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Friday, March 24, 2006

by Staff Sgt. Kevin Moses Sr
March 23, 2006
Pfc. Velazquez, from the 101st Airborne Division, patrols the Al Ghazaliyah market section of Baghdad.

Censure Carter Campaign Featured on National TV - Friday

CONTACT: Robert Dixon (916) 441-6197

Censure Carter Campaign’s Melanie Morgan Interviewed on Friday’s “Your World w/ Neil Cavuto” to Discuss Censure Carter Effort

(SAN FRANCISCO) – The campaign to propel Congress to censure former President Jimmy Carter continues to gain in credibility and momentum as over 10,000 signatures have been collected on “Censure Jimmy Carter” petitions.

Fox News Channel host, Neil Cavuto, will be discussing the overwhelming response to the censure Carter movement with Move America Forward Chairman Melanie Morgan - TODAY - Friday, March 24, 2006 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time / 1:00 PM Pacific Time on “Your World w/ Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel cable news network.

The Censure Carter petition effort (website: was launched just this Tuesday and has already received over 10,000 signatures in support. Due to the overwhelming response from supporters, the petitions servers were temporarily downed.

A flood of conservative Internet blogs as well as major talk radio stations, have directed individuals to to sign the petition asking Congress to introduce a resolution to censure former President Carter. Scores of supporters have emailed Move America Forward to indicate their willingness to carry “Censure Carter” petitions door-to-door.

The Censure Carter effort was launched in response to the misguided efforts by Senator Russell Feingold (D-Wisconsin) to censure President George W. Bush for the administration’s support of wiretaps on telephone calls between suspected terrorists.

In contrast, former President Jimmy Carter has repeatedly undermined U.S. foreign policy interests while rallying support for America’s enemies in North Korea and Cuba and supporting terrorist groups like Hamas and terrorist leaders such as Yasser Arafat. Yet, to date no effort to censure the former President has been made – until now.

A resolution of censure is a non-binding resolution that serves as a Congressional reprimand and is an _expression of condemnation or rebuke. It can be issued against either a sitting or former President or other political leader.

Next week, Move America Forward will begin a national TV ad campaign educating the American public on Carter’s recent shameful conduct and urging the public to sign the “Censure Carter” petition.
GLOBEMASTER EVACUATION — Aeromedical evacuation crewmembers prepare to take off March 20, 2006 with 16 patients aboard a C-17 Globemaster III. The patients were stabilized at the Air Force Theater Hospital in Iraq, prepared for flight by personnel from the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility and then evacuated overnight to Germany. U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Clay Lancaster

In Today's News - Friday, March 24, 2006

Quote of the Day
"Death is better, a milder fate than tyranny."
-- Aeschylus, Greek tragic poet

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Three Western hostages freed in Iraq
More Than 50 Killed in Attacks
Rumsfeld: No Iraq Timeline
US says Iraqi rebels are caught in new raid on a prison
Rumsfeld says trainers may be in Iraq in 2009

Operation Enduring Freedom
Exam ordered for convert

Homeland Security / War on Terror
Some fear Israel is new Al Qaeda target
Basque separatists renounce violence
Official lists FAA steps to prevent 9/11
Couple arrested after bombings
U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Cargo
FBI Testimony Closes Moussaoui Prosecution
Ports would have been safer under Dubai: Chertoff

Other Military News
Army faulted over wartime armor delays

Worldwide Wackos
Attempts to break UN impasse on Iran stall

Just 30% of women backing Bush
Bush urges "civil debate" on immigration
Iraq war vet wins primary in Illinois
Resume of Clinton Challenger Questioned

Supreme Court
Justices swap barbs, shatter unity as they limit police searches

Coyote caught in Central Park
Study: Left-Handed Snails Have Advantage
Finding drunks in a bar -- what are the chances?
What else are you going to do on company time?

Other News of Note
Rich Arabs invest in a tolerant Britain
Ind. governor signs no-retreat gun law (Good call.)
State Department cautions Americans about spring protests in Italy

Fox News
Aruba Police Probe Drug, Alcohol Role in Holloway Case
NCAA: Duke Goes Down
French Protests Turn Violent
Stocks to Watch: Google
Officials: Chilean Tour Bus Not Certified for Passengers
Video: Tour Bus Crash Kills 12
NYC Bouncer Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charges
Video: Bouncer Pleads

