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Monday, February 02, 2009

OK, So Now Can We Stop Caring About What the Rest of the World Thinks of Us?

Seriously. I'm supposed to be concerned about the rest of the world thinks of my country? When these are the choices they make?

Dismay as Gadhafi chosen to lead African Union

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Moammar Gadhafi of Libya was elected Monday as leader of the African Union, a position long sought by the eccentric dictator pushing his oil-rich nation into the international mainstream after years of isolation.

Some African leaders offered tepid praise for the choice of Gadhafi, who grabbed power in a 1969 coup. Rights groups called him a poor model for Africa at a time when democratic gains are being reversed in countries such as Mauritania and Guinea.

Once ostracized by the West for sponsoring terrorism, Gadhafi has been trying to increase Libya's presence on the global stage and its regional influence — mediating African conflicts, sponsoring efforts to spread Islam on the continent and pushing for the creation of a single African government.

He attended the session dressed in a gold-embroidered green robe and flanked by seven extravagantly dressed men who said they are the "traditional kings of Africa." Gadhafi told about 20 of his fellow heads of state that that he would work to unite the continent into "the United States of Africa."
So did the Associated Press write this article, or reporters from Fashion Weekly? I mean, if the dude attended the session in a "gold-embroidered green robe," or a chicken costume, who the heck cares? He's a terrorist-sponsoring Islamofascist loon, no matter what he wears - or, for that matter, however the heck you actually spell his last name...Ghadafi, Qaddafi, Khadafy...either way, I think it means "sandwich shy of a picnic" in Arabic.

Gotta love seeing "spreading Islam" AND "single African government tied together," eh? Especially since Islam tends to BE the government in such countries. Since the Islamic nations of Africa have a habit of being a bit terrorist-rich, and really not so peaceful, I'm really not feeling the love coming from that neck of the proverbial woods.

Worry about what the rest of the world thinks about us? Somehow, not a high priority for me.

I wonder if our new President will suck up to Ghadafi Duck, too...

The rest of the article - and one SERIOUSLY unflattering picture of Ghadafi, is here.

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