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Monday, February 11, 2008

U.S. Marines patrol through Agadere, a refugee camp located in the outskirts of downtown Djibouti, Jan. 29, 2008. The Marines are assigned to 3rd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion. U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Alec Kleinsmith

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In Today's News - Monday, February 11, 2008

Quote of the Day
"I could as easily bail out the Potomac River with a teaspoon
as attend to all the details of the Army."

-- attributed to Abraham Lincoln

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Two CBS journalists missing in Iraq
Hasty U.S. troop cuts risk Iraq gains: Petraeus
U.S. Special Forces Train Iraqi Security Forces Unit
Citizen’s Tip Leads to Explosively-Formed Penetrator Weapons Cache
Coalition Forces capture Special Groups commander, Iraqi Police assist
MND-N Soldiers attacked by IED
Twin car bomb attacks kill 15 in Baghdad
Two terrorists killed, seven detained as Coalition targets al-Qaeda networks

Operation Enduring Freedom
Senior Taliban figure caught in Pakistan

Homeland Security / War on Terror / Hamas-Hezbollah Happenings
Defense Department Analyst, Former Boeing Employee, 2 Chinese Immigrants, Arrested in 2 Spy Cases
FBI raids house in Chinese spy case
Hamas leaders hiding from Israeli hits
Pentagon Seeks Death Penalty for 6 Gitmo Detainees
Colombia hostage release advancing: FARC
Bhutto book says she had names of assassins

Troops on Trial
Women Accuse Air Force Officer of Sexual Assaults
Japan PM calls Okinawa rape case "unforgivable"
Soldier sentenced in court-martial

Other Military News
U.S. Navy Intercepts Russian Bombers in Pacific

Worldwide Wackos
Chavez Threatens to Cut Off Oil Sales to U.S., Calls Exxon Mobil 'Outlaws'

Politics / Government
Clinton Fast Forwards To Bigger States
'Driving While Republican'
Clinton's Last Stand?
Report: Bill Clinton Planned to Divorce Hillary
Rep. Tom Lantos of California Dies at 80 - PHOTOS
McCain says doesn't need public campaign cash
Bush: Economy faces risks but foundation sound
Obama rides hot streak into next round - Video
Huckabee brushes off calls to bow out
Clinton not ready to release tax returns
Evangelical leader Bauer endorses McCain
Obama narrowly leads McCain in AP poll

In the Courts / Crime and Punishment / Law and Order
Mistrial in Microwave Baby Case - New witness emerges late in proceedings
Police: One Student Shot at Tennessee High School, Shooter in Custody
Amy Fisher: 'I Feel No Sympathy' for Mary Jo Buttafuoco
Armed Robbers Steal $163 Million Worth of Art From Zurich Museum
Pettitte, Knoblauch Dropped From Clemens Witness List
Ex-Cop Sobs at Pregnant Lover's Murder Trial - PHOTOS
Police Find Explosives in Capitol Hill Gunman's Truck
Phoenix Cleaning Crew Finds Mummified Body in Bathtub
Fugitive Mom Abandons Toddler Found in St. Louis Mall
Young Man Shoots Himself on N.J. College Campus
Mexican leader urges U.S. action on drug cartels
TV show to air O. J. Simpson jail video
Pettitte dropped from Clemens hearing
Tolkien estate sues New Line Cinema
Rocker: Rangers advised on steroids use

Science / Medicine and Health / Technology
Astronauts Attach Europe's New Science Lab to International Space Station - PHOTOS
Mysterious Illness Forces Girl to Survive on a Diet of Mints
Best Friends Have Babies Weeks Apart With Same Deadly Illness
NHL Player Has Lifesaving Surgery After Throat Is Slashed by Skate
BlackBerry Service Disrupted Across North America
Autopsies forecast surge in U.S. heart disease
Baxter suspends multi-dose heparin vial production
Columbus delivery gives Europe a place in space
California company claims faster, cheaper gene map
Best Buy to recommend Blu-ray format
Motorola committed to mobile phone business
Scientists, police lift lid on fake malaria drugs
Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid
Reaching 100 is easier than suspected
Tiny dinosaur fossil is found in China
Trip and fall lately? Tell your doctor

Mother Nature
Dogs give up their lives to save family

News from My Neck of the Woods
Lottery Win Dooms Sex Offender

Body-builders pluck stranded car from ditch
Train roof riders to be sprayed

Other News of Note
Fire Breaks Out on Ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom; Woman Injured
Whites to become minority in U.S. by 2050

