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Monday, September 25, 2006

Most Moronic Blog Comment Ever

Some of the comments on this blog have been...well...less than impressive. And some of the classics have come from the "United We Stand" post above.

Take this one, for instance:

You all are losers.

Constructive criticism? I think not.

This one is a peach, too:

Wow, there's a mistake here. I think it should read "United We Stand... in hoping that your killers are returned safely and not charged, and in support of your efforts in the War OF Terror."Cowards, you are one and all. All you want is the destruction of the Middle East and more Arab blood on your hands. I hope the I.D.F and the Coalition lose, because, if anything, that will help Arabs unite and seek a better solution to this whole mess than what the terrorists of America and Israel are giving the Middle East.

Blah, blah, blah. Pretty much run of the mill on a blog that proudly supports our troops and their efforts, supports imprisoning terrorists (or killing them whenever possible), and generally doesn't buy into the hug-a-terrorist-cause-it's-all-America's-fault-anyway philosophy.

But here's one that really ticks me off:

Hezbollah isn't a U.S. enemy. They are purely defensive. They have attacked American forces only when the U.S. has deployed its military in service of Israel's military goals.If the U.S. remained neutral in the Middle East as it traditionally has done, we'd have no problems with Arab groups. Israel is not the 51st State. They are a foreign country with a modern army of its own, and nulcear weapons. They can take care of themselves.As an American, I am not willing to risk my safety in a land dispute between Israel and its neighbors. It's not our problem.

Of course, this commenter is "Anonymous." Not a surprise. Nameless, and clueless.

Here was my response:
Hezbollah isn't a US enemy????? That is one of the most assanine comments ever to hit this blog, and there've been a lot of them. Had you had enough courage of your conviction to leave your email, I'd have responded to you that way. However, since you didn't...

The whole reason this "United We Stand" post is up in the first place is precisely because Israel was fighting one of OUR enemies - Hezbollah.

Let me clue you in as to exactly who they are:

Lebanon: Thirty US and other Western hostages kidnapped in Lebanon by Hezbollah. Some were killed, some died in captivity, and some were eventually released. Terry Anderson was held for 2,454 days.

Oct. 23, Beirut, Lebanon: Shiite suicide bombers exploded truck near U.S. military barracks at Beirut airport, killing 241 marines. Minutes later a second bomb killed 58 French paratroopers in their barracks in West Beirut.

Sept. 20, east Beirut, Lebanon: truck bomb exploded outside the U.S. embassy annex, killing 24, including 2 U.S. military.

June 14, Beirut, Lebanon: TWA Flight 847 en route from Athens to Rome hijacked to Beirut by Hezbollah terrorists and held for 17 days. A U.S. Navy diver - Robert Dean Stethem - beaten and executed, his body tossed out on the tarmac.

June 25, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: truck bomb exploded outside Khobar Towers military complex, killing 19 American servicemen and injuring hundreds of others. 13 Saudis and a Lebanese, all alleged members of Islamic militant group Hezbollah, were indicted on charges relating to the attack in June 2001.

Prior to Sept. 11, 2001, Hezbollah was responsible for more American deaths than any other terrorist group. Not the enemy? Give me a break.

Remain neutral? We've never remained neutral in the middle east. Besides, isn't it your crowd that's usually saying the problem has been that we've NEVER remained neutral????

Here we go again - the same appeasment and isolationism that is always tossed out as a solution, and never represents one. Hezbollah is most decidedly an enemy. Especially with Iran bankrolling them. The problem is that Israel is the only country that actually does anything about them.

How quickly we forget, and how sad it is. Hezbollah murders hundreds of Americans, and suddenly the very same terrorists are not our enemy.

Robert Dean Stethem wasn't "supporting Israel's military goals." He was going home. On a commercial, not military, aircraft. He was 23, and his murderers are still within the ranks of Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is a murdering bunch of slimeballs. The "United We Stand" post stays until Israel's soldiers are freed.

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