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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Make Incendiary Devices, Not War

The more acceptance there is for the anti-war idiots (or apathy, for that matter), the more likely it is that these things are going to happen:

Explosion Hits Military Recruiting Station at New York's Times Square

NEW YORK — An explosive device caused minor damage to an empty military recruiting station in Times Square early Thursday, shaking guests in hotel rooms high above.

Police blocked off the area to investigate the explosion, which occurred at about 3:45 a.m., shattering the station's glass entryway. No one was injured.

"If it is something that's directed toward American troops than it's something that's taken very seriously and is pretty unfortunate," said Army Capt. Charlie Jaquillard, who is the commander of Army recruiting in Manhattan.

More here.

Although this one was minor, and no one was hurt, that is not the way these things always go. The anti-war movement has a history of violence. It's all peace, love, and happiness - if you agree with them. If not, look out.

Take, for instance, these lovely little bits of joy you may not have heard about:

-- Molotov cocktails in Chicago on March 20, 2003

-- Multiple instances at a March, 21, 2003 anarchist anti-war rally in Athens, and again on April 16, 2003

-- The cache of molotov cocktails left by anti-war protesters after a rally in San Francisco in 2003

-- Multiple instances in the NYC area in 2005

-- Generally being idiots and trying to pry open a fence at the Port of Olympia in 2006

-- A four-on-one sneak attack and assault on an OEF Hero in Canada in 2007

Again and again they prove that they're twisted little cowards. Take a good look at the anti-war movement, and you'll soon find out that hidden beneath that "Give Peace a Chance" crap is a socialist / communist agenda, and a potential for deadly violence if you don't agree with them.

Bottomfeeders, all.


David, at the Thunder Run, is asking (rhetorically) if the Moonbats have gone too far :

And while a spokesperson for Homeland Security wouldn’t comment on whether this explosion was related to terrorism the act in itself was a terror attack…an attack in my opinion against those very people who defend us against terror, the U.S. Military.

The left is already in a tizzy over the event worried that it’s going to cause a backlash against them...
And Ron Winter wonders what they may do next:
Considering that Code Pink's infiltration of the Berkeley City Council has resulted in unprecedented official support for its attacks on the US Marine recruiting station in that city, and IVAW is mimicking Kerry like an aged shadow, it is worth questioning whether more vicious attacks on members of our government are in the planning stages.

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