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Sunday, May 01, 2005

AMPHIBIOUS EXERCISE — An amphibious Landing Craft Air Cushion transports U.S. Marines and sailors to the Djiboutian shore during a personnel and aircraft recovery exercise, April 26, 2005. Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa photo by U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Jeff M. Nagan Story

Milblogger NPR Interview

I was recently interviewed by WNYC's On The Media Show. The program aires on NPR on weekends, time and schedule dependent in your area. They were interested in my blog,

I do not think I was the only milblogger interviewed, but I think that everyone would like to hear about what the media thinks of what we do.

You can hear the MP3 version on their website at

Oh, and greyhawk, could you forward this to the whole milblogs ring??


Mike aka MaDeuceGunner

In Today's News - Sunday, May 1, 2005

Quote of the Day
"There is no such thing as a little freedom. Either you are all free, or you are not free."
-- Walter Cronkite

2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano News:
Hearing for Marine accused of murdering two Iraqis closes after ...
Marine returns to stand, gives key testimony
Key Witness Testifies at Marine's Hearing
Key Witness Appears in Iraq Murder Trial
Key Witness Testifies Defendant Stripped Him of Leadership Role in Iraq
Prosecutors give arguments in Marine case
Witness Given Immunity in Marine Hearing Associated Press
Report: N. Korea may have fired missile
Astronaut Hall of Fame inducts 3 members
Nine killed in third day of Iraq attacks
Mrs. Bush steals show at reporters' dinner
2 attacks in Egypt leave 3 dead, 9 hurt

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq
Roadside bomb kills three Afghan police
UN deplores Iraq violence, people deserve better says Annan
Lebanon marks Syria pullout from country
Pilgrims mark Orthodox Easter in Jerusalem
Iran likely to resume nuclear activities
Turkey leader to visit Israel, mend ties

The US News: Iraq News
Bodies will play role in the case against Saddam
Iraqi unit brings quiet to rebel area
Three Iraqis killed in Fallujah attack
U.S. Security Firm Struck Hard By Iraqi Insurgency
Eleven die as Iraq attacks stay at peak
Blair, Howard play down Iraq issue
Sudan, ex-foes begin constitution talks
Iraqi Neighbors Pledge to Boost Security
Funeral for Eastern Shore Marine who died in Iraq
Insurgents Kill 17 Iraqis, US Soldier
U.S. Military gives Wolfowitz full honors farewell
Experts Probe Kurdish Mass Graves in Iraq

Yahoo! News: War with Iraq
Gunmen Kill Five Iraqi Police in Baghdad Attack
Italy furious at report clearing U.S. soldiers over death of agent
York Soldier Wounded By Mine In Iraq
Gunmen Kill Five Iraqi Police in Baghdad Attack
Iraqi WMD Might Be In Syria From Unofficial Sources
Six Iraqi neighbours pledge support as US troops cleared of Italian's death
7 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, 6 wounded
Insurgents unleash 17 bombs in Iraq, killing at least 50
Iraqi Cabinet haggling goes on
U.S. Report Clears G.I.'s in Death of Italian Agent
Infant is only survivor of bus blast that killed his mother, grandmother
Suit accuses contractor of bilking millions in Iraq
England's Family Deals With Guilty Plea

Fox News
More Iraq Attacks Kill Nine
Syria to Restore Iraq Relations
Reports: U.S. Warns Japan of N. Korea Missile Launch
Afghan Bomb Kills Three
U.S. Releases Detainees
Lebanese Celebrate Pullout
Egypt Attacks Raise Worries

Department of Defense
Civic Leaders View Coast Guard Duties — Story
Radio Hosts See Iraq, Kuwait Ops During Visit — Story
Defense Department Honors Wolfowitz — Story

Ambassador Visits U.S. Troops in Georgia — Story
Mobile Training Team Visits Camp Lemonier — Story
Marine Unit Storms Djiboutian Shores
Afghan Army Gets Armored Personnel Carriers — Story
Soldiers, K-9 Partners Work to Deter Attacks — Story
Iraqis Train to Fly C-130s in Combat Zone — Story

Texas Guard Soldiers Patrol Deadly Grounds
Army Medics Bring Care to Remote Village
Hawaii National Guard Secures Camp Victory

Khost Team Helps Restore Mosque, Shrine
U.S. Army Europe Commander Visits Troops
Team Effort Manages Bagram’s Busy Air Ops

Deployed Airman Says 'I Do' Via Phone

Task Force Troops Dedicate Kenyan Girls' School
Task Force Helps Renovate Ethiopian Schools

Marine Neighbors Serve Together in Iraq — Story

UAV Nabs Suspects; Soldiers Killed
Bombs Rock Baghdad; Troops Killed
Bush Pleased With Progress
U.S. Soldiers Aid Attack Victims
Iraq Daily Update
Iraq Reconstruction
Weekly Progress Report (pdf)

Airstrike Kills Afghan Civilians
Afghans Treated at U.S. Base
Afghans Majority of Workforce
Afghanistan Daily Update

Senators Get Intel Update
Rumsfeld Stresses Troops' Legacy
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Pace Visits West Point Cadets
Civic Leaders Visit Parris Island
Photos: Civil Leaders Visit Bases
Civic Leaders Visit Georgia Base
Senator Compares Myers to Ike
National Guard, Reserve Update

Today in History
408 - Theodosius II succeeds to the throne of Constantinople.
1308 - King Albert is murdered by his nephew John.
1486 - Christopher Columbus convinces Queen Isabella to fund his West Indies expedition.
1805 - The state of Virginia passes a law requiring freed slaves to leave or risk imprisonment or deportation.
1863 - The Battle of Chancellorsville begins as Union General Joe Hooker attacks Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.
1867 - Reconstruction in the South begins with black voter registration.
1877 - President Rutherford B. Hayes withdraws Federal troops from the South, ending Reconstruction.
1898 - The US Navy the Spanish fleet at the Battle of Manila Bay.
1915 - The Lusitania leaves New York Harbor for Europe.
1927 - Adolf Hitler holds his first Nazi meeting in Berlin.
1934 - The Philippine legislature accepts a US proposal for independence.
1937 - President Roosevelt signs an act of neutrality, keeping the US out of World War II.
1944 - The first combat jet makes its first flight (Messerschmitt Me 262)
1945 - Adolf Hitler's personal secretary escapes the Fuhrerbunker ahead of the advancing Red Army.
1948 - North Korea is established.
1960 - Francis Gary Powers' U-2 is shot down over Russia.
1961 - Fidel Castro announces that Cuba will have no more elections.
1968 - US Marines (with Naval support) continue their attack on a North Vietnamese Division at Dai Do for a second day.
1970 - Students from Kent State University riot in downtown Kent to protest the American invasion of Cambodia.
1972 - The North Vietnamese capture Quang Tri City, effectively gaining control of that province.
1986 - Tass reports the Chernobyl accident.

1764 - Benjamin Henry Latrobe, architect of the US Capitol building.
1769 - Arthur Wellsley, Duke of Wellington.
1878 - James Graham, inventor of the first naval aircraft-carrying ship / first to film a total eclipse of the Sun.
1887 - Alan G. Cunningham, British General, commanded forces that liberated Ethiopia from the Italians in World War II.
1896 - Mark Clark, American World War II General.
1923 - Joseph Heller, American author of Catch 22.