Reuters: Top News
US ups pressure in Afghan Christian convert case
US, S.Korea to begin drills amid North anger
Levees may not protect all New Orleans: officials
Russian voters say "Nyet" to Israel's Olmert
Oily fish on the menu despite doubts about benefits
Rare sexual syndrome needs more research: doctors
States in CO2 pact eye trees, methane at dumps
Extra costs a worry for next-gen DVD adoption
Microsoft names new head of Windows business
Google shares jump on S&P 500 inclusion
Palm shares soar after hours
DreamWorks shares rise 8 pct after upgrade
Carnival profit falls. cuts outlook, shares drop
Stocks fall on rate worries, jump in oil prices
Cold feet for home buyers
A Cool Deal for Dell
Video: Sony to launch PS3 web service

AP World News
Cigarette Eyed in Deadly Cruise Ship Fire
Belarus Police Nab 200 at Election Protest
Israeli Software Firm Drops U.S. Deal
'The Simpsons' Going Live-Action, Briefly
Tim Hortons Raises Nearly $672M in IPO
No Crying for Big Baby: LSU Takes Out Duke
S&P to Add Google to Index; Stock Climbs
Paper: Lawyer to Sue Over Book on Bonds
'South Park' Premiere Draws Big Audience
Activist Under Fire for Wal-Mart Position
Melting Ice Threatens Sea-Level Rise

The Seattle Times
The specter of Srebrenica finds its way to suburbia
Doctors giving less free care
Giving meds a second try helps depressed patients, study shows
Teen missing since 1996 was confined
Man survives bout with anthrax

Chicago Sun-Times
Man gets 6 months in jail for killing cat (Jail's too good for him)
1 dead after fire on cruise ship in Caribbean
Bus worker finally retires at age 100
80-foot fall lands cat 15 minutes of fame
Pepsi, Coke settle Powerade advertising suit
Thousands more unchecked SATs found
'Massive search' for missing boys
DNA allegedly links rapist to 2 other attacks
Heirs win royalty rights to 'Lion Sleeps Tonight'
'Monster' teacher gets up to 20 years in prison
Old treatment for clubfoot finally gets due
U.S. charges 50 Colombian rebels with coke dealing
Workers on world's tallest building riot

Boston Globe: World
Rape trial divides S. Africa's ANC
Candidate striving to give Arab-Israelis a voice
Colombia rebel leaders hit with drug charges
Protests shift French political terrain
Governments must lead water efforts, forum says
Bus crash in Chile kills 12 from US
Ferry sinks off Canada; all aboard said safe
Pace: Review Iraq Media Program
Three Western Hostages Freed in Iraq
North Korea Vows Response to Exercises
NATO Working on Airlift Needs
US, Japan Hold Sweeping Defense Talks
Dog Handler Gets Six Months

CENTCOM: News Releases







Department of Defense
U.S. Must Go 'All the Way' to Prevail - Story - Video
Pace Speaks at Counterterrorism Seminar - Story - Special
Coalition Operation Frees Three Hostages - Story
Joint Force Elements Improve Operations - Story
America Needs to Appreciate Military - Story

Soldiers Build Trust with Local People - Story
Iraqis Benefit From Coalition Medical Training - Story
Iraqi Police, U.S. Soldiers Patrol Streets - Story

New Pipeline Established to Iraqi Army Base
Former Terrorist Base Sees New Beginning
U.S., Iraqi Forces Provide Security for Pilgrims

Citizen Tip Leads to IED in Afghan Mosque
Aircrews Refuel B-52s in Flight for the Fight

New York Banker Helps Rebuild Iraq - Story

Miss America Tours Pentagon - Story
USO Hands Out Awards at Gala - Story

Swarmer Ops Meets All Objectives
Forces Net Suspects, Weapons
Iraq Reaches Historic Moment
Tal Afar Liberation Shows Intentions
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq (pdf)
Multinational Force Iraq
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (pdf)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Iraq Reconstruction

General Notes Progress
Troops Detain Suspects
Afghanistan Update

Bush: Sept. 11 Lessons Still Relevant
Ten Enemies Killed, One Detained
Missile Defense Binds Elements
Commissions May Get New Guidance
Troop Support Promotes Freedom
Cheney Thanks Airmen for Support
Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Pace Confers with Saudi Leaders
Missile Technology Valid, Viable
Memorial Fundraiser Hits Milestone
Pace Tours Earthquake Area
Pakistan Visit to Build Better Bridges
National Guard, Reserve Update

Officials Identify Army Casualty - Story

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah
Al Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar


