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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

By Popular Request (Repost)

Not sure how many people were able to see this over the holiday weekend, so I'm reposting (this post stays at the top for a while):

As you all know by now, I'm a member of Soldiers' Angels - have been for a couple of years now. It's what led me to meet Patti, and eventually to this blog.

I also head up the "Operation Outreach" team, which helps to offer support to military families here at home.

My favorite posts to do here have always been the "My Hero" posts - pictures submitted by families of their Heroes, or by Soldiers' Angels to honor their adoptees.

Never have I had a response to one of these like the one I got for Maxwell, submitted by his wife, Natalia.

Maxwell is a Soldiers' Angels adoptee. But so many of you requested information on how you could adopt or support Maxwell and his family that I formed an idea, and contacted Patti over at SA.

The result?
Iraq War Today now has an "Official Hero" - Maxwell. And by extension, we have an "Official Military Family" as well, which includes Natalia and little Shawn!

What it Means:
Any of you who would like to send items, cards, letters of support, etc. to Maxwell may do so! And any of you who would like to send cards / letters / etc. to Natalia or Shawn may do so too.

How it Works:
Depending on whether you're a Soldiers' Angel or not, it will work one of two ways:

1. If you are a Soldiers' Angel, and I can confirm that, I will give you Maxwell's info so that you can send things to him directly. I also have Natalia's information, and can give that to you, too.

2. If you are not a Soldiers' Angel, you can send things to the address posted below, and I will see that those things are sent to Maxwell or Natalia.

I will be adding a permalink on the blog for our Hero, and will post updates, etc. as I get them. (More about that farther down)

You can send it to:
Maxwell (or Natalia)
c/o Iraq War Today
P.O. Box 832
Torrington, CT 06790

If you're sending to this address, make sure you include the "Maxwell" or "Natalia" indication - it's also the address I use for my Airman's program for kids in Afghanistan. I'll have some news about that program too, shortly, but that's for another post.

If you want suggestions on items to send, etc., I can certainly give those to you.

An important note on donations:
If you would like to donate funds to help purchase items, please email me so I can get you details on how to do that.

Other Notes:
* I've asked Natalia about the possibility of blogging here, to share her experiences as a military spouse, and to give us updates on how Maxwell is doing.

* Maxwell's status as the blog's "adopted" Hero in no way should be construed as his endorsement of any opinion I post on this blog, or representative of any policy or position of the U.S. Army or any other government entity. This is merely a way to allow readers to support a deployed hero and his family.

* Until I receive specific authorization to do so, I will not be posting Maxwell's last name, APO, specific unit, or location on the blog here. I can tell you he is deployed in Iraq, but will not post any other specific details here due to security concerns. If you are a Soldiers' Angel, or other "SA-known" party (ex. blogger known to SA), email me for further info.

With that info in mind, here are some thoughts from Natalia:

yes i have been reading all the beautiful comments and blessing, my eyes teared when i read them. I did not know there was so much support available, I don't know where to look for help, such other heroes families, etc. If you have that information i would truly appreciate it. I told Maxwell over the phone about all the comments of support from people we don't even know, he was very excited and touched...

* Side note here - if you are a military spouse who would like to get in touch with Natalia to offer support, please let me know.

Here's what Natalia had to say to the idea of our blog adoption:
Hi Pam,
Maxwell and I are truly honored about your proposition, he is very excited about been the "official IWT hero". I am so happy he has been assigned to an angel, hopefully he gets a letter soon. I wold like to take this opportunity to thank you! I don't feel alone anymore knowing someone is listening, what you have done for us already is amazing, you have given me hope...

She went on to tell me that they have been married for only 14 months, and were expecting when his deployment orders came through.

Maxwell and Natalia don't have a lot of family support. But despite the difficulties and challenges Maxwell's deployment presents (given the fact that their family includes four kids), Natalia says:

But i know everything happens for a reason and he serves and fight for our country with honor.

And she sent along a few more wonderful pictures.

So, you asked for it - you got it!

Readers, meet Maxwell - the "Official IWT Hero"

The picture that started it all...

Maxwell with an Iraqi soldier

Another picture of Maxwell at work

And the baby picture - Maxwell and Natalia's son Shawn at 3 months


Know a Hero in need of support? To submit them for adoption by Soldiers' Angels, click here.

