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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Where are Our Priorities?

On the heels of Connecticut's eminent domain fiasco comes this news from American Dinosaur:

Ft. Lowell's days of old may be just a memory

"A piece of historic old Fort Lowell is in danger of being pushed aside to make way for a new subdivision.

The full story is here, in the Arizona Daily Star.

The owner is selling the property to the highest bidder, for a housing subdivision. I know that's his right, but there's just something kind of "ewwww..." about the whole thing.

Now, if we can take property from legal owners to get a town better tax revenue (as in New London, CT), can't we do something about destroying a part of our nation's history just to make a buck?

This is one of those times when I'd really like to win Powerball....

When Freedom Calls, the Media is Busy Elsewhere...

Came across this news bit doing the post today....

Yemeni president won't seek new term

Hmmmm, couldn't help but wonder if his decision is in any way related to publicity surrounding an incident described over at Armies of Liberation:

Summary of events: A security guard employed by the Yemeni government took over the PFU (opposition political party) building at gunpoint. Then he took over the building of its newspaper, al-Shoura. The Yemen govt then recognized him, their own gunman, as the new leader of the party.

Nifty way to silence the oppositon, huh?

Check out the rest of the story, and keep your eyes peeled in the comments section for one Ameen Al Sharaabi, a.k.a. "porkface."

This is the kind of thing the mainstream media ought to be all over, but isn't.

Hat tip to Lt. Smash

UPDATE: "Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice. Apparently, Saleh's done this sort of "I'm not running" thing before - it's lasted as long as four days. Check out the latest at Armies of Liberation.
SECURE CARGO — U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Carlos De Los Santos secures and tightens a cargo strap on a cargo pallet before being loaded on a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft in Southwest Asia, July 11, 2005. The cargo is destined for Iraq. De Los Santos is deployed from the 111th Fighter Wing, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Air National Guard. Defense Dept. photo by U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Alfred A. Gerloff Jr.

In Today's News - Sunday, July 17, 1005

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"The American Marines have it [pride], and benefit from it. They are tough, cocky, sure of themselves and their buddies. They can fight and they know it."
-- General Mark Clark, U.S. Army

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Egypt not ready to extradite biochemist

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Cooper: VP Aide Was Source- Rove Talks Cooper in E-mail

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Indonesia, Aceh Rebels Reach Tentative Peace Deal

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq
Official: Turkish bomb not suicide attack
Iran's leader vows to aid Iraq stability
Sharon: No limitations on army operations
Israeli army prepares broad Gaza operation
Minibus explosion in Turkey leaves 5 dead
Iraq suicide blast kills 54, injures 82
Abbas urges militants to return to truce

Reuters: Top News
Nigeria jails woman in $242 mln email fraud case
UN panel fails to agree on how to govern Internet
U.S. holds talks with close Hizbollah ally
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High court pick to have 'mainstream' values - Bush
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Today in History
1549 - Jews are expelled from Ghent, Belgium.
1775 - The first military hospital is approved.
1850 - Harvard Observatory takes the first photograph of a star (Vega).
1861 - Congress authorizes paper money.
1862 - The U.S. Army is first authorized to accept blacks as laborers.
1863 - Battle of Honey Springs, largest battle of the war in Indian Territory.
1864 - CSA General Joe Johnston is replaced by John Bell Hood.
1879 - The first railroad opens in Hawaii.
1897 - The first ship arrives in Seattle carrying gold from the Yukon.
1898 - The Spaniards surrender to the U.S. at Santiago, Cuba (Spanish-American War).
1917 - The British Royal family officially changes its name from Hanover to Windsor.
1938 - Infamous aviator Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan leaves NY bound for LA - he ends up in Ireland.
1944 - In Port Chicago, CA, two ammunition ships explode, killing 322.
1946 - Resistance leader Mikhailovich is executed by the Tito regime.
1948 - The Republic of (South) Korea adopts its constititution.
1954 - For the first time in major league baseball, the majority of a team is African-American (the Dodgers); construction begins on Disneyland.
1955 - Disneyland opens its doors in Anaheim, CA.
1959 - Dr. Leakey discovers what was then the oldest humanoid skull (600,000 years old); Tibet abolishes serfdom.
1962 - Robert White flies to X-15 to a record-setting altitude of 108 km (354,300 ft); the Senate rejects medicare for seniors.
1964 - Don Campbell sets a record for a turbine vehicle, at 429.31 mph.
1966 - Pioneer 7 is launched
1968 - In Iraq, the Ba'ath party (which advocates a single Arab Socialist nation) seizes power, with Saddam Hussein playing a key role in the coup (Revolution or National Day).
1972 - The FBI's first two females begin training at Quantico.
1975 - Apollo 18 and Soyuz 19 make the first US/USSR space link-up.
1980 - Ronald Reagan formally accepts the Republican nomination for president.
1984 - Soyuz T-12 carries three cosmonauts to the Salyut-7 space station.
1990 - Saddam Hussein's Revolutionary Day speech claims that Kuwait stole oil from Iraq.

Iraq - Revolution Day / National Day (1968)
South Korea - Constitution Day (1948)

1487 - Esma'il I, shah, converted Iran from Sunni to Shi'ah Islam
1744 - Elbridge Gerry, 5th VP, Governor of MA, invented gerrymandering
1763 - John Jacob Astor, richest man in US/banker/fur trader
1900 - James Cagney, actor ("Yankee Doodle Dandy")
1920 - Bill Monroe, NBC-TV newscaster ("Congressional Report")
1934 - Donald Sutherland, actor ("M*A*S*H")

- Mexican president Álvaro Obregón Salido, assassinated by a Roman Catholic seminary student
1946 - Draja Mikhailovich, anti-Soviet resistance leader, executed by the Tito regime
1959 - Billie Holiday, blues singer, of liver failure at age 44
1961 - Ty Cobb, Detroit Tiger hall of fame baseball player
1975 - Modoc the elephant, the oldest known non-human mammal, dies at age 78

Reported Missing in Action
Copeland, H.C., USAF (TX); F105 shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - alive as of 1998

Cross, Ariel L., USMC (IA); EF10B shot down, presumed KIA, body not recovered.

Cassell, Harley M., US Army (VA); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn;Released December, 1968

Chevalier, John R., US Army (NJ); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn;Released December, 1968

Crowe, Winfred D. US Army (GA); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn;Released December, 1968 - alive as of 1998

Grigsby, Donald E., US Army (OH); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn;Released December, 1968 - alive as of 1998

Henry, Lee D., US Army (LA); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn;released December, 1968

Kramer, Terry L., US Army (WI); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn; released December, 1968

McCullough, Ralph, US Army (GA); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn;released December, 1968 - deceased

Parra, Lionel, Jr., USMC (CA) - EF10B shot down, presumed KIA, body not recovered

Price, Donald E., US Army (OH); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn;released December, 1968

Simms, Harold D., US Army ; captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn;released December, 1968

Wilmoth, Floyd A., US Army (NC); released December, 1968 - alive as of 1998

Zupp, Klaus H., US Army (NY); captured by Cambodia after LCU 1577 (Sunset Strip), took a wrong turn - released December, 1968

Brown, Wayne G. II, USAF (WA); F4D shot down (pilot was rescued)

Haas, Leon F., USN (NJ); A7B crashed, killed, body not recovered