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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bicycle Ride to Support Our Troops - Update #1 from the Road

Poor John is slogging it out in the heat for our troops - you'll remember from my earlier post that he's doing this ride to collect care package pledges for our heroes. Here is his first post from the road:

God! Is It EVER Hot!!! I'm slogging through temperatures near 95 degrees and a lot of humidity.

Finally got enough sense to take off my shirt. Real good idea for heat exchange. My mode of transportation has been to ride ten miles and then rest for 1/2 an hour before taking on the next ten miles... It makes for a real slow go, but I'm hanging in there. Final stop for today, Wednesday, May 18th, will be McRae which is still another ten miles. I'm dying in the heat, but I'm hanging in there.

VIEW OF IRAQ — A U.S. Marine assigned to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 264 looks out the side of a helicopter as he flies over northern Iraq, May 4, 2005. The squadron is deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Dustin S. Schaefer

In Today's News - Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Quote of the Day
"The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand."
-- Sun Tzu

News of Note:
Army leaders honor Iraq task force

Abu Ghraib Trials:
Soldier gets six months in Abu Ghraib case
Woman convicted in Abu Ghraib scandal apologizes for abusing Iraqi prisoners

War on Terror:
U.S. detains Cuban linked to 1976 bombing

In Iraq:
Iranian minister makes historic Iraq trip
20 Iraqi militants killed in Mosul clash
Soldier's Goal: Clean Water for Baghdad — Story

In Afghanistan:
U.S. Troops Adopt Kids Near Charikar — Story

U.N. Oil-For-Food Scandal:
British lawmaker lashes out at senators
British MP rebuts Iraq claims, takes on Senate

Newsweek Controversy:
White House: Newsweek story did great harm
Newsweek Says MistakesWere Made in 'Good Faith'
Official Debunks Koran Desecration Story — Story Associated Press
GOP showcases two controversial judges

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq
Young Israelis protest Gaza pullout
Palestinian court orders local revote
Spy Pollard denounces ambassador's visit
US troops clash with militants in Mosul; Shiite, Sunni clerics shot dead in Baghdad
Flight diverted...Militant detained in US
Man arrested for falsely reporting relative to FBI as terrorist

The US News: Iraq News
HSBC near deal on Iraqi bank takeover
Iraqi government vows to crack down as more bodies found
Iraq's al Qaeda warns Sunnis against constitution

Fox News
Iran Nuke Talks to Resume
Lasers to Aid Airspace Safety
Koreas Talks Extended
Judicial Debate to Start
Man Charged With Accusing Relative of Being Al Qaeda
U.S. Detains Cuban Exile After Protests Demand Arrest
Iran, Iraq Hold Security Talks
Mexican Gov't Issues Apology
British Pol Berates Congress, U.S.

Department of Defense
ID System to Improve Force Protection — Story

Civil Affairs Gunners Protect Convoys — Story
Soldiers, Marines Defuse Explosive Situation — Story

Caldwell Air Medics Respond to Injured Soldier
Coalition Aircraft Support Troops in Operation Matador

A-10 Unit Continues 'Flying Tiger' Legacy

CENTCOM Commander Visits USS Carl Vinson
Chef Mentors USS Kearsarge Culinary Specialists

Going on Tour Takes on New Meaning for Marine — Story

Army Leaders Salute Task Force Danger
Marine 'Tomcats' Finish Deployment, Return to Yuma

Celebrities Visit Camp Fallujah — Story
Auction Helps Wounded Troops
Indiana School Supports Troops

Base Realignment and Closure 2005

Official: Desecration Story 'False'
IED Kills U.S. Soldier
Iraqi Army Opens Headquarters
Two Kirkuk Rail Stations Rebuilt
Soldiers Target Terrorists
Rice: 'Intensify' Political Process
Operation Matador Ends
Iraq Daily Update
Multinational Force Iraq
Iraq Reconstruction
Weekly Progress Report (pdf)

Roadside Bomb Kills Afghan Troops
Afghanistan Daily Update
Afghan Reconstruction Group Recruiting

Counterterrorism Focus: Africa
Chertoff Visits USNORTHCOM
Waging and Winning the War on Terror
Terrorism Timeline
Terrorism Knowledge Base

Chairman Describes BRAC Process
Navy, Marines Support Proposals
BRAC Will Reshape Air Force
Rumsfeld: BRAC Necessary
Medical Team Trains to Deploy
National Guard, Reserve Update

Officials Identify Army Casualty — Story
from The Weather Channel
Al Azamiyah Al Basrah Al Hillah Al Karkh Al Kazimiyah Al Kut An Nasiriyah Baghdad Baqubah Mosul Najaf Nineveh Tall Kayf
Bost/Laskar Ghurian Herat Kabul Qandahar