To adopt "your own" Hero, go here.

Want to know what's involved if you adopt your own Hero, or what to expect if you submit a name? Details here, here and here.



To donate funds through PayPal to help send care packages to Maxwell, click here:

To donate to help support Maxwell's family, click here:

If you would like to donate funds, but are sending a check, please DO NOT USE THE MAILING ADDRESS ABOVE - please email me for information on where to send your check.

Natalia's agreed to do some blogging - look for posts from Natalia coming soon!

Carter and the Bin Ladin Family - a Million Dollar Friendship

In 2004, liberal filmmaker, Michael Moore, maliciously accused President Bush of having supposed close ties to Osama BinLadin.

But Michael Moore, as usual, wasn't telling you the truth.

You see, the BinLadin family does have close ties to an American president, but it isn't George W. Bush they were closest to.

NO, that distinction belongs to disgraced former President, Jimmy Carter.

Bakr BinLadin

An investigation by the Censure Carter Committee into the financing for "The Carter Center" of Atlanta, Georgia (founded by President Carter and his wife to advance his "Blame America First" foreign policies) reveals that over $1,000,000 has been funneled from Bakr M. BinLadin for the Saudi BinLadin Group to the Carter Center.

In fact, an online report accuses former President Carter of meeting with 10 of Osama BinLadin's brothers early in 2000. Carter and his wife, Rosalyn followed up their meeting with a breakfast with Bakr BinLadin in September 2000 and secured the first $200,000 towards the more than $1 MILLION that has since been received by the Carter Center.
If you think this news troubles Michael Moore and his friends in the liberal, anti-war crowd, think again. You see, they're not interested in the truth - they only seem interested in advancing their defeatist political message: "America is almost aways wrong... America is the source of many of the world's problems."

In fact, during the 2004 Democratic National Convention, former President Jimmy Carter hosted Michael Moore in the presidential viewing box, while ex-President Bill Clinton addressed the crowd.

Jimmy Carter hosts Michael Moore
In the Presidential Box at the
2004 Democratic National Convention

Canada Free Press has the full report at their online news website - CLICK HERE.

So, have you had enough of former President Jimmy Carter and his continued pattern of undermining American national security? Are you sick and tired of seeing him defend every despot, dictator and anti-American terrorist organization under the sun?

Then please - support our efforts at the Censure Jimmy Carter campaign.
We are about to launch a 2nd wave of television ads on national television networks asking Americans to rebuke Carter's efforts in North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and elsewhere.

We are raising the money to air this ad on TV - and we need your help. The more money we raise, the more airtime we can purchase.

Melanie Morgan
Chairman, Censure Carter Committee
Today, Wednesday May 31st, Fox News Channel's "The Big Story w/ John Gibson” reported that former President Jimmy Carter's "Carter Center" in Atlanta, Georgia has received over $1,000,000 in funding from the family of Osama Bin Ladin. The information was collected by the Censure Carter Committee - a project of the pro-troop non-profit group, Move America Forward.

E-Mail: info@CensureCarter-DOT-com
Phone: (916) 441-6197

WEAPONS TRAINING — U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jesse Linen, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, shows a member of the Iraqi Army the functions of the M-4 assault rifle during joint weapons training in Tal Afar, Iraq, May 18, 2006. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jacob N. Bailey

Fahren-hooey 9/11

Iraq Vet Sues Michael Moore for Misleading Interview in 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
By Jennifer Fermino

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — A double-amputee Iraq-war vet is suing Michael Moore for $85 million, claiming he recycled an old interview and used it out of context to make him appear anti-war in "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Sgt. Peter Damon, 33, who strongly supports America's invasion of Iraq, said he never agreed to be in the 2004 movie, which trashes President Bush.

In the 2003 interview, which he did at Walter Reed Army Hospital for NBC News, he discussed only a new painkiller the military was using on wounded vets.

"They took the clip because it was a gut-wrenching scene," Damon said Tuesday. "They sandwiched it in. [Moore] was using me as ammunition."