Today in History
1379 - End of Gelderse war victory
1545 - German Parliament opens in Worms
1550 - France & England sign Peace of Boulogne
1603 - Scottish king James VI becomes King James I of England
1629 - 1st game law passed in American colonies, by Virginia
1645 - Battle at Jankov Bohemia: Sweden beatS Roman Catholic emperor Ferdinand III
1664 - Roger Williams is granted a charter to colonize Rhode Island
1765 - Britain enacts Quartering Act, required colonists to provide temporary housing to British soldiers
1801 - Aleksandr P. Romanov becomes emperor of Russia
1828 - Philadelphia & Columbia Railway (1st state owned) authorized
1832 - Mormon Joseph Smith beaten, tarred & feathered in Ohio
1837 - Canada gives blacks the right to vote
1848 - State of siege proclaimed in Amsterdam
1855 - Manhattan Kansas founded as New Boston KS
1860 - Clipper Andrew Jackson arrives in San Francisco, 89 days out of New York
1878 - British frigate Eurydice sunk; 300 lost
1882 - German scientist Robert Koch discovers bacillus cause of TB
1883 - 1st telephone call between New York & Chicago
1887 - Oscar Straus appointed 1st Jewish ambassador from US (to Turkey)
1894 - 37 miners killed at Franklin WA
1898 - 1st automobile sold
1920 - 1st US coast guard air station established (Morehead City NC)
1924 - Greece becomes a republic
1927 - Cuban chess champion, Jose Capablanca wins 33-day Grand Chess Tournie; Dutch 1st Chamber condemns Belgian & Netherlands' Wielingen Treaty
1930 - Planet Pluto named
1932 - 1st US radio broadcast from a moving train (Belle Baker, WABC from Maryland)
1933 - Peter I Island incorporated as a Norwegian dependency
1934 - US declares the Philippines to become independent in 1945
1935 - Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour goes national on NBC Radio Network
1937 - Bus blows a tire, going out of control, killing 18 (Salem IL); National Gallery of Art established by Congress
1941 - British troops defeat British Somalia; German troops occupy El Agheila Libya
1944 - 76 Allied officers escape Stalag Luft 3 (Great Escape); 811 British bombers attack Berlin; In occupied Rome, Nazis executed more than 300 civilians
1945 - General Eisenhower, Montgomery & Bradley discuss advance in Germany; Largest one-day airborne drop, 600 transports & 1300 gliders; Operation Varsity: British, US & Canadian airborne landings East of Rhine; US minesweepers reach Kerama Retto, South coast of Okinawa
1947 - Congress proposes 2-term limitation on the Presidency; John D. Rockefeller, Jr., donates NYC East River site to the UN
1952 - Great demonstrations against apartheid in South-Africa
1955 - 1st seagoing oil drill rig placed in service; British Army patrols withdraw from Belfast after 20 years
1958 - Elvis Presley joins the army (serial number 53310761)
1959 - Iraq withdraws from the Baghdad Pact
1960 - US appeals court rules novel, "Lady Chatterly's Lover", not obscene
1964 - Kennedy half-dollar issued
1966 - Selective Service announces college deferments based on performance
1967 - University of Michigan holds 1st "Teach-in" after bombing of North Vietnam
1972 - Great Britain imposes direct rule over Northern Ireland
1976 - Argentine President Isabel Perón deposed by country's military
1980 - ABC's nightly Iran Hostage crisis program renamed "Nightline with Ted Koppel"
1981 - Colombia drops diplomatic relations with Cuba
1982 - US sub Jacksonville collides with a Turkish freighter near Virginia
1986 - NASA publishes "Strategy for Safely Returning the Space Shuttle to Flight Status"; Suriname army Captain Etienne Boerenveen arrested for cocaine smuggling; US & Libya clash in Gulf of Sidra
1989 - Worst US oil spill, Exxon's Valdez spills 11.3 million gallons off Alaska
1990 - Indian troops leave Sri Lanka
1991 - In liberated Kuwait, banks reopen
1992 - 1st Belgian in space, Dirk Frimout on Atlantis Space Shuttle STS-45 (Atlantis 11) launches into space; Sudanese Boeing 707 crashes on mountain Hymettos at Athens; 5-6 die
1993 - Ezer Weizman elected President of Israel
1994 - F-16 collides with C-130 Hercules above AFB in North Carolina, 120 die
1997 - Australian parliament overturns world's 1st & only euthanasia law