Fox News
Paul McCartney, Heather Mills Back in Court for Divorce Case
Whitney's Triumphant Return!
'Jaws' Actor Roy Scheider Dies at 75

Annan moves Kenya talks in drive for speedy deal
East Timor president serious but stable - Video
Aborigines end British traditions in Australia
Child labor, war or pesticides for your Valentine?
Indonesia's Wongso unearths culinary treasures
Hollywood engine on idle as strike winds down - Video
AIG discloses hole in derivatives valuation
Delta-Northwest deal seen in weeks
Fed's Poole says U.S. likely to avoid recession
Lawmakers examine Web postings in Vytorin probe
JPMorgan's M&A head Dennis Hersch leaves firm
Cisco CEO: Don't freak out about weak market
Peltz to seek control of Wendy's board
Asian stocks skeptical of latest Wall St bounce
S.Africa supply woes lift platinum to historic high
Stocks rebound on tech values - Video
Oil hits one-month high
Euro struggles as ECB rate outlook drags
Research In Motion shares slip
GM shares rise as market bets on autos performance
Forrester, IDC cut tech outlook on recession risk
Darden's third-quarter view boosts stock
Toyota's bitter-sweet pill - Video
FACTBOX: Toyota quotes and philosophy

AP World News
East Timor declares state of emergency
Documents: Manager got car to Britney
Winehouse's mom: Amy on road to recovery
Michael Jackson thanks fans in video
Dolly Parton postpones her 13-show tour
Stocks rise in uneasy trading

CENTCOM: News Releases

Newsmaker Profile: Director of Joint Training Army Maj. Gen. Jason Kamiya - podcast
Joint fires team, Army training center leaps forward with joint integrated training
Learn more about the Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team
Joint Deployment Training Center revs up for the future - podcast

Multi-National Force-Iraq
Washington ‘Think Tank’ Scholars visit Baghdad, Besmaya, Taji
Congressmen Visit Besmaya Range Complex
III Corps transfers authority to XVIII Airborne

Defense Employee Charged With Passing Secrets to China

Initiatives May Bolster Army Reserve Recruiting for Men, Women
Guard Fights Virginia Wildfires

Scholarship Deadline Nears for Vets

As Al Qaeda Loses Support, Its Fighters Flee Cities
Bush: No Permanent U.S. Bases Planned for Iraq
Iraqis, Coalition Soldiers Help Families Resettle
Coalition Captures 20 Suspected Terrorists Across Iraq

Afghan, Coalition Forces Evaluate Villagers’ Needs
Gates Ties Afghan War Effort to Threats in Europe - Special
NATO-Afghanistan Link Holds Lessons for Alliance - Special

Navy Cook’s Innovation Improves Food Service
Soldier Serves Proudly

Marine Uses Eyes, Video To Watch Over Troops

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Ansbach Aschaffenburg Berlin Berlin-Tempelhof Berlin/Schonefeld Bremerhaven
Darmstadt Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main Freiburg/Breisgau Garmisch
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Geilenkirchen Gelnhausen Giessen Kitzingen
Hanau Am Main Heidelberg Mainz Mannheim Nurnberg Stuttgart Trier
Wiesbaden Wurzburg


Agana Agana Heights Agat Andersen AFB Asan Barrigada

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Kadena Air Base Okinawa Tokyo Yokohama

Baler Radar Site Catanduanes Radar Site Manila

South Korea
Cheju Upper/Radar Chonju Chunchon Inch'on Kunsan Masan Mokp'o
Osan Pusan Seoul Suwon Taegu Taejon Tonghae Radar Site Ulsan Yosu