Read the rest at Fox News

A Marine in Need

graphic by Doug Kidd

From Laurie at Soldiers' Angels New York:

G. is a Marine assigned to 3rd LAR Bn Delta Co, Twenty-Nine Palms, California. He was deployed to Iraq on 6 March 2006. On or about the 1st week of May he was notified by a message from the Red Cross that his 11 year old son was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. As hard is it was for him to accept this information and knowing that he had to leave his fellow Marines back in Iraq to carry on the mission without him, he returned to the United States to be at his son's side for this ongoing processes of undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

The boy is currently undergoing chemotherapy in San Diego at Balboa Naval Hospital. Balboa is about three hours (if traffic is good) from Twenty-Nine Palms where they are currently stationed. The doctors will not allow him to travel to Twenty-Nine Palms throughout the length of chemotherapy which is about six months. Since chemotherapy wipes out the immune system any infection can be fatal, he must stay in San Diego where he can receive treatment.

This family is in desperate need of our prayers. They do not have any family in California and have sent their 7 year old daughter to family in Texas. Besides our prayers they are in immediate need of gas cards, gift cards for food, cards of encouragement and monetary donations. For the past three weeks G. has been paying for food and lodging and all expenses in San Diego out of his own pocket. His unit is working on getting him moved to be stationed at San Diego, but that procedure takes awhile and in the meantime they need our immediate assistance.

Laurie also says that WalMart / grocery gift cards (Vons, Ralph's / Kroger, Albertsons) and gas cards (Shell) are needed. If you can help, please contact Laurie. She also asks that bloggers please consider linking or posting about this to help spread the word.

SOS: Kids

In case you haven't noticed, the link I have at the top of the page (the one that used to point to Wings of Hope) has changed just a little bit.

Wings hasn't disappeared, exactly... it has just become more of an off-shoot of another Soldiers' Angels program.

"Soldiers Helping Children" was the old name of the SA program that handled requests from our Heroes for items for the children in their area. It was a natural thing to roll "Wings" into that. With the addition of "Wings," and the mounting requests coming in recently, we've done a little revamping of the Soldiers Helping Children page, and the program's gotten a new name, too:

Say Our Soldiers: Kids In-theater Deserve Support

My apologies to our non-Army heroes (requests have come from all branches), but after wandering around my house for a few days rambling in acronyms, this represents my crowning achievement. I tried to come up with something using "heroes," "troops," and various other terms, and probably burned out my thesaurus on the word processor, too. So SOS: KIDS it is.

The program involves kids primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan, though any deployed troops looking for items for local kids are welcome to send requests.

To learn more about what we do, and how you can help, visit the SOS: KIDS webpage.

For all of you who have sent items / donated to Wings of Hope, I should have some further news for you on that shortly.

Now, if I can just find someone to do a neat logo...

Memorial salute
An honor guard from the 447th Air Expeditionary Group folds the flag during the Memorial Day retreat ceremony at Sather Air Base, Iraq, on Monday, May 29, 2006. From left are Staff Sgt. Jimmy Roman and Senior Airmen Peyton John and Dennis Maser. The 447th AEG operates the primary aerial port for transient military aircraft entering and exiting Iraq. The base is named in honor of Staff Sgt. Scott Sather, a Clio, Mich., native who was killed in combat in Iraq on April 8, 2003. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Bryan Bouchard)
Full Story

Blogwatch - Soldiers' Angels Germany

Lots of great posts at Soldiers' Angels Germany - be sure to check out:

We all help when help is needed
Last week, Soldiers Angels donated $300 to the Fisher House Landstuhl - the two organizations have been and supporting each other since 2004.

Two American Heroes
This is a Memorial Day tribute for two members of the Soldiers' Angels extended family. As part of the Soldiers' Angels deployed soldier support program, these two young troops were "adopted" by Angels who sent them letters and packages...

NFL players, commissioner salute injured troops at Landstuhl

Honoring the fallen; rededicating to the principle of selfless service
Suez, Egypt (May 29, 2006) - The guided-missile destroyer USS McFaul (DDG 74), followed by the Military Sealift Command (MSC) combat stores ship USNS Saturn (T-AFS 10), enters the 5th Fleet area of responsibility in the Red Sea after transiting through the Suez Canal. The Enterprise Carrier Strike group is on a scheduled six-month deployment in support of the global war on terrorism. While in the 5th Fleet, Enterprise and its crew of more than 5,500 Sailors and Marines will conduct Maritime Security Operations (MSO), routine flight operations and training in support of the United States and coalition nations' commitment to regional stability and security cooperation. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Milosz Reterski

Why Angels Do What They Do

Some Angels never hear from their adopted heroes. The reasons vary - sometimes it's simply because they're too busy, working long hours in a day, sometimes seven days a week - sometimes, what little free time exists is consumed with eating, sleeping, or letting their families know they're OK.

