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Friday, April 25, 2008

Congratulations to Patti Patton-Bader - America's Most Inspiring Mom

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That's right - Patti is now officially America's Most Inspiring Mom. Those of us who know her would most definitely agree. Patti has boundless energy and enthusiasm; the kind that just sweeps you along with her.

Ask anyone who leads one of Soldiers' Angels Special Projects how they got started, and the most likely answer is going to be "Patti called me...."

And I can vouch for that - from this blog to the SOS: KIDS program and Operation Outreach (and a few other things along the way), it was Patti that led to my involvement. Five minutes in her presence and you feel like you can conquer the world - and that nothing is impossible when it comes to supporting our Heroes.

From the days of sending a few extra letters and packages to her son Brandon's buddies, that dedication and enthusiasm has seen Soldiers' Angels grow to a network of tens of thousands of Angels supporting tens of thousands of Heroes. Not bad for someone who describes herself as the "ordinary mother of an ordinary young man turned hero."

But that contest isn't over yet...

The designation of America's Most Inspiring Mom is only a step along the way to the grand prize of "America's Favorite Mom." True to form, Patti is donating any prize money won in this contest to Soldiers' Angels. Top prize is $25,000. Just imagine what that can do for our heroes.... To put it in perspective, here are some examples of what SA could do with $25,000:

- 450 First Response Backpacks for the wounded

- 550 Vet Packs to VA Hospitals

- 800 Welcome Home packages to returning Heroes

- Nearly 1200 care packages to deployed troops

- 40 Laptops with Voice-activated software to wounded Heroes

Voting for the contest ends April 25th, so don't wait - vote now, and go back every day until then - you can vote once daily. You have to register to vote in the contest (which is free, and takes only a minute or so).

So vote now, vote often, and help us honor Patti for all that she does to inspire us, and support our Heroes.

Click Here to Vote!

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