1188 - Ferrand of Portugal, earl of Flanders/son of Sancho I
1441 - Ernst I, elector of Saxon (1464-86)
1607 - Michiel A. de Ruyter, Dutch Rear Admiral (St Vincent, Dune)
1755 - Rufus King, framer of US constitution/(Senator-F)
1802 - Jacob van Lennep, attorney/Dutch MP
1809 - Joseph Liouville St. Omer, discover of transcendental numbers
1814 - Galen Clark, US naturalist, discovered Mariposa Grove
1821 - [George] Hector Tyndale, Union Brevet Major General
1835 - Josef Stefan Austria, physicist (Stefan-Boltzmann law)
1855 - Andrew W. Mellon, founder (Mellon Bank)/US Secretary of Treasury
1874 - Harry Houdini [Erik Weisz], magician/escape artist; Luigi Einaudi, economist/1st President of Italy (1948-55)
1884 - Peter Debye Holland, physical chemist (Nobel 1936)
1898 - Dorothy Stratton, organizer (SPARS-women's branch of US Coast Guard)
1902 - Thomas E. Dewey, 1st Catholic Presidential candidate 1944, 1948 (R)
1903 - Adolph F.J. Butenandt, German bio-chemist (Nobel 1939)
1907 - Janet Harmon Bragg, US pilot/columnist (Chicago Defender); Lauris Norstad US General (NATO commander)/CEO (Owens-Corning Fiberglass)
1909 - Clyde Barrow, bank robber (of Bonnie & Clyde fame)
1911 - Herman W. "Fritz" Liebert, US OSSer/librarian (Yale curator)
1919 - John J. Duncan Jr. (Representative-TN)
1922 - Dorothy Irene Height, president (National Council of Negro Women)
1923 - Edna Jo Hunter, expert on military families & prisoners of war
1932 - Yuri Anatoyevich Ponomaryov, Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz 18 backup)
1937 - Erskine Sandiford, premier (Barbados, 1987-94)
1943 - H. Martin Lancaster (Representative-NC)
1947 - Pieter W. Coetzer, South African journalist/MP (NP)
1951 - Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr., Commander USN/astronaut (STS 48, 60)
1957 - Scott J. Horowitz, PhD/Captain USAF/astronaut (STS 75, 82)

0809 - Harun al-Rashid, caliph of the Abbasid empire (786-809), dies at 44
1455 - Nicholas V [Tommaso Parentucelli], Italian Pope (1447-55), dies at 57
1471 - Sir Thomas Malory, author (Le Morte d'Arthur), dies at 55
1644 - Cecilia Renata, arch duchess of Austria
1881 - Friedrich Hecker, German revolutionary republic politician, dies at 69
1882 - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, US poet (Song of Hiawatha), dies at 75
1945 - J.S. Nicklin Lieutenant-Colonel/Canada's 1st parachutist; Thomas Rennie General-Major (Dutch command 51st Highland Division)
1953 - Queen Mary [Victoria of Teck] of Great Britain/North-Ireland, dies at 86
1968 - Lauwrens Voorthuyzen Dutch sect leader, dies at 70
1969 - Joseph Kasavubu President of Congo (1960-65), dies at about 55
1976 - Bernard L. Montgomery, British General, defeated Rommel, dies at 88
1980 - Archbishop Oscar Romero, assassinated while conducting mass in San Salvador
1990 - An Wang computer manufacturer (Wang), dies at 70 from cancer
1993 - Peter Roovers, Dutch sculptor/teacher (war monuments), dies at 90
1994 - Luis Donaldo Colosio, Mexican politician, assassinated

Reported Missing in Action
Bush, Robert E., USAF (CT); F105D shot down - remains returend December, 1988

Ellison, John C., USN (UT); A6A shot down (w/Plowman)

Hallberg, Roger C., US Army SF (CA); disappeared following ambush (w/Stewart)

Plowman, James E., USN (CA); A6A shot down (w/Ellison)

Stewart, Jack T., US Army SF (DC); disappeared following ambush (w/Hallberg)

Arroyo-Baez, Gerasino, US Army (PR); DIC August, 1972 - remains returned March, 1985

Bowers, Richard L., US Army (WI); died in escape on day of capture

The following US Army and US Army SF personnel reported MIA when their UH1H was shot down (survival ruled unlikely):
Boronski, John A. SF (MA); passenger

Becerra, Rudy M. (TX); crew chief

Ganoe, Berman, Jr. (FL); gunner

Hoskins, John C. (OH); pilot

Harned, Gary A., (PA); survival unlikely

O'Donnell, Michael D. (IL); aircraft commander

Pool, Jerry L. SF (IL); passenger

Butcher, Jack M., USAF (MI); OV10A shot down, released March, 1973 - retired as a Lt. Colonel - alive as of 1998

Beckwith, Harry M., US Army (MI); OH58A shot down, KIA, body not recovered