Some are in remote areas. Some just simply don't know what to say.

And then, sometimes, you get a letter that just says it all. The letter below, received by Sara at Soldiers' Angels, is one of them:

Following is a letter I received from the Commanding Officer of a young infantry soldier that I had been writing to and sending packages to in the summer of 2003. He didn't write back too often, but in one of his rare letters he wrote about how great it was to be getting support since his unit had just been "hit" by an RPG and he had lost several of his buddies. He had a close call himself and was very shaken by the experience. He said that getting letters of support had helped him get through those difficult times. In the spring of 2004, I received a note saying that his unit was leaving Baghdad and thanking me again for all the support (he also enclosed a snapshot so I could finally "meet" him).

Dec 18, 2003

Dear "Army Mom,"

Just wanted to take a second to tell you what happened in Iraq today. It was raining - and I was just coming in to my headquarters when when I passed by one of my newer soldiers - an immigrant from the former Soviet Union - and one of my BEST privates.

I was stopped in my tracks, for behold - on such a dreary day he was smiling. I was being funny (at first) and I said "awww you got a package with some goodies? Who sent that to you?" And as I expected to hear him say "my mom (or something like that)" he turned his face to me and said "I don't know...." he had a smile on his face.....and as I saw his eyes glazing he said " ...that's why I was smiling" and at that my eyes began to glaze too.

I can never take for granted their service, not for one minute - not for one second. And now...even in a hell like this - God has sent yet another Angel.

I'll bet you didn't know that did you? How truly amazing - how close we come to God in such a far away place.

And how silly I am for thinking that this private's safety is for me only to keep. Seems there are many who share this burden-and make me sleep sound.

You made one of my soldiers smile today - sitting there by himself - and for that, you have touched my soul.

I'd thank you, but that's not why Angels do what they do (I know). So instead I'll just say - Well Done! You can rest easy, message received. And I'll do my best to bring them home. I owe God one ;-)

Thank you from my soul,

PS From the Fourth Army son of a mom like you no doubt.

Do you have what it takes to be a Soldiers' Angel? Read this and find out.

Think you have what it takes? Adopt a Hero today.

Know a Hero who could use some extra support? Submit his / her name here.
by Staff Sgt. Jason W. Edwards

May 26, 2006

Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division parachute over Andrews Air Force Base, Md., during a joint-service open house.

In Today's News - Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quote of the Day
"It is the soldier, not the reporter,
who has given us the freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet,
who has given us the freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
who gives us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier who salutes the flag,
who serves beneath the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
who allows the protester to burn the flag."

-- Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, Sergeant, USMC

News of Note
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Pentagon: Strong Iraq Insurgency Into 2007
Violence Claims 54 in Iraq
Lawyer: Haditha Probe Not on Officers
CBS Correspondent Critical but Stable
Saddam Witness: Alleged Shiite Killing Victims Still Alive
Saddam defense accuses witness of perjury
Iraqi PM vows to use "iron fist" against Basra gangs
Car bombing in Iraq kills 5 policemen

Operation Enduring Freedom
Taliban Rebels Kill Afghan Police Chief, Occupy Station
Afghanistan wants U.S. troops prosecuted
US says troops fired in self defense in Afghan riot

Troops on Trial
Haditha Incident an "Aberration"

Worldwide Wackos
Bush Guarded on Iran
Iran to build two more nuclear plants
Iran's Military Plans for Invasion by US
US Accepts Draft on Iran That Omits Use of Force

Politics / Government
Bush's Treasury nominee praised

Other News of Note
Boy Found After 4 Days
U.S., Vietnam sign trade pact

Fox News
Stocks to Watch: Costco
Ridge Aids Former Steeler in Pa. Governor's Race
Space Center
Video Gaming Center

Reuters: Top News
Many Israeli settlers would leave peacefully: poll
Milosevic not poisoned, did self-medicate: UN court
Quake survivors immunized - Video
Alaska ex-governor plans run to undo pipeline deal
Scientists discover prehistoric cave in Israel
Mona Lisa "speaks" thanks to Japanese scientist
Big Four networks stake out key battlegrounds
Elizabeth Taylor scoffs at Alzheimer's reports
Stocks recover after sharp losses
ICAP shares drop despite profit rise
Etisalat leads Abu Dhabi rally on pension fund news
Stock futures rise as Fed minutes eyed
Nikkei falls to 3-month low as exporters slip
Vodafone's high bar
Are TIPS hot or not?

