

Since Nicole and Shannon are shipping out the same night, they will also be in the same platoon at Parris Island.

“I think it will make me feel stronger knowing that I have my sister with me,” replied Nicole. “I think that no matter who you are, tough situations tend to bind people together, so I’m glad she’ll be there along side me.”

Story from DefendAmerica
INSTRUCTIONS — U.S. Army Capt. Gary Pina, with Company B, 4th Brigade, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, issues instructions to his soldiers prior to a sweep for weapons and items used for making improvised explosive devices in Baghdad, Iraq, Jan. 23, 2006. U.S. Army photo by Pfc. William Servinski II

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