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Monday, March 03, 2008

Fire Ignites 'Street of Dreams' Home Development; ELF Sign Left at Scene

It appears that eco-terrorism has hit Seattle:

Crews battled fires early Monday at four multimillion-dollar show homes in a suburb north of Seattle, and a sign with the initials of a radical environmental group was found at the scene, an official said.
The sign, which had the initials of the Earth Liberation Front, mocked claims the luxury homes on the "Street of Dreams" were environmentally friendly, according to video images of the sign aired by KING-TV.
"Built Green? Nope black!" the sign said.
The homes were new, and unoccupied, so fortunately it looks like no one has been hurt or worse. The rest of the story is here.

I have a few questions:

1. ELF? You pick as your name something that ends up with ELF as its moniker? Yeah, that'll show you're serious. Then again, I suppose it beats Society of American Nutcase Torchmonkey Afficionados (SANTA)...

2. Did anyone but me see "Earth Liberation Front" and think of this scene from Monty Python's "Life of Brian"?

3. How exactly do you strike a blow for the Earth by burning homes, spewing noxious fumes into the air and ensuring that firefighters are going to have to pour a whole lot of water and/or chemicals on the fire?

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