AP World News
647,000 Indonesians displaced by quake
'Lost' actress Rodriguez released early
Suns easily handle Mavs in Game 5
Ancient skeleton unearthed in Rome
Microsoft launches security for Windows
Astros still want to sign Clemens
McAfee fires counsel over stock options
Military Starts Online Stress Screening
Vets Must be Vigilant to Prevent ID Theft
Lacking Funds, Army Cuts Back on Spending
Marines' H-1 Helicopter Woes Aired
President Signs New Tax Legislation
Relentless Violence in Iraq Kills 54
Jointness is Focus of Different Commands

Department of Defense
Report Cites Iraq Successes, Challenges - Story
U.S. Troops Work Iraqi Leadership Issues - Story - On Assignment
NATO Personnel Shape Iraqi Military Staff
Additional U.S. Troops Move Into Province - Story

Symposium Looks at Ways to Counter IEDs - Story
Joint Operation Targets Insurgents in Ramadi - Story
Ogden Sailors Serve Meals at Oil Terminals - Story

Aerial Spraying of Iraqi Crops Concludes
Iraqis Adapt British Military Academy as Model
Center Helps Iraqis Shape Military Culture
Troops Restore Base to Hand Back to Iraqis
U.S. Army Mechanics Train Iraqi Counterparts

Engineers Improve Bagram Pedestrian Route
'Fighting Deuce' MPs Patrol Afghan Mountains
Afghan Border Police, Villagers Secure Border

Immigrant Becomes Citizen, American Combat Hero

Singer Toby Keith Entertains Troops - Story
Parade Honors Military Personnel
Pentagon Picnic Honors Troops
Group 'Thunders' Through D.C.
Indy 500 Pays Tribute to Troops
Grand Ole Opry Salutes Troops

Casey: Efforts Aim to Promote Unity
Terrorists Bomb Future City Hall
U.S. Soldier Killed in Mosul
Haditha Investigation Continues
Soldier, Contractor, CBS Crew Killed
Iraqi Foresees More Challenges
Troops Remember Friends
Insurgent Killed; Weapons Captured
Renewal In Iraq
Fact Sheet: Progress and Work Ahead
Report: Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Iraq Daily Update
This Week in Iraq (PDF)
Multinational Force Iraq
State Dept. Weekly Iraq Report (PDF)
'Boots on the Ground' Audio Archive
Iraq Reconstruction

Convoy Accident Incites Unrest
Unit in Afghanistan Honors Troops
Afghanistan Update

Reagan Concludes Arabian Gulf Ops
U.S., U.K. to Increase Intel
Fact Sheet: Budget Request
Fact Sheet: War on Terror
Fact Sheet: Terror Plots Disrupted
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Defense Officials Identify Casualties - Story

Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut
An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf

Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar


Today in History
1634- Massachusetts Bay Colony annexes Maine colony
1659 - France, England, and the Netherlands sign the Treaty of The Hague
1678 - Lady Godiva rides naked through Coventry in a protest of taxes
1790 - The US enacts the copyright law
1862 - Battle of Seven Pines, VA (Fair Oaks); a Union victory
1868 - Ironton, OH, holds the first Memorial Day parade
1884 - Dr. John Harvey Kellogg patents "flaked cereal"
1900 - British troops under occupy Johannesburg; US troops arrive in Peking to help put down the Boxer Rebellion
1902 - The Boer War Ends; Treaty of Vereeniging signed, Britain annexes Transvaal
1912 - US Marines land on Cuba1915 - An LZ-38 Zeppelin makes an air raid on London
1916 - Battle of Skagerrak: British-German sea battle at Jutland (10,000 dead); the British battle cruiser Invincible explodes, killing all but 6
1926 - Portuguese President Bernardino Machedo resigns after a coup
1937 - German battleships bomb Almeria, Spain
1941 - The total of U-boats sunk this month: 41 (325,000 tons); British troops vacate Kreta
1942 - The Luftwaffe bombs Canterbury
1944 - Allies break through in Italy
1947 - Communists seize power in Hungary; the Italian Government of Gasperi forms
1953 - Lebanese President Camille Shamun disbands the government
1961 - Dominican Republic President Trujillo is assassinated; Judge Irving Kaufman orders the Board of Education of New Rochelle to integrate; the Union of South Africa becomes a republic, leaving the Commonwealth
1979 - Zimbabwe proclaims its independence
1989 - Speaker of the House Jim Wright resigns

