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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Focused and poised for combat, Marines and Sailors of MEU Service Support Group 15 wait to exit the Air Force C-130 cargo aircraft as it lands at Baghdad International Airport here. More than 1700 personnel of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) traveled here by ground convoys and cargo aircraft to conduct security and stabilization operations. Photo by: Gunnery Sgt. Robert Knoll

A Marine with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) helps unload bags from an Army CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopter that transported Marines from Baghdad International Airport to the Forward Operating Base here. The 15th MEU is currently conducting security and stability operations here in the greater Baghdad area. Photo by: Gunnery Sgt. Robert Knoll

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ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL — Two years ago, on March 19, 2003, U.S. forces began Operation Iraqi Freedom to free the Iraqi people from the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein. Now, the Iraqi people have voted in free elections and are working toward establishing democracy throughout their land. Special


In today's News - Saturday, February 19, 2005

Quote of the Day
"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
-- Sir Winston Churchill Associated Press
Attackers kill 4 Iraqi police officers
Rice: N. Korea must stop stalling on nukes
Blast injures 9 in Beirut Christian area

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq
Lebanese leader won't attend Arab summit

The US News: Iraq News
Bush defends war order on anniversary of Iraq invasion
Flag that flew in mission over Iraq given to VFW
Iraq parliament opens for first time
Dutchman in court for Iraq chemical arms case
Man Kidnapped in Iraq Said Released
Shiites demand apology over deadly bombing

Invasion vet remembers action on eve of invasion anniversary - Iraq & Terror
Funeral bomb kills 3 Iraqi police
Rice talks tough over North Korea
Beirut bomb raises violence fears
Pakistan tests long-range missile

Fox News
Extremists Threaten Truce
Blast Rocks Beirut Suburb
U.S., South Korea Conduct Military Exercises
Russian Agency Denies Sheltering War Criminals
Putin Makes Visit to Ukraine
Rice Speaks on Nukes, Beef
Iraq Attacks Kill Four
Pakistan Tests Missile
U.N. Sex Abuse Scandal

Department of Defense
Rumsfeld Praises Troops' 'Hard Work' — Story
Town Hall Meeting Produces Broad Range of Questions
International Cooperation Plays Crucial Role — Story
Intelligence Chiefs Outline Threats, Challenges — Story
Operation Iraqi Freedom Two Years Later — Story Special
Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Speech Put Iraq on Notice
Pace of Iraqi Reconstruction Picking Up
Pentagon Channel to Air New Documentary - Pentagon Channel Programming

U.S. Soldiers Training Iraqi Troops — Story
Air Force Plans to Expand Predator Initiative — Story

Support Battalion Convoys Take to Open Road
'Rough Riders' Push Through Ambushes
Troops, Iraqis Secure Bicycle Championships

Doctors Give Afghan Girl Reason to Smile
Civil Engineers Prepare to 'Close the Gaps' at Bagram

Marine Makes Sacrifice for Country, Family — Story

U.S., Iraqi Forces Discover IEDs
Jordan Aids in Iraqi Police Training
New Iraqi Police Officers Graduate
U.S. Soldiers Rescue Hostage
Bush: Coalition Buoyed by Courage
Officials Outline Success Factors
Success in Iraq - DoD Fact Sheet
Year in Review 2004 Fact Sheets (pdf)
Iraq Daily Update
Iraq Reconstruction
Weekly Progress Report (pdf)

Troops Assist After Bombing
Myers: Optimism Apparent
Photos: Chairman Visits Afghanistan
Chairman Visits Transformed Nation
Training Prepared Deployed Unit
Defense Leaders' Views on Afghanistan
Enduring Freedom Marks 3 Years
Afghanistan Daily Update

New Paradigm for Guard, Reserve
McHale Talks Homeland Defense
Risk Management Vital to Security
Myers Thanks Egyptians for Help
Cavalry Supports Border Mission
Support Group Part of Unit Success
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Pay Recognizes Contributions
Specials Ops Requests Funding
Global Posture 'Unprecedented'
Talks Further U.S.-Saudi Ties
Officials Talk Missile Defense
Programs Ease Force Stress
Rehab Means Lives Can Go On
National Guard, Reserve Update

Officials Identify Army Casualties — Story

Today in History
(BC)721 - 1st recorded lunar eclipse in Babylon
1452 - Frederick III of Hapsburg is crowned Roman German Emperor
1571 - Spanish troops occupy Manila
1628 - Founding of the Massachusetts colony
1644 - In China, 200 members of the imperial family and court commit suicide
1748 - The English Naturalization Act passes; it grantsJews the right to colonize the US
1822 - Boston is incorporated as a city
1865 - After the Battle of Bentonville, the Confederates retreat from Greenville, NC
1918 - Ensign Stephen Potter becomes the 1st US pilot to shoot down a German seaplane. Potter is killed on April 25th of that same year in a fight with four German planes over the North Sea
1920 - The US Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailles for 2nd time, refusing to ratify the League of Nations' covenant, which would maintain the German isolation policy.
1927 - The Communists and Nazis clash in bloody battles in Berlin
1940 - The British air raid on the German base at Sylt fails
1940 - The French government of Daladier falls
1942 - FDR orders men between 45 & 64 to register for non-military duty
1945 - Off the coast of Japan, a Kamikaze attack kills 800 on the USS Franklin.
1945 - Adolf Hitler issues the Nero Decree, ordering the destruction of German facilities
1945 - The British 36th division conquers Mogok, a ruby mine in (ruby mine)
1945 - US Task Force 58 attacks ships near Kobe
1946 - Nicolai Schwernik succeeds Kalinin as President of the USSR
1947 - Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek conquers Jenan
1965 - Chivu Stoica becomes President of the Council of Romanian People's Republic; Nicolae Ceausescu is appointed 1st Secretary of the Romanian Communist party
1969 - The British invade Anguilla
1979 - The House of Representatives begins live TV broadcasts on C-SPAN
1982 - In Illinois, an Air National Guard refueling tanker crashes, killing 27. 23 of those are Guard members.
1985 - The US Senate votes 55-45 to authorize production of the MX missile
1988 - 2 British soldiers are lynched in Belfast, North Ireland
1995 - In Japan, 5 die by poison gas in an attack at a subway station
2002 - In Afghanistan, Operation Anaconda ends. 500 Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters are killed; there are 11 Allied fatalities.
2003 - The invasion of Iraq begins (with the time difference, it's actually March 20 at 1:00 am)

- Aleksei M Romanov, 1st Romanov tsar of Russia
1734 - Thomas McKean US attorney (signed Declaration of Independence)
1817 - Lewis Henry Little, Brigadier General (CSA)
1819 - David Henry Williams, Brigadier General (Union Army)
1821 - Francis Barretto Spinola Brigadier General (Union Army)
1827 - Alexander Shaler Brevet Major General (Union Army)
1837 - Robert Daniel Johnston Brigadier General (CSA)
1891 - Earl Warren California, (Governor,CA); 14th supreme court chief justice
1904 - John J Sirica, US federal judge at the Watergate hearings
1906 - Adolf Eichmann, Nazi Gestapo officer
1912 - Adolf Galland, fighter Pilot
1925 - Brent Scowcroft, Lieutenant General (USAF) / National Security Council
1942 - David Minge (Representative, MN)