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Monday, September 24, 2007

Liberals Unchained - Evil Abetted

Y'know, I love the Dilbert cartoons. I really do.

But I can't say I'm all that fond of some of the other "creative" works to come out of Scott Adams' mind.

This little gem, for instance.

To compare Ahmedinejad's insane rants to the freedom of speech that our Heroes fight for, and to imply that he is entitled to the rights of this country, is plain offensive.

One has to wonder how Liberals can justify a warm welcome for a man who today said that Iran "doesn't have" homosexuals. Well, not for long, anyway, since Iran executes them.

And how, exactly, do the former champions of "free love" justify execution for adultery? Oh, wait, but that's only for women. Hmmmm....weren't these the champions of womens' rights, too?

Sometimes, wrong is just wrong. And more often than not, when you find "wrong," you'll find the liberals championing the cause.

Ahmedinejad is a lunatic, an anti-semite, a condoner of terrorism, and a murderer of our troops. Possibly, he's also one of the embassy hostage takers (denied by authorities, but some of the former hostages are pretty sure).

To invite him to speak is - gasp, yes, I'm going to say it - unpatriotic.

Scratch that - it's traitorous.

The only guest speaking this lunatic should be doing is to the rats in some festering cell.

Or better yet, to the other inhabitants of the 9th circle of Hell, where he belongs.

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