1469 - King Manuel I of Portugal
1557 - Russian Czar Theodorus I (Fedor Ivanovitsj)
1837 - Confederate Major General Stephen Dodson Ramseur Major
1837 - Confederate Major General William Henry Fitzhugh "Rooney" Lee
1892 - Gregor Strasser, German pharmacist/NSDAP-Reich organization leader
1907 - Valston Hancock, British air marshal
1912 - Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson (Senator-WA)
1913 - Peter Gibson, British Rear-Admiral
1923 - Clint Rainier III, Prince of Monaco
1927 - James Eberle, British Admiral / Director, Royal Institute of International Affairs
1929 - ? 1st reindeer born in the US
1931 - John Schrieffer, US physicist , Nobel Prize winner; Steve Horn (Representative-CA)
1932 - George Vallings, British Vice-Admiral
1937 - Vladislav Ivanovich Gulyayev, cosmonaut
1948 - Duncan L Hunter (Representative-CA)

0455 - Petronius Maximus senator/Emperor of Rome, lynched
1910 - Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman physician
1916 - Horace Hood British spy (Battle of Jutland), in battle
1962 - Adolf Eichmann war criminal, hanged for crimes against Jews in WWII
1989 - Terry Drinkwater, CBS news correspondent
1992 - Lutz Stavenhagen, top aid to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl
1996 - Timothy Francis Leary Harvard professor/LSD guru
1997 - Rosie Will Monroe, "Rosie the Riveter," WWII icon

Reported Missing in Action
Peel, Robert D., USAF (TN); F105D shot down, released by DRV February, 1973 - retired as a Lt. Colonel - alive and well in 1998

The following USAF personnel KIA when their C130E was shot down:
Albertson, Bobby J. (CA)

Case, Thomas F. (GA); remains returned April, 1986

Edmonson, William R. (MO)

Harworth, Elroy E. (MN); remains returned April, 1986

McDonald, Emmett R. (WA)

Shingledecker, Armon D. (OH); remains returned 1986 - ID'd April, 1998

Stickney, Phillip J. (NH)

Zook, Harold J. (PA); remains returned April 1986

Reported MIA this day in 1966, from the same incident:
Herrold, Ned R., USAF (NJ); F4C shot down

Ragland, Dayton W., USAF (MO); F4C shot down
*** was also a POW during Korean War ***

Also reported MIA this day in 1966:
Steen, Martin W., USAF (ND); F105C shot down; good chute, harness empty

The following US Army personnel reported MIA when their LRRP unit failed to check in:
Fitzgerald, Joseph E., US Army (MA); Remains returned February, 1997

Jakovac, John A., US Army (MI); Remains returned February, 1997

McGar, Brian K., US Army (CA); Remains returned February, 1997

Also reported this day in 1967:
Chauncey, Arvin R., USN, (CA); A4E shot down, released by DRV March, 1973 - retired as a Captain - alive and well in 1998

Beresik, Eugene Paul, USAF (MA); F105D shot down, KIA / BNR

Gatewood, Charles Hue, USMC (IL); presumed KIA in ground action

Leonard, Edwawrd W., USAF (WA); A1H shot down, released by PL March, 1973 - retired as a Lt. Colonel - alive as of 1998

The following Civilians reported MIA when their convoy was ambushed in Cambodia (about 32 mi. south of Phnom Penh):
Colne, Roger, NBC sound technician (France)

Hangen, Welles, NBC news correspondent (US); executed after capture, remains returned January, 1993

Sakai, Kojiro, CBS sound technician (Japan)

Waku, Yoshihiko, NBC cameraman (Japan)

Brunson, Jack W., US Army (NY); OV1A shot down (w/Musil)

Musil, Clinton A., Sr., US Army (MN); OV1A shot down (w/Brunson)