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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Soldiers' Angels

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2 November, 2004

I want to take this time to thank each and every Angel worldwide for the wonderful support of our troops. So many have come to help. Not only from the US but from Germany, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Denmark, England, France, Poland and more. It is awe-inspiring.
My father a 2-time Viet Nam vet and his West Point Buddies all came with donations for backpacks when the call was put out that the wounded needed us. Through gracious donations Angels were able to help our wounded heroes in many different areas, from combat hospitals to Landstuhl, to our hospitals here in the states. The Blankets of Hope project has grown to many sewers handcrafting blankets to send to the wounded with hopes and prayers for their speedy recovery. An American Flag, was hand sewn, as in the days of Betsy Ross and is currently being signed by heroes in Iraq. It will be presented to a very special Angel.
Thousands of heroes were adopted and care packages relentlessly go out in steady stream with needed supplies and letters of encouragement. A letter writing team writes to every hero submission we receive with words of support and paragraphs of belief in their mission and memories of home. A TLC team insures a request for boots or gloves or zebra cakes gets filled. Our crafty Angels knit and sew for our deployed soldiers newborns and send cigars of congratulations. We may not be able to fight on the front lines but we can make sure that neither they nor their family want for anything.

It is only through the collective effort of people who believe and stand for freedom that we can continue to help these young heroes who valiantly stand for us.

I do not know how long we will be needed but I know for now we are looking at least another year. Your continued efforts are greatly appreciated. A big thank you to all the volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure soldiers angels thrives and the mission is continued. Thank you all for helping to bring home healthy soldiers,

Happy Holidays
Patti Patton Bader
" Till they all come home"
Soldiers' Angels

An Iraqi man looks at US soldiers on patrol

An Iraqi man looks at US soldiers on patrol in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. World powers readied to hammer out a statement on Iraq 's future at a conference in Egypt(AFP/Tauseef Mustafa)
Yahoo! News - Top Stories World Photos - AFP

U.S. Marines conduct a street patrol in Falluja

U.S. Marines conduct a street patrol in the war-torn city of Falluja, November 23, 2004. Iraq 's U.N. representative, Samir Shakir Sumaidaie, told Reuters that attacks on insurgents in Falluja made it easier to hold the elections because it had destroyed the base and infrastructure of groups seeking to rule the country. REUTERS/Akram Saleh Yahoo! News - World Photos - Reuters
Iraq War News
Blood, Knives, Cage hint at Atrocities: "

Improvised Chemical munitions too. From the Chicago Tribune :

Acting on information from a man who claimed to have escaped from militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s network, the U.S. military over the weekend inspected a house where intelligence officers believe hostages were detained, tortured and possibly killed.

A banner for Tawhid and Jihad—the name of al-Zarqawi’s organization until he changed it last month to Al Qaeda in Iraq—was recovered Saturday from the home, as were several black face masks, volumes of documents, handcuffs and two long, apparently blood-stained knives, military officials said.
The Marine patrol also visited a second site Sunday that might have been another hostage holding area, this one in a building that contained a wire cage large enough for a human that had an intravenous bag beside it, as well as windowless, dungeon-like rooms, one of which had bloody fingerprints inside.


In Command Post: Irak

South Korea to Extend Troop Deployment: "

From the AFP via the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) :

South Korea’s Government has agreed to extend the deployment of thousands of its troops in Iraq by one year until the end of 2005, officials said.

The decision to extend the mission, which was due to expire at the end of this year, was made at a cabinet meeting led by Prime Minister Lee Hae-Chan, the Prime Minister’s office said.

“The Government will send a motion to Parliament seeking approval for extending the troop deployment in Iraq by another year,” said Chung Yong-Wook, an official from the office who attended the meeting.

Some 2,800 South Korean troops are based in Arbil, a Kurdish-controlled town in northern Iraq, on a rehabilitation and humanitarian mission.

Another contingent of more than 700 is set to join them soon.
Political analysts say the Government motion will easily win approval from Parliament since the ruling Uri Party, which has a Parliamentary majority, has pledged to endorse an extended mission.

The conservative main opposition Grand National Party has also approved the troop deployment in Iraq.


In Command Post: Irak

Creature Comforts: "

From the National Review Corner :



I am also a professor at a military-related institution, and my little brother is an enlisted Marine (a sniper with 1-3) in Fallujah. This weekend he called for the first time since the battle began. He informed us that a large number of the residents of Fallujah, before fleeing the battle, left blankets and bedding for the Marines and Soldiers along with notes thanking the Americans for liberating their city from the terrorists, as well as invitations to the Marines and Soldiers to sleep in their houses. I’ve yet to see a report in the media of this. Imagine that.

Additionally, he said their spirits are high, but they would certainly appreciate any “care packages” that folks in the States would care to send their way (preferably consisting of non-perishable food items, candy, deodorant, eye-drops, q-tips, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip balm, hand/feet warmers, black/dark undershirts, underwear & socks, and non-aerosol bug spray)

It would be great if you could pass this message along to anyone interested in helping out.”

(Hearts & Minds)

In Command Post: Irak

IRAQ: Few women working in armed forces: "BAGHDAD, 23 Nov 2004 (IRIN) - Iraqi army Sgt Ismin Norhan is the first person a mother and her little boy see when they walk up to the heavily fortified "green zone" checkpoint in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, which has been car bombed at least once and is now behind high cement barriers and razor wire."

In IRIN: Iraq Crisis

Police battle rebels in central Iraq town: "A gunbattle between police and rebels in a central Iraqi town left one fighter dead, while a search operation netted four suspected insurgents and a weapons cache, police said Tuesday."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Iraq Conference to Back War on Insurgents: "World leaders who gathered in Egypt for an international conference on Iraq focused on another Mideast issue early Tuesday — the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. (AP)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Egypt links Mideast conflict and Iraq at international conference: "An international conference on Iraq opened with a call to work for the stability of the war-wracked country in tandem with a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (AFP)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Second Cleric Killed: "
Masked gunmen on Tuesday assassinated a Sunni cleric north of Baghdad, police said — the second such killing in as many days.

Sheik Ghalib Ali al-Zuhairi was a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars, an influential Sunni clerics group that has spoken out against nationwide elections to be held Jan. 30.

Al-Zuhairi was shot as he was leaving Thiyaba Mosque in the town of Muqdadiyah after dawn prayers, said Col. Raisan Hussein. He was taken to Muqdadiya Hospital where he later died, Hussein said. Muqdadiyah is about 60 miles north of Baghdad.

Read more..


In Command Post: Irak



One dead in Samarra roadside blast in Iraq & Terror