Today in History
660BC - Traditional founding of Japan by Emperor Jimmu Tenno
0385 - Oldest Pope elected; Siricius-bishop of Tarragona
0731 - St Gregory II ends his reign as Catholic Pope
0824 - St Paschal I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1531 - Henry VIII recognized as supreme head of the Church in England
1543 - Battle at Wayna Daga Ethiopian/Portugese troops beat Muslim army; Karel/Henry VIII sign anti-French covenant
1573 - 1st European, Francis Drake sees the Pacific (from Panamá)
1575 - King Frederick of Denmark offers island of Hveen to Tycho Brahe
1720 - Sweden & Prussia sign peace (2nd Treaty of Stockholm)
1752 - Pennsylvania Hospital, the 1st hospital in the US, opened
1766 - Stamp Act declared unconstitutional in Virginia
1768 - Samuel Adams letter, circulates around American colonies, opposing Townshend Act taxes
1790 - Society of Friends petitions Congress for abolition of slavery
1793 - Prussian troops occupy Venlo Netherlands
1794 - 1st session of US Senate open to the public
1808 - Anthracite coal 1st burned as fuel, experimentally, Wilkes-Barre PA
1809 - Robert Fulton patents the steamboat
1811 - President Madison prohibits trade with Britain for 3rd time in 4 years
1812 - Massachusetts Governor Gerry signs a redistricting bill-the 1st "gerrymander"
1814 - Norway's independence proclaimed
1852 - 1st British public female toilet opens (Bedford Street London)
1854 - Major streets lit by coal gas for 1st time
1858 - 1st apparition of Mary to 14-year-old Bernadette of Lourdes France
1861 - US House unanimously passes resolution guaranteeing noninterference with slavery in any state
1873 - Spanish Cortes fires king Amadeus I
1889 - Meiji constitution of Japan adopted; 1st Diet convenes in 1890
1895 - Georgetown became part of Washington DC
1898 - Owen Smith of North Carolina, AME Zion minister, named minister to Liberia
1907 - De Master's Dutch government resigns; Passenger ship Larchmont sinks by Block Island - 322 die
1908 - Heemskerk's government begins in Holland
1916 - Emma Goldman arrested for lecturing on birth control
1919 - Friedrich Ebert (SPD), elected President of Germany
1922 - US intervention army leaves Honduras
1926 - Tokelau (Union) islands in south Pacific transfers to New Zealand
1928 - 2nd Winter Olympics games opens in St Moritz, Switzerland
1929 - Vatican City (world's smallest country) made an enclave of Rome
1935 - 1st US airplane flight with auto slung beneath the fuselage, New York
1936 - Pumping begins to build Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay
1941 - Lieutenant-General Erwin Rommel arrives in Tripoli; Sicherheitsdienst complains about Dutch anti German sentiments
1942 - "Archie" comic book debuts
1943 - General Eisenhower selected to command the allied armies in Europe; Transport nr 47 departs with French Jews to Nazi-Germany
1944 - German troops re-conquer Aprilia Italy; U-424 sunk off Ireland
1945 - 1st gas turbine propeller-driven airplane flight tested, Downey, CA; Yalta agreement signed by FDR, Churchill & Stalin
1948 - John Costello follows Eamon Da Valera as premier of Ireland
1951 - Kwame Nkrumah wins 1st parliamentary election on Gold coast (Ghana)
1953 - President Eisenhower refuses clemency appeal for Rosenberg couple; Russia breaks diplomatic relations with Israel
1958 - Marshal Chen Yi succeeds Chu En-lai as Minister of Foreign affairs; Ruth Carol Taylor is 1st African-American woman hired as flight attendant
1961 - Robert C. Weaver sworn in as Administrator of the Housing and Home Finance Agency with then highest federal post held by a Black; Trial of Adolf Eichmann begins in Jerusalem
1963 - CIA Domestic Operations Division created
1964 - Greeks & Turks begin fighting in Limassol, Cyprus; Taiwan drops diplomatic relations with France
1968 - Jeffrey Kramer survives 76 meter jump, Washington Bridge, Hudson River, NY; Israeli-Jordan border fight; Madison Square Garden III closes; Madison Square Garden IV opens (New York NY)
1970 - Japan becomes 4th nation to put a satellite (Osumi) in orbit
1971 - US, UK, USSR, others sign Seabed Treaty outlawing nuclear weapons
1974 - Titan-Centaur test launch fails
1975 - Margaret Thatcher defeats Edward Heath for Conservative leadership
1976 - Clifford Alexander, Jr., confirmed as 1st Black Secretary of the Army
1978 - China lifts a ban on Aristotle, Shakespeare, & Dickens
1978 - EOKA organization disbands in Cyprus
1979 - Iran's premier Bakhtiar resigns, Ayatollah Khomeini seizes power
1981 - Polish premier Jozef Pinkowski replaced by Wojciech Jaruzelski
1984 - 10th space shuttle mission (41-B)-Challenger 4-returns to Earth
1985 - Jordan king Hussein & PLO leader Arafat sign accord
1986 - Rights activist Anatoly Scharansky released by USSR, leaves country; Iran begins Fajr-8 offensive against Iraq
1987 - Philippines constitution goes into effect
1988 - Anthony M. Kennedy appointed to the Supreme Court
1990 - Nelson Mandela (political prisoner-27 years) freed in South Africa
1991 - UNPO, Unrepresented Nations & People Organization forms in Hague Netherlands
1992 - F-16 jet crashes at residential district of Hengelo Netherlands (No deaths)
1993 - Janet Reno selected by Clinton as US Attorney General
1994 - Space shuttle STS-60 (Discovery 18), lands
1995 - Space shuttle STS-63 (Discovery 19), lands
1998 - Lyrics to "Candle in the Wind 1997" auctioned for $442,500
1999 - Pluto is once again the farthest planet from the sun in our solar system

