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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Quote Bugs Bunny....

...What a maroon.

OK, so there's been this snarky little troll frequenting my comments section, who keeps referring to Obama as the President, and the other day said I should bow down and swear allegiance to him. He keeps throwing a rod when I remind him that Obama is not the President yet.

When I told him that:

1) AGAIN - Obama is the president-elect, not the President just yet; and

2) I wasn't aware that American civilians were required to swear allegiance to a President,

he posted what was quite possibly one of the most laughable comments I've had here. Too good not to share (my reply follows it).

OMG, you and people like you are truly sick, bitter and twisted. Obama is your President, legitimately voted for in the biggest turn out of any American Election. (they call it democracy, its what you guys claim to be fighting for in other parts of the world!)

Obama is commander in chief of the US armed forces (which you claim to be a supporter of!!). I think you should be arrested and charged with treason and crimes against the democratic will of the American people....TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!
john mckellar
| Email | 12.15.08 - 8:39 am


No, you idiot, he isn't yet. Obama himself said that there is only one President at any given time, and HE ISN'T IT YET. Since you seem to ignore basic, rudimentary Constitutional facts, let me explain a couple of things.

1. FYI, The United States isn't a democracy - it's a representative republic. However, if by democracy you are referring to the "little d," implying free elections, then yes, democratic will elected him (we'll leave the questions of voter fraud out of it, since even though I think there was rampant voter fraud, I don't think it would have changed the outcome much).

2. The United States Constitution provides me with freedom of speech, which means that I can stand on a street corner and proclaim Obama to be the worst excuse for a President we've ever elected. Not that I would - there isn't enough information to judge at present. He's got to outdo Carter to be the worst, and that's quite an obstacle.

3. Obama is NOT the commander-in-chief or the President until he is sworn in, which happens in January. That's why his pretentious little podium sign says "Office of the President-ELECT." He is NOT the President yet.Please, call the feds and tell them I should be charged with treason for implying that my President is still my President, and that the President-elect doesn't become President until January 20th. Maybe then they'll take you somewhere you can get the help you so obviously need.
| Email Homepage | 12.16.08 - 9:51 pm

I also wasn't aware that there was a charge of "crimes against the democratic will of the American people," but hey, he obviously is a veritable font of knowledge...

Still, I don't think I'll lose any sleep waiting for them to show up with the arrest warrant.

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