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Monday, March 24, 2008

Connecticut Mourns a Hero

A Norwalk, Connecticut police officer who also served in the Marines was killed late last week. He was only 38, and police are looking for his killer. Matthew Morelli was a man who dedicated his life to protecting others. The world is poorer for his loss:

OXFORD -- A veteran Norwalk police officer who was shot and killed Friday left his mark on a close-knit neighborhood here where he made his home.Neighbors remembered Matthew Morelli, 38, as an upstanding man who helped his fellow neighbors even after putting in more than a full-day of work. Morelli owned a small farm on Freeman Road, where he kept llamas, chickens and a pet dog, friends say."We will probably never be the same," said Pam Blasko, who lived by Morelli. "He was a great guy.''

Officer Morelli was investigating suspicious activity when his killers shot him and left him there. His body was discovered when other officers arrived on the scene, responding to his call for backup.

He had a six-year-old daughter. A trust fund has been set up on her behalf.

Here's hoping his killers are spending every waking moment of their freedom looking over their shoulders, and that said freedom will be brief, and devoid of a moment's peace.

UPDATE 3/25: As if this story can't get sadder, it now appears that Officer Morelli's death may have been a suicide How the heck do you explain that to a six-year-old??

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