1535 - Gregory XIV [Niccolò Sfondrati], Roman Catholic pope (1590-91)
1776 - Joannis Capodistrias, Greek Governor of Troezen (1827-31)
1812 - Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Confederate Vice President; Benjamin Franklin Sands Commander (Union Navy), died in 1883
1829 - William Anderson Pile, Union Brevet Major General
1833 - Melville Weston Fuller, 8th chief justice
1840 - Sanuel Dana Greene, Union Naval Lieutenant Commander
1847 - Thomas Alva Edison, Light bulb inventor (held 1200 patents)
1898 - Leo Szilard, Hungarian physicist/A-bomb worker/peace activist
1904 - Henry R. LaBouisse, headed UNICEF (1965-79); Sir Keith Holyoake, New Zealand PM (1960-72)
1906 - Denis Barnett. British air chief marshal
1920 - Farouk I Cairo, last King of Egypt (1936-52)
1921 - Lloyd Bentsen (Senator-TX) (1988 Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee)
1925 - Peter Berger, British Vice-Admiral
1932 - Dennis Skinner. MP
1938 - General Manuel Antonio Noriega, Panamanian General/dictator (1983-1990)
1941 - Jeremy Mackenzie, General
1942 - James Couchman, MP
1944 - Michael G. Oxley (Representative-OH)
1950 - Earnest Jim Istook (Representative-OK)
1953 - Stephen D. Thorne, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut
1960 - Richard A. Mastracchio, astronaut

0641 - Heraclius, emperor of Byzantium (610-641), dies at about 65
0731 - Gregory II Greek-Syrian Pope
0821 - Benedict of Aniane, saint
0824 - Paschal I, Italian Pope (817-24)
0867 - Theodora the Saint, beauty queen/empress of Byzantine
1503 - Elizabeth of York, Consort of King Henry VII, dies on 38th birthday
1543 - Ahmed Gran, sultan of Adal, dies in battle
1554 - Lady Jane Grey, deposed Queen of England, beheaded after 9 day rule at 17
1650 - René Descartes, philosopher ("I think therefore I am")
1868 - Léon Foucault, discoverer of 1st physical proof of Earth's rotation
1870 - Jacob M. de Kempenaer, Dutch Minister of Internal Affairs (1848-49), dies at 76
1899 - George Morgan, 1st English motorist to die in a motor accident
1901 - Milan I, king of Serbia, dies at 56
1931 - Charles Algernon Parsons British inventor (steam turbine), dies at 76
1940 - John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, Governor-General of Canada (1935-40)
1941 - Rudolf Hilferding, German economist/Minister of Finance (SPD), suicide at 63
1945 - J.S.H. Lokerman Dutch resistance fighter, dies in Neugengamme
1971 - Whitney Young., Jr., National Urban League director, drowns in Nigeria
1973 - Hans D. Jensen, German physicist (Nobel prize 1963), dies at 65
1977 - Louis J.M. Beel, Dutch premier (1946-48, 58-59), dies at 74

Reported Missing in Action
Shumaker, Robert H., USN (CA); F8D shot down, released by DRV February, 1973 - retired as a Rear Admiral - alive and well as of 1998

Van Putten, Thomas, US Army (MI); escaped April, 1969 - had a leg amputated as a result of injuries sustained in captivity - alive as of 1998

Kroske, Harold W., Jr., US Army SF (NJ); injured in ground fight and believed KIA, body not recovered

Zukowski, Robert J., USAF (IL); F105D shot down, remains returned 1993 and 1996 - ID'd October, 1996

Kieffer, William Lewis, Jr., USAF (MD); A1E shot down, KIA, body not recovered

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