Today in History
1096 - Crusaders massacre Jews at Worm.
1631 - John Winthrop is elected as the first governor of Massachusetts.
1652 - Rhode Island enacts the first law declaring slavery illegal.
1756 - England declares war on France.
1803 - England declares war on France...again.
1804 - Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed Emperor of France.
1830 - Edwin Budding signs an agreement for manufacture of his invention, the lawn mower.
1860 - The Republican Party nominates Abraham Lincoln for presiden.
1861 - Battle of Sewall's Point, VA (The first Federal offense against the CSA).
1863 - Siege of Vicksburg, MS.
1864 - Battle of Yellow Bayou, LA (Bayou de Glaize / Old Oaks).
1896 - The U.S. Supreme court affirms the "separate but equal" policy (Plessy v. Ferguson).
1910 - The passage of Earth through the tail of Halley's Comet causes near-panic .
1916 - U.S. pilot Kiffin Rockwell shoots down a German aircraft.
1917 - The U.S. passes the Selective Service Act.
1934 - Congress approves the "Lindbergh Act", making kidnapping a capital offense.
1940 - German troops conquer Brussels.
1941 - The Italian army surrenders to Britain in Ethiopia; Jewish veterans honor their dead.
1942 - New York City ends night baseball games for the rest of WWII.
1943 - Allied bombers attack Pantelleria.
1944 - The USSR begins the expulsion of more than 200,000 accused of collaborating with the Germans; the Polish 2nd Army corps captures Monte Cassino.
1948 - The Arab Legion captures the fort on Mount Scopus; Saudi Arabia joins the invasion of Israel.
1951 - The United Nations moves its headquarters to New York City.
1953 - American Jacqueline Cochrane becomes the first woman to break the sound barrier. 1954 - The European Convention on Human Rights goes into effect.
1964 - The Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional to deprive naturalized citizens of citizenship if they return to their home country for more than 3 years.
1967 - Tennessee Governor Ellington repeals the "Monkey Law", upheld in the 1925 Scopes Trial.
1969 - Apollo 10 is launched.
1974 - India becomes the sixth nation to explode an atomic bomb.
1977 - Menachem Begin becomes Israel's Prime Minister.
1980 - China launches its first intercontinental rocket; Mount Saint Helens erupts, kiling 60.
1983 - The Senate revises immigration laws, giving millions of illegal aliens legal status under an amnesty program.
1986 - South African troops occupy Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
1991 - The USSR launches two cosmonauts to MIR.

- Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Union Major General
1817 - James William Denver, Union Brigadier General
1850 - Oliver Heaviside, physicist; predicted the existence of the ionosphere
1868 - Nicholas II, last Czar of Russia
1901 - Vincent du Vigneaud, U.S. biochemist
1907 - Robley D. Evans, nuclear physicist
1917 - Charles Wintour, journalist
1929 - Johan N. Block, aviation pioneer
1930 - Don Leslie Lind, astronaut (STS 51-B), Warren B. Rudman (Senator-NH)
1952 - Martin R. Hoke (Representative-OH)
1954 - Martyn Wiley, writer / broadcaster

323 - Alexander III (the Great), King of Macedonia /conqueror
1862 - William H. Keim, Union Brigadier General, in battle
1864 - James Byron Gordon Confederate Brigadier General
1949 - James T. Adams, US historian, Pulitzer prize winner
1967 - Andy Clyde, Hopalong Cassidy's sidekick
1973 - Jeannette Rankin, first Congresswoman
1987 - Wilbur J Cohen, first employee of the Social Security System

Reported Missing in Action
Hrdlicka, David L., USAF (CO); photo published July, 1966
Tavares, John R., Civilian - merchant seaman; Last seen in Da Nang bar

Guillet, Andre R., USAF (CT)
Harley, Lee D., USAF (VA)
Moore, William J., USAF (IL)
Wall, Jerry M., USAF (TX)

Cameron, Kenneth R., USAF (CA); Died in captivity October, 1970; Remains returned March, 1974
DeLong, Joe L. US ARMY (TN); reportedly died in captivity November, 1967
Naughton, Robert J., USN (IA); Released by DRV March, 1973

Gist, Tommy Emerson, USAF (OK)
James, Charlie N. , USN (CA); Released by DRV March, 1973
Monroe, Vincent D., USN (NJ); Remains returned August, 1978
Padilla, David E., USMC (TX)
Uyeyama, Terry J., USAF (NJ); Released by DRV March, 1973

Cudlike, Charles J., US ARMY (MI)

Entrican, Danny D., US ARMY SF (MS)

Bednarek, Johnathan B., USAF (NY); Remains returned May, 1989
Ratzel, Wesley D., USAF (PA); No-show at POW camp; Remains returned May, 1989